Monday, 28 September 2020

Part 13 : In My Heart

Colors, lights and beautiful fragrances emanated from the Malik Mansion that was adorned from top to bottom to celebrate the wedding of their only daughter, Muskaan Malik. Its residents were busy running from one end to the other directing the servants and helping the wedding planner to finish the tasks at hand.

The bride to be was locked in her room to make sure she doesn't step out of her room. She had been nervous to the core and nothing could soothe her except for one person who wasn't around. It was her best friend forever and to be sister in law whom Muskaan had called some over 50 times in vain as she was busy herself in wedding preparations at her side.

Sunday, 27 September 2020

os: Wada Raha

Wada Raha
Wada Raha
Wada Raha

The whole Mallik mansion was full of hulla gulla. Kids were running here and there, playing having fun. Workers were working in and out to decorate the mansion like a bride.

It was 1 week before Muskaan Mallik’s Wedding. The Guptas had arrived a week early before any guests came; Malliks and Guptas were very close family friends who have been friends since many generations. The house was full of youngsters, Muskaan’s cousins, and the Gupta cousins, including Riddhima and Anjali. They had known Muskaan since childhood however they were never really that close since they only met a once or twice a year during vacations. Whenever they met, the first few days would be awkward, then after a few days they would mingle.

Part 12 : In My Heart

 A cool breeze blew lightly swaying the trees along its tunes and the birds chirped away merrily in flocks. A black Range Rover came to halt in the garage of Mallik Mansion. Armaan came out of the car and made his way up to the back stairs with Riddhima cuddled in his arms. He slowly closed the secret door in Riddhima's room with his leg and settled in bed with her. Armaan stared lovingly at the sleeping beauty in his arms thinking about the best night of his life so far. So much had changed within a day. Last night he had taken a huge step of confessing and proposing to Riddhima. He wasn't sure of her reply as it seemed rushed but he couldn't watch someone take her away. All his fears were washed away with just one nod from her. Armaan couldn't thank God enough for sending this angel down for him. "I love you Basket, love you more than my life. I promise, I won't let anyone separate us now." he whispered trailing his nose down her face. Riddhima fidgeted in her sleep as she felt something crawling slowly on her face moving downwards. She tried pushing it away with her hands and continue sleeping but couldn't, then she forced her heavy eyelids to open as she felt the thing restrict her movements. Riddhima found herself in a tight embrace and two fingers running all over her. She smiled a little in response and took in her surroundings. She sat erect as she realized they were home. "Armaan, when did we reach home? Why didn't you wake me up? What are you doing in my room? What if someone saw us together? What are we going to say if they question where we were last night? Armaan did somebody see us coming back? Why aren't you answering me?" Riddhima looked at him frowning.

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Part 11 : In My Heart

The first yellow golden rays of the sun made their way through the gap between the blinds, illuminating the dark, silent room. I covered my face with the comforter sighing and closing my eyes.
I've been awake for a while now trying in vain to fall asleep again. I didn't know when exactly Armaan left but it must be few minutes back as his side was still warm. All the events from the evening played in my mind making me reconsider the decision I took last night of forgiving Armaan. I have been in a dilemma ever since my return from India regarding Armaan. His confession of hitting me, an apology to my parents and then no interference when Muskaan shifted to our hotel, confused me. However I didn't let myself think over it a lot and indulged in business. I had made up my mind of shifting from here before the Malliks arrived. It was what Armaan had asked me to do, stay away from his family and this was the only possible way. I had to face a lot of emotional drama at my home as they didn't approve of my idea but as always Prem had been my savior. I just don't think there's a way I can ever repay even a little of love and care that he has showered on me. Prem was against my idea too but just because he didn't want me to suffer here, he helped me out.

Friday, 25 September 2020

Part 10 : In My Heart

The entire suite echoed with laughter as Anjali di looked on with a confused look at Atul after opening the gift he gave her. It was a small pot of Aloe Vera. "Tumhein acha laga na Anjali mera gift. Mujhe pata tha tumhein yeh surprise bohat pasand aaye ga." Atul said with a cute expression. "Atul tum ne di ko ye kyun diya?" Muski spoke between her unique laughter while I held her so that she doesn't bend over much and stress her wound. "Wo main chahta hoon ke Anjali hamesha khoobsurat dikhe isi liye maine yeh plant diya.".) "Now really, how's that possible?" asked an amused Abhi. "Anjali dekho yeh Sheela hai, mera favorite plant. She will keep your skin fresh, prevent pimples, heal any wound, it's multipurpose and environment friendly you see. Tum janti ho na main rose pluck nahi kar sakta plus it will not be beneficial like my Sheela." "Atul you are impossible!" Anjie di huffed. We all rolled in laughter hearing the cute explanations from Atul. This was the only time when I smiled and laughed whole heartedly. Everyone here tried their best to keep me happy. I've known these people for so less time yet the bond we all share is so strong. I've come to love all of them so much.

Thursday, 24 September 2020



"11.35 p.m…..ten minutes more and den m not wasting a single moment on dis man…I'l go nd sleep….yeah 10 mins…."

"1.50a.m….ah! but only 5 more mins ….m alredy vry sleepy now…."

'2.55 a.m…dats it now…dats d limit mr. grover"she uttered to herself, picked up her phone and wore her sleepers to go upstairs to her bedroom…

She ws almost at the last stair when she turned back due to the sound of the door knob…nd yes was him!

But he had not seen her yet..she waited right there for him to notice her but guess he was too busy in shutting the door quietly so he does not make any sound…

He did not expect shilpa to be waiting for him till now….he assumed she must have slept and so did not even call her to tell when will he be back ...

He turned around and surprised to see her there…he uttered "oh..gosh u scared me…what r u doin der? I thot u must hav slept"

She did not reply

He started movin 2wards her…

Part 9 : In My Heart

I had been walking aimlessly on the roads of Mumbai drenched in rains that poured down heavily. My mind was numb and i couldn't focus on where i was going. An elderly lady stopped her car and offered me a lift and i said beach. I just fell down on the wet sand drained emotionally as i felt that event from that awful day replay in my mind innumerable times.


A loud applause echoed in the board room of Sanjeevani as my presentation came to an end. I stood in front of the projector, white light shining on me and smiled with moist eyes on getting the approval from the trustees. I got down the stage and shook hands with everyone, as they congratulated me on getting the deal.

I quickly strode out of the room, looking for a place where I could talk in privacy. Fire escape was perfect, no commotion at all. I quickly dialed a number while settling down the stairs.                                           

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Part 8 : In My Heart

there's a leap of 3 years in the story in this part. 

Leeds, UK.
Today her vision of bringing her father's desire to life had come true. Sanjeevani Leeds, a name that would soon become synonymous with excellence, was finally inaugurated. She was glad to see the pride and love in her family's eyes for her. Everyone was ecstatic, celebrations were being held in the auditorium of Sanjeevani and here she was sitting in the hospital's fire escape, alone. This place had become her favorite spot since the construction began. It had become her refuge from the hustle n bustle of the world. She spent time over here just sitting, revisiting memories and thinking in eerie silence and darkness. It was her day; she was supposed to be enjoying every moment but all she could feel was a piercing pain in her heart. Her thoughts were disturbed by the opening of the door. Prem had come down with a cup of coffee. She smiled at him.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020


She would kill him. And she must, she had all the rights to. What he had done was blasphemous. He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. He was guilty. He was guilty of his actions. He had promised her he would always love her and grant all her wishes. He had broken his promise. He had broken her trust. He wanted to apologise to her, but he knew what he had done did not deserve a grant now. He pushed open the door trying to make no noise. He wanted to get in stealthily. He wanted tgo run away from her. He did not have the courage to face her after what he had done. It was 3, a.m ..she must have been asleep. He sighed. There was no escape now. He couldn't redo what he had done and he couldn't run away from it. He had to be with her. He would have to face everything she says. He feared if she would even want to see hi face now..he would have to go upstairs and tell her himself. And then face the consequences too. She would probably leave him and go..she would never talk to him again. He expected it all. She had all the rights to do that. She had all the rights to behave with him the ways he wanted to. And he would let her, he resolved. He won't say a word. After all, it was all his fault. He was the guilty one. He was the one who had forgotten to bring his pregnant wife her favorite ice cream.

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