Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Part 3: How to Kill your Husband

"If you were my husband, I would poison your tea"

"If you were my wife, I would drink it"

Riddhima walked down the aisle with the veil partly covering her face. She was one of those few brides who walked down the aisle without their father holding their hand. But here riddhima was proudly walking alone. She could see armaan's back as he was facing the priest. He was wearing a black suit and that was all she could see from where she was coming. As if Armaan felt her coming, he turned around and forgot to breath, there ascending an angel from heaven with a net veil covering her face. Okay seriously what the hell am I thinking? Brrr


"Armaan," The name which is as functional in my life as my heart beat. Through thick and thin, his prescence in my life was always comforting and is still alive, albeit of all that we went through, irrespective of the years which passed by together by each-others side or in forlorn isolation, shieng and shunning pleads of our own insurgent hearts.

 Eyes that had surrendered to his charms, wonderstruck as they had found him on the very initial glance on the stage of our College Fest, dancing to a popular track of dhoom2. There was an instant feeling of attraction I, had sensed in the corner of my credulous heart. His perfect moves, moonwalk style, flips and summersaults did cast a magical spell on me..But his Dimpled smile, and pale skin with those Blue pair of eyes bewitched me, and I felt myself drowning in their deepth since ages. But it never probed further, my mind never let my heart rule. Since my childhood, I had learnt to crown my mind as the ultimate Emperor of my Life, and heart was a mere subordinate minister. Though it is believed that Ministers are the one who actually are the epicentre of Emperors mind..the best example can be Akbar-Birbal..But I never let that thought overpower me.

Chapter 12: Obsessed...

Next Morning.

Sun raised – bird flew up in sky, making a usual squeal of pleasure – Cloud concealing the sun or some time Sun bursting out. Light of Sun – rushing in through many curtains to the rooms, but most of them were closed and the one which was opened was totally annoyed by the light attaching her face. She frowned – turned and twisted at last throwing the blanket off her she smiled fully – as if she had a wishful dream !

"Riddima, Get upp!" Anjali banged her door and went away "Yes Diii – I am up ! Coming down in 30 mins..." she shouted back and jumped of her bed.... "i gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good nite..." she mumbled all the way down to dinning hall … "Good Morning.... Di... Maa and My lovely dad..." Riddima hugged each of them and settled beside Anjali...

Monday, 15 July 2019

Part 2: How to Kill your Husband

Armaan reaches india the following day and looks everywhere with a critical eye.

"home sweet home...NOT" he smirks to himself.

 He sits in the car which came to pick him up and see a young lady sitting in the car, her head buried in the laptop and types with an expert's speed. Armaan looks at her and arches his eyebrows waiting for her to introduce herself.

"the name's riddhima and I am your temporary right hand person. I work for Mr. Mallik and he gave me your responsibility" riddhima said while still working on her laptop.

"hello to you too but just for your information, I am totally capable to take care of myself. And just because you didn't notice yet, am a grown man who don't need babysitting." Armaan  snapped fuming at his dad.


They adamantly filled the whole surrounding, with their roaring, thundererous noise. Father  called for them flickering eyes, through the veil of the ragged dark cloud mother. Running down like a naughty child, from the mother sky giggling, making atmosphere tinkle with it, Rains washed the streets of Mumbai. She stood there in the middle of the Secluded Ally, enjoying this family day out..oops!..night out. The road on the opposite side, which  was just a few while ago, drooping with the force of hundreds of bystanders, and gushing velocity of vehicles, now shown no signs or any clue of it, there was just a dirt pool gawking at this fragile, yet elegant pretty lady, who stood all mighty there, at the core centre of the shrunken road appearing similar to an ally, absolutely undazed by the horrendious torrential deluge around. The approaching shadows of Darkened dusk, along with the already pale sky made it nealy discomforting, for her to concentrate on the street. Try as hard, she couldn't find any destination, or corner to hide herself. This had reluctantly, made her follow the path she was on right now.

Chapter 11: Obsessed...

"you both wait I will go and collect Kashish's dress from the designer ..." Arman parked the car, "Hey Arman – we will come along ! Riddima don't have a dress !" Kashish came out of the car "Aree Nahi – I will tell Di – too bring mine from house" Riddima spoke through window of her side – still sitting in the car

Kashish walked up to her side "Come out" Kashish pointed a finger dragging the finger out – in way to tell her to come out. "No arguments!" Kashish added, strictly. Riddima got scared and came out meekly while Arman suppressed his laugh. "Lets go now !" Kashish pulled Riddima along with her.


Sunday, 14 July 2019

Part 1: How to Kill your Husband

Riddhima lived in a male dominant patriarchal family, she was always brought up with a belief that men was the bread winners of the family so we have to respect them and women- hmm lets see, she did get married to love, hoover and obey right? But riddhima was a different species in the house. She always found it absolutely absurd the way her household worked and for that reason she slowly started opposing the stereotypical ideas. But it wasn't easy, she was always bullied and intimidated into accepting their ways and offcourse at the end of the day, she was a girl in the male dominant, intimidating and highly affluent household.

"If he wants breakfast in bed, tell him to sleep in the kitchen" riddhima barked while hanging the clothes on the washing line.

"kaisi baat kar rahi hai, pata nahi tujh mein itna zeher kyo bhara hai? Hamara kaam hai ghar sambhal na" her aunty explained back but riddhima simply rolled her eyes.

ArSh Os : ek Duje ke Vaste!!!

Kuch pyaar ki daastaon mein aisa bhi hota hai ki pyaar ki emhiyat tab pata chalti hai jab bohut der ho chuki hoti hai……. Lekin iss ki koi aur vajaa bhi ho sakti hai…….. bas vishwaas, samajhdaari, aur pyaar ki zaroorat hai…………. Phir apna past, majbooriyaan aur problems toh kya bhawaan khud bhi in dono ko juda nahi kar saktaaa………. Kyunki pyaar duniyaa pe nahi chalti………… duniyaa pyaar pe chalti hai……….. TOH ………………. Jaa…………………….. JEE LE………………………. Ek duje ke saath ke sahaare……………………. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste………………………..

Saasein kho gayyi hai kiski aahon mein main kho gayyi hoon jaane kiski baahon mein
Manzillon se raahein doondhti chali, main kho gayyi kho gayyi jaane kahin raahon mein…….

Chapter 10: Obsessed...

Evening – 6:00

Feeling the cool whether pass her, she looked at the sun almost going down – and sea having high waves almost hitting rocks and then going back... she looked at the sea with a blank face – no emotion – no thoughts – no Arman in her mind – only she ? She and her loneliness -

every one has some one for herself 'Papa for Mom – Atul For Di.... Rahul For Muskan and Sujhal For Kashish and many more in this world ! Then why not Arman For Riddima?' she thought looking at the sea almost hitting the rock on which she sat and making her legs go a little wet due to high splash of water. Making her blink her eyes as few sparkles flew up to her face 'Only if I had showed some attitude to him – only if I had ignored him, he would have been right behind me but when I wholeheartedly being a girl confessed by feelings for him – he took me as granted' she thought