Sunday, 19 May 2019

KaSh OS - K&S Steamy Wedding Night

What Led to Steamy Wedding night ?

His mouth watered as he stared right away.. Now thats delicious. Looks so yummy So rich.. Mmm tempting enough to swallow at once.. Noodles.. K grinned widely staring down at his food.. He started to gobble at once when he saw the angel S walk pass him with a smile. He stared dumbstruck with her beauty. He blinked his eyes as his heartbeat rose. Is this love at first sight with food. He wondered grinning happily. He shoved away his food and got up from his seat to follow her. But then his stomach churned as his gaze drifted back to the lonely Noodles. After all It was the Finger licking good..
I can do it. ! I can Do it.. ! He chanted to himself as he walked towards her with confidence. It had taken him a month to get a grip on himself and get some courage to approach her with his proposal. He gave a tap on her shoulder as she turned around and smile.
S :Hello K.
K :Hi S.
He spoke sheepishly as she frowned. Oh Shit had he been staring like a dumb for minutes.
K : Will u Marry me
She blushed and spoke shyly
S : Only if you agree to divorce me in 6 months
K : 6 Months ?? Why only 6 months
She pouted her lips and crossed her hand

part 61 : Nashaa

"Armann…" Riddimaa fell over him, shaking him – trying to pull his head out of duvet,

"Riddimaa kya haai, jao… let me sleep yrr, You didn't let me sleep last whole Day" Arman stubbornly, pulling it over his face.

It was only an hour that his eyes fell for sleep and then he felt her on him – shaking him, "Arman.. Rohail is not listen to me..! utho ! I want to cook !!"Riddimaa shook him badly.

"tchh… then don't cook naa!"Arman turned over making her stumble over him, as he
slept on his stomach and she laid with her stomach on him, hitting his back,

"Armmanannn!" she winced.

Part 4 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Precap: Its grand birthday party for all the kids as they are entering their Teeen .

Karan feels something unusual for Shilpa and Ridhima feels something different in her for Armaaan .

Now .

Karan and Ridhima stood there lost in their thoughts, the thoughts that have never engulfed them before.The thoughts of losing themselves to an unusual force , that kept them driving to an unidentified destination through unknown paths and ways .

They knew the thoughts were very tender for their age ,but the feeling they were experiencing never had any limit on age.To that feeling it has never mattered if were pulping inside a heart of kid or a man to death .

It just finds its way .


part 22 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid


Even though the pitch was silenced before the word escaped her lips, the whisper, he knew, was like a ghost of what would have been a blood curdling scream, if her weak body could muster any more strength than it did. The emotion in it however, was not lost upon him, and his heart recoiled even at the faint sound of it.

Consequently interrupting his discussion with the doctor, his attention was taken by her, undivided. Her face was pale, sweaty, a sickly face which woke up to a nightmare, the worst of its kind, and her eyes probed her surroundings in scared, fretful glances, the disbelief in them was wishful and fading fast into a deep, settling latter moments of understanding resignation and in partial lasting influence of the injected drugs, her eyes fluttered momentarily to fall shut again.


Saturday, 18 May 2019

Part 3 : Tu Tu - Main Main

precap: All the kids are 5 years old .Armaan and shilpa are best buddies and they together tangkarofying Ridhima


Armaan, shilpa , karan and ridhima all were in same class at school. Armana nd shilpa were the most naughty in the class and they annoyed teachers a lot .

INTRO : Love Me always

She stared at   the faces eagerly glancing around craning their necks………as she walked through the automatic glass doors……

Raising herself a little she too craned her neck to spot a familiar face………smiling she knew that someone wud hav definitely cum for her………..someone atleast wud hav definitely remembered her arrival………

But the smile soon faded as she released that there was no one for her………….looking at her cellphone………she waited with an eager heart…………maybe they were late…….maybe they had forgotten………….maybe they wud just call now saying……………."we r sorry dear…………just coming to pick u up……………"

But alas………….the phone screen just showed the new name of the city where she had just arrived………Delhi…….she stared at the name for a long time………….hoping it wud just vanish and show a "calling " symbol………..but it just stayed put…………..

part 60 : Nashaa

Arman ran after Riddimaa to the room,

"Riddimaa…" Arman holds her in his arms, as she protested to get free

"I …. Am sorry... Arman…" she cried holding his collar, throwing her entire wait on him

"Tcch… Riddimaa relax, dheko ronaa band karo phela…" He picked her up and settled on bed with her on his lap. "Kitna roti ho !" he teased, rubbing her cheek.

"He is like my brother, you don't have to feel guilty in front of me !" arman said, what he had felt is going on in her heart.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Part 2 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Precap : The kids were named as armaan, karan and ridhima , shilpa . The malik's and the gupta's have become good friends. The malik's are invited at Gupta's residence for dinner .

The door bell rang and hiten and gauri were at the door with Armaan and karan. Mrs. Gupta opened the door for them and greeted them in .

"Andar aaye ", padma waved her hand in direction of the sofa over the corner which was beautifully complemented by the side tables with picture frames of ridhima and shilpa filling the space with their lively smiles .

part 59 : Nashaa

Reaching Local Police station, he ran in with his identity card.  Riddimaa ran after him,

"Rohail Malhotra?" Arman hit the table, where the police in charger was half sleep.

"huh…?" the police reacted.

"Rohail Malhotra?" Arman Repeated, patiently.

"this isn't the time for meeting the victom, Subha ana.!" Specter replied, leaning in his seat, with close eyes.