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Episode:1 Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari  iss  show ki first guest hai cute cute si cyutie jo "saacha pyar” jaise out standing ff ki writer hai aur die hard kasu fan hai  ….soo lets welcome hinal aka cyutie   wiz big round of clause

vivah,part 21

hey @anamika,@indu,@sadaf,@pari,@priyanka,@tamanna,and @punam di thanks a ton for your sweet encouraging comments..and thanks a lot to silent readers. hope u will like this part too.

@sadaf dear,don't worry,yeh sumit drama jyada nahi kheenchega,thanks.

part 21

Shilpa finished her chores and thought to take shower.A light smile was playing on her lips after the close encounter with armaan.All this was new for her..these feelings and armaan's touch makes her insane...and she feels shy at times to even get closer to him or talk to him...she was sure with one thing that her heart was feeling something for armaan...

Slowly she entered the room and saw him standing on one corner...he turned around and she could figure out that there was something on his hand..a piece of paper...She gulped hard and took small steps towards him.His eyes were cold and a hard expression on his face...before she could say anything he threw the roses on the bed making her stunned at his sudden act...there was a bunch fo red roses which were her favourite..but what kind of way was it to give flowers?She made a face and touched them when accidently she touched a thorn and her finger started bleeding...

pyar dosti hai (part19)

All are settled at the dining area for their lunch. bhabi forced riddhima too to sit n eat n not to serve nd after lots of trying finally riddhima failed to mke bhabi agree nd she too is now sitting beside armaan.. bhabi served the trio nd then prepared her plate..

Bhabhi alrdy knew d matter from rahul while riddhima is still unaware of the complete reason of armaan’s sadness.. she still thinks armaan is upset for not finding suitable house for them but dat’s not the complete truth.. they are in bigger trouble. But neither bhabi nor rahul said anything as they knew armaan will like to talk to riddhima alone in his own way.. juz in oneday, bhabi nd rahul both know how sensitive nd delicate riddhima is nd one person who can handle this innocent girl is her armaan only.. because armaan is the sole reason of her strength nd her break down too.. he is her strength as well as her weakness.. she becomes insane if armaan is lill late but wen armaan is in trouble, god knws from where she gets immense power to stay strong n handle the situation.. truly they both mkes a perfect picture nd rahul is very happy to see his best frnd finally wth his love nd undoubtedly he is happier seeing his bst frnz’s choice.. he listened to about riddhima thousand times from armaan but nvr met her before.. nd now knowing her, gave him intense happiness n satisfaction for his best frnd.. he mentally thanked riddhima’s mother for her last minute brave decision.. otherwise these two beautiful souls would hve destroyed till now..all were lost in their own thoughts wen bhabi said suddenly..

part ---9, An Arranged Love Marriage

He came back around 9:30 and slumped down on the couch. She immediately gave him some water to drink and welcomed him with a sweet smile.

“To kaisa tha aaj ka din? Bohot jyaada thake hue lag rahe hai?”

“Haan thak toh gaya hu; par it's alright. Acha tumne khana khaya?”

“Nahi...main kaise kha sakti hu? aap hi ke liye ruki thi!”

“Arey ye kya baat hui? Acha chalo koi baat nahi; main shower leke aata hu I really need it badly; tab tak tum plates laga do theek hai. “

He quickly took a shower and both of them had their dinner. She changed into her nnight dress thinking that now he would be all free and she could spend some time with him; but as she came out she saw him sitting on the couch with laptop on his lap; fi;e in his 1 hand and the other hand held a pencil whose other end was in his mouth; he was engrossed completely in his file thinking about something so deeply that he never even realised that she came out and was standing right in front of him.

Part:43 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Riddhima turned towards the railing she wants to sit down there, wants to spend some time in peace, wants to spend some time with her armaan's memories but before she can sit she heard a deep husky voice

Armaan:''maine tumse kahaa tha kii oos abhinav se dur rehna''

And she turned only to get the biggest shock of her life armaan was standing right in front of her eyes. She firstly thought she was imagining him but as soon she heard his husky voice again

Armaan:''kahaa tha naa?''    
He said and she saw him approaching towards her she knows she was not imagining him he was really there in front of her eyes as the reality stuck to her only one word come from her mouth

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-63

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poured our heart (os)

Ridhima-"Kya hua armman aaj tum aise kyun bethe ho kya... Armaan chinta maat karo kuch nahi hua h hamari ardhima ko... Dekho vo bhul kar khelne bhi chali gai... Usse yaad bhi nahi aab vo giri thi... Dekho kitni khusi sw aapne room mein khel rahi hai....

Armaan look at ridhima and then again look at the spot where ardhima had fallen while running around..

Ridhima- armaan vo aab theek hai Toh phir tum kyun itne udas ho rahe ho armaan.... Aur dekho mein bhi theek hin dekho mein ne bandage bhi kar li hai....

Hate Or Love .. AR ff (character sketch & prologue)

Character sketch:

Armaan malik -a handsome and dashing senior doctor of sanjeevni,very ambitious and passionate about his work.loves his parents (naina and billy mallik) a lot.

Ridhima gupta -a beautiful and bubbly girl,adored alot by her parents and darling of her anjali di.she'about to join sanjeevni as an intern.

Anjali gupta -senior doctor in sanjeevni,loves dr.atul joshi from bottom of her heart.

Rahul mallik -younger brother of armaan and about to join sanjeevni as an intern.

Muskaan chadda -a new intern in sanjeevni and ridzy's best friend.

Abhimanyu malik -senior doctor in sanjeevni and armaan'sbest friend.

Part 3 "passinate love arsh"

m so sorry for late update but mujhe kuch na kuch chot lagti rhi and could not get the right track for the story :p m so sorry for keep you awaiting and now ryt at the point the story
hmm here it goes punam di m so sorry but kya akru arsh ke lie dil se likhti hun jab bhi likhti hun warna likhti hi ni :D
love you all thanks you

part 3

shilpa: ji dr armaan

armaan: give me reports please 

shilpa: yes yes sir

armaan chek all the paients nd tell me if there r any medication changes

Fairy's Fairytale (Character sketch)

Hello guys… now first sorry sorry sorry for late update but I guess I m gonna post this late only… see work and practice and all… so time nahi milta na… but haan ek baat to hai I will surely post the parts of the story and will not stop until it ends… and now here is the part. No actually character scatch.. thoda bada hai but achchha hai.. hehehe here u go….


Gupta family’s intro.

Riddhima Gupta: 

A sweet girl. Understanding, caring, lovable, innocent, cheerful,witty girl,full of love and can say a girl with golden heart. And also not to forget beautiful, no beautiful must be an understatement epitome of beauty by looks also and as well as by heart and god’s beautiful gift to everyone. Believes in god and religions. Daughter of Shashank and Padma Gupta. Sister of Anjali Gupta. An Apple of her mother and father’s eye, and also jaan and sweetheart of her di and loves her lil brother a lot. Strong pillar and moral support for her family always keeps everyonecheerfull and also always follow truth. She always understand other’s feelings and tries to make everyone happy by her dids. Try to always make a smile on other’s faces. In frnd’s heart she was the most understanding and caring person. To whom they can share all their matters, happy or sad. For all she is a happy go lucky person. But as like everyone else, she was also having some kind of question in her life or about life. Some complicated once or some easy according to her. And in the journey of her life she is going to find all the answers of her questions sometimes alone and after sometime with the help of some one.

Part:42 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Karan:''han armaan terii mom ne yeh sab dekhh liyya aur fir abhie jab hum garden meiin the aur humne nandu se poocha kii yeh tumse itnii naraz kyoon haito yeh khudd ko rok nahin payyi aur isnein humein sab bta diyya kii tu abhie bhi oos''

But before he can complete armaan cut him off

Armaan:''dad please jo bolna hai bol lijiye par please meraa nam oos chaavi ke saath mat jodiye mai sachi meiin aapni riddhima se behad mohabbat karta hun''

Nandini:''armaan tu''

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-62

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segment 35,Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

hey AR_ETERNAL LOVE,rajani,annu,priyu ,aayu and guests ..thanks a lot for your sweet ,encouraging comments..thanks a lot silent readers for reading this ff...sorry for late dear....hope u will like this part too...

@priyu,sorry ..is baar full romance toh nahi  hai but hope part bura nahi lagega... promise next time i will give full AR momments...

segment -- 35

Arman was driving and riddhima was sitting beside her lost in her thoughts. They are now on the way of their destination after having lunch in pramod’s house.

Riddhima was remembering pramode’s wife’s word….”pata hai riddhima,yeh dr. arman humare liye us time bhagwan bankar aaye jab humey koi rasta nahi sujh raha tha. humey bhagwan par bhi biswas uth gaya tha tab dr. arman ne humari jo madad ki,hum usey kabhi nahi chuka sakte.humare yeh shonu monu sir (head) ke peeche ki taraf se jude hue paida hue they. hume pata chala ki inko alag kiya ja sakta hai surgery se par uske liye humey UK or USA jana tha ,jahan iske specialist they..par humare liye bahut muskil tha. pramod ji ne socha apni sari jaaidad ,ghar sab kuch bech denge ,tab bhi dr. ki fees me hi sara money khatam ho jata, aur tabhi dr. arman humare help ke liye aaye.

Part 1 Friendship: A Phase of Love

A girl wearing a nice, pretty dress up to her knees is standing at airport in London waiting for her four friends to come fast to board the flight to India. She is seeing her watch again and again and muttering curses to them. On the entrance of the airport four people are running and are trying to reach the girl who is waiting for them in which two of them are boys and two are girls.

Girl 1: Aree yaar Gunjan, Samrat, Mayank jaldichalo aaj hume woh zinda nahi chodegi.

Boy1: Lekin oh hai kahan?

Girl2: aree Mayank woh dekho gusse se lal khade hai udhar.
(said while pointing towards her)

Samrat: aree baap re aaj toh hum mar gaye.
(said while seeing her boiling in anger)

Finally they reach the girl and all four together start:- sorry ridz plzz maaf karde plzzz.

Ridz: :@:@

All together again: plzz (pouting)

Ridzi: okk okk!! Jaldi karo J

Part:41 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Armaan:''aisee kaise jaa sakti hai vo''

He asked to himself more than her.

Nikki:''kyoon bhaii kyoon nahin jaa sakti bhabzz oonke bhayiya aayee the oonhe lene''

She said surprised with his question

Armaan:''par mujhse binaa kahee binaa mille aisee kaise jaa sakti hai vo''

He was still not getting the fact that she leaves like that and

Rahul:''areey ammy tu to aisee behave kar rahaa hai jaise oosne koi crime kar diyya ho aapna gharr jaakar areey yar ooske bhayiya itnee years bad aayee the aur yar jab se tumhari shaadi hui hai vo kabhie aapne gharr gayyi hai kya''

saacha pyar part- 71 & 72

Part -71

Gupta House

Sashank came downstairs with a letter in his hand.  It was obvious from the letter’s physical appearance that it was old.

Sas – I know maine jo kiya usse main kabhi bhi fully justify nahi kar paaunga, but main chahta hu aap sab mujhe samajh ne ki koshish kare..maine jo kiya, woh kyun kiya aur kin haalaaton mein kiya

Riddhima took the letter, and along with everyone else, sat on the sofa

She opened the envelope, and began reading the letter:
Dear Sashank,
Tum theek kehte the.  Mujhe tumhaari baatein maan ni chahiye thi.  Lekin shayad mere naseeb mein hi dhokha khaana likha tha.  Maine Aman se shaadi toh kardi, lekin uske baad usne mujhe maar na shuru kar diya.  Pehle toh woh maafi maang leta tha maarne ke baad, lekin ab toh woh mujhe aur bhi maarta hai.Main pregnant thi, lekin phir bhi usne mujhe bahot maara.Yeh bacchi mein tumhaare saath chod ke jaa rahi hu Sashank.  Tum mere bahot acche dost ho, aur iss duniya mein tumhaare sivaai mera koi aur nahi hai.  Mujhe umeed hai ki Riddhima ko tum aur Smriti apna sako.  Main jaanti hu ki tumhe lag raha hai main kaisi maa hu, apne hi bacche ko aise chod ke jaa rahi hu.  Lekin sach toh yeh hai ki mein Aman se yeh chhupaya hai.  Usse lagta hai ki maine abortion karvaaya hai.  Main nahi chahti ki meri beti bi uss ghar mein kaid ho jaaye.  I don’t want my daughter to be stuck in the house Sashank.  Please help me!

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-61

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Go through link if u want DMG3

Go through link if u want DMG3

hey guyies join in this partition...

we all want dmg3 back and heard that karan and jenni opening production house so wee need this partiontion full so that may be karan think over starting dmg3

and plz forward this to all DMG-ians u know...


RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-60

part ---8, An Arranged Love Marriage

Taking hold of her mangalsutra he tightened the hook and to fix it properly he bent down and tried to lock it with his teeth creating a havoc in her entire body. His kiss was already unexpected and his action almost made her freeze on the spot. He very well knew what effect he was having on her so he purposely took alittle longer than needed. Once he was done he turned her around and held her shoulders;

“Hmm ab ye nahi niklega.

She looked up at him and lost herself in his passionate eyes. She looked no less than an angel glowing in the moonlight; looking at him with big innocent eyes. He never realized when his hand moved up and moved the fringe off her face making her shut her eyes. 

Part:40 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Armaan:''now this morning is good morning''

And he winked to her, riddhima was surprised with his actions, but she come out from the surprise with the entry of nandini and karan. And seeing them riddhima immediately greeted them and took all belongings from their hands and nandini went towards armaan

Nandini:''kaisa hai meraa bachaa?''

She asked while caressing his head and sat beside him and

Armaan:''mom mai bilkul fit and fine hun''

Karan:''areey nandu tumhe naa riddhima se poochna chahiye kii vo kaisi hai, yeh tumhara betaa to vaise hii handle karna tough hai oopar se now he is not well to no one can think to tackle his mood swings''

He said jokingly while armaan whined

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Hubby Sir (Introduction & Character sketch)

Heyyy guys
Its Dhruvika here again lol n this is the other story that i m gonna post once agin which had just these two things written as of yet. I will try n upload part one by midnight of 26th or 27th early morning acc to canadian timing :) so without delay here it is

Background Information

The ff is set in beautiful and architectural land of toronto in Canada. Armaan and Riddhima met once or twice due to Anjali and Atul as they are collegues of Armaan. Parents of both are familiar to each other as both moms are in to educational department. Armaan's whole family is in Canada whereas Riddhima is with her parents and cousins only no relatives. Riddhima is pursuing to be a cardiologist is currently doing BSc and is in last year for the same. Armaan being 4 years older than her is a great neurologist and a prof at university of toronto who teaches only final year BSc students.

(Introduction) Friendship: A Phase of Love

Heyy guys
I dont know if u all remember me but this is Dhruvika/Dhruvi i hv decided to post the story again from starting and here it goes:

Armaan and Riddhima two inspirable soul friends who know each other in and out were separated at age of 15 as Riddhima went to London for higher medical education and Armaan preferred to stay in India. These friends have not talked to anyone since they were separated. They were best friends since they were born ( their parents are also best friends with each other ) and could not stand to see one out of anyone getting punishments but when the talk came of taking appreciations they used each other’s name. Everyone was jealous of their friendship. They had many friends out of which they trusted Arujn and Aarohi the most. They never got tired of each other always studied, played pranks, ate , etc together. They both had a room for themselves in each other’s houses which was decorated by the persons whose house it was according to the taste of their friend. They shared a lot things like food from same plate and glass which no one ever objected. They were never jealous of each other and loved each other a lot but it is yet to be confessed among themselves and to each other. (So to read their life journey ahead wait till part 1)

part 5."Tu zindagi"

thanks a lot priyanka,priya and anamika for ur sweet comments and thanks a lot to silent readers who read this ff...hope u will like this part too....

part 5

“aa ja beta,welcome in my home…”asha  stretched her arms to hug her.

Shilpa looked at her surprisingly…she looked like her mom!so pretty!her voice is too like her mumma..

Asha : “aa jaa beta..

Shilpa came to her and touched her feet..

Asha : “god bless u my child…aa jaa mere gale lag jaa…kitni badi ho gayi hai! maine tujhe 2 saal ki umra me dekh atha.”

Sid  (restlessly): “mumma,mai niklata hun,mera kaam ho gaya na?

Mumma frowned : “kahan jayega abhi? Chup baith!…abhi toh teri khabar leni hai mujhe.itna late isey receive karne gaya tu,kahan tha? agar isey kuch ho jata toh?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-59

pyar dosti hai (part18)

"Good morning bhabi"… riddhi entered kitchen smilingly nd wished bhabi warmly..

"Godd morning riddhima.. how r u now??" Bhabi asked returning her smile.

"I’m fine bhabi… bas tiredness ke wajah se wasn’t feeling well yesterday"...

Riddhima said avoiding eye contact nd bhabi nodded understanding her situation.. it’s really difficult for a gal dat too lyk riddhima to face so much in one day.. nd naturally it drained out all her energy.. understanding her mental turmoil she didn’t probe her further.. after all.. they met juz yesterday.. it’s natural if riddhima does not feel like sharing with her nd she respect her space.

Part:39 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Riddhima points to her maang and armaan knows what she was saying he has to fill her maang but there is no vermilion there so he slightly rubbed his hand over his forhead where he has the wound but riddhima holds his hand but armaan shook his head and he rubbed it and there is some blood on his finger and next moment he filled her maang and riddhima's eyes moistened with this, she touched her maang and then armaan makes her drink water she somehow drank the water and next moment hugged him tightly. Armaan hugged her back, having her in his arms after knowing that she is the love of his life, the feeling is so beautiful that he can not even express his happiness in words. 

Here riddhima was also on cloud9 what ever happened and what armaan did for her was not just completing the ritual that is because he is her husband but he did all this with his heart, it was not that he was force into it, she can feel it, and what more she can ask for, this is the thing she needed when armaan start accepting her and their relation from his heart. Both were standing in each-other's arms, a smile was on their faces, both were still enjoying warmth of each-other's arms when their moment was break with the knock on door and both seprated and riddhima firstly makes armaan settle armaan on his bed then open the door, it was nurse, she gave riddhima armaan's medicines and riddhima thanked her and she leaves.

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"Love You Thoda Aur" vm on kajen bd gift for aayushi

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-58

saacha pyar part- 70

Gupta House

“Papa wants to meet your parents Armaan”

She looked tensed

Arm – Haan toh?  Usme itna tension kyun le rahi ho tum?  Main Dr. Sashank ko jaake sab sach bata dunga

Rid – Mujhe Papa ke reaction se darr lagta hai Armaan

Armaan cupped her cheek, - Basket, woh tumhaare papa hai…  woh tumhaari life mein Hitler banne ke liye nahi hai, unhe sirf tumhaari chinta hoti hai

Rid – Aisi baat nahi hai!

Arm – Toh phir kaisi baat hai?  Aisi choti si baat leke tum itna pareshaan hogi toh phir humaari badi si ladayi (fight) hogi tab kya hoga?

Part:38 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

And all of them reached to Sanjeevani Hospital where they informed Armaan was admitted and they reached there and asked about Armaan and they were told that he was in emergency room and hearing this their hearts skipped, and riddhima was like someone snatched her life from her and all of them rushed towards emergency with the hope that their Armaan is fine and after reaching they waited for doctor to come outside and muskaan looked towards riddhima who was lost and her face was blank, without any expressions and seeing her like this she was worried

 Muskan:''mom dekhiye naa ridzi ko kya ho gayya kaise bas emergency room kii taraf hii dekhe jaa rahii hai vo''

She said to nandini who was already crying for her darling son and as soon as muskaan's words hit their ears they all looked towards her

Nandini:''riddhima betaa kya dekhh rahii hai vahan''

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Thank u from aayushi

hey guyies this is aayushi ....

thank u all for making such a beautifull post on my bday...

seriously i was over joyed with all the gifts and love u all showere upon me....
this made my day more special.. seein the love and warmth i get from ur all's side....


arre! mai toh batana hi bhul gayi aaj kiska  happy birthday hai! yeh toh humari pyari aayushi urf  meri pyari aayu ki birthday hai ,jo ek great writer,awesome siggy maker and sweet,cute chirpy and dill se ekdam pure,sabko pyar karne wali,help karne wali  good ,smart girl hai....so.....

part 4,Tu zindagi

thanks a lot dear  huda, sweetu  priyu, my sweet priya and buddy  tamanna for your lovely comments...sorry i am again late but trying to ud fast ,plz. bear with me...love u..

part -4

After a while shilpa’s mobile started to ring. Its mumma…

Mumma : “beta,kahan hai tu?

Shilpa : “mumma,mai waiting room me hun.

Padma (worriedly) : “siddhant nahi aaya beta? Ab kya hoga?

Shilpa assured : “mumma,daro mat,wo aa raha hai abhi 10 minute me.mai yahan aram se baithi hun.

Padma : “okay beta,aur sun koi aakar kahe ki asha aunty ne bheja hai toh uske sath mat jana aur kisiko apna naam mat bata dena. Aur koi kahe aapko pahuncha dunga toh mat jana aur aur…

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-57

part ---7, An Arranged Love Marriage

Her hair flying due to the cold breeze;red cheeks; smile tugging at the lips and eyes closed; she sat wrapped in his arms enjoying the moment to it's fullest. The beautiful sunset with orangish red sky; birds returning back home and the calm sea waves were a treat to watch. But she cared less as being in his arms resting her head against his chest enclosed in his warmth; the mild sound of his heartbeats and the feel of his breath on her neck were to die for. The ethereal view in front of her was no more visible to her as she had already drowned in his arms. She never realised when they spent almost an hour sitting in each other's arms; she was brought back only when she could hear him whispering something in her ears;

“Agar tumhara thoda sa waqt khatam ho gaya ho toh shall we go back?

Part:37 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Armaan:''par tum riddhima tumhe to shuru se sab pta tha kii tum hii merii basket ho, kabhie btaya kyoon nahin tumne riddhima aakhir kyoon, mujhe dekhti rahii aapne liyye tadpte(crave) hue kaise kar sakti ho tum yeh meree saath? Tum to kabhie merii aankhon meiin aanson nahin dekhh sakti thi aur aab dekhti rahii kaise mai tumhare liyye baichan hun?mujhe pasl-pal aapni basket kii yad meiin jeene diyya tumne aakhir kyoon riddhima?kyoon riddhima aakhir kyoon? aur tumne mujhe vo meree aapne hii pyaar ke saath aapni basket ke saath vo sin karne diyya mai aapni basket ko force kar rahaa tha? kyoon nahin btaya riddhima kii tum merii basket ho? tumhe jawab denaa hogaa riddhima mere in sawalon ke? tumhe btana hogaa kyoon dur rahii mujhse meree itnee pas hotee hue bhi aakhir kyoon? batana hogaa tumhe?tumhe sab jawab dene padege riddhima?''

He said with lots of pain, anger, love, his eyes were filled with tears and the love for her, but he wants answers.

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Love for life (OS)

                                                        ONE   SHOT


Baby was crying n crying n crying not stopping from anyone... Then Baby saw the boy and stopped crying.. And showed him a big wali smile to the boy....

Boy- awww.... Maa.... ye kinni.... cute... Bilkul angel...

Maa- toh tumhe aapni nai frnd kaise lagi baby.....

Boy- maa.. Mein iche.... Angle bulaun.....

Maa- kyun nahi baby... Aap bula sakte ho....

Boy- maa mein iche ke shaat .... Khelun..... Baali ma... Kya mein khelun....

Badi maa- bilkul khelo..... 

Boy- yehhhh.....angle.. My angle

baby- smile very cutly and when armaan put his fingure in her small hand she grip hisfingure tightly in her little palms.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-56

pyar dosti hai (part17)

Armaan stirred in his sleep but when he extended his hand he found the place next to him on the bed is empty.. he tried to open his eyes but he was still sleepy.. still with crunching eyes he managed to see that riddhima was not on the bed. He sighed nd hugging her pillow he closed his eyes. When suddenly he heard the beautiful chime of her anklets.. he smiled feeling bliss nd turning a lill opened his eyes once again. But this time he didn’t found it difficult.. all his tiredness nd sleepiness vanished as soon as he heard that beautiful chime. He always adore the sound of her anklets. It makes him feel that she is very close to her.

Part:36 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Armaan:''basket riddhima''

And armaan shouted.

And he wakes up whole screaming and sweating, hearing his scream riddhima who was getting ready immediately ran towards her and she looked at him he was panting, and breathing very heavily,his whole forhead was covered with sweat

Riddhima:''armaan kya hua aapko kyoon chillaye aap theek to hai naa?''

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vivah ,part 20

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PART -20

ArSh reached hospital and armaan was still thinking about the marriage proposal which came for Shilpa..it happened twice...then he remembered anjali's words...she was right indeed..none can recognize Shilpa as a married girl..infact she was too small for that...So anyone can even fall for her taking her to be single...He did not even noticed when Shilpa bid him bye and left..He shook his head and was about to start the car when his eyes caught the same guy talking to someone on the entrance...Before Shilpa could notice Sumit  Armaan opened the door and slammed it hardly. Wearing his shades,he walked in such a manner that all the girsl around him were glued to their spots.

Shilpa reached the gate and saw Naina placing a kiss on Yuvi's cheek bidding him goodbye...

Kyun aapne armaan ko chod diya OS

                                                          ONE SHOT

A young man standing in his room looking at the sky.. and speaking his heart out...

Kyun basket kyun kiya tumne mera saath , hamare saath aisa... Kya mila tumhe ye karke.....Tum hamesha aisa kuch karti ho ki mein ..... Mein hamesha tumhara.......Tum hamesha meri khushi chahati thi na..... Meri khushi toh tum hi ho.... Tumhare saath bitaye pal mera liya janat se bhi kahin upaar hain.... Aur hamesha rahenga... Par kyun basket..... Mein maanta hun tumse mein ne aapne saapne share kare the... Par ye nahi janta tha ki mera saapne ko jo mein bhi bhul gaya tha usse pura karne ke liya tum... Tum itna kuch kar jaogi... Mera saare saapne badal chukke the.. Sab saapne dhundale ho gaye the mera.... Sirf ek saapna kabhi dhundla nahi hua aur us sapne ko mein ne sakar bhi kar liya... Vo sapna tum thi basket mein..... MEin sirf tumgare saath rahene ka... Aapni zindagi tumhare aachal ki chao mein bitane chahata tha... Tumhari bahon mein ...tumhare dil ki dhadhkan mein samana chahata tha... Tumhe saab ki nazro se bacha ke rakhna chahata tha... Aur tumhe itna pyaar dena chahata tha ki tumm..... Par tumne aaj mera saare saapne todh diya basket saare saapne tod diya...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-55

Part:35 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

And his thoughts broke with nandini's loud voice

Nandini:''maani, karan, rahul jaldi aao yahan''

And hearing her screaming voice armaan literally ran to downstairs to saw what happened and seeing the sight in front of his eyes his heart skipped a bit, there is riddhima who was laying on floor holding her feet, tears were in her eyes while muskaan and nandini was beside her, armaan ran to her, she actually burned her feet with hot water and armaan looked at her she is in pain and till then rahul, nikki and karan also reached seeing riddhima they

Karan:''oh my god nandini yeh sab kaise hua?''

Rahul:''han mom kaise lagii riddhima ko itnii''

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Teasing,waiting,love, hate but still together forever...


Riddhima!! Riddhima!

Armaan boomed from his room.


Aa rahi hun armaan. Ruko na ek minute.

Riddhima said from downstairs while helping her dear nandni aunty soon going to be her mother in law and checking over decorations going on in the house.

The karwa chauth festival was on it’s way in coming two days, and there was preparation going in mallik mention as just like every year.

But the chaos was lil more then the usual, as this year has a special reason to it self, mallik’s youngest son has found his dream girl and the family is going to get their beloved daughter in law.

Armaan and Riddhima were in relationship from 2 years and now soon going to take one step further in their beautiful relationship and planing to give it a new name “marriege”.

Hai junun on dmg gang,kash gang

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Na Nan Nan Na Na 
Na Nan Nan Na Na 
Na Nan Nan Na Na 
Na Nan Nan Na Na 

Yaaro Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le Pal
Lagta Hai Aaj Kal Daur Apna Aayega

Yaaro Jo Khud Pe Ho Yakeen 
Jo Zindagi Haseen 
Tujhe Kal Bulayega

Yaaro Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le Pal
Lagta Hai Aaj Kal Daur Apna Aayega

Yaaro Jo Khud Pe Ho Yakeen 
Jo Zindagi Haseen 
Tujhe Kal Bulayega

Hai Junoon 
Hai Junoon Sa Jeene Mein 

Hai Junoon 
Hai Junoon Sa Seene Mein 

Hai Junoon 
Hai Junoon Sa Jeene Mein 

Hai Junoon 
Hai Junoon Sa Seene Mein 

Na Nan Nan Na Na 
Na Nan Nan Na Na 

Kahin Jaise Koi Dhun Baje
Raahon Mein Dekho Hai Manzil Saje Saare

Humi Hum Jahan Mein
Har Jagah
Sapne Sajane Ki Humko Mili Vajeh
Kahin Jaise Koi Dhun Baje
Raahon Mein Dekho Hai Manzil Saje Saare
Humi Hum Jahan Mein
Har Jagah
Sapne Sajane Ki Humko Mili Vajeh

Yeh Agar Sach Nahi 
To Sach Bhala Hai Kya

Yaaron !!

Apne Hisab Se Dil Ki Kitab Pe Kuch To Naya Likho

Yaaron Anjano Ki Fikar 
Na Karti Yeh Umar
Phir Bhala Kyun Daro

Hai Junoon 
Hai Junoon Sa Jeene Mein 

love u all