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" passionate love (Arsh)" part -1

           "  passionate love  (Arsh)"

Sorry guys m very sorry for being late but I was in mess nd my tab too broke :( btw I missed blog so much and my blog family in which punam di my guide,di,admirer and sweet person I have ever met, anamika my shweetu love, priyu my baby , annie my chotu siso miss u all now back to point m gonna write on arsh. their love story nd their married life specially nd sanjeevani me pyar. shilpa will b intern nd armaan wil be senior doc it will b like as it was in dmg same as arsh were.

character sketch

shilpa malhotra intern
dr. armaan malik senior doctor
other interns
muskaan intern
dr. rahul intern
dr. atul senior doctor
anjali senior doc
and other characters will proceed with story

 part -1

m nt gonna start from the starting coz my concept is after marriage toh love story short dikayenge nd baki flash back me I hope u guys wil understand me
so here we go...........

vivah part3(b)


part 3(b)

  She came downstairs clad in a baby pink suit without any makeup..

Padma-arey beta tum aa gayi...

She took Padma's blessings and Padma noticed that her eyes were looking for someone...

padma-kya baat hai beta kisiko dhund rahi ho?...

shilpa-aa nahii woh...sab kahaan hai?

padma-sab matlab?...tumhare papa to kuch zaroori kaam se bahar gaye huey hai, anjali room mein hai aur armaan...armaan atul ke saath walk pe gaya hua hai...ata hi tak tum nashta kar lo...

shilpa(in mind)-kya karun?...abhi ineh kuch batana theek nahi hoga...armaan ke aney tak intezaar kar leti hun...

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vivah part 3 (a)


  P   a   r   t  -  3(A)

     “Armaaan beta kya hua...sab theek to hai na...?”

He was not finding words...what to say and what to do...

He moved forward

armaan-dekho I ..I really dont know yeh misunderstandings kaise aur kyun hui hai..lekin is waqt bas itna hii yaad rakho ke I cant tell my parents all this blunder for heaven’s sake...isliye just act normally...

siggies by anu

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vivah part -2 (b)

                                                                    "vivah "

PART - 2 (b)

Atul- ahh kisine sahi kaha hai ke shaadi se pehle aur shaadi ke baad rishtey aur unke mayine badal hi jaate hai..uske saamne dosti kya chees hai..

Armaan-abey yaar itna kyun bhao kha raha hai..ab yeh meri galti hai kya ke tere paas mere sagai pe bhi aney ka waqt nahi hai..aaj aa raha hai tu shaadi pe..

Atul-arey toh aur kya karta… teen teen surgeries thi lined up ek din mein..can you even imagine?..upar se itni jaldi shaadi..abbey sacha sach bata arrange marriage hi toh hai na ya phir koi chakkar??....

sawaar loon vm on kash


part-15 kaash mere hote (season-2)

Shonu :bade papa  tum ko daar kyun laga … bhukar hi toh hai jaldi thik hojata hai …

Armaan: bacha vo wala bhukar alag hai ….

Shonu:bhukar ek hi hota hai usmey alag kya hai bade papa ….

Armaan sat down n give up wiz her non stop questns …mean while anjali cme zer to save armaan frm shonu’s questions ..

Anjali:tum dono yeha kya kar rahey ho …

Shonu: mai aur bade papa baatey kar rahey hai mama …

Anjali:itni raat ko kya bateey huh …chaloo neechey kal subha school nahi jana hai kya ….

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saacha pyar part 69

part 69

Gupta House

Sashank came downstairs with a letter in his hand.  It was obvious from the letter’s physical appearance that it was old.

Sas – I know maine jo kiya usse main kabhi bhi fully justify nahi kar paaunga, but main chahta hu aap sab mujhe samajh ne ki koshish kare.. maine jo kiya, woh kyun kiya aur kin haalaaton mein kiya

Riddhima took the letter, and along with everyone else, sat on the sofa

saacha pyar part 67-68

part 67

Riddhima entered the house, and then went to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water, when she saw her father stomping right behind her

He had crossed his arms on his chest, and just glared at Ridzy, expecting an answer

But Riddhima had something else in plan…  Today, she was not going to answer back rudely or do anything, but just try to make him understand that she belongs with Armaan and no one else

saacha pyar part 65-66

part 65

Armaan was trying to look for abhi but he was nowhere to be found

And just then, the room turned pitch black… as the MC announced, “And now a special performance by our very own,  Wait for it…  Riddhima!”

Armaan was so oblivious to the announcement that he completely ignored it and looked for abhi, nikki.. and ridz too, to an extent…

saacha pyar part 63-64

part 63


Armaan and ridz, at this time, were both in sanjeevani on their early night shift..
Armaan was in charge of the general ward, whereas ridz was making rounds..   it was around 1 am now…

Riddhima was heading towards the locker room when she felt a hand grab her by her forearm… into the fireescape…

saacha pyar part 61-62

part 61

It was a week after…  all of the patients from the train wreck were discharged… this was the time that Dr. Sashank invited Manish and Aditya for dinner…  and it was no regular formal dinner… dr. sashank wanted to talk about riddhima and adtiya’s marriage…  they were going to arrive at 7:00 pm.. and it was 3:00 pm now
Dr. sashank had already completed his surgery for the day, armaan had night duty that day, and ridz had afternoon duty…  this was it.. the day that armaan and ridz dreaded the most.. they were going to tell dr. Sashank everything… and by everything, I mean Everything!

saacha pyar part 59-60

part 59

Armaan, Ridz, Abhi, Nikki, Rahul, Muski… all six of them, reporting to Sanjeevani… all because of one page… and now, as they were about to find out, they had a huge situation to deal with…
As they arrived in Sanjeevani, they were urged to report to the ICU immediately where they were approached by Dr. Sashank
There was definitely loads of tension shared amongst all senior doctors, interns, nurses, wardboys.. everyone!
What was the cause though?

saacha pyar part 57-58

part 57

Rahul’s House

Rahul had come home after about 45 mins, and when he entered his house, he saw the most admiring scene… keerti in the kitchen, along with muskaan, serving hot aloo parathes to shubhankar

Now all this from rahul’s POV:

I locked my car, and noticed muski’s car in the driveway as well.. I had totally forgotten that I had called her over.. but I could see that mom and dad were home, at least she had some company

saacha pyar part 55-56

part 55

Anjy and Atul’s House

As ridzy had finished talking to armaan, anjy entered the house.. slamming the door open, and running franticly to find ridzy…

Anj – ridzy!!! Where are you??!!
Atul appeared from the corner of the hall, approached by anjy
Anj – where’s ridzy atul?? Is she alright?
Atu – don’t worry Anjali, who abhi theek hai… she’s in the bathroom freshing herself up

saacha pyar part 53- 54

part 53


Muskaan announced the interns duties for the day and then left for her scheduled surgeries… nikki and armaan were assigned to make 3 rounds that day, and then check all medical charts for the general ward.. it was a busy day for them; whereas abhimanyu had the whole day to follow-up on his research for medication… with patients coming in and out like moles in a game of whack-
a-mole, the hospital was actually quite hectic…

saacha pyar part 51-52

part 51

Muskaan’s House

It was unusually quiet in her house.. knowing her parents.. muskaan was a little tensed.. what had happened? It was 7:00 am and no one was making a sound? Muskaan ko bahot ajeeb lag raha tha.. toh who niche gai… sab check karne and all.. to make sure that everything was alright… she was still in her striped pajama pants and a baggy shirt, with her curls all over the place… although she was a senior doctor, uski adaatein abhi bhi badli nahi thi… but anyways.. she yawned as she went down the stairs.. she grabbed an apple from the kitchen (dun worry.. she had brushed before coming down :P)

saacha pyar part 49-50

part 49


Armaan was assigned to assist Dr. Rahul and Dr. Rai in their surgeries… both of his surgeries had went successful… The first patient though, seemed to have some abnormalities after, but that was due to the low glucose levels so both patients were now doing well, and on their way to recovering

Nikita was assigned to assist Dr. Sapna and Dr. Asim… her first case was quite an easy task as they were only required to do a few incisions… but her second case was an open heart surgery.. it was intense… nikki was a tad bit close to losing her patient. But with dr.asim’s supervision and help, they were able to recover the patient’s wellbeing…

saacha pyar part 47-48

part 47

Today was the small party, or lets say gathering, of Abhi, Nikki, Armaan, Ridz and Sid... all arrived at Sid’s.... (rem.. before this part.. i had said that abhi and sid talk now.. just that now.. abhi still doesn’t know that his mother committed suicide)
Rid – nice house!
Sid – thanks
- Awkward silence filled the house and echoed throughout...

saacha pyar part 45-46

part 45

Armaan’s House - Riddhima’s POV

I felt my heart smile at the stupid dream i just had... i was still sleeping, that i could tell... but i was too deep into sleep to get my eyes to open... i felt him right beside me, holding me in his embrace.... i imagined our shaadi, very elegant.. yet simple... sapne main shaadi itni acchi lag rahi thi ki main reality main aana hi nahi chahti thi.... i laid my head on his chest, and kept dreaming....

Armaan’s POV

saacha pyar part 43-44

part 43

Armaan’s House

Just then, the lights turned off....
Rid - armaan... yeh tumhaare surprise ke liye hai ya phir sach main lights chali gayi?
There was no response...
Rid - armaan!
Riddhima was completely lost, not only was it pitch black... but it appeared that she would have to find her own way rather than getting any help from armaan... just as she was about to walk towards, she received a page.... her eyes widened as she struggled to reach the door.. she heard a sigh behind her and jumped...

saacha pyar part 41-42

part 41

Gupta House - Guest Room

Abhi went home and thought about what rahul had said.... "tell dr.nikita that you love her" was his love that obvious?? He changed into shorts and a shirt... and went to bed... he turned the lights off and tried to sleep.... he couldn't though... thoughts of nikki kept coming in his mind

He got up from his bed with a jerk and ruffled his hair... making up his mind to confess his love to nikki as soon as he can... he was finally able to go to sleep... only to see nikki in his dreams too =P


Nikki opened her eyes and found ridzy's bed empty... she found a note on the table..

saacha pyar part 39-40

part 39

Guest Room

Ridz woke armaan up gently.. same with abhi.. then they all went upstairs.. abhi and armaan went in the guestrooms... and nikki was with ridz...

Abhi was staring out the window and armaan was just sitting on the couch... yawning.. and staring at abhi

Arm – abhi yaar.. (yawn) kya soch raha hai?

Abh – armaan... mujhe nikki se baat karni hai

Arm – aur mujhe basket se

saacha pyar part 37-38

part 37


Abhi, armaan, nikki n ridz were all back to sanjeevani together... it has been a week since Armaan and ridz came back from Canada... the first week, they spent making financial graphs and charts to present to companies in India so they have a back-up plan.. but from this week.. they have started working at sanjeevani again... this week, dr. Sashank was gone to a conference meeting so riddhima was alone... although she was a “good” girl.. she invited her friends over for a little.. “party” later that evening..

saacha pyar part 35-36

part 35

Canada – General Ward

Riddhima was doing well so she was moved to the general ward... there... armaan,anjy and atul shared their friendship ke hisse...
Rid – oh tell me.. armaan how do you know di and jeeju?
Arm – oh my god!! Tumne shaadi karli? Are you serious anjy?
Anj – ya...
Atu – ab toh bhabhi kehkar pukaar saale
Anj – shut up atul!
Armaan laughed..

saacha pyar part 33-34

part 33

Nik – (she takes a deep breath) theek hai... lets go
They both prepare and get dressed for the surgery... abhi was about to enter the OT when he noticed that nikki wasn’t with him... he turned around to call nikki and saw her with her hands folded and eyes closed
Nik – (praying) bhagwaanjee.. maine aaj tak apse kuchh nahi maanga hai isliye iss baar meri baat man lijiyega... yeh surgery mere aur abhi ke liye bahot important hai.. humme yeh surgery karne ke liye himmat do...
A small smile crept on abhi’s face = nikki is soo cute and adorable...
Abh – nikki... chalo...

saacha pyar part 31-32

part 31

In car : From Orphanage to Sanjeevani

Abhi and nikki had left right away, it was around morning time when they reached Sanjeevani

Abhi and nikki rush in the hospital and quickly enter dr. Sashank’s cabin
Sas – doctors.. im glad ki aap dono yaha aageye
Abh – sir kya baat hai?

saacha pyar part 29-30

part 29

Sanjeevani Orphanage

Nik – (she was surprised and screamed out) SUPER-HEARING SENSES FREAK!!
Abh – if you think thats gonna irritate me and make me leave you then your absolu... OOOWWWW
Nikki was kind of laughing at him... she wanted him to get hurt.. but she didn’t know he had burnt himself...
Abh – oh shitt... oww... sss.. oooo (putting his finger in cold water as he had burnt it)
Nikki heard him and realized that abhi burnt his hand and she sprang to the kitchen
Nik – abhi!! Kya hua?

saacha pyar part 27-28

part 27

The Garewal House

Shubh and keerti looked at each other...
Rahul looked down as if he was convicted for a crime
Kee – sach me rahul? (she said with joy)
Rahul looked up.. he hadn’t expected keerti to take the news so calmly...
rah – aap ghussa nahi ho?

saacha pyar part 25-26

part 25

(Background Music)
Shining in the shade in sun like a pearl upon the ocean
Come and feel me, Girl feel me
Shining in the shade in sun like a pearl upon the ocean
Come and feel me, Girl feel me
Thinking about the love we making, And the life we sharing
Come and feel me, Girl feel me
Shining in the shade in sun like a pearl upon the ocean
Come and feel me, Come on heal me

saacha pyar part 23-24

part 23

Rah – muskaan! Im sorry woh uss din ko humne jo date.. (muskaan looked up at him) i mean dinner ka plan jo banaya tha woh pura nahi hosaka...
Mus – its okay rahul.. i mean hum dono ko emergencies handle karni thi.. it happens.. don’t worry.. hum phir kabhi chale jaayenge
Rah – how about today?
Mus – aaj?

saacha pyar part 21-22

part 21

Armaan and riddhima entered the plane and sat in their seats... the flight attendant announced their departure and soon, the plane took off.. ridz was very tired so she fell asleep and her head automatically fell on armaan’s shoulder... armaan was going to pull a prank on her but then he didn’t want her to be upsetor mad.. he just sat on his seat, admiring riddhima’s beauty...

saacha pyar part 19-20

part 19

Nikki went to their table and started talking to abhi while sipping her drink
Abh – so.. kya tumne sab packing kar li?
Nik – (had her first sip) ha.. she thinks – why does this drink taste so... different than coke??
Abh – thats good, we’ll be able to chill here more..
Nikki drank her whole drink and started blinking her eyes... she was acting very different according to abhi
Abh – are you okay nikki? (confused by her behaviour)

saacha pyar part 17-18

part 17

Abhi coughed and began – nikki... (he was hesitating and looked at armaan.. armaan nodded his head) nikki.. will you dance with me? (slow dancing songs were the only ones playing because of the special couple’s night)
Nik – (shyly) yes... (she looked down)
Abhi grabbed her hand and took her to the dance floor

saacha pyar part 15-16

part 15


Nikki was extremely worried for ridz and she felt really bad as she felt that it had all happened because of her. If she hadn’t brought ridz to the terrace, then armaan wouldn’t have heard ridz confess her love for him like that. As she was passing by the hallway of sanjeevani, she saw armaan with his hands on his head. She felt that she needed to talk to him so she went up and tried to talk to him
Nik – armaan..

saacha pyar part 13-14

part 13

Sanjeevani – Terrace

Armaan was still comforting riddhima as she was crying non-stop
Arm – riddhi... riddhi.. hum doctors hai.. aise halaate humari zindagi mein aksar aayegi.. kyat um har wakt aise hi roti rahogi?
Ridz was sobbing
Arm – waise.. aise roti hue bahut innocent dikhti ho (riddhima gives a very short and little laugh at his remark) lekin phir bhi, tumhe aaj ke haadse ko apna inspiration banana chahiye... basket.. (lifting her head from his shoulder) you understand what im trying to say na?

saacha pyar part 11-12

Part 11

Sanjeevani – General Ward
Rid – nurse, zara mujhe ye naye patient ki file to dena
Nur – ji dr.riddhima
The nurse hands her the file..
Rid – to Mr. Nana Deshpande (walking towards his bed) aap hai right?
Nan – ha.. main hu nana... tumhe pata hai mujhe pehtees filme aur pacchis nataak ka experience hai, yeh to sirf mera haath tutgayya isliye.. warna nana.. aur woh bhi hospital mein.. kabhi nahi..

saacha pyar part 9-10

Part 9

Abhi – you know actually mujhe bhi mere parents ki yaad aati hai lekin unhe to mera chehra bhi accha nahi lagta

Nikki was surprised when she remembered...


saacha pyar part 7-8

part 7

As soon as vivek tried to stab him, armaan ducked down and then punched vivek in the stomach. His blow was so fatal that vivek was literally thrown away from armaan. Armaan didn’t want to create a scene so he was walking back to his car when he felt a hand on his shoulder.
Vivek – Do you think you’re very smart? Apne aap ko kya samajh te ho?

saacha pyar part 5-6

part 5

 Mallik Residence

Armaan took riddhima to his home as he realized that riddhima was in no state of going home. Armaan told riddhima to change after giving her some of his clothes and then he himself went to the living room and called dr.sashank.
Arm – hi dr.sashank
Sas – hello dr.mallik, itni raat ko aapne yaha kyu phone kiya? Aur kya tumhe pata he ki meri beti, riddhima kaha hai..

saacha pyar part 3- 4

part 3

All the interns now know the hospital very well.
Muski – interns... mein chahti hu ki aaj ka din aap sab ek dusre ko jaane mein spend kare kyunki yaha kaam karne se pehle aapko apne colleagues ko pehchaan na chahiye taaki jab koi mushkil ka saamna karna pade, aap sab ek dusre ko sahara de sakhe.
Rahul – isliye aaj aap sab hospital mein rounds le sakte he ya phir bahar jaa sakte hai. Lekin phir kal se remember, you all will have to work very hard.

saacha pyar character sketch & part 1-2

Character Sketch

*Dr.Armaan Mallik, 21 yrs old
He is the heartthrob of all girls. He doesn’t believe in love as he is an orphan. He was the biggest player in college. He is very stubborn but also very sensitive and though he doesn’t show it on the outside, he has a heart which craves for true love. One of the new interns in Sanjeevani.

a kash siggie by Vishav Kirti

a kash siggie by me.....

I hope you will like it............
Vishav  Kirti

vivah part 2 (a)


 part -2 (a)

When she tried to protest last week about her marriage proposal her dadi answered her back-

“ladkian bojh hoti hai..zindagi bhar nahi dho sakte is bojh ko'jitni jaldi ho sake uneh vidaa kar dena chahiye..”

Shilpa-per dadima main'main abhi shaadi nahi karna chahti..main parna chahti hun..papa ki tarah doctor banna chahti hun..

Nina(her chachi)-hey bhagwaan'.itni saalon tak pala tujhe kya yeh kam nahi jo ab aur kharach bara na chahti hai..arey humare bhi to baal bachchein hai uneh kaun paalega'huh doctor banna hai'tumhare ma baap ne tumhare peeche koi khazana nahi chora hai'

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ABOUT THE STORY ----The story  is about  a simple girl and her hesitation and helpless situation regarding marriage at an early stage of her life .
The concept was given by my cousin Arshin and the first part and intro was also written by her so the credit goes to her only.




Shashank-armaan dekho tumhari mom ne tumse poocha nahi per phir bhi main pooch raha ho tumhe larki pasand to hai na...aaj tak tumne humari koi baat nahi taali per yeh tumhari poori zindagi ka sawaal hai'I hope you are ok with this son'

He closed the laptop where he had been working and shifted closer to his dad.

yadein yaad aati hai dedicated to our dmg blog family

hey friends,missing my second home,my dmg blog family made a vm on it..."kuch yadein,jinhone mujhe life me chalna sikhaya,jitna sikhaya,khush hona sikhaya...mere blog sisters/brothers..jinhone mujhe bahut respect ki,mujhe di kahkar dill se apnaya....mere friends,jinhone mujhe himmat di galat cheezon se ladne ko,jinhone mujhe ek pahchan di as "emotional /classic writer" them all,miss them...friends/sis/bro/readers(ARian/DMGian/kashian/arshian/kajenian/kasuian) are  captured my heart...tum sabko mai kabhi nahi you all...

punam (di)

Sunday, 20 October 2013


After 1 week

It was a pleasant morning…Riddhima was very busy with her dress and in searching ,arranging files . arman came silently and hugged her from back….

Riddhima (in an irritating voice) “armaaan!! Chodo na,dekho mujhe paresaan mat karo…

Arman dropped a kiss on her neck…”ok,to pyar karta hun….


All were in a shock hearing it!!…..dr. sashank asked surprisingly…”but why?aap bahut responsible and kaabil hain,I know it…..and ye sirf mera nahi management ka decision hai…. phir kya wajah hai?”

Arman : “sir,ye haq dr. anjali ka hai….wo mujhse bahut jyada kaabil hai …please sir,aap usey ye responsibility den to jyada behtar hai….


Dr.sashank stopped for a while,looked at the audience …everyone’s eyes were on him…dr. sashank cleared his throat…and again started….”anyways,ye life hai,yahan humari life me bahut kuch hota hai....maine jo sapna bahut pahle dekha tha,aaj pura kar paya…. Ish new sanjiwani ko apni tarah se decorate karke….2 OT,2 children wards…1 free ward,jahan roj na jane kitne helpless logon ka treatment kiya jayega……and special wards like cancer ward,aids ward…. ab ye sirf mumbai ka nahi,india ka best hospital me count kiya jayega….yahan saarey facilities milenge......


Arman came in sanjiwani’s hall where puja was held….he saw that all were present there…..arman mumbled…”ab to gaya kaam se!! sab mere pahle hi pahunch gaye hain!!...surely meri band bazayenge ye log.....

he heard that his friends were talking about them...means about him and riddhima....

he came to rahul and stood quietly......


arman came in the room to call riddhima but overwhelmed seeing her angelic beauty.

His lips uttered .."wow!!! beautiful lady!!

riddhima was wearing jewelries...arman was fascinated to  see his beloved wife  but riddhima didn’t notice him….she was in a sea -green net sari..her make-up was very simple but  charming!!.. she put sindur and  placed a bindi  seeing in the mirror….a sweet  smile was playing in her soft  pinkish  lips.....


After I month

It was 7 o’clock in the  morning,a couple were sleeping peacefully in each other’s arm…someone knocked at the door..riddhima opened her eyes for a minute and tried to understand from where the sound coming, but her eyelids were so heavy due to  sleep,couldn’t able to keep it open ,she was feeling dizzy …because of her beloved husband’s unlimited love of last night.she tried to turn other side,but  got herself  in a tight grip of her husband ,so she too hold him tightly and closed her eyes,keeping her head on his strong  chest.