Saturday, 2 November 2013

Siggies by anu

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-4


Friday, 1 November 2013

vivah part 7 (A)


part 7(A)

arman ---mujhe tumse kuch puchna tha...

shilpa-haan mujhe bhi

armaan-fine.. go ahead

shilpa-naiii tum pooch lo uske baad main

armaan-kya fark parta hai waise bhi main jo poochne wal ahun uske baad aur koi baat hee nahi bachti


armaan-kuch nahi …poocho na

shilpa-woh aaj hum… I mean tum raat ko souge na (sleep)

armaan-haan …normal insaan to yehii karte hai raat ko

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-3

Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Kashian's diary segment -3 (3rd one shot)

                                                                   KaSh Ashiyana

she entered the house first.lukin gorgeous in her white Capri, black bubble gum one shoulder top and her shades over her head, she stood near the entrance itself showing way to th e other people cumin in'.

"haan idhar'dhyan se'.ye'ye side table upar waale kamre me le jao'haan udhar hi rakhkar fix karo.." she ordered to some men who followed as she said.
" tum khaali hath kyun aa rhe ho? Go n get d show piece nah'" she said to the perfectly built man comin through the door'he was comin in freely wid his car keys until was stopped by his lady.

"main? "

"haan haan tum karan'baaki saaman lane me help karo'chalo'."

He cud not help but show his dimpled smile" jo hukm sarkar!!" he bowed down in front of her and went back to the car to find the show piece she told him.

Half An hour later

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-2

VIVAH part 6(B)


PART -- 6(B)


He was standing there with a towel tied arnd his waist and water droplets dripping from his hot body looking heavenly

Before everyone comes out to see whats happening he stopped her from shouting further by placing his hands on her mouth and closed the door..


armaan-kyaa...yeh kis language mein baat kar rahi ho tum...

shilpa-mmm(she pointed towards his hands)

armaan-oh haan sorrry...

he left her and then was huffing and puffing...

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

vivah part 6 (A)

                                                           "  VIVAH"

Part 6 (A)

Padma , atul and anjali were sitting in the hall and making plans on what to do as shilpa's birthday was coming..anjali was not interested in all this she was just giving them company..

atul-mom apko kya lagta hai shilpa ke liye best birthday gift kya ho sakta hai...mmm car..

padma-arey nahi nahi baba...woh bichari akele thore chal payegi aaj bhi utni hee darpok hai yaad nahi pichle saal jab tumhare dad ne is baare mein kaha tha kaise mana kar diya..

atul-hmm woh to hai to phir ek puppy dog de usko...

anjali-really..woh breezer se jitna darti hai tumhe kya lagta hai atul usey tumhara yeh super idea pasand ayega

atul-arey yaar yeh to serious problem ho gayi aisa kya de jo uske liye special ho..

anjie-omggg !i just cant believe this...

A Kashian's Diary segment -2 (2nd one shot)

                                              "IMMATURE BABY"

it was late in night .probably 1.30 ok not very late for her wasn't any new 2 her .past 5-6 months have no doubt been the most boring days of her life  not that she wasn't happy or enjoying but she missed going to work .spending the whole day with her hubby dear  but as of now .her over caring husband didn't let her work in fact this boredom also made her happy somewhere .made her feel how special she was for karan  and how mature and wise her husband was .ah! She cud never thank god enough  for giving her the perfect man .her man .her ar man!! ;)
Preoccupied with all these thoughts and setting the dinner table she did not notice when he entered the house but sensing the familiar footsteps she turned around and greeted him with her always fresh smile "heyy" she exclaimed and went to him with a glass of water.

He carefully shut the door behind him and came 2 her smiling .hugged her sideways and said " hi jana.."

She handed him d glass and kissed on his cheek..

siggies by anu

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-1

Hello guyss  "RE-LIVE" hahahah abh soch rahey hongey ki wats zis haina .... ye actually aaj sey mai roj ek dmg episode yeha share karungi ... i knw hum sab dmg fans daily life mey itna busy hai ki puraney episodes you tube mey dhundahkar dekhney ka tme nahi hota humarey pass ... toh issliyee "RE- LIVE" DILL MILL GAYE  MEMORIES AGAIN ..... sooo now watch z frist episode of our fav seriall n enjoy

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

yeh duriyan by Ammy

                                                                   "yeh duriyan"

 It’s a big function is going on.All audience are busy in watching the award function.The award function is organise by Mallick enterprise and Sanjeevani groups of institutions.This function is organise to awarded the top doctors of India.

                       Two persons in there late 30’s  are very busy in the award function. They are know other than the chairperson of Mallick enterprise Mr.Armaan Mallick and Dean of Sanjeevani institutions Miss.Gupta in the other word Dr.Riddhima gupta(the best Gynecologist  of India).
                        The award function ended with a  successful way.After the award function Armaan and Riddhima discuss about each other’s life.

vivah part 5 (B)


Part 5(B)


naina-arey yeh to sumit hai na woh humare saath college mein tha...

shilpa-pata nahii...

naina-chal acha hee hai koi to mil gaya waise tu bata kaisi hai aaj to bari hot shot lag rahi hai pink mein..waise ek baat bataun shilpa in chaar saalon mein tera rang khil utha hai...Ek dum woh kya kehta hai 17 ki jawani

shilpa(blushed)-naina tu aur teri bakwaas...shaadi ke baad tere sasural mein jaake aisi baatein karna phir dekhenge

a Kashian's Diary segment- 1

ABOUT THE STORIES -- these  are a full bucket of one shots  which are totally writer's  imagination ..plz.don't take it wrong.

COPYRIGHT -- the kashian's diary is copyrighted by @ kritika chawla...please don't publish it anywhere without her permission.

                                                 "ACHA SUNO'."

She came out  of the washroom after her bath'wet hair came a little below her shoulders making her white long t-shirt a little wet.looking perfect in that t-shirt and trousers, she kept the towel on her side of the bed and went towards the dressing table giving armaan a glance. She could not help but smile at how cute kid her husband was looking while frowning because of the direct sunlight that hit his face..but soon she remembered their last night conversation ...conversation yes it was which ended up being a fight and armaan sleeping hugging the comforter trying to feel it as his basket. She now looked at the alarm piece placed on the side table and saw it was 8.30 a.m.

Monday, 28 October 2013

siggies by anu

vivah part-5 (A)

                                         " VIVAH"

 P a r t - 5 (A)

She was damn scared!!!!..what will they do with her now?throw her out of the house or call up at her house...they will never accept her in fact she will be treated as a garbage then...

shilpa-kya karun main...bhagwanji meri madat kije..

just then the door opened and he was standing there with eyes having different spark and not rage like before

shilpa-woh main...main...

he was can anyone treat an angel in such a disgusting manner!..after  all she was their own blood...what was her fault!..that her parents left her alone to face this cruel world...he would have blasted at them at that moment only if Shashank would n’t have stopped him

he came out of his trance when her hiccups were increasing...

shilpa-maain..main kuch nahi bolungi kahin bhi...kahi...kahin bhi reh lungi bas aap loug mere gharwalon ko...nahi plzzz...

Sunday, 27 October 2013

"U only belong to my heart"( one shot)

                                    "U only belong to my heart"

      Tring Tring.....
      Tring Tring.....

Ridhima - hello armaan....

Armaan - hello basket...

Ridhima - tum kaha ho armaan aur ye shor kaisa aa raaha hai?

Armaan - vo mein ... basket vo....hain mein parking mein hun na....

Ridhima - armaan dekho jhuuth maat bolo... tum mujhse jhuut nahi bol pate.... mein ne tumse kitni baar kaha hai drive karte hua phone pe baat mat kiya karo.....

Armaaan - sry na basket.. please maaf kardo na... dekh mein ne car side mein rok li....

Ridhima - …………………….

armaan - basket sry na,... please maaf kar do na.... please. basket....


arman - tumhe toh pata hain na basket mein tumse dur nahi rah pata... bina baat kare toh dur ki baat hain... 
sry na basket....

Ridhima - ……………………………..

Armaan - please basket... aapne armaan ko maaf nahi karogi ... baat bhi nahi karogi aapne armaan se itni narag ho...

Ridhima - armaan tum aapna dhayan kyun nahi rakhte.... hamesha laparwahi karte rahte ho.....

Armaan - tum ho na mera khayal rakhne ko....

ridhima - i love u armaan. chalo aab jao nahi toh Dr. keerti tumhe ractals de dengi...

armaan - jo meri basket bole..mein tumhe pahuch ke call karta hun.. bye basket...

ridhima - bye armaan

armaan - arye suno mein tumhe bahut imp baat batana bhul gaya..

ridhima - kya..

armaan - ye hi ki i love u basket..... sry sry correction... i love u Mrs.Basket Armaan malik.....

Ridhima blush hard ...  - love u too Mr.Armaan ridhima malik....

Armaan smiled wide.. - i love it basket when u take my name this way... it always make me feel that i belong to the most caring and loving girl on the earth my wify..... love u sooo much....

Ridhima - aab jao armaan raat ko jaldi aana mein wait karungi.....

Armaan - jo hukum Mrs.Malik... waise Mrs malik mein aap se ek baat batana bhul gaya...

ridhima - kya.....

armaan - that i belongs only to ur heart and soul.......

silence for a min. and then both together spoke
Armaan/Ridhima - i love u....
ridhima - jaldi aaana armaan
armaan - i promise basket.... chalo aab chalta hun.......

After that armaan drove towards the sanjeevni..
and did the operation for which he was called for.....
and after tiring day... he was going towards his Heaven ,his basket ,his ridhima ,his wife ,his jaan ,his angel....

while he was going he was dreaming about ridhima only and he didn't saw a little kid playng in middle of the road... and to save her he trun his car to other side and got hit on a tree.....

crash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vivah part -4


     P  a  r  t - 4

“yeh!..yeh kya kar rahe ho aap!,chodoo…”She literally pushed him and covered her front with her dupatta eyeing him in a weird way.

armaan-aa dekho shilpa woh main…

shilpa-bas ek aur shabd bhi nahi,main nahi janti apke dil mein kya hai lekin mujhse yeh sab nahi hoga kyun baar baar mere kareeb aney ki koshish kar rahe ho aap?Mujhe na is shaadi ko nibhane mein koi interest hai aur na hee apse koi rishta jodne mein,duniya ke samne main natak kar sakti hun per bed pe nahi main..

armaan-enoughh!!who the hell do you think you are?