Saturday, 9 November 2013

vivah part -9


PART --9

After he was done he switched of the lights and went to the couch..

shilpa-aa armaaan



Her face was glowing in the dark and she was indeed a beauty!

armaan-kis liye?

shilpa-for everything!

armaan-my pleasure ab so jaye?

That night proved to be a blissful one for her,she slept with a blush on her face and feeling god knows why soo pure and complete with his one touch only-was Shilpa Mallik changing?

Morning was as usual full with the party discussion as Padma and Shashank had to attend some other place so they were not aware of any happenings there!Atul and anjali were not told anything as armaan did not wish to!

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-11


siggies by anu

Friday, 8 November 2013

pyar dosti hai part( 3 & 4)

                                                     pyar dosti hai

PART - 3

Although he was extremely angry but he knew his basket... he knew how she must be feeling... so, he tried 2 calm himself as much as possible because he knew he had 2 make her understand... she was still in trauma but he had 2 save her life... he could not allow her wat she's willing 2 do... god gave him last chance... he couldn't afford it wasting..

Ar : "basket, listen 2 me... jo tum karna chahti ho, dat will only ruin ur life..."
but riddhima was adamant ... "maine faisla kar liya hain armaan... i can't step out..."

armaan on d other hand tryng hrd 2 cntrl hs temper but he was losing it... bt b4 he could say anything she again strtd...
"agar main chali gayee... tumhe andaza bhi nhi hai bhai maa ke sath kya karenge!!! anji di to abroad chali jayengi ... par maa akeli ho jayengi... bhai bahut acche se jnte hain agar main bhag gayee nd dat 2 wth u.. it means maa ne hume hlp ki hain... n he wll mke her life hell, armaan... unhe apni reputation ke age kuch nhi soojh ta... he wont think twice b4 hurting maa!! main maa ko ghut ghut ke jeete hue nhi dekh payungi, armaan..."

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-10


vivah part 8(B)



He was  in his tshirt and knee length shorts walking in a sleepy mode to them

he made her cme out of the car


atul-kya yaar tumlogon ko itni der kyun lag gayi paat hai mom ko kitni tension..

He stopped midway sensing something was wrong

atul-armaan sab theek hai na?

armaan-champ I cant tell you anything right now tu bas bol sab so gaye na

atul-haan per

Thursday, 7 November 2013

a few siggies by rajani

a few siggies  created by rajani......

siggies by Anu

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-9


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-8


vivah part 8(A)



She heard the click of the door and lights were turned on

What she saw was something beyond she expected..Vicky was standing there locking the door and he was not at all in good state

shilpa-tumm..tum yahan kya kar rahe ho aur..yeh door kyun lock kiya?

“Itni jaldi bhi kya hai humein bhi to mauka dije bhabhi ji…

She was shocked..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raj-kyun hum armaan se ache nahi hai kya?

Shilpa-yeh sabb!!...yeh!

She was in tears now...what was happening here at first she got to introduced to his so called friends and now she was left with them in this room! where was armaan...?


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

pyar dosti hai by sargam (part 1 and 2)

                                   "PYAR DOSTI HAIN"

PART - 1

"Bahot pyaari lag rahi hai humari Riddhi" ... Anji told her frnz nd cousins proudly...

 "wo to hain... aab humari Riddhi hai hi itni sundar..." said her best frnd, muskaan...

"par Riddhima di... aapne red lehenga q nhi pehna??" asked 1 of her cousins...

"haan... di... sadi me to laal lehenga pehente hain na... par aapne orange q pehna??" asked another cousin...
"Haan yaar Riddhi... aisa q... kahi is wajah se to nhi ke ye uska...

" b4 muskaan can complete our bride opened her mouth 4 d 1st tym in her wedding evening... She has dressed herself in a beautiful orange lehenga with golden ornaments complementing her dress nd milky white tone...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-7


Monday, 4 November 2013

part-16 kaash mere hote (season-2)

In shona’s room

Armaan : mujhey tumsey baat karni hai shona …

Shona :mujhey apsey koi baat nahi karni …

Armaan : plzz shona 5 mins meri baat toh sunlo ….

Shona :maine kaha na ..mujhey koi baat nah karni hai nah suni hai… plzz get out of my room..

Armaan :shona plzzz ..its about shilpa …

Shilpa ka naam sunkar  shona chup hojati hai …..uski ankho mey ansoo  hai par vo dekha na nahi cahti…vo bed par bhait jati hai … apna sir jhukakey  kehti hai ..


RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-6


Sunday, 3 November 2013

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-5


vivah part 7(B)

                                        " VIVAH"

PART --7 (B)

Shilpa was waiting for Atul outside hospital..

shilpa-Naina mujhe teri koi baat nahi you even knw how he was eyeing me...I mean main kitna embaraas feel kar rahi thi

naina-heheh sach bata kya use sach mein lag raha tha ke tu yeh pills leti hai I mean ke tera kisike saath


naina-ok ok sorry kya yaar tu bhi ek namoona hai 4 saal baad pati ghar lauta hai aur uske saath romantic moments spend karne ki waja tu boring kaam kar rai hai jai ho Shilpa ji

shilpa-tu ja yaha se...yeh atul jiju ab tak kyun nahi aye

naina-oye woh dekh but yeh to tere Jiju ki car nahi lagti na waaah kya car hai boss zaroor isme se ek handsome banda niklega

He came out of the car looking dashing in a faded jeans and white shirt and the shades making him look more sexy

naina-goshh!! yeh to bara hee hot banda hai mujhe sambhaalo koii

shilpa-yeh..yeh yahan kya kar raha hai !

naina-kya tu janti hai isee ?

shilpa-yehto.. !

naina-kya yeh to… yeh to tu kaise janti hai ise ?

armaan-main batata hun...let me help ya out gorgeous

He took her hands and gave a light kiss(naina ka )

and then gave killing smile to her

armaan-dr naina right!

naina-mm… yaa but aap?

armaan-Armaan…. armaaan Mallik

naina-whatt!! u mean aap armaaa...aann armaan mallik ho shilpa ke...

armaan-shilpa ka pati right

He moved closer to her and wrapped his hands around her waist tightly then did something which shocked the hell outta her

He removed his shades and then had a closer look at her trembling lips...he missed this soo much

Then pulled her with such a force that she collided in his chest..Naina was like having the biggest shock of her life..

shilpa-yeh...yyyehh kya kar rahe ho tum jiju kyun nahi aye (in stammering voice)

armaan(whispering ) bataa dun kyun nahi aye...kyunke mujhe ana tha

shilpa closed her eyes and gathrd enuf courage to speak out in the same time she was trying her best to detangle ehrself from him but he was strong enough

shilpa-pe..per kyun...

armaan-kyunke mujhe badla lena tha...


A kashian's diary segment 4 (4th one shot)

                                           KaSh drabbles

          A series of KaSh kisses 



Karan: yaar shona ek kiss to de 1 pleasshhh .1 me kuch nhi hoga main keh rha hu na chalo fatafat..1 kiss kr lete hain .

She luks at him wid wide eyes wid a "iss ladke ka main kya kru" luk!..he luks at her..reads her "no"..n continues.."yaar ye koi baat h?subah se bina kiss k idhar udhar ghoome jaa rhe h..main ni

She luks at him wid alll d love nd says.."jana mujhe kitna cold ho rha h tumhe bhi infection ho jayega..pls zid mat kro na.."

He:yaar ab hota h to ho jaye ek baar khatm to hoga syappa! Aur dekho dono ko cold hoga to infection ka no scope at alll! Poora din baith k dono kiss hi krte rhenge!"