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RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-19

Part:1 Depression

" Something Known but still Unknown"


She sit there leaning on the floor, bringing her knees closer to her chest ,burrying her face inside her palms. She cried her heart out.. How can she do it? How can she kill him? How can she let go of the person she loves most ... What is this depression? She thought. She had been a patient of savere depression.. And this disease caused her doing somethings that are really crazy, somethings nobody had done, somethings nobody wants to experience, but her.. She has been having this strange disease. And now she had killed him.. She had killed her own boyfriend " Arman Malik " . It took a minute for her to look around and see rahul, muskan, atul, anjali , abhi and nikki standing around her but her vision got blur and in no time she collapsed on the floor..

part :1 Noutanki sala

part - 1

"Na,na mumma..maine kah diya na.mujhe bas riddhima hi chahiye...chahiye hi chiye..."arman shook  his head and banged his legs on ground.

'i know,rasgulla hota toh aapki help nahi chahiye thi,mai khud jakar le aata"..arman pouted.

Friday, 15 November 2013

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-18

chole bhature wali (last part)

chole bhature wali

aur  phir tsunami aayi sanjivani me jisne arman ki duniya hi hila di…lekin bilkul dariye mat ji…yeh ek bahut khubsurat tsunami hai..i mean khubsurat si balaa….toh uska naam kya hai??guess guess…nahi kar paye na, mai janti thi aap kahoge ki tsunami ka naam bhi ho sakta hai bhala!! But iski hai ,yeh hai “shilpa malhotra” naam ki tsunami,jo sabko hila kar rakh deti hai…apne mummy daddy ki ladli,unke naak me dam karne wali shilpu….jo delhi me sab ladkon ko diwana banakar,wahan apni MBBS complete karke ab aayi hai sanjiwani me as an extern.

chole bhature wali one shot (part 1)

hey friends..i am back with my chole bhature os...I am posting the 1st part here and then in next post 2nd part...hope you will like it....please give a comment ....thanks a lot....

Note ---this one shot (in 2 parts) is for pritam bhai ,who loves chole bhature madly..unka kahna hai ,ladki shilpa jaisi kuch kuch ho aur chole bhature banana aata ho toh wo jhat se shadi kar lenge..hehe..sorry bhai…just kidding. But aapke is baat ne mujhe yeh os likhne par majbur kiya..hope aapko pasand aayega aur mere sabhi sisters,friends ko bhi pasand aayenge…thanks a lot…

“chole bhaturey wali” 

once upon a time in mumbai,lived a boy named ...ummm...sochte hain..kya ho sakta hai?? rahul,atul,abhi ,arman or pritam?? I think arman hi thik rahega, kyon friends? thik hai na? toh chalo phir se suru karte sudh desi romance..arrrrrrrrr...not romance..its in sudh desi hindi..okay?

ek baar ki baat hai ek chottu sa ladka tha,naam tha arman . apne papa -mummy ke dill ka arman aur apni pyari dadi ke dill ka arman aur baad me pata nahi kitni beautiful hot girls ke dill ka arman.

toh ye chottu sa arman apne mumma papa ke sath mumbai me rahta tha. papa mumma bahut bahut jyada busy...papa ji the sanjivani ke head..aur mumma thi gynecologist. aur chottu sa arman ghar me akela...toh mumma papa ke paas bilkul bhi no time bete ke sath bitane ko...toh mumma papa aur dadi ji ne aapas me baat cheet karke decision liya ki har weekend wo apne village jahan dadi ji rahti hai,wahan jayenge...sara din wahan gujarenge,dadi ,jo bahut achchi cook hai ,apne bete-bahu aur apne pyare grand son ammy ke liye achchi achchi dishes banayenge aur khub enjoy karenge...toh kuch dino tak sab kuch jaisa kaha gaya tha ,waisa hi chalta raha,par dheere dheere mumma papa aur busy ho gaye... woh monthly once aane lage ,phir yearly once shayad ..but humara ammy apna promise nibhata raha,time bitta gaya aur ab humara baby arman ,arman mallik ban gaya tha ,6 foot ka jawan...tall ,fair and handsome ..12 th paas ki,college aaye aur phir apni MBBS khatam karke internship karne apne hi papa ke hospital me.....par uski aadaten nahi badli....weekly dadi ji ke paas jana,unke hathon ki tasty dishes khana,dadi ji ke sath din bhar baten karna...

pyar dosti hai (part 6)

                                                  pyar dosti hai

~ Let's Get Married ~

Riddhima looked at him shocked... Is he proposing to me?? that too for marriage?? she thought but she was so shocked with this sudden question that she kept on staring at him blankly... It was not that she was not happy but in reality she was sooo happy that she did not find the suitable reaction nd froze there..

Armaan smiled nodding his head side ways.. this is HIS basket... so confused.. whenever she is unable to find a suitable response she alwaz freezes... typical confused but adorable riddhima.. nd her confused as well as shocked expression is worth watching... armaan always admired her wen her eyes become wider in shock.. mouth makes an O - shape nd only her eye lashes blink... god!! she looks so adorable nd ri8 now also armaan was feeling a strong urge to pinch her cheeks nd kiss her there but he thought to do lill shaitani ;)

kya hua?? nahi karni??

vivah( part 12)

hey sadaf,priyanka,anamika and punam di..thanks a lot for your sweet ,inspiring  comments...this time a long part for @priyanka and @sadaf....hope u will like it...


Shilpa-Naina I dont know what to do..har saal to main yeh vrat rakh leti hun lekin is saal

Naina-kyun? is saal kya hua?

shilpa-is saal armaan bhi yahan hai aur

naina-oh god! shilpa why cant you accept this face ke ab woh hamesha ke liye yahin rahega aur its high time you should accept him as your husband..ab tu woh 18 saal ki innocent ladki nahi rahi .cummon be brave yaar...agar tuney is baar bhi aisey react kiya to aur 5 saal ke liye chale jayega armaan phir baethe rehna sabke dukh ki wajah banke tu

shilpa-nahi naina main aisa kuch hone nahin dungi..its just that I feel scared ke kahin main yeh sab na sambhaal paun..its first time for me

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RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-17





RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-16


you,me and angel

Note--- this story is only writer’s imagination, please don’t take it wrong..she has tried to express her feelings,what she thinks about karan shilpa and jennifer. …..thanks….

9th april,2012
Mumbai, grover house

a girl was sitting in her room in bridal dress. she was looking so beautiful. her close friends were sitting beside her and doing a lot masti but her eyes were constantly on the door.she was waiting for someone ,may be she was tensed a bit. When all were busy in chatting ,she got up quietly about to go from there  but  a friend of her asked...'kahan ja rahi hai jen?

jenny ; 'wo,mai thoda karan se milkar aaun..

drushti turned listening their talk and asked: " any problem?

jenny : "arey nahi..registrar kab tak aayenge and baki arrangements hue ki nahi,thoda dekhkar aati hun..… abhi wapas aayi…

drushti teased : "oyye hoyye! itni baicheni! hum jakar sari arrangements dekh lenge yaar!.tu nayi dulhan hai aram se baith...chill kar yaar!

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Happy Birthday gift for punam di

siggies for punam di frm anu

vivah (part 11)


Part -11

Armaan reached home and took shower.After breakfast he spent time in the study reading few books and then played with breezer..

armaan-yeh mom bhi na mujhe poora househusband bana de rhi hai..biwi kaam pe jati hai aur main ghar pe ghoomta hun

He noticed that the house was being decorated and all were busy in preparations.

armaan-mom yeh sab kya hai...aaj kuch hai kya?

padma-beta aaj nahi kal...karvachauth hai na to yeh sab to hoga heee...aur yeh kya armaan kitni baar kaha hai isey outhouse pe chora karo..poora ghar gandha kar dega

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-15


About DMG characters (Karan Singh Grover )

                                         "Dr. Arman Mallik/Karan Singh Grover"

hey guys...dmg ne humey bahut kuch diya hai...2007 me dmg start hui aur 2011 me khatam bhi ho gayi,jahan other serials barson chalte hain,dmg ki age sir 4 years thi ...anyways,ksg ne ek baar "zara nachke dikha" me kaha tha .."har achchi cheez jaldi khatam ho jati hai"..absolutely right ksg but wo achchi cheez logon ke dill me bas jati hai aur unki yaden dill me rah jati hai.

toh jin characters ne humey itni khubsurat daily episode di,kyon na hum yahan unke barey me kuch jaan lein....toh mai start karti hun humare pyare "Dr. Arman mallik" se.

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siggies by punam (section-8)

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-14


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siggies by punam (section-7)

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-13


pyar dosti hai (part 5 )

                                       pyar dosti hai

PART - 5

~ Finally We're Together  ~

Both Armaan & Riddhima were still lost hugging each other wen they heard some noise nearby...

girl 1: "jaldi chal yaar, Riddhi di ko niche kab se bula rahe hain!!"

girl 2: "waise humare hone wale jeeju bahot stylish hain, nahi??"

nd d grls strtd giggling...

As soon as riddhima heard dis she broke d hug nd looked at armaan all panicked but she relaxd soon seeing d calmness on his face... of course Armaan will save them 4m ds situation... after getting back his love, he became more confident nd dat reflectd on his face.

vivah (part 10)

                                            "  VIVAH"


part 10

Armaan was getting impatient.

armaan-yeh ladkiya bhi na yaar..pehle to keh rahi thi der ho rai hai aur ab ahhh kahan gayi yeh

Shilpa-sorry woh main kuch bhul gayi thi
armaan-thank god ab chale? I need to take shower

They reached the hospital.She gt out of the car and rushed inside..thats when armaan noticed she left her bag in the car.

armaan-what to do now

After thinking a lot he entered the hospital and asked in the reception area

armaan-aa excuse me

The nurse was busy in checking some file

Sunday, 10 November 2013

tere pyar mein by Ayushi

                             "TERE PYAR MEIN"

Girl- Tum aapne aap ko samjhte kya ho..?

Guy-smart and handsom...kyun koi problrm hai...

Girl-Smart and sexy!!!!!(mocking) shakal dekhi hai aapni mirror mein ?


Guy- hai kai bar bahut hot lagta hun..

Girl- bahut badi galatfami hai tumhe....

Guy- sahi kaha.. Socha tha tum samjhdar aur innocent hogi shakal se ...

Par dekho kitna galat tha mein... Tum toh jangli billi ho....

Girl- u.....i will kill u.....

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-12


Jo bheji thi dua vm on dmg AR