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segment -30 Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

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Segment –30

Virat came sanjivani with riddhima and manvi as riddhima was very busy today…she was going to assist dr. billy in a critical surgery….but manvi’s tastes were too important so virat had  the responsibility  to be with her.

In cabin

Mayank came when manvi was lying on the bed closing her eyes.

Mayank : “hi beauty! How r u?

Manvi opened her eyes and replied : “marne wali hun…

Part:12 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum


all were going to get ready for party while riddhima was checking last minute prepration...when she heared armaan's voice


hearing his voice riddhima ran to their room

riddhima:''kya hua apkoo?''

armaan:''kch nai hua par mom kahan hai''

riddhima:''maa to apnee room me ready ho rai hai apkoo kch chahiye kya?''

armaan:''nai kch nai''

riddhima turned but

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-32

Friday, 29 November 2013

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-31

pyar dosti hai (part10)

Armaan kissed her cheek side ways.. she gasped nd luked at him....

"sirf ye hi nhi samajhti thi ke mujhe tumari har choti badi batein iss liye acchi lagne lagi kyunki....."

"kyunki hum aab sirf best frnz nhi rahe... usse bahot age badh chuke hain.... " he completed 4 her...

then he made a serious face, "JAAN... MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI?? ABHII????"

~ Let's Get Married ~ 

Riddhima looked at him shocked... Is he proposing to me?? that too for marriage?? she thought but she was so shocked with this sudden question that she kept on staring at him blankly... It was not that she was not happy but in reality she was sooooooooooo happy that she did not find the suitable reaction nd froze there..

Part:11 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

armaan:''mai bhi change karke ata hun''

and he also leaves from there.

richa:''aunty kya hua?ye aisee kyoon chala gayya aur riddhima bhi chale gayyi''

nandini:''kya bataon richa armaan abhi tak CHAAVI ko nai bhula paaya''

rohit:''kya keh rahee ho ap aunty?''

rahul:''han yar rohit maa sach keh rahii hai''

rohit:''matlab oosne riddhima ko nai apnaya abhie tak''

Thursday, 28 November 2013

segment -29,Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

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Manvi got up disturbing by sun ….she stretched her hands closing her eyes and felt someone was beside her…she screamed in fear…….AAAAAAAAA!!

Riddhima got up with a jerk and uttered: “kya hua mannu? Kya hua? Pain ho raha hai? kahan ho raha hai? bol na? mai hospital phone karti hun…tu dar mat mannu,mai hun na…teri shona di hai na…

Manvi kept her hand on riddhima’s lips and uttered : “chup di…chup chup chup!….aap meri jaan lekar chodogi…

Part:10 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

he looked here and there but riddhima is nowhere at sight.

after two days passed armaan is much better but he is actully not,there is something disturbed him so much and that is RIDDHIMA,armaan did not knows why she is so good to him inspite of the fact that he is rude not only rude but harsh on her

in these two days he saw another side of riddhima she is not the person who initially never asked him anything but when comes to his health she did not let him do whatever he wants as he himself knows whatever he demands is not good for his health and he actully enjoyed her face when he put some childish demand to her or he is not agreeing in taking his medicine,she frowned at him but handled him calmy but armaan enjoyed her irritated face.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-30

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

part-17 kaash mere hote (season-2)

Shona : papa apney mujhey phasaya nah abh dekhna mai apki sari secrets mama ko batadungi ….kasie aap chupkey sey terrace pey smoke kartey hai …

Shilpa : kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa smoking

Shona : haan mama …..papa roj raat ko terrace pey chupkey sey smoke kartey hai …

Shilpa:angrily)armaannn ye mai kya sun rahi hun …

Armaan :scared)shanti shilpuuu ..i swear maine smoking chod di hai …..

Shona: no mama …papa jhut bolrahey hai …..

Shilpa armaan ko gusse sey dekhti hai …. Armaan darjata hai uski gusse sey …..

vivah (part 16)

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part --16

Shilpa thought he was already on angry mode so bugging him wont be a good option.She tried to leave when he caught her hand..she looked at him and he got up.

armaan-kya hum baat kar sakte hai..?

shilpa-aa abhi?

armaan-yeah..per yahan nahi..kahin aur


RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-29

Part:9 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

seeing her face armaan did not said no to her and she start cleaning his wounds and bandaged it again. after sometime armaan was looking at his arm and riddhima comes

armaan:''riddhima ye mere haath par arms par kya hua?''

riddhima:''vo apkoo chicken pocks hua hai''



armaan:''to tum pagal ho kya mere pas kyoon aaa rai ho its infectious tumhe bhi ho jayega dur rahoo mujhse''

riddhima:''nai do not worry mujhe nai hogaa''


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segment --28 Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

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for those ,who didn't read this ff .....links of all parts -----

segment -- 28

Today arman was very happy.usey lag raha tha who sapne me hai. party bahut achchi rahi. Sab riddhima ke barey me hi baat kar rahe they,jitni khubsurat,utni khubsurat voice ,utna achcha dance karti hai…she is the perfect! Arman smiled and stared at riddhima through the corner of his eyes. Riddhima was looking at the road  ,she was lost somewhere. Manvi’s  chemotheropy was  now started. Riddhima saw her lil sisters condition in front of and realised how it was painful. When manvi was mumbling in her half faint condition,her words were  like killing riddhima. Riddhima  remembered those words….”mumma,mumma…mujhse dard saha nahi jata, mujhe apne paas bula lo..shona di thak gayi hai mumma mujhe lekar…shona di hansti nahi mumma,mumma di ko mujhe hanste dekhna hai…”

Manvi’s words echoed in riddhima’s ears ..her eyes filled with tears. She wiped her tears silently….

 But Arman  was  unaware  of riddhima’s condition ,he was  lost in his dream land…he cleared throat and asked…”ummm…riddhima…

Riddhima replied without looking at him..”ji…

Part:10 Depression

" Let's walk? "

" theek hai " she said and cancelled the call, and sat on the chair smiling at herself.

She packed her stuff and kept in a bag , now sh knew she was crushing on arman .She was falling for him, is that wrong? Can't be when he's such a perfect person, he's just perfect, everything he doees, can never go wrong, she wonders how someone can be this perfect.

She was driving . The gang was on the back seats....She stopped near hardees..

" Guys! Kya khaao gay? " she said

" ridhima? " anji said

" han di, abhi ghar ja ke cook krne se behtar hai hum baahar se khaalain no? " she said

Part:8 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

and one person is surprised seeing these whole conversation.

nandini left for her packing.

After sometime

rahul:''mom-dad tickets aaa gayye''

karan:''kab ke mille rahul?''

rahul:"dad kal subh ki flight hai''

nandini:''ok nikki tu aur karan tum apnii packing kar lo aur please for god sake jaldi so jaana nai to tum dono ko oothane me flight miss hone ke jyada chances hai''

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-28

Monday, 25 November 2013

Part:9 Depression

" Just me, and you ! "

Arman woke up as muskan, rahul, atul , anjali shook him ..

" what's wrong with all of you mahn! Let me sleep! " armaan blasted

" armaan jaldi uth na, deals hain kuch tune sign krni hain " rahul said

" comon armaan! Get up " anji said

" nai !! Aaaaaahhhh!!! " arman shouted

When they hear a new voice, still known .

pyar dosti hai (part9)

Riddhima: "maine tumhe bahot takleef di hain, na....??? par fir bhi tum mujhse itni pyaar karte ho.... q armaan????

now wat would he do to made her understand.... she was a only reason 4 his life... he couldn't tolr8 her blaming herself.... he had 2 take away dis guilt 4m her sensitive heart....

He caressed her temples with his hand nd said with utmost love nd concern:

"Tumse pyaar karne ke liye mujhe kisi wajah ki zarroraat nahi hain, Riddhima..."

Riddhima knew he wasn't lying.. In fact, she too dint need any reason 2 love him... Their love was beyond explanations... She relaxed a bit nd said...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-27

Part:7 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

he came out from his thoughts when he feels riddhima's lips on his chest when she break thread from her teeth.Armaan feels sensation in his body

riddhima:''ho gayya''

and armaan come back to present

armaan:''ummmm han thanks''

and he now go to tie his tie and he is surprised his tie is already knotted

armaan:''ye mom bhi na pta hai subh busy hote hai is liyye merii tie ki knot bna rakh detii hai taki mujhe problem na ho'' and he smiled

and riddhima is smiling to see him smiling

Sunday, 24 November 2013

vivah (part 15)

It was almost evening and armaan was busy with his work.Whole day he attended meetings and there was a lot of work pending...He checked the time and thought to finish the rest of the work first and then pick her up but...

Armaan-subah jo dekha uske baad mujhe itni weird feeling kyun ho  rahi hai..woh langda..

He cursed his thoughts and tried to think in a normal way.

armaan-main itna kyun soch raha hun ..take it easy ..ok?

He took deep breathe and then closed his laptop retiring for the day...

Washing his face and looking at the mirror ...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-26

Part:6 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

After sometime nikki and rahul were waiting for riddhima....only thn nikki shouted

rahul:''kya ho gayya nikki pagal ho gayyi hai kya chilla kyoon rai hai?''

nandini:''han nikki beta tu theek hai na?''

nikki did not replied she points her finger towards stairs and all looked there where nikki points including armaan

all were shocked seeing the sight in front of them but sabse bada shock to armaan ko laga

armaan(to himself):''nai armaan ye vo ladkii nai ho sakti tu pagal ho gayya hai khulli aankhon se sapne dekh raha hai tu.nai ye ho hi nai sakta''

Part:8 Depression

Next day ridhima woke up and went in the lobby  making a messy bun of her hair when suddenly she got bumped into someone.

He held her waist as she tripped into his arms. He wore a black shirt with jeans looking incredibly hamdsome as ever.

" Hey ! " he saud smiling

" Hey!!! I'm so sorry woh main " she started as he got lost in her eyes, how expressive were her eyes, she doesnt need words to convey what she wants to say, her eyes did that job .

" arman?? " she said standing up

" haa! Sorry.. " he mumbled

She smiled and oh, it lit up his world

" Coffee? " she asked

" sure! " he said