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part ---3, An Arranged Love Marriage

Riddhima was upset as Armaan had not spoken a word with her after the incident so Ananya hugged her and told her to relax as she would talk to Armaan. Throughout the car journey none of them spoke. As they reached her house he was welcomed warmly but her mom dad's smile faltered a bit as they saw her hand with the dressing.

Padma : Kya hua chot kaise lagi?

 Riddhima looked at Armaan through the corner of her eyes as he was sitting right next to her. She was about to say something when he answered rather joked surprising her;
Arman : Nahi aunty maine kuch bhi nahi kiya haan; main domestic voilence main believe nahi karta...

both shashank and padma smiled at that..

arman : “ vo actually aunty uska pair slip ho gaya tha washroom main, toh khud ko sambhaalne ke chakkar main ye chot lag gayi.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-46

Part:26 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Its 12:00 p.m. and armaan is still not back and riddhima is worried for him, he did not tell anyone where he goes and riddhima was waiting for him in the garden, she is worried because he evn not picking his cell

Riddhima:''pta nahin kahan chale gayye hai armaan? binaa kisii ko kch btaye, aapna phone bhi to nahin ootha rahee mai kabse lga rahii hun. aur gayye bhi itnee gusse mein hai, pta nahin kya bat hui hai jo itnee gusse mein gayee jarur kch serious hi hogaa varna itnii jaldi aur gusse mein nahin jaate. kahin aapne gusse mein kch kar naa le, aapne gusse mein kch bhi to nahin sochta, bhagwan karee vo theek ho. par aab mai kya karun mom-dad ko oothaon par vo bhi binaa bat ke pareshan hongee, ekk bar fir se phone karke dekhti hun''

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segment-33,Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

hey friends and sisters....saira,lakshmi,aayushi,tamanna,annu and rajani..thanks a lot for your precious comments..and thanks a lot to silent readers too..hope you will like this part .....

segment –33

Aaj arman aur riddhima gaum jane wale they…riddhima ne virat ko sab samjha diya tha aur apni mannu ko bhi samjhaya tha ki virat aur dadi ki baat mane aur medicine thik se leti rahe…aur jo diet hai wahi le,jid na karey aur apna dhyan rakhe….

Jab riddhima samjha rahi thi tab mannu cartoon dekh rahi thi….aur khush ho rahi thi.

Riddhima : “mannu,tu sun rahi hai na? ya mai bak bak kiye ja rahi hun aur tu sirf cartoon dekh rahi hai?

Manvi (keeping eyes on tv screen): “I think aap bak bak kar rahi ho…dadi ji ka bura asar hai aap par…

part ---2, An Arranged Love Marriage

The next morning she woke up early and went for a quick shower. He woke up and found the room empty and realized that she must e in the washroom. He was sitting up and going through his cell when the door knob turned and she came out wearing a beautiful red saree and hair dripping wet. Her cheeks had turned rosy due to the cold outside and she was looking so beautiful that he had his breath for a moment unknowingly. He had been with so many girls in his life but couldn't remember any such beauty till date. He was mesmerized by her simple yet angelic looks. As she turned around while drying her hair she saw him gazing at her intently and her cheeks turned a shade deeper. She dropped her eyelids unable to stand his gaze and quickly went to the dressing table. She placed the towel aside neatly and was about to take something from the dresser when she found him standing right behind her. She did not move an inch as she knew he was really close; he slowly held her arm and turned her around whereas she just continued looking everywhere but him. He removed a fringe from her face and tucked it behind her ear making her close her eyes.

Arman : Tumhe pata hai that you actually define beauty right?

pyar dosti hai (part14)

Jaan... u r burning..

He panicked to know that riddhima got fever.. he withdrew his hand nd turned to leave to bring some food nd medicine for her when he felt her holding his hand.. He looked back nd saw her looking at him intently... He blinked his eyes in confusion.. he tried to understand wat her eyes were trying to tell him.. there was some thing new that he never saw before.. kuch to alag hain riddhi ki aankho mein.. par kya??

On the other hand Riddhima was staring at him with her longing eyes.. she was only craving for his warmth, his love, HIM.. She kept on holding his arm nd admired him through eyes..


me tut ke sanam aise hee tujhe chahungee
teree aankho se kabhee dur nahee jaungee
kasam hai tujhko mere sajna mohabbat kee
mai sath phero ke sato wachan nibhaungee 

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-45

Part:25 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Riddhima looked at him when he said all these things with moist eyes and she caress his hairs and face and said

Riddhima:''Jiska tum ehsaas aapne saath lekar chl rahee ho, ho sakta hai vo tumhare pas hi ho par tum ose pechan naa pa rahee ho''

but she is cut short when nandini entered in room,

Nandini:''riddhima maani?''

Riddhima:"mom vo theek hai aap chinta mat kijiye''

she said while try to getting up but nandini stopped her tell her to sit back

Nandini:''beta tumhare hotee hue mujhe vaise bhi koi chinta nahin hai''

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introduction and part -1 , "Tu zindagi"

hey friends and sisters...i am starting a new ARSH ff for my sweet sis priya shonaholic kashain...sorry priya,tum ne mujhe bahut request ki but u know na  busy hone ke kaaran likh hi nahi pa rahi thi. but ab aur wait nahi karana hai tumhe....hope tumhe pasand aaye yeh ff(finger cross)...

hope all my friends will like it....plz give a comment...thanks a lot....


shilpa  malhotra -- a sweet,beautiful ,chirpy but a lil shy girl....chirp with her family but shy for unknown ...completed her 12th . lives in a small town near  shirdi with her mumma and dadi.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-44

Part:11 Depression

"Call me basket "

Ridhima! Arman! What's wrong! Please ankhen kholo " The gang screamed as they saw them laying on the floor ridhima's mascara was spilled showing that she had been crying and they hugged eachother . They looked like the most peaceful people on earth. Like they were in the same dream with echother. But the fearful thing was that both had their breathing rate decreased and were not opening their eyes

 " doctor ko bulao muskan . Nikki tum ridhima ko shift karo apnay room main i'll take care of Arman " abhi said As nikki nodded They were taken to their rooms

Part:24 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

armaan emptied all of the thall of colour on riddhima's mouth opened in shock seeing herself like this. and the next thing was again the chase start but this time its riddhima who was running behind him with colours.

Armaan:''riddhima pakad sakti ho to pakad ke dikhao''

he turned to her and show his tongue and again ran and riddhima tried to catch him and she was running behind him with lots of colours and both of them reached in garden where all the holi celebration is running and saw both of them running like kids everyone looked at them with there mouth opened and some giggled seeing them liked this and now riddhima was panting she did not run at all now but armaan, no he was a regular jogger, so he can still run and riddhima knows she did not catch him suddenly she falls

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RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-43

Part:23 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Rahul:"vaise yeh to holii me hii pta chalega''

Armaan:''chalo dekhte hai kaun kisee rangta hai''

Muskan:''han its gonna fun yar''

Rahul:''full on masti''

Armaan:''yes rangg barse''

Riddhima:''pyaar ke''

all looked at him when she said this she did not herself tht when she said this.

part-19 kaash mere hote (season-2)

Armaan was getting ready for hospital…..busy in tieing his tie ….shilpa came zer wiz a pouting face …. While helping armaan wiz his tie ….


Armaan while dragging shilpa close to him by her waist

“subha subha bada pyar araha hai …kya baat hai shilpu darling” n gave a peck on her forehead

Shilpa :wiz lil smile again sang his name lke a song)armaannnnnnnnnn

Armaan :wiz a broad smile )oye hoyeee iss tarha mera naam ka gana gati rahi toh hospital jane ka maan hi nahi kareyga shilpu darling……

Shilpa: wiz cute face n entangled her hands around his neck )toh math jaov nah ….

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O're naina for shilpa anand (dr. riddhima gupta from dill mill gayye)

 hey friends,this vm is a birthday gift to my shona shilpa...O' rey naina from "gori tere pyar me"...a beautiful song on a beautiful pair.... hope you will like it....thanks...

love u shilpa anand

part -4 :The Life of a Boxer & Epilogue

Next day,as usual riddhima tried to make distance from arman''but arman was arman!'.at evening when riddhima came in corridor searching dr.abhi,suddenly she felt someone shut her mouth with his palm and dragged her in the firescape'.

Now she was pushed against a wall and was shocked to see arman in front of her with either hand on the wall next to her.

Riddhima tried to free from his grip'"plz.arman,mujhe jaane do,ridhan ghar mein akela hai.

Arman :"huh!!tumhe sachmuch uske akelepan ka khyal hai!

His words made her angry.."mai uski ma hun'mujhe nahi to tumhe khyal hoga kya?

Arman: "to tumhe is baat ka khyal nahi ki us masoom ko papa ka pyar bhi chahiye.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-42

Part:22 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Riddhimanodded after armaan's assurance and go from there and she was back with armaan's coffee not with water seeing this

buva:''ye kya hai maine tujhe paani laane ko kaha tha naa aur tui ye kaali chai ootha layii''

armaan:''areey bua ye chaii nai coffee hai''

buva:''han chahe jo bhi ho par paani to nai hai na,ekdam bekar hai ye ladki(pointing to riddhima) ise kch bhi nai ata''

armaan:''nai bua aisii bat nai hai mai office se ane ke bad coffee hi peeta hun tabhie riddhima coffee layii ose pta hai ye sab''

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happy birthday shona shilpa (10th dec)

hi shilpa i am very happy ..its your birthday shona...many many happy returns of the day..may god bless you!

ab aur kya bolun samajh nahi aa raha hai kyonki jab kisise bahut jyada pyar ho toh usko express karne ke words nahi milte. meri bhi aisi haalat hai..tum mujhe nahi janti but tum meri jindagi me kya lekar aayi ho mai bata nahi sakti. tumne mujhe meri khubsurat duniya di jahan jakar mai kho jati hun,duniya ke sare problems bhul jati hun. tumne mujhe ek romanttic base diya,jo meri writings ban jate hain aur lakhon shilpa lovers ke dill ko mahkate hain. tum meri wo kavita ho jo har pal khilkhilati ,jhumti , gungunati hui har pal mere sath rahti hai. i love you shona ...


"tum hi ho ,tum hi ho
meri jindagi

chain bhi,mera dard bhi

meri ashiqui tum hi ho..."

part -2 - siggy tutorial

hey guys ,came here with more editing ....

for different shapes to the omage...

part ---1, An Arranged Love Marriage.

                                 Character sketch

 Armaan Mallik- CEO of Mallik Enterprises. Only son of Mr. Balvinder Mallik and Ananya Mallik. A fun loving person; not often angry but when he is God helps the person in front of him! Loves challenges in life; and does care and love the people to no ends whom he considers to be his.

Riddhima Gupta ---soon to be Riddhima Armaan Mallik Daughter of Shashank and Padma Gupta. A very sweet, caring and loving girl. A simple and traditional girl waiting for her prince charming who is about to enter her life and make her his forever.

Anjali Joshi -- Sister of Riddhima now happily married to Atul Joshi.

   Baaki ke characters you will know ahead in the story.

                                                              Part  1

   A chaos could be heard in every corner of the house; sitting in the room going down the memory lane she sat with a little happiness and a little sadness in her eyes. She was dressed up in a bridal wear looking nothing less than an angel and was about to be married to her prince charming. Her hands full of bangles and dark brown mehnedi with an A written beautifully in the centre.  She caressed her hand and her face turned light pink as she remebered his face; his million dollar dimpled smile when he saw her for the first time. The way he gave her his hand asking if she was ready for this marriage and the way he held it securely when she gave it to him as an affirmation. She blushed as she realized in just a few hours she would turn into Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Malik from Riddhima Shashank Gupta.

Part:21 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

riddhima was very busy after rahul and muskaan go to their honeymoon all the relatives has returned to their house except karan's bua,she was there for some days and nandini was hell worried for her presence

riddhima:''mom kya hua ap itnee pareshan kyoon ho?''

nandini:''riddhima tu nai jaanti beta bua ko she is such a headache,tujhe pta hai jab merii nai shaadi hui thi tab vo humare saath rehti thi aur merii boori halat thi oonke saamne.evn karan did not say anything to her.bua bahut hi traditional aur gusse vaali hai,par is var mai tere aur muskaan ke liyye jyada pareshan hun muskaan se bhi jyada tere liyye pta nai vo kab kya bol baithe aur armaan se to oonka khas lagav hai oonhe vo kabhie galat nai lagta pta nai ab kya hogaa''

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-41

pyar dosti hai (part13)

~ All That I Have, Is U Only ~ 


he asked helplessly but no response..

Jaan?? meri baat to suno..

He tried again.. this time jerking her lightly by her shoulder.. Riddhima came out of her thoughts nd looked at him blankly..

Riddhima.. woh rishab..

but he didn't get chance to continue..

mujhsey ek wada karoge armaan??

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part -1 siggy tutorial

hey guys, i am aayushi, came here with my tutorial  for the editing of pic with the help of powerpoint

1.when uopen the powerpoint the first page u see is this one...

2.How to insert the image for editing

vivah (part-18)

thanks a lot priyanka,sadaf and tamanna for your lovely next part,hope you will like it....

part -18

Anjali was having breakfast with a gloomy face.Atul knew the reason but he decided to keep quiet in this matter as its between brother and sister.Padma noticed her and asked atul

padma-kya baat hai beta..tum dono mein jhagra ho gaya kya..

atul-nahi mom aisa kuch nai hai..woh

padma-anjali kya hua..itni udaas kyun lag rahi ho..tabiyat to theek hai na beta

anjali-I  am fine mom..bas I want to go out..atul kahin bahar chale...

padma-beta ek kaam karo ghar pe baithe baithe iska dil nahi lagta hoga..kahin ghoomke ao tum dono aaj...

atul-great idea chalo bahar lunch bhi kar lenge..


Part:20 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

And after tht muskaan's vidaai all reached to mallik mansion and riddhima did their aarti and soon muskaan and rahul were playing games that were playing after marriage and riddhima and armaan was sitting opposite each-other suddenly riddhima's eyes fell on armaan who was looking at her and riddhima lowered her gaze and her heart was drifted to the moments of the day first in morning,thn afternoon,their close proximity,armaan's insistance her for dance,his gaze towards her and their dance and now riddhima was lost in her dreams thinking about all tht and

(friends imagine this dekho na from fanaa i am not going to explain it because u guyss can see it as it describes riddhima's situation fully)

And riddhima come back to reality only with nandini's call

Riddhima:''ji mom abhie karti hun''

and she ran while blushing and suddenly armaan pulled her in his embrace she was taken back at his sudden hug

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-40