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Part 88 :Beintehaan

Riddhima reached home while taking on ph ....she entered z living room  hung up z call n thought "bhoot kyun uss idiot ki treatment karne gaya ... kya bhoot usey pehley sey janta tha ....kahin ye bhoot ka plan toh nahi par mall mey milna zen lunch sab coincidence tha nah ...arggg"...feeling irritated n very much tired ...threw herself on couch n while relaxing her body leaned back on couch n closed her eyes .....atul n arnav were having dinner ...seeing ridz zey quickly finished zeir food...zen arnav cme near her n sat beside ridz n while caressing her hairs asked  

part 25: Ankahey Rishtey

As the sun rays flickered in the room of the lovers who were hell tiered to wake up that morning.. Ridhhima frowned nd turned towards Armaan hidding herself in his bare chest to escape from those ruthless sun rays disturbing her beautiful sleep.. the movements under the sheet disturbed Armaan abit.. he pulled the duvet till his chest nd saw his "Jaan" cuddling closer to him, with a little frown on her face.. he smiled nd kissed her forehead..


He was already out of the house in the car turning complete deaf ears; to her plead and their questions! Throughout the journey to her house she kept pleading him to turn back but he just looked daggers at her; never budging to listen to her. He was rash driving which was another reason she was trying to stop him but nothing seemed to affect him even the least right now.

Part 15:Humari pyar ki kahani


Everyone picked up riddhima/armaan/nikki/Tanya/karan/shashank. Tanya had met everyone and was praised by everyone.

An: yeh kon hai?
Ra: anjy yeh Tanya hai armaan ki ex-girlfriend. She's soooo annoying!! Abb plan kaise kamyaab hoga????
Ni: fikaar not bhai!!! Maine iss Saab ka bandobast karliya hai!!! Afterall I'm Nikita mallik!!!!
At: ok so guys abb plan number 3 ko execute karna hai!!!
Ni & mu: plan number 3 kya hai!!
Ra: oye Punjab ki sherni, tujhe kabhi kuch pata hua hai?
An: isse pehle you both start!! Plan number 3 hai ke we girls are gonna have a sleepover with ridzi and make her realize her feelings!
Ni: OMG apko pata hai ajj ridzi di bhi plane main yahi kehrahi thi!!!!
Mu: saach?? Hayye rabba tusi te kaam asaan kardiya!! Thankyou Jee!!!

She folded her hands and thanked God looking at the sky. Just then Tanya, armaan, and riddhima joined them.

Tan: Hi I'm Tanya, armaan's girlfriend...(proudly)
At: ohhh mere bhai kon si wali hai 54th ya 56th

The way I found love-os

"At night, 10'O clock..
A woman nearly 26 years old, wearing a long purple night gown, enters in one of the big rooms of her house...the room is full of cartoons and toys kept everywhere..colourful lights hanging on the roof, a big tv and video games kept neatly in one side of the room. There is an orange and red bed in the middle of this children's room. Two cute twin girls (of about 5 years old) are trying to sleep...
Woman: Maria, Arima..why haven't you slept yet?
Maria: Mom!! Jab tak aap bed time story nahi sunao can we sleep?
Woman: Oh, sorry..abhi sunaati hu apni angels ko!!
(She sits on the bed with Arima on her side...Meanwhile, A man also enters the room..)
Man: Meray bighair..??
Arima: Dada..aap ko bhi story sunni hai?
Man: Haa kyu nahi..mai bhi to abhi bacha hi hu!!
Woman: Very funny..ab to mujhe 3 babies ko sambhaalna pade ga!!
Maria and Arima giggles while the man goes and sits at the other side of bed, besides Maria)
Woman:, konsi story sunau?

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Part 19 :And we are made to be one

Ridhima was too much confused to say anything....

Ridhima in her mind.....

Part 1:Milenge Milenge

Somewhere in France
''Mom!!!!!!!!!!!'' She shouted loud waking up....panting and looking around in her room
''Shilpa...What happened to you baby??'' She rushed to her daughter...hugging her and pulling her heads on her chest comforting her
''I dunno mom...I felt like someone was pushing me and telling me to go away...his voice was full of pain'' She whispered...sweating hard...trying to remember and assemble the puzzle of her dream together to get a clearer view

part 21 : An Arranged Love Marriage

He shouted losing all the left over patience at her meaningless behaviour. What on earth was wrong with this woman; here she hid such a big thing from her husband and now she was just been rude to her friend only because he was trying to make her realize how wrong she was!

Part 14:Humari pyar ki kahani


The models were ready. Riddhima was setting the dupatta of one the models.

Tan: riddhima plz meri dori band kardogi?
Ri: I'm sorry Tanya! U have to do it urself main abhi Bohot busy hoon!!!

Just then armaan came.

Ar: kya hoa?
Tan: main riddhima se keh rahi thi ke woh meri dori band karde!!
Ar: main kardeta hoon!!

He sided her hair and saw she was wearing the same lehnga choli that he dreamt riddhima in. Soon he started to tie her Doris, while riddhima got jealous.

Ri: agar aap logon ka patch up session khatam hogaya ho to show start hone wala hai.

Part 6:Fateful love in an arrange marriage


Ridhima woke up n stretched her arms n open her eyes n was about to get up from the bed when he notices her hands n was surprised to see the mehendi color it was dark brown n he saw her feet n there too the same color appears she smiles n kissed her palm where ARMAAN is written

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part 24: Ankahey Rishtey

Tina somehow manages her temper nd goes to her flat.. she was practically fuming when she entered her room.. She had never expected Karan to love any other girl.. She wanted him to always get hyper nd react to her nd not ignore her.. nd she felt disgusted at Radhika..

True love lasts a life time (One shot)

Note: Please note that the characters in this oneshot are genderswapped, for those who don’t know about genderswap or genderbend, the character’s genders are swapped, in this context Armaan is the girl and Riddhima is the guy. Armaan’s name is Armahni and Riddhima’s name is Riddhiman. I’m surprised i actually got the closest names! The characteristics of the characters are the same, just the genders are different. Please do give it a read because I had so much fun writing it.

Riddhiman remembers the day he first met Armahni, he was jogging along the beach and got to the basketball court to tie his shoelaces when a basketball hit him on the back of his head. He was angry, he turned back to find Armahni, of course, he didn’t know her then. She wore a jumpsuit and was showing off to the schoolboys. His hatred for her only increased when she opened her mouth.

part 25:I will bring my basket back

All is well as you are with me.
               The very next day Rishab and Sanjana apologized to both Armaan and Riddhima. Whereas Riddhima made it quite clear for everybody about her and Armaan’s relationship. But just like yesterday even today was a very tiring and a busy day. After the briefing session Riddhima and Armaan directly met at night after their duties got over. Armaan was still worried about the dreams but somehow he was trying to get over it. Around 7 both of them got free when Armaan was sitting in his cabin waiting for her. He had called her directly there itself after her work. She completed her work and entered his cabin to find it dark. But she could sense that he was in the cabin as she could feel his presence there.
R: Armaan?? Kaha ho? She switched on the lights and found him sleeping with his head on the table. She smiled as he looked soo cute like a baby sleeping with his head on his folded hands and was trying to hide his face in his hands to get away from sudden brightness. She went towards his desk and kept all his stuff inside and then taking his mobile and id placed it in her handbag. Slowly she went ahead and called his name caressing his head but he simply turned his face to other direction and slept again. So she bent down and rubbing his back called his name in his ears. After 2-3 trials he woke up and turned around to face her. As soon as he saw her face he smiled widely. He sat straight and greeted her. Getting up he locked the door and coming back pulled her in his lap on the bed.
R: Arey ye tum kya kar rahe ho?? Chalo ghar chalte hai late ho raha hai na!! He placed his head on her chest and hugging her closely he said;

Part 337:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 337:

Padma: Kya?

Ridhimaa looked up. Evidently everyone present had heard her.

Ridhimaa: Nahi... kuch nahi...

happy birthday roshni (29th dec)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki ek bahut pyari ladki,meri pyari si shona sis aur  great writer,kash/arsh fan roshni ka happy birthday hai...toh chalo usey wish karein..

Happy Birthday roshni...I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

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Part 87 :Beintehaan

At shopping mall

Armaan:impateintly) radhika hum yeha kyun aye hai ....

Radhika:pata chaljayega w8 ...

part 23: Ankahey Rishtey

Most of Ridhhima's cases were done.. there was still half an hour for her duty time so she decided to go home nd free Karan soon as well.. She informed Armaan about it while karan went to inform Radhika.. co-incidentally both Ridhhima nd Karan were at Sanjeevni's gate when Ridhhima called him.. "Karan.. agar tumhe koi jaldi nahi hai to mujhe kuch zaroori baat karni hai.." Karan knew Ridhhima would ask him about what happened between him nd Tina.. nd for some unknown reason he had the feeling that Ridhhima would understand him..

Episode 26:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 26

(riddhima gupta house me aati hai..aur apne room me jaakar bed par rone lagti hai..aur rote huye kehti hai..)



Armaan and Shashank was standing outside the OT while Dr.Kriti and the team which has come to do Riddhima operation was working on Riddhima operation inside the OT... Rahul and Muskaan was there with Armaan and Shashank while Padma and Nani were in AR Mansion with Ray... Sapna was with them as she has to take care of Sonam and Amita, no one want to bring kids to the hospital, not yet...
Nikki call before Riddhima was taken to the OT for the operation, Atul and Anjali were on their way while Nikki and Abhi said they would be coming after an hour as Nikki can't leave the baby earlier when her mother wasn't awake yet...

Part 13:Humari pyar ki kahani

AIRPORT; Next Morning

Everybody was here to see-off armaan, riddhima, nikki, karan and shashank.

At: (whispering) oye nikki ab tera kaam hai inn Dono ko Kareeb lana!!!
Ni: don't worry bhai Abb plan number 2 execute karna baaki hai aur phir uske baad humara kaam asaan hojayega!!!

She winked at him and he smiled. Nandini and Padma bid bye to armaan and riddhima by kissing both of their heads. Finally everyone bid bye as they had to leave for boarding.


Armaan had his seat taken next to riddhima while Nikki's was behind. Shashank and Karan's seat were somewhere in the back.
They had fastened their belts while the airhostess came to ask if they need anything, specially armaan. She had an eye on him as soon as he came in the plane. She was wearing a mini skirt with a buttoned up shirt. She had purposely opened the two first buttons of her shirt as before they were buttoned. She was trying to seduce armaan.

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part 22: Ankahey Rishtey

"To kaisa lag raha hai..?" Anjie asked Ridhhima.. "I'm so happy to have everything back to normal di.." Ridhhima said with a smile to which Anjie snickered nd asked "Hmm.. nd what about being with Armaan.. how is it with you guys..? its been long we have chatted about our lives na.."  Ridhhima smiled at her sister.. 


Sh: Khabardaar jo mujhe Papa kaha toh!
This amazed everyone including Riddhima; as he was shouting on her in front of Maa, Dad and Aarav. As far as she knew him; he wouldn’t ever dare to do anything as such without a reason as he would never want to spoil his image in front of Blly and Ananya.

Part 49: We Belong Together

Armaan just returned home and walked slowly towards Riddhima's room and opened the door, He saw Riddhima curled up with the blanket and she was sleeping peacefully. Smilingly he walked inside and sat beside her without disturbing her sleep, He kept a beautifully wrapped gift beside her and watched her sleep.. The clock struck 12.... Armaan smiled happily and kissed Riddhima's forehead gently murmering a soft "Happy Valentine's Day Jaan".... As a reaction, Riddhima had a slight smile playing around her lips.... Armaan's smiled brightly watching her smile in her sleep... 

Part 12:Humari pyar ki kahani

Note: guys in the beginning I'm putting a song which is gonna portray both side; riddhima and armaan!!!


Song: Meri zindagi hai tu (drama title song)

Main chahon tujh ko
Mann mein aik tum hi ho
(Armaan couldn't think about anything but riddhima)

Tujh sa koi nahi
Shaam o sahar tum hi ho
(Riddhima layed in her bed thinking about armaan)

Khamosh dil phir bhi dharakta hai tery liye
Tery liye
(Armaan and riddhima, both remembered when riddhima fell in Armaan's arms)

Mera haseen tu hi ishq hai
Tujh sy main kesy kahon
(Armaan went in flashback when Atul teased him about riddhima)

Episode 25:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 25


(riddhima gupta house me enter hoti hai shashank aur padma dining table par kisi baat par hams rhe hote hai ki padma ki nazar riddhima par padti hai vo riddhima ko bina slippers rotela hua chehra aur bikhre baalo me dekhkar shock ho jaati hai...vo bhaagkar riddhima ke paas jaati hai..shashnak use jaata hua dlehkar uski taraf dekhta riddhima ko dkehkar vo bhi shock ho jaata hai...vo bhi uske piche bhaagta hai)

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Part 4:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdi...

This part is dedicated to one of my frndayushi…
Happy Birthday ayu…
This part is urBd gift
I don’t know u would like this part or not but I hope u like it
& a very happy wali birthday…
&Merry Christmas to alllll
So here goes the story ……….

Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek SANYOG kaha jaye ga.Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu…Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye…

Kuch raste judte judte adhuri rehgayi
Kuch mushikilon ka faslaa bhi bhi pehli rehgayi
Judi hai kuch rishte pyarisi
Purani hai yeh kahani par andaaz nayi si
Dekhte dekhte pal guzargayi
Kahani me har pal nayimor a gayi…
Janna haikyahai age..
Tohmuh mat taro parlo part to maine post kardidekhohaiyehapke age….:p

Part 4

Aj ki part start with like this that the girl is praying in church suddenly a old lady wearing  from behind called her with her name....


Recap- Atul finds about AR, Rahul Muskaan Already know. Riddhima Muskaan decide to make changes to armaan and Rahul's Flop plans

Aur abh Aage

After the Class Was Over Armaan Gathered everyone again on his bench. That's when Anjali entered the classroom! She was a little late today and was franctic!

Armaan- Hey Sweets! You are perfectly on time! We All Are Bunking the lectures and...

Riddhima- We Are?
Muskaan- bunking?
Nikkie- what why?

That's when shanaya entered the room with a smile and greeted everyone and settled next to them. Armaan continued with his announcement..

Part 11:Humari pyar ki kahani


Atul was sitting in the armchair while Anjali sat on his left and armaan sat on his right. Rahul sat next to armaan and next to Rahul sat nikki.
Next to Anjali sat riddhima and next to riddhima sat muskaan.

At: wow sweetheart kya khana banaya hai!!!

Anjali blushed and nikki, riddhima, and muskaan hooted.

Ar: champ tu to bada chupa romantic Rustam nikla!!!
At: kya karein jab biwi itni hot ho to mann hi nahi barta!!!

Ri: di ur so lucky that apko jeej jaisa pati milla!!!
At: I'm sorry saali sahiba but I'm taken warna tu bhi kaam hot nahi hai!!!

Riddhima blushed and Anjali smacked him. While Armaan felt a pinch of jealousy.
Ar: champ yaar tu apni biwi pe focus kar!!
At: tujhe kya masla hai?? Tu to aise keh raha hai jaise tujhe jalan horahi hai!!!



Malliks and Gupta spend a day in Mallik farmhouse and they return the second day early morning before the traffic get busy... Armaan and Riddhima directly when to office asking Billy to take others house... Also Armaan gave off to Atul saying he needs to be with Anjali where else Muskaan and Rahul went to work...
Ananya ask Armaan and Riddhima to go home first before leaving to the office but Armaan deny saying he has to check some files before he meet to a client... Also Riddhima has to finished her incomplete design in three days as they had taken a day off from work to spend with their family, now time was running short...

Part 5:Fateful love in an arrange marriage



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Khwaishein- One shot

"yeppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mama i won z match yayyyy" ridz ws yelling n jumping in excitment  in her muddy soccer dress...hearing ridz padma cme out frm kitchen n gve a hug to ridz n patted her back while saying "sabash meri sherni ...i knew it ye match bhi tuh hi jeete gi .....god bless u"

padma n ridz brke z hug wen heard nani's voice "hey bhagwan ....kitni bar kaha hai football sey dur raha kar ...teri umar ki sari ladkiya haaton mey mehandi lagakey ghumti hai aur tuh hai ki har waqt meeti mey haath gande karti hai...."

Ridz:uff foo nani ...haath gande kiye issliye toh i got gold medal ....showed her medal to nani ...nani samcked her head n said "ladki key galey mey mangalsutr khubsurat lagta hai ye medal vadal nahi .."

Padma:maaa aap bhi nah ....choti bachi hai ye ...shadi ki baat math kijiyee

Nani:bachi???ek bar ladkiyon ki kapdey pehna isey tabh pata chaleyga bachi hai ya......

Riddhima:nani wats ur prob ....kyun mood kharab kar rahi ho ....mama y r u staring lke zat ...dnt tell me now u too thinking about my marriage

Padma:wiz wet voice)nani ki baat sahi hai ridhzi ...abh tuh sahdi karkey dusre ghar chali jayegi .....taers rolled down ..

happy birthday aayu (25th dec)

hi friends...kya aapko pata hai aaj kiska bd hai? i know sabko pata hai kyonki wo toh humare blog ki sabse famous,pyari...sweet sweet si chulbuli,natkhat si ,thodi saitan si par sabko bahut bahut pyar karne wali,sabko help karne wali...meri pyari teacherji aayu(Aayushi ) ka happy birthday hai. aayu darling,sorry mai jyada kuch nahi kar payi cause u know na very busy...abhi raat ko 1 baze time mila hai post banane ka,toh teacherji,plz meri gustakhi maaf karein aur yeh bd wish swikar karein..promise mai baad me ek vm banaungi as ur bd gift......pakka wala promise.

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

part 20 : An Arranged Love Marriage

It had been two days since that night; Armaan could sense that she behaved quite indifferently! She had started snapping back at him; while at some times she would be too lost in her own world to pay any attention to whatever he was saying.

Part 5:Welcome to the family

Make way for the baby!

It has been 5 months since I became friends with Armaan, I can't say that we're chaddi buddies or anything, but we're friends. His best friend is Sid and my best friend is Muskaan. He has come over to our house many times since then. I can't say I'm not jealous, my parents love him, my whole family loves him.

Speaking of family, my mother's stomach is bigger than before, it's huge! I told Muskaan about it and she told me story of how her aunty gave birth to sixteen children, all at once! she told me that her stomach because big, very big, as big as a truck. She was so heavy that they needed a bulldozer to carry her. I hope mummy doesn't have sixteen babies, we don't have extra rooms for sixteen babies. My house will become a mini school if that happens, plus one baby is enough, I don't want any more siblings.

There is a school play coming up, coz it's Christmas time! it's my favorite time of the year, we get gifts at school and a plus point in having an agnostic family is that though they are not sure if there is a god, my family sure do celebrate all the festivals.


Year 1887
A girl in early 20's wearing a simple salwar suit is siting on fresh grass under the open sky...
Only source of lite is the full moon lite..
Her face is dull.. N her eyes are red n it seems she has cried alot.. Even the tear gland is out of stock..!!
Girl : Sidhant ji apne aisa kyu kr rahe ho mere sath.. 3 sal hoge apka chera dekhe.. Ek bar bhi ap ghar nahi ayi na kiso tej tuahar (festival) par na hi kisi ki bhi salgira ( aneversy) pr.. Bs har bar tofe bhej dete ho.. Har mahine apka khat(leter).. Jismain main thik hn.. Ap sab kaise hai.. Kam bahut hai.. Paise bhijvaraha jaise kuch chan shabad.. Sidhant ji main apki patni hn..  12 sal ki thi jb main is ghar main ayi thi apki patni bnkr.. Pehle apko pdhai ke lie jna tha.. 3 sal bad jb apki pdhai puri hue.. Sab kitne gush the.. Mujhe lga tha ye teen salon ka intezar kjatam hoga or humari nai zindagi shuru hogi.. Kheton (farms)  main apka mn nahi lga or ap chale gye hm sab se dur.. Mujhse dur shihar (town) kam krne.. Shuru main toh tum har mahine ate the.. Pr ab toh 3 sal hogye sidhant ji .. Ajao vapis.. Mere lie apne parivar ke lie.. Humare ane wale kl le lie..
She again started crying n fel aslep on the grass..
Next morning..
A lady around in early 40's roming inside a house near by..
Nt roaming finding some one..
Damini : ridhima bahu.. Ridhima bahu.. Are o mena.. Ridhima bahu ko dekha kya kahin.. Subha aj chai lekr bhi nahi ayi..
Mena : nahi maji.. Main dekhti hn..

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Part 86 :Beintehaan

Next morning 

After doing puja ridz cme out wiz puja thal in her hands ...anjali cme forward n tuk arthi zen ridz gve prasad ...while taking prasad anjali asked "aaj bohot der puja ki tumney ...[ridz did nt say anything just gave a dull smile] ...khair kya manga bhagwan sey riddhima....dekho riddhima abh bhagwan ko nahi tumhey khud ek decision leyna hai "

part 21: Ankahey Rishtey

Breakfast table all the malliks were seated.. Ridhaan was sitting in Ridhhima's lap.. she was trying to make him eat something coz he has to go his play school.. "Shonu.. kya problem hai.. kyun nahi kha rahe aap.. yeh to aapka favourite hai.." Ridhhima finally said after battling.. "mujhe school nai janaa.. mujhe naani paas janaa hai.." He said pouting.. nd was really adamant.. he knew the strongest weapon to get any of his elders on track with him was his tears..  nd he also knew that if his mother sees him crying she would do anything to make him smile.. when after so many efforts nd pleadings no one softened Ridhaan finally used his weapon.. two fat tears come rolling from his big eyes.. he jumped from Ridhhima's lap nd went to his room quietly leaving the rest with the guilt.. Ridhhima picked up the phone nd asked Padma if they were at home so that she can drop Ridhaan for a while.. Padma was more than happy nd instantly said yes..


Recap : Finally AR clear their Misunderstanding. Nikki is sad. Mysterious past of New prof. Dr. Shashank Gupta.

N ab Aage...

After coming out of the never ending hug which seemed too small to be true Armaan And Riddhima turned as they heard a Throat clearing. They dissolved the hug and saw Atul Standing there with a Small Curve On his Face. Armaan Smiled not knowing what to do. When he heard Atul speak.

Atul- Mujhe laga hi tha tumlog ke Beechme kuch...
Riddhima- Kya Kuch? kuch Bhi Toh Nahi! Kuch bhi kuch bhi Nahi Kya kuch bhi..
Atul- Ridz!
Riddhima- Haan?
Atul- Mujhe Pata Tha tumlog ke beechme jhagda hua tha! And You don't Have to hide it We All knew there was some thing wrong! But I'm Glad ke sab Sort Out Hogaya! Bahot Acha Lag raha he do best Friends ko aise Sab solve karte hua dekh.

Part 10:Humari pyar ki kahani


Gupta empires

Riddhima was working on some designs when armaan came in. He was wearing a blue shirt, the upper three buttons open revealing his chest a bit, with a black coat and jeans.
He was looking better than a handsome Greek god.

Riddhima was looking at him so lovingly that he said:

Ar: are you like checking me out??? (Dialogue from dhoom 2!!!! :p)

She was highly embarrassed.
Ri: excuse me main aur checking you out??? DREAM ON!!! Main to bus ye dekh rahi thi ke tum aur wo bhi itni subah??

Ar: kyun main nahin aa sakta?
Ri: woh baat nahi hai!! Kal tum late utthe thay na isliye.
Ar: woh to Sunday tha na isliye!!! Ab lets get back to work!!

Part 1:Kya tum?

I am isha so this is gonna be my first ff so plz plz read it and comment


Ridhima - Sad depressed and strict girl she was very cool fun loving and good before the death of her twin sister Haarika in a very bad.....(u will knw it soon) Ridhima is in highschool and her only best friends are Muskaan and Atul

Muskaan- Bubbly funny chatty girl she is ridz best friend and their like sisters but when's time to be serious she is mature in highschool with ridz

Armaan- funny boy flirty (till a limit)

Going to join highschool

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Part 18 :And we are made to be one

Its been days to armaan's accident .. 
now armaan was all fit and fine with constant care of ridhima.... they used to have long chats as armaan all the time was at home and shanky was going to office for some duration to mark a boss presence to see employees working properly....... and on time......

Intro: Milenge Milenge

Milenge Milenge: A lovestory dedicted to all who's living in a hope to receive their love one or another day

---------1st sneakpeak-------

''Shilpa let's go from here'' she was being dragged out while she refused to go looking at him being engulfed in the fire

---------2nd sneakpeak-------

''Dad !! Am coming back to india'' he shouted excitedly on the phone

---------3rd sneakpeak-------

part 24:I will bring my basket back

Today for a change Armaan woke up earlier and found Riddhima sleeping peacefully in his arms. He caressed her cheeks and smiled remembering the previous day; her surprises for him; their second marriage and how she surrendered herself to him completely. He kissed her forehead and slowly got up from the bed making sure not to break her sleep. However she had held his hand too tightly but he somehow managed to free himself from her hold and moved away. He had planned to make his special coffee for his basket today.
    After a while as she couldn't feel him anymore she opened her eyes and found herself lying alone on the bed. She looked around for him but as she did not find him anywhere in the room she understood he must have been out for some work. She freshened up quickly and held her phone to call him but gasped as she felt two hands holding her waist. Armaan kissed her cheek and placed his chin on her shoulder and was lost in the fragrance of her wet hair.
A: Hey good morning.
R: Good morning Armaan. Subah subah kaha gaye the?? Vo bhi bina mujhe bataye??
A: Vo ... here; main ye coffee laane gaya tha tumhare liye!

Part 12 b : The Right Choice

- It is just the Start- II

No-one knows me better than you

5.30 pm, Malik House
Armaan was playing on his PSP and his phone was ringing continuously. After the 5thtime, he frustratingly picked up the phone. Before he could speak he heard a loud shout, "ARMAAN MALIK WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU??I HAVE BEEN CALLING YOU FOR THE PAST HOUR!YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE BY 4.00 AND YOU'RE STILL NOT THERE'.."He nearly fell off the bed hearing her yelling and started, "But Bask''",she cut him in between, "I knew giving you that PSP was a bad idea!!IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO COME THERE AND GET YOUR HEAD BROKEN BY YOUR PSP THEN GET YOUR ASS HERE IN 20MINN!"And she cut the phone without letting him speak anything.He gulped and started getting ready fast.He reached the Gupta house in record 15 min with her favourite flowers.He knew pissing off Mrs.Malik is very dangerous and that also on the first day of marriage was not nice and that also when they had to get ready for their reception at 9.The door opened with Anji smirking at him.He rolled his eyes-

Part 336:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 336:

Tamanna: Ammy... Ammy...

Armaan was not leaving her. He was afraid of showing his face to anyone. Tamanna could feel her arms wetting. She was frightened.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Mujhey teri zaroorat hai(os in 3 parts)

Last part 


Armaan and Atul reached highway 27.
Armaan got of the car and took out his gun.
Atul stopped him.

At: armaan abhi gun maat nikalo warna woh ridzi ko nuksaan phoncha sakte hain.

Armaan nodded And put his gun back and started to search.

They searched for an hour but no clue.
Just then armaan's phone rang.

Ar: Bol!
Man: tck… tck… tu kabhi sudrega nahin! Humesha baat ki gehrahi tak jayga!!

Happy Birthday Revati(22nd dec)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki ek pyari member revati ka happy birthday hai,toh chalo usey wish karein...

Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come. Happy Birthday!

part 20: Ankahey Rishtey

All the interns were at the nurse station waiting for Ridhhima.. Tina was busy thinking of her plan.. Jai was reading his file.. Karan nd Radhika were stealing glances of eachother, having a silent conversation only to be interrupted by braying voice of Adi singing..


Recap- Armaan's Announcement, Anjie Shocked, Armaan's plan rocked. Entry of New Professor Shashank. Muskaan and Group just Saved from Shashank. Armaan Consoled Riddhima.

Aur Abh Aage....

Armaan- Kya hua Batao mujhe? Riddhima aren't we best friends ? Toh tum mujhe Ek baar bata deti ke tumne mujhse baat Karna band kyu kar diya? Kya itna bhi Bharosa nahi tha mujhpe? Ho sakta he tumne kuch galat pata chala ho aur tumne bina soche samjhe Maan liya ho? Kya tumhe andaaza bhi he ke mere pe tumse door rehne ke Karan kya beeti hogi...

Riddhima's head was still on his chest her hands were fisting his shirt. She slowly took a breath and looked at him with eyes brimming with tears.

Riddhima- bohot Bharosa tha armaan mujhe tumpe apne aap se bhi jyada! Aur agar Jo baat Mene Dekhi aur suni! Woh mujhe koi aur aake batata toh me shayad KaBhi uspe vishwaas nahi karti! Par..

Part 6:Love Binds Our Destiny AR FF

Manglam Bhagwan Vishnu
Manglam Garud Dhweje
Manglam Kundli Kaxya
Manglay Tano Hari
Armaan is sitting in front of agni kund doing the rituals that pandi ji is telling him to do. He is surrounded by thousands of people as all of them comes for their Yuvraj's wedding and his all ancestarl relatives all his friends. As soon pandit ji speaks
Pa:"bahu rani (nandini) kanya ko bulayiye"

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Part 85 :Beintehaan

Sunny gt down frm her lap n gve one letter to ridz ...ridz asked confusingly while taking z letter "sunny ye letter kisney diya beta ...."

Sunny :wiz big smile)dada ney diya mama...

Part 1:Vishwas AR SS

She is sitting in the airport lounge waiting for her darling husband who just went to grab a cup of coffee for her and himself she has a beautiful smile playing on her lips as she remembered past few days with him past few days are surely bliss for her she just enjoyed past few days she is like in heaven, they just landed few minutes back from their Honey Moon a 15 days long trip to Australia and Singapore and though it's long 15 days but she finds them so short that just ended like a blink of eye and needless to say she enjoyed every bit of it, they explored the Australia and Singapore in these days fully with each other and they explored each other too.

"Dill sai Zubaan tak" (OS in two parts)

Shashank: Karan..yaar!! What a long time...(Shashank is over-joyed to meet his friend after so many years)
Karan: Shanky... I missed you too much yaar!!! (Karan takes no longer and hugs Shashank) waise tu budha ho gya.
Shashank: Nai tu to jawaan hai na abhi tak..!?

Mujhey teri zaroorat hai(os in 3 parts)

Part 2


Riddhima was sitting in her cabin, reading a file.
Anjali came in.

An: ridz
Ri: haan di
An: woh mujhe mrs sharma ke baby ki reports chaiye!

Ri: ok di! Main baad mein apko dedongi!

Anjali went outside and riddhima was going to go back to her work but the phone rang.

Ri: (without looking at the caller) hello
Ar: hello riddhima!
Ri: kon?
Ar: kya baat hai humare ekk mahine mein shaadi honay wali hai aur apko abhi bhi nahi pata main kon bol raha hoon!!

Happy Birthday Huda (21st dec)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki ek pyari si member aur ek great writer huda ka happy birthday hai...toh chalo usey bd wish karen..

Birthdays are a new start; fresh beginnings, a time to start new endeavors with new goals. Move forward with fresh confidence and courage. You are a special person, may you have an amazing today and year!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

part 19: Ankahey Rishtey

Adi asked Radhika to come with Karan nd as Radhika leaves the locker room to inform Ridhhima or Armaan about their outing Karan nd Tina have a clash which is witnessed by Ridhhima..

Part 41:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

Next day every one was just chilling out as they all was tired coz of trekking last day
so all were just enjoying the chill weather out there

where as from morning armaan was no where to be seen ridhima some how managed to walk n slowly she came out of the room in search of armaan but she find only Rahul abhi nikki in the hall n muskaan Anji n Atul were in kitchen as Atul was helping anjali in cooking n muskaan was trying to learn the  receipe of the dish


NOTE: This is not Shilpa's pov. It's Armaan's story. This is the link to the song below,

Listen to it, it's beautiful!

Chapter 4

Armaan had a fairly standard childhood. He had two loving parents, a grandfather and a little sister. Life was fine.

He remembers his sister, his younger sister, two years younger to him. His lovely sister, a very sickly girl. To be honest, he was jealous of her, she was very sick and got all of his parent's attention which her craved for. He is a child and he would behave like one. He wished that she would go away somewhere so he'd have his parents all of himself, but that didn't mean that he hated her, he shared some wonderful memories with her.

He remembers the time when both of them ran around the house, playing hide and seek. He found australian two cent coin from his grandfather's collection, there was a picture of a weird lizard like creature at the back of the coin, he took it to his sister and both of them pretended that the lizard was a kind of superhero who would punish the people who farted in public, she drew a picture of the lizard with a red underwear, they decided to name it "LizardChaddi Man".

Part 23(b):super model

Ar reached beach..
AR came out of car n moved towards the sea..
It was time of sun set..
The sun was slowly going down the horizon.

Part 9:Humari pyar ki kahani


Riddhima was arranging Nikki's clothes while Nikki was busy thinking something.

Ni: (mind) Armaan bhai, riddhima di ko dhek ke yeh kyun kehre thay ke unka koi bharossa nahin, woh bhoot bi hosakti hain??

Nikki made a mental note to ask Armaan about it. Riddhima was done with her wardrobe when she saw that Nikki was busy thinking something.

Ri: Nikki kya sochri hai?
Ni: huh- haan kuch nahin main soch rahi thi ke ajj Khane mein kya banega?

Ri: fikar na kar!! Ajj mein Teri aur Aunty ki help kardeti hoon!!

Ni: nahin nahin di iski koi zaroorat nahin hai!
Ri: dheko nikki abhi bhi to main tumhari help karhi hoon na, to khana banane mein kya problem hai???

Friday, 19 December 2014


Recap : Mayank And Shanaya Sort out differences. Armaan,Rahul And Atul Are Still Executing The Plan. Sapna has some secrets, Armaan Riddhima Nok jhok, Armaan About to make An anouncementt.

Armaan: Okay Guys! Can I have Everyone's Attention! Now That Riddhima Has ended her day dream about the Peon !
Riddhima : Excuse me!?
Armaan : Riddhima please! I really have an important Announcement stop Disturbing my Speech! and MyLady Anjie! Please Come Here sweetheart!

Riddhima made a face and took her plate in her hands and started chipping on the noodles in front of her! Rahul And Muskaan Had Stopped Romancing for once! and were Paying Attention to Armaan, And Anjali Surprised Yet Happily walked towards Armaan and Placed Her Hand in his Which he Offered. He Lightly gave her a Side Hug and looked at the Crowd!

Armaan: Guys! As u All Know! Meri aur Anjie! Ki shaadhi next year hone Wali thi! But abh Mene Bohot Socha! And Mene Dad And Anjie Ke Mom Ko Akhir Mana Liya he! Ke ...

Part 4: Fateful love in an arranged marriage

one week passed away soon n now the two families started their preparations for marriage

the haldi ceremony is gng to take place in Gupta mansion(ridhima 's haldi) n as well as in mallik mansion(armaan's haldi) so everyone was busy in dng last minute preparations

Part 3:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdi...

Before I start the part…Thanks once again for the support & love u all giving& loves u all a lot for this
I really hope ap sab in parts par ke so najao…& partner here is ur birthday gift..Le de diyateri gift… ;) :p
Ab to happy happyhainatu ….:p...Actually huayunmaineteri birthday k din sochithiyeh part post karungi but rj k gift bhi pending thi to I can’t handle two part one after another so one week baad I give it..Ab now no more with my bakwass..& one important thing from now on part will be posted on my weekends means Friday or SaturdayI hope u all r ok with it…Thanks once again
So here goes the story ……….

Yehdharavahikekkalpanikkatha ha, is kahanikesabhipatraevamghatnayekalpanikhai, AurIsskaudeeshyakissibhidhaarmikbhawnaonkothespahunchanayariteerivajonkauphaaskarnanahinhain, yaadiinkakisivyaktiyavastu se koi sambhadhotahai to ussematraeksanyogkahajayega.
Iskeliye authority yani ki writer yani ki main uskeliyejimiddarnhihu…
Kripakarkesaregaltiyaanmaafi ki nazar se dekhlijiye…

Anjanaabhianjan hi hai
Ab dekhnahai age…
Kaisejudegiyehrishton ki dhagge.......??

Part 3

Get a few minute before the previous scene in some different place of the same country….

A girl wearing Pastel yellow top and Piggy pink trouser running towards the nearby park while mumbling herself saying: Aj to main late hogayi…its 4:30…pure adheghante late…wo bhi us moti k wajah se…

Part 2:Dream's Of a Princess

Note:- I have added english sub-titles in bold wherever necessary...:)

Well what to say about Armaan malik...he is the charmster...No one in this world could resist his charms...his looks can kill anyone...he have stolen many hearts from the day he was born..!! He dreamt of becoming a singing sensation when from nowhere his dancing talent was also highlighted..!! So, he was a perfect rockstar for everyone..!! He had done many stage shows in his school life...he had also participated in many concerts held and have won competitions with his gang..!! He is already popular enough but for him still a long way to go to turn his dreams into reality. And he knew to reach his goal there is only one way out i.e. the Indian's biggest Rockstar concert cum competition which is going to be held in this college where his dad is one of the trustee.

Episode 24:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 24

(riddhima armaan ke munh se yeh sunkar shock ho jaati hai use apne ears par believe nhi hota hai...vo stammer karte huye kehti hai)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

part 18 :Ankahey Rishtey

Later after dinner in AR's room.. Armaan came nd hugged Ridhhima from behind.. to his surprises she didn't react to his touch nd kept on arranging the clothes in the cupboard.. "kya hua.. meri Jaan naraaz hai kya..?.." he asked with love.. "As if you don't know Armaan.." her reply made him serious.. "yeah I don't know.. so tell me.. whats wrong..? ab to Tina bhi jaa rahi hai yahan se.."

part 23:I will bring my basket back

sitting up on the bed Mr. Armaan Mallik had the cutest frown on his face early in the morning. And the person responsible for the frown was obviously Mrs. Armaan Mallik. Armaan was busy for a little time every day for some or the other work which he had to handle even on his honeymoon leading to small nokh jhoks which always ended sweetly but this time maybe she was too angry on him or at least he thought so. But from last two days it was a little different. The story was a little vice versa. Riddhima was busy with something which she for any cost wasn't ready to reveal in front of him. And today it was just 7 am when he woke up all alone on the bed. If it had been any other day he would have instantly called her up as she wasn't in the room but she had left a note saying she would be back in a while and he shouldn't DARE call her and annoy her; because as he had some chores she too had some. He was helpless as he couldn't afford to upset her further.  But he knew it wasn't as easy as it looked. She for sure had something going on in her mind but couldn't pinpoint what that was.
       She came back around 11 and he sat there sulking all alone in their HONEYMOON suite.
A: Riddhimaaa where have you been yaar?? Can you believe it main apne hi honeymoon suite main pichle 4 ghante se akela baitha hoon!
R: Good for you. Main bhi aise hi har roz 2 ghantoon ke liye akeli baithi hoti hu. Ab tum bhi experience kar lo thoda bohot.
A: But Basket I can't help that. Mujhe kuch kaam hota hai isi liye... par tum pichle 2 din se pata nahi kya kar rahi ho! Mujhe bata bhi nahi rahi ho...

Part 48: We Belong Together

Armaan ran towards the fire escape, he saw the door was slightly open... peeping inside he saw Riddhima sitting in the lowest step, her head was on her knees... She bleed the salt of her soul and as it pours from her eyes..... she sees the darkness that she knows will soon swallow her.... She sat in the last step where her thoughts roam round and round with only the thoughts of guilt stirred in her completely. She froze in fear, and shivered in disbelief. The silence eating her surronding leaving the sigh of her loneliness shooting air out of her mouth with each breathe she exhales....Her eyes were screaming because she was guilty and her each translucent trickle of emotions flowed through her eyes...

Mujhey teri zaroorat hai(os in 3 parts)

Part 1

Armaan and Riddhima were about to get married. There was 2 months left to their marriage. Both having
Different professions, didn't get time to understand eachother. It was arranged marriage for them, but knowingly rather unknowingly, it was a love marriage.

Armaan being a acp/police officer had missions, which he had to go out of station for. And riddhima being a doctor sometimes had night duty. Whenever they met, they would rather be with family or friends, never alone.


Armaan and his family had came over for dinner. Riddhima was in the kitchen making dinner while armaan was outside in the lounge drinking tea and coffee with everyone.

Anjali and Atul had also come. It's been a almost one year they had been married. Malliks considered Atul as their own son even though he was adopted, but he lived separately.



After spending a memorable night with each other, AR got back to the cottage... They change to clean cloths which Armaan had pack with the help of Padma who knows his plan of taking Riddhima to the private island... They spend rest of the night talking with each other, about their friends how they would be reacting to know that where they had left without letting them know... 
While talking, they didn't know when the sleep took over them... They had a busy day and after all the events, they were so tired in no time they were dead to the world hoping they would spend rest of their life happy and together... 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Part 84 :Beintehaan

All of sudden armaan n sid heard z stern voice "haan pata chalgaya armaan ..." ...hearing it both sid n armaan stood up shockingly n dumbstruck to see atul n arnav standing at z door n radhika behind zem.....sid stepped frward n tried to say smething bt arnav gave a deadly glare n sid backed off zen arnav moved near armaan n fisted his collar ....armaan did nt protest n bowed his head as if surrendering himself to aranav ...


Recap:- Armaan n Rahul's plan working in full force.. Anjie confused.. Mayank punishes Shanaya.. Shanaya comes to know that Armaan has now decided to marry Anjie..

N Ab Aage..

Shanaya was shocked to see Anjalli and Armaan's bonding.. She could not believe Armaan had moved on was ready to marry anjalli.. Uski saari mehenat par paani pher gaya .. Now she would have to plan a little more to snatch Armaan from Anjalli..huff!!!

Mayank was sitting un the bb court after the practice when he saw Shanaya standing there..

Mayank: Shanaya!

Shanaya turned around hearing her name and saw Mayank standing there..

Part 8:Humari pyar ki kahani

RIDDHIMA's ROOM: same day

She was sitting on her bed leaning on the bedpost.She was watching dill wale dulhaniya le jayenge on her laptop.

The scene was where raj and simran meet for the first time.She was watching and suddenly instead of raj (shahrukh) she saw armaan.

She just jumped on her bed and rubbed her eyes.Then she opened her eyes and saw she was hallucinating.

"Arghghhhhh armaan mallik tum kyun mujhe pareshaan kare ho?"She threw a pillow towards the door and continued watching.


She didn't feel like sleeping although she was hell tired. She moved towards the window and looked at the moon.

She armaan's face in it.

Roz tera intezar kyun hota hain?(She remembered when she had a heart-mind fight)

Part 23(a):super model

After a lot of reminders n then dhamki cum blackmainling by ayyuu meghs n palak.. I ginaly wrote this part...!!
Recap ridhima's karva chaut vrt.. Ridhima's confestion n armaan makes diner for ridhima..

Part 23 A

AR were siting on a couch watching tv.. Nt exactly watching they were just fliping channels..!!

Part 335 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 335:

Armaan: Kya hua?

Ridhimaa: Maine... maine kuch nahi kaha. Sach... maine kisi se kuch nahi kaha... tum poochh lo...

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Happy Birthday Aliena (16th dec)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki old member aur ek bahut hi famous writer aur meri pyari sis Aliena ka happy bd hai,toh chalo sab milker usey bd wish karein...

Happy Birthday Aliena...many many happy returns of the day.On your special day I am recalling all the times we spent together. This always brings a sweet smile on my face! Happy Birthday to my special friend who will forever hold a special place in my heart.

part 17: Ankahey Rishtey

After a satisfying talk with Radhika, Ridhhima enters Ridhaan's room to put him to sleep.. she stopped at the door when she saw Armaan patting Ridhaan lightly nd telling a story oblivious of the fact that Ridhaan has already fallen asleep.. she smiled looking at duo as Armaan brushed Ridhaan's hair nd kissed his head.. She came forward nd kissed her sleeping son nd in a loving tone "So gaya.."


He smacked his lips on hers to shut her up then and there as he didn’t want that doubt left hanging anymore. He cared less about her permission; but right now he just wanted to quieten her.