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part:27 vivah

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part -27

Armaan was looking like a Greek God in the short shervani cut and matched white pajama with it.He played with the buttons and gelled his hair giving a last look on the mirror when a strong breeze hit him.It was raining hard outside and the window was constantly making noise irritating him to no bits.He closed it finally and heard the click of the bathroom door.He almost stopped breathing seeing the divine beauty in front of his eyes.There she stood in a red and green lehenga facing her bare back to him.She was trying to tie the dori of her choli and failing everytime.

shilpa-armaan..thori help kar doge?

He came out of the dreamy mode and heard what she was saying.With shaky hands he tried to touch the dori when her cold body came in contact with his skin and he left it there only.

armaan-aa...mujhse nahi hoga..main muskaan ko bhejta hun...

She turned back with a disappointing look

Shilpa (in heart)-aaj ke din to akar chor deta...main bhi dekhti hun akhir kab tak dur bhaagta hai mujhse...aaj chahe jo bhi ho jaye main tumse apne sawaalon ka jawaab maangke hee rahungi armaan.


The god bharai rasm started with all ladies participating in it and dancing and joking around.Anjali was finally relaxed and contented with her outfit after Shilpa adjusted everything for her and it was her anxiety only which made her feel like that.The dress looked perfect on her.She was too happy to get gifts and blessings for her baby,having Atul beside her all the time asking if she was okay.

Armaan glanced at his sister and a smile captured her face.He was standing with Rahul and other guys when he followed everyone s gaze fixed at the stairs.

One of the ladies-bhai wakai mein Padma tumhari bahu to laakhon mein ek hai...ekdum pari jaisi...itni khoobsoorat...

Others-aur nahi to kya humara armaan bohot lucky hai jo yeh chaand ka tukra usey naseeb hua...

At that moment he felt proud of the fact that she was his wife and not to forget his choice.A blush crept on his cheeks getting all teased by his friends.But deep down inside he was feeling jealous  of the way she was wearing that dress.The blouse of her lehenga was deep cut and her back was visible to everyone.The dupatta was draped around her curve perfectly revealing a bit her bare tummy.


It was Armaan's turn to give blessings to Anjali and Padma asked Shilpa to join him.Shilpa tried to take the gifts on her hand when his hand touched hers on the process and both of them felt the heat.Avoiding any eye contact with her he went to anjali and placed a light kiss on her forehead.She again felt a tug at her heart.

anjali-mil gaya waqt apni behen ke liye?

armaan-anjiee...stop getting cranky haan...

anjali-thanks aaj ka din yaad rakhne ke liye...

armaan-tumhe kya laga main yeh kabhi bhool sakta hun...here is a special gift for my special niece right?

anjali-nephew bhi to ho sakta hai..

armaan-naah I want a girl just like you..stunning and gorgeous


Both for them were having the moment when Shilpa joined them with a smile on her face and hugged anjali.

shilpa-Our would be mumma is looking very beautiful...

anjali-haan lekin would be mami se to thora kum heee...kyun mama?

Armaan got lost in Shilpa while she blushed hard waiting for his comment.

armaan-aaa main abhi ata hun...


She was sitting on the bed and taking out her earrings and bangles recalling what happened few hours ago.

The function went out well with Shilpa fulfilling all her duties of being an obedient and perfect daughter in law of the house and a little sister for anjali.Padma was on cloud nine after the praises she got from others for her daughter in law and her happiness knew no bounds.All in all armaan was the one avoiding her in the whole function.When all were seated for dinner she tried to talk to him but he joined with rahul and others again ignoring her.At one point muskaan felt something unusual and asked her if there was something wrong between them but she covered it up.Why was he doing this..she deserves to know whats going on his mind.Among all those worries,one of their relative's words were still ringing on her mind.

  “ Bass armaan ab to next tumhari bari hai..good news kab de rahe ho humein?Ab aur der na karo iss ghar ko bhi to ek bachcha chahiye...itna time jo hua hai tumhari shaadi ko...humse to aur raha nahi jata...

All this feels so weird to her.On one hand they are being asked for planning a baby and the other place he is not even on talking terms with her.There was this rage filled inside her now which she could not hold for any longer now.He had to answer her today only.

shilpa-armaan ka gussa..uska mujhe avoid karna..ab aur bardasht nahi hota mujhse...pehle to yeh sab mehsoos bhi nahi hota tha lekin ab...dill mein ek ajeeb sa dard hota hai jab..jab woh mujhe dekhta tak nahin...patanahi kya ho gaya hai mujhe..aajkal har khayal armaan se shuru hoke uspe hee khatam hone laga hai...jab main tayiyar hoti hun aur uski nazren mujhe nahi nihaarti to...gusse se laal ho jati hun main aur...meri choti choti baaton pe uska dhyan na dena pehle jaisa meri soch ko kamzor banata ja raha hai har pal...kya ho raha hai yeh sab...main..main sach mein ek patni banti ja rahi hun..per woh to ab tak bhi thi phir ab?

She noticed herself on the mirror and the changing colour of her face in armaan's mention gave her enough hints.

shilpa-kahin mujhe armaan se pyaar to?


Armaan came down from anjali's room after convincing her to stay here till delivery or else Padma wont be on peace as well as them.He was too tired to do anything now frst the office work and then the function.It was a hectic day for sure.He opened the first two buttons of the kurta and came downstairs.

armaan-aa vishnu kaka hall ki safai ho gayi na?aur yeh darwaza kyun khula chora hai..bahar kitni baarish ho rahi hai aap loug bhi na

He went outside and was about to close the door when a hand pulled her with strong force and he was too shocked to react at that moment.

armaan-tum?yahan kya kar rahi ho aur woh bhi iss waqt?

shilpa-mujhe tumse baat karni hai abhii...

Catching his head with his one hand he felt a throbbing pain on his head...

armaan-kal baat karey?main bohot thak gaya hun aaj

They were on the garden near the swing and it was not raining now for a change.

shilpa-ek aur bahana...mujhse bhaagne ka

He looked at her and then their surroundings

armaan-tum theek to ho?

shilpa-main to theek hun armaan per tumhe kya hua hai...akhir wajah kya hai iss change ki...ab to sabko nazar ane laga hai tummein yeh badlao...tum...tum mujhse to share kar sakte ho na armaan...ke kya baat hai jo tumhe andar khayi ja rahi hai

armaan-kyun..kya hua hai mujhe..aur kya change aya hai...main waisa hee hun jaisa pehle tha..aur logon ka kya hai..unki soch se hum apni zindagi nahi jee sakte

Shilpa-logon ka nahi to mera khayal ro karo armaan...aisi kya galti ki hai maine jiski saza tum mujhe de rahe ho...bolo...agar mujhse koi galti hui hai to batao mujhe..hum milke solve kar sakte hai na...per tumhari yeh khamoshi mujhe andar hee andar ghutn epe majboor kar raha hai...-aaj tum mere sawaalon ke jawab diye bagaer nahi ja sakte..aisa kya hua ke pichle 2 mahinon se tum mujhe ignore kar rahe ho...seedhe moo baat bhi nahi karte...

He saw her pouting her lips and making a cute face.She was still on her red and green lehenga.He tried to move away when she caught his wrist and her skin came in contact with his.He closed his eyes being badly effected with the touch.Just then the rain started pouring heavily and both of them getting fully drenched.

shilpa-tumhari aankhon mein mujhe apne liye pehle jaisa pyar kyun nahi dikhta armaan..kyun chidh  hoti hai is baat se jab tum mujhe dekhte nahi ho meri choti choti cheeson pe dhyaan nahi dete..kyun...yeh soch mujhe pagal kiye ja rahi hai...thak chuki hun main apne aap se har roz larte larte..ke aisa kya kiya hai maine ke tum..mujhse itne dur chale gaye...humare beech to sab theek tha na phir achanak kya ho gaya

armaan-yeh tum pooch rahi ho...actually yeh sab tumhe mujhse nahi apne aap se poochna chahiye shilpa...apne dill mein jhaak ke dekho..shayad wahan inke jawaab chupe ho...

With increasing wind and rain she was shivering badly and he noticed this.Tears were forming in her eyes and she could not hold them for any longer

shilpa-dekh chuki hun main armaan...aur..shayad ehsaas bhi hai mujhe lekin..tum..tumhara dill kya chahta hai..bas yeh janna chahti hun main...kyun itni nafrat karne lage ho mujhse...pata nahi kya hota ja raha hai mujhe..chaahke bhi apne aap ko tumse dur nahi rakh pati..in 2 mahinon pe aisa ek bhi din ek bhi pal nahi gaya jab...tumhari soch ne mujhe bekaboo nahi kiya ho...kya ho gaya hai mujhe...main...

He got closer to her touching her breathe and whispered


She stared at his passionate eyes and fumbled hard to even say a word


He joined their heads and caught her from her waist igniting fire on her body...closing her eyes she felt the cold wind more like burning heat now...

armaan-keh do na Shilpa...kyun tumhe fark parta hai mere tumhe avoid karne se...tumhe dekh ke bhi andekha karne se...meri aankhon mein tumhare liye pyar na dekhne pe itna dard kyun hota hai tumhe...thak chuka hun main iss benaam rishtey ko jeete jeete...dosti ek rishtey ki shuruat to ho sakti hai lekin uski buniyaad sirf aur sirf pyaar se banti hai...main tumhara dost nahi pati banna chahta hun ab...aur yehii dekhna tha mujhe ke kya mere tumse dur jaane se tumhe koi fark parta hai...tumhare hothon pe sirf aur sirf mera naam..zehen mein sirf mera khayal...kya hai yeh pyar?

He tightened his grip which made her more weak now...

armaan-tell me damn it...do you love me?

He pulled her more closer leaving an inch distance between their faces and thats when she mouthed those words


With the increasing sound of the thunder she collapsed in his arms whispering

shilpa-I love you armaan...main..pyaar karne lagi hun tumse...I love youu

This is it..the moment for which he had been waiting for long and finally he could hear the truth from her...what her heart says and what she genuinely felt not for the so called responsibility being the reason...she loves him and he knew it..he only wanted her to feel it and speak it out...

armaan-I love you too...

She opened her eyes and faced him...he wiped the tears and kissed her forehead giving her a feeling of satisfaction...

armaan-bohot pyar karta hun tumse..shayad apne aap se zyada...warna apne aap to itna jalata nahi main iss aag mein...I love you...

She shifted her weight on him and getting completely absorbed in his hold...they got their first complete hug...all mixed with passion and emotions..her hands at his back and his ones caressing her back...and the tight hold proved the fact they belong to eachother only...

Their wet bodies were clinging to eachother.Parting from the hug he made her face him and traced her lips.She at first felt a bit shy but later touched his hand and placed a soft kiss there making him smile at the first initiative taken by her.Giving her one last look he slowly joined their lips and the heavy rain witnessed the two souls emerging in one finally.

He started it slowly by kissing her soft petals and then as he felt her participating equally...he deepened the kiss.He sucked her upper lip and the lower one while she blushed hard.The noise of the thunder made her come out of the kiss and hug him.Both of them panted and Shilpa felt her knees getting weaker due to the first proximity she shared with her husband.

So  finally they sealed the beginning of their new journey with a kiss promising to give nothing but love to eachother!


 Love ……………………..
Laddoo (Anu)                     

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