Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dmg season 3 (part 22 to 24)


SHILPA takes  everyone to their room and asks for their reason of arrival, to this JP was about to answer the truth but ARYAN stops him and says that they have arrived for children’s check up and asks SHILPA to get a glass of water. In the mean while ARMAAN and RIDDHIMA enters while ARYAN is telling everyone to stay quite if they can’t hide the truth, to this ARMAAN tells why he is shouting at them to which he tells how their secret was about to be revealed if he hadn’t interfered iin time. RIDDHIMA goes to the kitchen to help SHILPA, there they have conversation on SHILPA leaving SANJEEVANI and about how does she spent her childhood in an orphanage and does she still feels misses her family (SHILPA gets emotionally dragged to her and suspects on her intention of talking), while they had gone way ahead emotionally ARMAAN enters the kitchen and turns the emotional scene into a comic scene by saying that whenever two girls meet after sometime they always use to cry and create a dramatic emotional scene. A debate starts on this statement between girls and boys, and ANJALI and boys also get involved in the debate. The debate stops as the warden enters and says that the children are ready for the check up. ARMAAN says the this will continue after the check up its not over yet. Episode 22 ends here.


Everyone is at ground for the check up, ARMAAN  sees two children fighting amongst themselves and SHILPA says to RIDDHIMA that he has got an idea for making SHILPA to return to SANJEEVANI, he whispers something in her ears. They informs everyone about the plan and suddenly a debate starts between ANJALI and RIDDHIMA over the check up and then it turns into fight, SHILPA comes between them and tries to seperate them and tells that she will help them in doing the check up seperately. Then SHILPA helps ANJALI in doing check up and helps RIDDHIMA in giving vaccination (injections) to the children. After the check up got done RIDDHIMA and ANJALI both appreciates her work and says that she should return to SANJEEVANI as she is a brilliant doctor, but she refuses to return. While both of her sister are trying to convince her, ARYAN says that let her be here, she is scared of cities and the people living there, ARMAAN also joins him and says that ARYAN is right and that is why she left her internship and returned here, ARYAN adds to this by saying that its not her fault most of the girls are like that only ‘scary’. To this the girls replies that the girls are better from boys in everything and they can defeat boys in every field. To this boys say that ‘lets have a basketball match and see whose better’, and girls accepts this challenge. Episode 23 ends here.


Girls accepted boys challenge and said that if girls win boys will have live as their slave and will have to say ‘east or west girls are best’ for one week, boys accepted it and said if they won than SHILPA will have to join SANJEEVANI once again, and she will have to work there for at least one month. SHILPA refuses to accept the challenge, but ARYAN calls her a coward and says that girls are coward and losers like they said. On this SHILPA says that girls are better than boys and they will win at any cost. The game begins boys started well and got the lead in the game and later girls started counter attack and they made a strategy and each girl targeted each boy ARMAAN was targeted by RIDDHIMA and when was the ball was with ATUL and he was running towards the basket he was distracted by ANJALI and when the ball was passed to ARYAN, SHILPA tried to take the ball from him very desperately and then hurts him accidently. Episode 24 ends here.

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