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Part 2: I Trust U Captain (ss)

part 2

And kirti who was turned to go, turned shocked hearing his words and looked at him
Kirti :''armaan kya sochh rahein ho beta kya keh rahein ho tum aisii koi bat nahin hai bacha''
She replied clearing him and

Arman :''par aunty I mean she has her clothes ripped and she was shocked and you also said she has went through from many things''

Kirti :''no armaan you took all wrong beta, she has bruises over her shoulder that must be she feel or hit by some sharp thing nothing else son and I just said because of bomb blasts that her emotional state was not in better she needs to recover that's all son she is fine otherwise nothing happen to her''

And she finally cleared armaan's misunderstandings and hearing her armaan sighed in relief not he was thinking something bad for her but seeing her in that state he just thinks and he did not saw her in that pain so he was just worried for her and finally

Arman :''aunty i am not you can I mean it was just I am like ''

He was cut short with kirti's pat on his shoulder and she says

Kirti :''I understand armaan you are worried for her and she is fine son just take care of her she will not be around till tomorrow morning .

And armaan nodded
Arman :''thanks aunty''

And kirti gave her a quick hug and went to her house next to armaan's and armaan was at door only till she was  inside her home and then after locking his house he moved towards his room and went inside and saw his princess was sleeping with the effect of seductive, she has still his uniform shirt on and he caressed her for head where kirti aunty has bandaged her as she has a cut there and he looked at her angelic face and GOD knows he looked at her for how much times after all he saw her after long 2 years and his heart wrenched seeing her in that state in Hotel Trident Oberoi finally his trance breaks with when he  feels shivering of her body and he looked at her, her body was shivering as atmosphere was getting cold and he immediately covered her with the duvet and then finally moved to the chair sitting there after caressing her for head and he sat there may be she needs him,  and he did not wants to be her frighten with the new surroundings and new place there, he did not know when he drifted to sleep looking at her, and the bright sun rays disturbed his sleep and he opened his eyes after rubbing them a bit and find sun was rising that means he was sleeping more than from 24 hours now and then his gaze fell on riddhima who was still sleeping and he smiled seeing her and then finally he went outside to call at base to get to know the situation and he sighed in relief situation was finally under control after 56 hours but with lots of deaths, losing the loved ones, and they are finding where they go wrong that their Nation has to go through such drastic situation and finally leads towards his room to check on riddhima before going to take shower and as soon he entered the room he saw riddhima sitting on bed cuddling herself she was still wrapped the duvet around her and seeing  her like that armaan has a smile formed on his lips seeing her finally wake up and he immediately rushed to her and sat in front of her beside bed and finally he

Arman :''riddhima aab kaisa feel kar rahii ho? Kaisi ho aab? Rooko I will get your medicines aur kuchh khane koo bhi laata hun mai tumhare liyye riddhima''

He said making her look at himself but she did not responded him, just stares at him armaan feels little awkward and he thought maybe she was trying to recognize him as she was staring at him so he though to help her out so he finally said to her

Arman:''riddhima mujhe pechana nahin mai Captain Armaan Mallik hum Delhi meiin mille the 2 years pehle yad aya riddhima''

He asked but still no response from her so armaan thought to leave the matter so he said

Arman:''chalo chodo bad meiin yad kar lenaa abhii mai tumhare liyye breakfast laata hun fir tumhe medicines bhi khani hai''

And he went to grab her breakfast and inform kirti aunty that she woke up and after informing kirti aunty he comes with the breakfast and placed it in front of her

Arman:''yeh lo riddhima vaise riddhima I am very bad cook mujhe kuchh nahin ata just mai bread bhi nahin bna paata hun, vo bhi jal jaati hai mujhse but today I manage to not to burn it, han par coffee kii guarntee hai yeh pakka achii hogii riddhima chalo aab khao riddhima''

He finished with a chuckle and still no response from riddhima she keep on staring at him and armaan did not know what to do now, did he changed so much that she still did not managed to recognize him but he sighed thinking that can wait now she is much more important so he forwards her plate but she did not take it and armaan did not know what to do now, she just keep on staring at him without blinking her green almond eyes, he can feel she wants to tell him something but could not as if her emotions were too pent up within herself and then he finally

Arman:''riddhima kya hua?''

He asked softly but no reply her silence was killing him but he did not lose his patience
Arman:''chodo hum bad meiin batein akrenge abhii chalo breakfast karoo yeh lo''
He again forwarded her plate but she did not take it so finally armaan placed the plate in his lap and make a morsel of the bread

Arman :''riddhima health kee saath no carelessness so yeh lo''
And he himself placed the morsel in front of her mouth, riddhima just looked in his deep blue eyes where he has the deep care of her and armaan as saw her looking in his eyes he nodded and blinked his eyes and pointes to the bread which was in his hands while saying to her that

Arman :''please riddhima''

And next moment he saw her opening her mouth and with a smile he feed her, and like this he feed all the breakfast and make her drank the coffee and after that he gave her medicines with water and then tucked once again in duvet as kirti aunty told him on phone she needs rest as much as she can. After that armaan ate that half sandwich which she left and after drinking his cold coffee which was cold as he was busy in feeding her he caressed her for head and then went to take the shower and he even leaves his washroom door open to saw riddhima if she needs anything.
To be continued


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