Sunday, 18 May 2014

part 3:It's all planned

“Hello “ armaan said as he received a call.

“Hello armaan, muskaan this side” 

“Hey muskaan” armaan said in the most casual way he could.

“Hi.soooo how are you?” muskaan said trying to get into a convo with him.

“I am good” armaan replied.

“How mean armaan. One word mein answer kar rahe ho.i have called you to talk to you and you are least interested. Tell me koi problem hai??” Muskaan asked

“Umm nahi toh..” armaan replied briefly.

“Toh busy ho?”

“Nahi” armaan said.

“Toh phir kya problem hai tumhe jo share bhi nahi kar sakte?” muskaan said getting impatient.

Armaan was already tensed and here this call was more irritating. He was in no mood to reply.

“Yaar muskaan samajh nahi aarha kya tumhe? Nahi hun pareshan aur agar hun bhi toh tumhe kya.Kyun baton main tumhe?usse kya hoga?can you make my problem yours?nahi na toh phir baar baar pooch kar don’t add to my problems.” Armaan said rudely and cut the call.

Muskaan felt bad with the way armaan replied. But somewhere she knew that he was right. They were just dating. There was no such relation between them which gave muskaan the right to know armaan’s problems. But still she felt bad.

She decided to call riddhima’s cell phone to ask where in hospital she was. As at that moment she just wanted riddhima to console her. She dialed her number but no reply from ridzi’side.She called thrice but no one actually received the call. She thought riddhima might be busy with some patient and so she opened some files and started examining them.

*tring tring*

Muskaan looked at her cell phone. It was rahul.

“Hello” muskaan received it.

“Hello muski.kaisi hai? Breakup kya hua tu toh mujhe bhool hi gayi.c’mon yaar we are still friends” rahul said in one go.

“Hmm..” muskaan said

“oye ye kya ??dr.muskaan kabse one word answers dene lagi?” rahul asked

“jabse tujhse breakup hua” muskaan said casually.

“Toh kiya hi kyun” rahul said in a very low voice.

“kya” muskaan said aloud.

“Umm kuch bata mood kyun sada hua h?” rahul asked

“Yaar wo mera naya date armaan theek se baat hi nahi kr raha..chillane lga mujh par” muskaan said.

“aisa kon hai bhai jise muskaan par chilla kar apna sir tud wana hai?” rahul said jokingly

“hehehe hehe tu bhi na rahul.” Muskaan said getting into a happier mood.

“aur nahi toh kya,yaad nahi hum uss din park mein ice cream kha rahe the aur tune wrapper wahin daal diya tha aur jab gardener ne chillaya toh tune poora dustbin garden mein gira diya aur phir maine wo wapas bin mein daala tha” rahul said laughing

“haan aur wo yaad hai jab cinema hall mein main aur tu film dekhne gaye the and maine khade ho kar whistle kia tha aur piche baithe ladke ne kaha tha ki main baith jaon kyunki ussey screen nahi dikh rahi thi toh phir maine shor macha diya tha ki yeh ladka mere saath badatameezi kar rha h aur phr police men ne ussey lock up mein daal diya tha aur phir tu gya tha use bachane” muskaan said joining him in hs laughter.

“Haan aur..” rahul stopped thinking something and then continued “chod na yaar.toh point ye hai ki how dare some armaan shout at you haan?”

“Yaar kyunki tu saath nahi hai na sab kuch phir se theek krne k liye,garden ko clean krne ke liye,us ladke ko lock up se nikalne ke liye,sab kuch wapas se theek krne ke liye” muskaan said and realized a tear drop in her eyes.

Rahul wiped the tear drop that had made way out of his eyes.

“Aachha sun chal mein phone rakhta hun.ek patient aagya hai..” rahul said

“Okay bye” muskaan replied.

“Hmm..Bye take care and love y…”rahul realized something and cut the call.. 

Muskaan smiled…”rahul sab kuch theek kr skta hai, mera mood bhi” she said to herself smilingly and opened her file to read it.


“Yaar muskaan sab kuch theek kardunga main.bas ek baar bol kr toh dekh…everyone who has been in a relation might have had many fights with its partner but that doesn’t lead to they parting ways na.. I said yes to your thought of breaking up because I didn’t want u to do something you are not happy in. Miss you yaar..” rahul sad as he talked to muski’s pic.


Muskaan was checking on her patients when her phone rang. It was first muskaan thought not to receive his call but then decided against it and picked the call.

“Hello” muskaan said exhibiting a bit of rudeness.

“Hello muskaan I am extremely sorry about my reaction.i was a bit too disturbed at that time.i am sorry.” Armaan said.

“I know that but at least bta toh dete ki kyun upset the” muskaan said

“Yaar I lost a very close patient today.” Armaan said remembering his patient sadly.

“Oohh… accha armaan I am on duty will talk to you later..Moreover main tmhari branch ki doctor, I mean neurologist, to hun nahi so can’t actually console you even. Take care” muskaan said and ended the call. On the other hand armaan was very disturbed about his patient and talking to muskaan didn’t help him.

As muskaan cut armaan’s call, her phone started ringing again. This time it was ridzi.

“Haan ridzi bol” muskaan said in a hurry because she wanted to be back on her duty ASAP.

“muski yaar this is just to inform you that aaj mera half day leave hai toh I am going home and tune bhi toh call kiya tha na.sorry muski I was busy with patients.bol kya hua” ridzi said.

“kuch khass nahi” muskaan said in a dramatic tone forgetting about her duty and continued “thodi upset thi main ridzi.wo armaan ka mood kharab tha toh he shouted on me”

“How dare he?” ridzi said getting angry as that guy shouted on her sister.

“Haan but..” muskaan was interrupted by the ward boy.

Ward boy: “ma’am ward no.18 patient ko constant blood vomiting ho rahi hai.”

“Ridzi baad mein baat karte hain” muskaan said running as she cut the call.

On the other side ridzi was fuming with anger. What does this armaan mallik think of himself.

Jab iska mood accha tha toh muskaan ko gift diya aur ab muskaan ko upset kiya by shouting on her. ”i need to get him on track because I can’t see my sister sad.” Ridzi thought. She opened the doctor’s dictionary of her area and dialed armaan’s number but it was switched off, next she dialed his hospital’s no. and asked for him but she was told that he has gone home. Ridzi took his address from the receptionist and then proceeded to show dr.armaan mallik the result of making her sister sad…

*Ding dong*

And armaan opened the door.

“How dare you tum samajhte kya ho khud ko” riddhima said shouting on armaan just as he opened the door.

*gosh*he was looking so damn good in his shorts and can someone look so handsome. His hairs were making their way on his forehead. But she concentrated on shouting.

“wooohhooo lady bheem.chill out girl.” Armaan said in his characteristic cool way.

“Shut the hell up. Main yahan mazzak krne nahi aayi hun” riddhima said glaring at him,fuming with anger.
“Toh shadi krne aayi ho” armaan said immediately.

“Haan tmhe kya” ridzi said quickly replying to him.

“kyaaa” armaan said.

“Mera matlab hai nahi. But tum muskaan par chillaye kyun?” Riddhima comtinued “pata hai she was so sad.
“ooohh madam maine usey sorry bol diya tha” armaan said.

“oohh really but usne mujhe yeh nahi btaya matlab tmne sorry nahi bola.” riddhima said

“tum ek doctor ho tmhe itna nahi pata ki patient ke bare mein full information lekr ana chahiye.maine sorry bol diya h use.”

“Wait main abhi use call krti hun” riddhima said but then she realized that she has left her cell phone in her car.

“Kya hua madam” arman said teasing her.

“tmhara phone kahan hai?”Riddhima demanded.

“Bedroom mein… “Armaan said casually.

Riddhima rushed inside the house and proceeded towards the bedroom as she was about to enter the room armaan remembered something and rushed towards her while shouting “hey no don’t enter wait..” But till then the angry riddhima had already entered. Armaan shut his eyes and when he opened them he found riddhima looking at him and saying “oohhioo toh dr.armaan mallik shinchan movies dekhte hain”

“Hmm” armaan said slowly while looking down.

“Wooww that’s nice.yeh baat toh sabo btani padegi” riddhima said in her attitude.

“Shut up you lady don’t dare leak this secret out.” Armaan said

“You better think that but aisa nahi hoga no matter tum shinchan ki tarah kitni bhi pleading karo” riddhima said.

“Riddhima pllzz” armaan said.

“Accha who do you like more? Shinchan or himamari” riddhima asked.

“Shinchan obviously” armaan said.

“Yoshinaga ma’am or mitsi-who is hot? Who u like?” riddhima asked.

“Yoshinaga ma’am” armaan said interested.

“Mujhe bhi” riddhima said jumping on the couch kept in front of armaan’s tv.

Armaan smiled and sat beside her. 

“Tumne wo jungle movie dekhi h shinchan series ki?” riddhima asked.

“Haan obviousl….” Armaan remembered something and continued “hold on jungle series, himamari, yoshinaga ma’am and mitsi. How do you know all this.oohhooo now I get it dr.riddhima gupta with lots of attitude bhi shinchan dekhti hain“ armaan said folding his hands on his chest.

“Ha haan haan toh sirf tum hi dekh sakte ho kya?” riddhima said not knowing what to say more. Her biggest secret was out and that too in front of this charming devil.

“Paani chahiye?” armaan asked

“Don’t you find it funny that a 25 year old girl watches shinchan? Why aren’t you laughing like everybody does?” riddhima said looking down.

“Toh main bhi toh dekhta hun na” armaan said.

Riddhima smiled and said “ya right.maine ye movie nahi dekhi hai jo tum dekh rahe ho kyunki bohot dino se main ghar par akeli nahi rahi na.muskaan k samne dekhti hun toh she starts mocking at me.”

“toh abhi dekh lo” armaan said instantly.

“No way.tmhare saath never.. “ riddhima said getting back to her attitude.

“Okay then bbye.jao apne ghar and then your mum will call that rishabh sinha for you and you can enjoy” armaan said as if he least cared.

“oohh no.mumma ko jaise hi pata chalega ki I have half day off wo mujhe rishabh ke saath bhej dengi.oh god save me” riddhima said closing her eyes.

She suddenly opened her eyes and began “umm ar armaan …WO cn I accompany you.actually main soch rahi thi ki rishab ke saath rehne se accha hai main tmhare I mean shinchan ke saath rahun” 

“Ya okay” armaan said not bothering.

Riddhima went to the kitchen and got some popcorn and cold drink and both of them began to watch their fav. Movie. Soon armaan felt something heavy on his shoulder. He looked and found riddhima sleeping with her head on armaan’s shoulder. He smiled looking at her angelic face. Her hairs were blowing on her face and she felt disturbed and had a frown on her eyes. Armaan took his hand to her face and moved her hairs off her face. Riddhima felt something and moved a little in her sleep and now her head was on armaan’s chest but she was not comfortable as her head was slipping from there. Armaan held her in his arms and saw a smile adoring her face. He too smiled. He lowered the volume of tv and felt like looking at riddhima gave him much more satisfaction than looking at shinchan. 

He kept on looking at her pretty face and he himself did not know when he slept in that condition holding riddhima in his arms.

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