Friday, 8 August 2014

Part 23: We Belong Together

Basketball Court,

A basketball was being dribbled, forming a rhythmic sound. Suddenly it flies up in the air and BOOM, falls through the loop more commonly referred to as a basketball hoop. There’s a thrill in the air, the kind one feels when victoriously coming through something. The kind of victory one would feel upon winning the World cup or the super bowl. Thump, thump, thump, he dribbled the ball once again, eventually letting it fly through the air, through the hoop, and back to the ground. Riddhima reached the basketball court and saw Armaan playing, smilingly she went towards him.

‘Armaan’ she called out for him, 

Armaan turned back and the ball in his hand, left him automatically, He smiled at her, and went to her. He looked at Riddhima with his gleaming eyes . She was mesmerized by his eyes.

Armaan took out a Red rose from his pocket and gave it to Riddhima, Riddhima’s smile broadened seeing the rose. She stared at them for a while before he leaned in to give her a hug. He embraced her and was happy that she was enjoying it Riddhima sank her face into his chest as if to ask him to never let go of him. They were hugging with their bodies tightly held by the other. 
Her head felt heavy and her sight was becoming fuzzy. The surroundings around her was losing its brightness and falling dark around his body. Her vision was like a tunnel now and he was standing in the middle. Everything around her was gone, and all she could think to do was hug the only person still left. Reaching her hand out she grazed her fingers against his right arm, they didn't fall through the air, they brushed across his fair soft skin. Looking up at him she felt melted, he was here, with her. Like a surge of electricity flowed through her she felt her arms go up and wrap behind his neck, her cheek rest on his shoulder. She acknowledge like the feel of his arms around her torso and his hands resting on her back weren't enough. Like the warmth venting from his body. When they finally clasped each other in a warm, slow and luxurious hug, they felt all oppositions to their love had melted and the warm blood that they could feel in each others' loving embrace...made them feel they were finally joined as One! that no one could tear asunder ! Pulling her against him, He cuddled her in the folds of his arms .Pulling apart from the hug. Armaan looked deep into her eyes.
‘Riddhima I love you’ he whispered in her ear, while Riddhima blushed harder.
Riddhima: I love you too Armaan. She replied back turning red shades.

Picking up the ball. Riddhima drove the ball to the basket and shot. When the ball bounced off the rim, Armaan caught the rebound. He made a fast break down the court and scored a layup. Both Armaan and Riddhima held their head high, determined to do what it takes in order to win the game. Armaan bounced again and drove the ball down the court. He passed it back to Riddhima who shot a score. The ball soared through air and hit the backboard. It bounced and hit the rim. The ball spun around the rim maddeningly. Sweat began to roll as the ball was thrown into the air. Swiftly the game ended. They scored equally 3:3. Riddhima got breathless playing while Armaan adored her, Armaan caught her hand and took her towards his car, Riddhima sat down in the car, Armaan passed a bottle of water, Relaxed now

, Riddhima poured her anger.

Riddhima: Armaan, I missed you, why didn’t you pick up the call? She asked concerned.

Armaan: I miss you too Riddhima, and I slept off and then, woke up late. Sorry he said holding his ears, Riddhima smiled at his cuteness.

Riddhima: You will be forgiven on one condition Dr. Armaan Mallik. She said to him with a glitch of anger. Armaan raised his browns indicating her to go on.

Riddhima: Armaan. Let’s go to the beach. She said like a child infact demanded Armaan, Armaan smiled at her childish behavior drove towards the beach.
*------* *------* *------*

As they drove to Juhu beach. Riddhima rushed towards the water, followed by Armaan, Riddhima got hold of Armaan’s hand, and they went into water. 

They smelled the slightly typical mouldy seaweed that was caressing the soft sand. The sand that was cold and fine. Half crushed seashells of different sizes was rocking against some mini bays formed in the sand. The sea was calm 

The sand beneath their feet glittered brightly in the sunlight. Gone were the bright specks of umbrellas that dotted the seashore during the summer time. Gone were the sand castles and buckets and children playing happily along the shore. This winter time beach was lonely and almost frightening. The sea was now dark and turbulent seeming as though it was hiding some deep secret beneath its murky waters. The sky above was gray and stony Armaan and Riddhima walked to the edge of the shore and stood mesmerized by the dark sea. The sea seems angry. It crashed into the seaside, causing Riddhima to jump back, Armaan caught her hand tightly, not letting her to fall. A few seconds later, another crash comes towards them, this time almost knocking them over. They decide they have had enough. Armaan and Riddhima turned and walked back to the boardwalk. Armaan: Riddhima come with me, Armaan said, talking hold of her hand he took her towards a bench.

Armaan and Riddhima went towards a bench, They sat down to see the sun dawning. The sun was shining on the glistening sand, dashing two and fro as the sea ebbed and flowed, and in the distance the waves looked like white horses, galloping in unison, and crowning all this was the most beautiful sunset Riddhima had ever seen. She smiled. They sat silent on the lonely beach on the cold, They too seemed mesmerized by the dark and lonely sea.

They sat there hand in hand, watching the sunset, when Riddhima snuggled closer to Armaan. She felt cold, Armaan gave her his jacket and turned her towards himself. Riddhima hugged him tight. His emotions were running high when she gave him a hug and he then leaned in and started trailing small, slow kisses along the underside of her jaw, slowing down slightly under her chin, and then continuing down the other side of her jaw. She didn't seem to move or breath. He then moved his kisses slowly up onto her cheek, bringing his kisses slowly closer towards her lips.
When Armaan looked in Riddhima 's eyes her breath hitched.
‘Riddhima, I love you’ Armaan stated.

‘Armaan I love’

She was cut off but Armaan capturing her lips in a passionate kiss to tell her of all the love he had for her. Armaan started kissing the edge of her mouth, continuing his kisses along her lower lip and then along her upper lip. He then slowly opened his mouth a little and moved in for a simple kiss and then for a longer open mouthed kiss. He then broke the kiss for a second to gauge her reactions. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open as though she was lost and looking for more. She moved in for a stronger kiss at this point and they held it as a long, slow kiss, building passion between them. They kissed until Riddhima had to pull away for a breath. Riddhima blushed harder, Armaan chuckled a bit and, cradled her into his chest.

Armaan: Riddhima, let’s leave, its late. He said unwillingly.
Riddhima nodded her head, they walked towards the care when Riddhima spoke.

Riddhima: Armaan, I have to tell you a news.

Armaan: News, ? what is it Riddhima.

Riddhima: Armaan, Di ka rishta pakka hogaya hai, she said beaming and smiling. Armaan’s face fell a little when he heard that, He knew Atul loved Anjali from the very start.

Armaan: Anjali man gayi ? he asked her.

Riddhima: Yeah, di, man gayi hai.

Armaan: Waise ladka kaun hai ?

Riddhima: Vikas, Vikas Oberior, 

Armaan: Hmm… he said unable to express anything and they sat in car and drove off.



After another tiring working day, the interns sat in the canteen relaxing their veins.

Rahul: Oh…… Aaj toh bahoth thak gaye, Rahul said while pulling a chair to sit.

Atul: Yeah, Hitler to hamein mar hi dalegi, he said keeping is head on the canteen table.

Muskaan: Hmmm, mujhse to chala bhi nahi jaraha hai. She said exhausted.

Riddhima: Yeah, main bhi thak gayi hu…. Riddhima uttered.

Armaan: Aap ke garma garam coffee mam, Armaan said while 
forwarding a coffee mug to Riddhima.

Nikita: Armaan, Riddhima ke saath hum sab bhi yahi hai, she said angrily

Muskaan: Wohi toh, Armaan hamare liye bhi to Coffee mangwao, she said pounting. Armaan rolls his eyes and never the less he orders coffee for all. 

Anjali: Hey guyz…. Anjali said entering the canteen.

Armaan: Hey, Anjy … Congrats yaar, he said and bit his tongue.

Riddhima: Armaan… Riddhima blasted on Armaan.

Anjali: congrats, kiske liye Armaan ? she asked doubtedly.

Armaan: Wo, Kuch nahi Anjy, its nothing. He said avoiding .

Anjali: Armaan, common say it, kya keh rahe the tum ? She looked at Armaan suspiciously when she noticed Armaan was looking at Riddhima.

Anjali: Ridzy, U told Armaan ? she asked unbelievably.

Riddhima: Di, maine kutch nahi kaha, she justified.

Anjali: Armaan, U know it right, she asked him angrily. Armaan nodded his head in silence.

Anjali: I don’t believe this, Ridsy, tumne Armaan ko kyu batayi ? she asked shocked. Riddhima cursed Armaan and gave him The-Look, and murmered

Riddhima: Di, wo, main.. I mean… Riddhima fought with words

Rahul: Guyz, whats happening here ? He asked now, All the three of them.

Muskaan: Sahi kaha, Koi humein kutch batayega ? Muskaan blasted too.

Abhimayu: Anjali, Riddhima, baat kya hai bolo toh… he said

Nikita: Aur Armaan tumhe kya pata hai ? Nikita snapped too.
All the interns looked from Anjali to Riddhima, Riddhima to Armaan and then again back to Anjali, Riddhima and Armaan. When Anjali spoke up.

Anjali: Guyz, I need to tell you all something. She said finally.

Riddhima and Armaan looked on, while the rest were already waiting for them to spill the bean.

Anjali: Guyz, Am getting married soon, she said smilingly.

All the interns took time to recover what Anjali had just said, Soon, they was happiness all around, Everybody started wishing Anjali, Hugging her and congratulating her, Teasing her. 
Atul walked away hearing Anjali’s declaration, He loved Anjali and now she was getting married to someone else, He felt dejected and walked away, None noticed is absence except Armaan, Armaan signaled Riddhima that he ll be back soon, and Armaan walked away too to console Atul.
Atul stood on the terrace, Tears flowing through his eyes, Remembering all the sweet time spent with Anjali. Heartbreak is like the worst feeling in the world ! When they're not around, he felt depressed …It's the feeling of your heart shattering into a million pieces like a broken mirror, except all you can see in the shards of glass is their face. It's the feeling like the person you love is being ripped in a direction that you can't follow.Atul felt the same way, He cursed himself that he didn’t attempt even to say Anjali that he loved her so much. He was heartbroken. Armaan saw Atul standing there, lost, Crying his heart out. Armaan went to him and put a hand on his shoulder, Atul instantly wiped away his tears and turned around smiling, hiding his pain. Armaan noticed the change of expressions and felt bad for him, Atul was no less than a brother to Armaan, Armaan couldn’t see him that way.

Armaan: Atul, he called out.slowly. 

Atul: Armaan he said, trying to be normal.

Armaan: Atul, tu thik to hai na ? He asked worried.

Atul: ha Armaan, main bahoth khush hu, Anjali ki shadi ter hogayi hai. He said with loss of words and controlling hard not to cry.

Armaan: Atul, dekh, main samajta hu, he said consoling him.

Atul: Armaan he said and hugged Armaan, crying out, Armaan tried to talk.

Armaan: Dekh Atul, main janta hu, tum Anjy se pyar karthe ho. Atul looked up at Armaan. Armaan nodded his head.

Atul: Armaan, galati meri hai, main kabhi use bataya hi nahi ki main use kitna pyar karta hu, aur Anjali, Anjali ne kabhi samajh ne ki kosish bhi nahi ki.

Armaan: Atul, please, sambhalo apne aap ko, sat thik ho jayegay.

Atul: Thik ? Anjali ki shadi hoahi hai aur tum kheh rahe ho ki sab thik hojayega ?

Armaan: Atul, dekh, Agar tumhara pyar sacha hai, to wo tumhare paas zarror ayegi,

Atul: Anjali ?? Nahi Armaan, Anjali ne kabhi mujhe apne dost se badkar samajha hi nahi. Maine use kabhi apni dil ki baat bataya bhi nahi. Sab khatam hogaya hai….. Saying so, he walked away.
Armaan looked at his retreating back and felt bad. He wanted to make everything clear to Anjali, but he knew he couldn’t do that. He could’t hurt Anjali’s feelings nor Atul’s.

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