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Part 10:A Tale of two Strangers- AR

Mrs. Sharma left from their after saying all that when Riddhima shouts in excitement and turned around and gave a hug to Armaan. Riddhima was so excited that she dind’t know when in her excitement she hugged Armaan tightly and said

“Thank you…Thank you so much Armaan…” She said being all kiddish.
Armaan was all in daze. He was getting a whole different feeling in his heart by Riddhima’s touch. She was hugging him just like a child does. He was about to bring his hands to hug her when she herself step back. Riddhima was feeling nervous due to her act when
she heard Anjali’s voice
“Ohh…Ridzy….I am so happy for you..But suddenly aj kya huya tujhe…” Anjali asked her with amusing looks.
“wo..di..ahh…aj kisi ne mujhe samjhaya ki apni weakness ko accept karna chahiye…aur phir dark is baat ka kyuki jo log mere samne hai wo mere apne hee toh hai…aur yeh bhi ki agar mai khud par trust karti hoon toh koi bhi mushkil mujhe kabhi nahi rok payegi…”
Riddhima said all this while looking and smiling at Armaan. She was feeling really very proud today. Armaan smiled looking at her when some one patted his shoulder. He turns around only to find rahul standing with a naughty look on his face.
“Kya huya…aj bohot khush hai tu..” he asked while smirking at him.
Where as Armaan was thinking about his idioticness of staring and smiling at Riddhima in the view of whole gang.
“ Mai …haan wo assignment achha ho gaya na isliye khush…aur kya..” He said while twisting his words.
“Ohh samaj gaya…agar tu itna hee khush hai..toh jaa kar Riddhima ko congrats toh kehde..”
Armaan glared at Rahul and said
“Keh dunga…tujhe kya problem ho rahi hai..”
“Mujhe kya hoga…mai toh bas keh raha tha ki jaise Riddhima ne tujhe hug kiya…tujhe bhi toh kehna chahiye na..” He said while laughing a bit.
“Oyee Rahool…tu ja na..apna kaam kar…kyu mere piche pda hai bhai..”
He said while joining his hands.
“Achha ja raha hu….bas ek baat aur..” Armaan asked him from his gesture of nodding to continue..”ek free advice hai…agar usko aise sabke saamne ghurega..toh sabko pta chal jayega ki ..ahem ahem..”
Rahul moved to gang while saying this where as Armaan was quite embarrassed. Everyone was moving out of the room when Armaan called Riddhima
“Riddhima…Ek minute..”
She turned around and asked “Kya hua Armaan”
“Wo mujhe kehna tha” Armaan doesn’t understand why he was not able to speak in front of her when she herself spoke
“umm..Armaan tum bolo usse pehle mai tumse kuch kehna chahti hu..”
“Haan bolo na” He moved bit closer to her.
“Thank you and Sorry..” She said sweetly.
“yeh dono ek saath kisliye” He asked her getting all confused.
“Thank you isliye kyuki aj mai sirf tumhari wajah se yeh kar payi…agar tum mujhe himmat nahi dete aur mujh par apna vishwas nahi dikhate toh mai shyad nahi kar pati….Aur sorry isliye kyuki mai tumhe aj tak galat samajhti rahi…tum itne bhi bure nahi ho Mr. Armaan Mallik..”
She said while winking at him, making his smile go wide. He said
“Thanku so much Basket Ball..”
Riddhima glared at him angrily but then they both laughed together feeling all happy and satisfied they moved out to look for the gang.
Riddhima went to Library as she was having some work where as Armaan was waiting for her at college gate for about half and hour, as the gang decided to go for shopping for Nikki-Abhi's engagement party. They were getting late so they asked Armaan to wait for Riddhima to come. He too agreed happily as he wanted to spend some time with her.
He doesn’t know why but when she hugged him he was feeling so different. He so wished that their hug never have ended. He snapped back to reality by a horn sound of car that just passed from there. He thought to himself "Dude..yeh kya hu raha hai tujhe...Tu Riddhima ke baare mein itna kyu soch raha hai...Wo bas ek friend hai ar kuch nahi..samhja...Focus...Focus..relax...breathe in breathe out...."
He continued his activity unknown to him; Ridhima was watching him behaving weirdly and muttered
"Ab isse kya huya hai...yeh kya kar raha hai...Armaan Armaaaannnn " She called him in a loud tone as she saw he was busy with his thoughts.
He came back to reality hearing her voice and said
"ha..Haan Basket...Kya huya..." He asked her not knowing what had happened to him.
"You know what ...tum sach mein pagal ho.....mai tumhare bare mein galat nahi thi...waise ab kya chalne ka iraada hai ya.tumhe yahi khade rehna hai.." She said all this getting all irritated with him and his actions. Where as Armaan was trying to make himself normal and stop acting like an idiot before her.
Soon they reached the mall and joined the gang in their shopping. Everyone was busy in shopping where as Riddhima was getting all confused as she is no that much habitual of shopping and also mainly her most of the dresses are gifted or bought by her Mom or Anjali. Personally she finds shopping very irritating...but then for Nikki's sake she didn't oppose.
She thought to call Anjali for her help but when she turned around she saw Anjali busy with Atul and no one was there as they were shopping mostly in another shop. She was getting all irritated by the dresses and salesman who had almost emptied his section of clothes for her.
Suddenly she heard Armaan's voice behind her back.
"May I Help you Mam.." Armaan said coming in front replacing the salesman and asking him that he will help her. Salesman mouthed Thanku to him as he was too fed up with her.
"Armaan tum...aur meri help...rehne do...i will choose by my self.." She said again engrossed in the clothes.
"Ohh...wo toh dikh hee raha hai....bechara salesman bhi tumse bore ho gaya ..." He said while laughing..
"Thanks...but no thanks...mujhe pta hai tumhari choice kya hogi....aur kaisi hogi.." she said making faces.
"Arre meri choice mein kya kharabi hai....ladkiya marti hai iss handsome ke sath shopping par aane mein aur tum..uhh never mind..." He said while mocking at her.
"Chalo..yahi baat hai toh karo choose mere liye,..mai bhi dekhti hu tumhari pasand kaisi hai..."
"I am at your sevice basket.."
He almost surveyed whole showroom and Riddhima tired of his monkey nature sat on a chair having her head in her hands when suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder, It was Armaan holding an Indian dress in his hands. Riddhima was so memerised with the dress that she continued staring at the dress. Her trance broke when they heard Anjali and Muskaan.
"Wow....soo beautiful...Mujhe aisa hee lehenga chahiye tha...Armaan must say your choice is simple but superb..." Anjali said
"Haan hero....teri choice toh bohot hee achhi hai...mujhe bhi yeh dress chahiye.." Muskaan said getting all excited when Armaan interrupted
"Sorry Muskaan..yeh wali already book ho gayi hai Riddhima ke liye...basket kuch toh bolo kaisi lagi..."
"umm..Haan...bohot achhi hai...hmmm tumhari choice itni buri bhi nahi hai.." Riddhima said
'Dekha...Armaan Mallik ki choice par kabhi doubt mat karna..." he said dramatically.
Riddhima chuckled.


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