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Part 5: You and Me

Part 5

Shilpa was screaming in his arms and hitting on his chest with her small fist finally Armaan landed her on floor, and loosen up her hands which were tied.
Shilpa started to remove cloth from her eyes in hurry and finally she opened her eyes, she saw Armaan was standing in front of her she was going to shout at him when she glanced around and saw that she was in the house which was surely very beautiful.

She glanced back at Armaan and spoke innocently: Armaan where are we
Armaan smiled and spoke: In our house

Shilpa was getting very emotional, she roam around the living room of the house the interior of area was just amazed, slowly her eyes were being misty after all she was also a normal girl who has a dream to live one day in her own house with her husband, Armaan saw Shilpa roaming around and looking at house when he went near her, grabbed her hand and spoke: do you like it
Shilpa slowly glanced at him and spoke: this is our house I can't believe Armaan, house is so beautiful.

Armaan was glad that she liked his choice, he grabbed her hand and spoke: common let's go upstairs, Shilpa silently walked with him

And again she was surprise when Armaan opened the door of bedroom, she saw the room was the definitely best piece of house the color of room was dark purple and white curtains were perfectly giving compliment to color of room, Armaan was standing behind her, slowly Armaan placed his hands on her waist and kept his chin on her shoulder, Shilpa closed her eyes by flashing small smile on her lips.

Armaan whispered in her ear: this is our bedroom I hope you like it.
Shilpa was shivering by his words the way he spoke words that were giving butterflies in her stomach.
Shilpa turned to face him and she saw his eyes were staring at her lovingly.
Shilpa spoke softly: why did you do this,
Armaan smiled and spoke: I wanted to give you surprise, come let me show you terrace he grabbed her hand and they both walked upstairs at terrace.
Shilpa glanced around the whole terrace and saw a beautiful view of area and especially she loved a swing which was beautifully decorated with flowers even terrace was beautifully decorated with multi colors flowers. Smile was not disappearing from her face.

They both were standing in middle of terrace when Armaan sat on his knees he offered his hand front of her, he was holding a beautiful diamond ring with his fingers and spoke: Dr. Shilpa Malhotra will you marry me
Shilpa was completely shocked by his action she didn't knew what to say, she was staring at him with misty eyes
He again spoke: I don't know I am in love or what but there is one thing that I have realized is that you are the one with whom I want to marry and I want to live my whole life with you, will you marry me Shona.

Shilpa was feeling very special after hearing his words her mind was set now that she will marry him; she will try to know him and will be happy with him.

Shilpa nodded and slowly gave her hand in his hand, Shilpa's happiness was flashing in her eyes;
Armaan spoke funnily: please Shona say something my knees are paining

She started to laugh after many days she was so much happy and satisfied with her decision to marry him.
Shilpa spoke softly: yes Armaan Malik I'll marry you.

He smiled and slipped diamond ring on her finger. Armaan stood up smilingly and first time he hugged her tightly Shilpa was surprised by his sudden closeness why she always starts to melt in his touch her knees were going weak by his closeness, but she putted her hands around his back and hugged him back

Armaan moved back and spoke: Shona are you happy now I really want to know
Shilpa interrupted him and spoke: Armaan I am happy why you think so much, anyways why you suddenly buy this house
Armaan spoke: to give you surprise and to propose you
Shilpa spoke: Armaan I really liked this house it's simply beautiful
Armaan cupped her face in his hands and spoke: Shona I am glad that you liked it
Shilpa flashed a small smile when suddenly she remembered how he brought her here, she was firming in anger

Armaan noticed her facial expressions, widened his eyes and spoke: look Shona I can explain. He knew it why she was firming in anger,

Shilpa come close to him and spoke: is this the way to give surprise, what the hell you think of yourself Armaan, you kidnaped me how could you.

Armaan spoke laughingly: Shona if I have asked you to come with me would you have come tell
Shilpa shouted: stop laughing Armaan it was not funny ok I was scared

Suddenly Armaan pulled her closer by placing his hand on her waist and kissed her hard in between kiss he spoke: when I am with you, you don't need to be scared, kiss was going passionate that Shilpa couldn't help herself by kissing him back Shilpa's hand slowly was moving in his hairs he was kissing her again and again, finally Shilpa broke kiss feeling breathless, Shilpa was looking here and there.

Touching her soft lips with his thumb he spoke: you are just driving me crazy you know that I don't know how I can wait for tomorrow night, Shilpa was shivering by his words why always he make her shiver, suddenly she heard the tone of mobile and she widened her eyes after seeing the name of caller" dad" she attended the call and spoke: Hello

On another side: Shona where are you Billy and Anny finally left they both were getting late so we had our dinner and you are still not here

Shilpa bitted her lower lip and spoke: dad I will be back soon and don't worry bye.
She cut the call, looked at Armaan and spoke: Armaan I have to go dad is waiting and your mom dad had left, it's all your fault, Armaan rolled his eyes and spoke: whatever common I'll drop you home

Shilpa was standing near window of her room folding her hands on her tummy thinking about today's surprise of Armaan, she thought: tomorrow is a big day of my life, after tomorrow I will be known as Shilpa Armaan Malik how it will feel the new life the new house and I have to live with that Armaan Malik she closed her eyes feeling cool breeze through window, and slowly she recollected the moments which she had shared with Armaan.

Armaan was sitting on a couch in his room and looked at room he thought: not anymore I'll be alone, from tomorrow Shilpa will be here with me in my room.

Coming soon
World war 3 between Armaan and Shilpa

Ammy Loves Shona

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