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Mujhey teri zaroorat hai(os in 3 parts)

Last part 


Armaan and Atul reached highway 27.
Armaan got of the car and took out his gun.
Atul stopped him.

At: armaan abhi gun maat nikalo warna woh ridzi ko nuksaan phoncha sakte hain.

Armaan nodded And put his gun back and started to search.

They searched for an hour but no clue.
Just then armaan's phone rang.

Ar: Bol!
Man: tck… tck… tu kabhi sudrega nahin! Humesha baat ki gehrahi tak jayga!!

Ar; meri baat kaan khol ke suno!! Agar tune meri biwi ko haat bhi lagaya na to main Tera haat toddunga!

Armaan was boiling with anger.
Man: wah Armaan wah!!! Tum to highway 17 tak bhi pohonchgaye!! Dhoondo aur dhoondo! Shauk se dhoondo!! Shayed hum tume yahin kahin miljaye!!!

With that he cut the call. Armaan took a look here and there. But still no clue.
He started walking towards a pile of junk which was near the jheel. Suddenly he saw Riddhima's broken bangles.

Ar: Atul ye - yeh to riddhima ke kangan hai!!
At: iska matlab ridzi yahin kahin hai.

Just then Atul saw a man dragging women which had a knot on her mouth and hands.
When Atul saw her face he quickly told Armaan.

At: Buddy Teri riddhima milgayi
Ar: kahan???
At: woh dhek!!
Ar: iski himmat kaise hoyi riddhima ko haat lagane ki!

He clenched his jaw and went towards them.
Riddhima saw Armaan and got happy.

Ar; Maine kaha tha na mein tujhe pakad lunga!

With this the man turned around to give Armaan the shock of his life.

Ar: Sid- siddhant???

Armaan was beyond shocked that Siddhant would do this.

Ar: Teri himmat kaise hoyi?
Holding him from the collar. He was fuming.

Sid: tum bhool Gaye ho, main kissi bhi hadd tak ja sakta hoon.

Ar: mein college ki batein aur Phoorani baatein yaad nahin rakna Teri Tara!

Sid: chal koi baat nahi!! Yeh baat to tu humesha yaad rakhega ke main Teri hone wali biwi ko tere hi saamne mar diya!

He took riddhima's hand and twisted it on her back. And he put a gun on her waist.

 Armaan saw riddhima's pleading and bloodshot eyes. His jaw clenched and he took out his gun and pointed towards siddhant.

Sid: gun ko Niche phenk!

Armaan out his gun down slowly.
Ar: usse chor

Siddhant pushed riddhima and she landed in Armaan's arms. They were about to go but…
Sid: itni asaani se nahin, marunga to main, lekin tum Dono ko!!

Armaan looked at him and took off his sunglasses.

At: armaan yeh tu kya kehraha hai!
Sid: wah kitni asani se mangaye

Riddhima looked at Armaan, horrified.
Ar: I said shoot!!

Siddhant shooted and armaan quickly turned around and now the bullet hit his right arm as he was facing side ways.

Siddhant: yeh to miss hogaya leikin Main tujhe mar ke hi rahoon ga.

He shot another one and again it hit in armaan's arm. Blood was everywhere now and armaan turned again in his direction. Siddhant tried to shoot but there weren't any bullets left. Armaan Bent down and took his gun. He first shot Siddhant's leg, the arms.

Ar: itni asaan Maut nahin marne dunga tujhe.

Siddhant fell down and the police officers arrested. They took him and armaan put his hand on his arm as it was hitting really badly.

Ri: app theek to hain?

She was crying very badly. He cupped her face in one hand and said:

Main theek hoon riddhima! Chalo ghar chalein!!

Ri: nahin app abhi hospital chaliye!!

She quickly tied her dupatta around his arm. He tried to retort but riddhima didn't listen. They sat in the car and drove off to sanjeevani.


Atul was outside while riddhima was in the room dressing armaan.

Ri: armaan apni shirt utariye.
Ar: madam abhii humari shaadi nahi hoyi!! Control your hormones!!!

She blushed with this comment and his him on his arm.

Ar: ouch
Ri: I'm so sorry!!

She was dressing him and armaan was admiring her. He kept caressing her waist and it was getting difficult for riddhima to do dressing as already he was without shirt.

Ar: waise tum itna daar kyun gayi thi jab mujhe goliyan lagi!!

Ri: apne meri waja se goliyan kyun kahein?

Tears were forming in her eyes. He quickly wiped them before they came out.

Ar: kyun ka kya matlab hai! Tumhara hone wala pati hoon!! Tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon!

She quickly hugged him and cried on his shoulder.

Ri: (crying) I……I love… y…you!!!
Ar: I love you too!! Pata hai jab tumhe us kamine be kidnap kiya tha to meri Jaan nikal gayi thi!

She kept crying on his shoulder.

Ar: madam ab meri patti kardein! Agar aisse hi chipakna hai to abhi mandir mein ja ke maang mein sindoor barh deta hoon!! Shaadi tak wait nahi karna parega!

She blushed very hard and he said: oye hoye!
She started doing his dressing again.
After a few minutes they came out of the room.

At: armaan tu theek to hai?
Ar: haan yaar ab to kuch zada hi theek hogaya Hoon dawa ke Saat Saat kuch aur bhi milgaya!

Riddhima blushed and Atul understood that they confessed their love to eachother.

They went back home.


Armaan came in with the help of riddhima and atul. Ananya saw riddhima and quickly hugged her tightly. After her Billy, shashank and Padma came and hugged her.

Bi: beta apne to humari Jaan hi nikal di thi!!!

Nikki came foward and hugged her.

Ni: bhabzzzz ap kahan thi hum Sab ko decades bana diya tha!!!
Riddhima giggled. While others smiled warmly.

Pa: arre armaan beta yeh kya hoa!! Tum log saare apne baaton mein busy ho aur dekho Bichare ko kitni chot ayi hai!!

Ar: arre nahin Aunty riddhima ne patti kardi hai!!
Nikki and Anjali: ohhhhh to riddhima ne patti kardi!!!

Riddhima blushed and shashank said:

Bas Karo ab kitna tang Karo GE Bichare ko!

Soon they all ate dinner.


Riddhima and armaan were sitting In the mandap while the pandit was chanting.
Armaan quickly took hold of her hand. She looked at him. She was looking breathtaking.
It was time to put mangalsutra.
He put mangalsutra on her neck and said: I love you , ab humara intezaar khatam!!

She blushed and he put sindoor which fell on her nose.
He smiled widely.


Love Humaira,
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