Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Part 1:Milenge Milenge

Somewhere in France
''Mom!!!!!!!!!!!'' She shouted loud waking up....panting and looking around in her room
''Shilpa...What happened to you baby??'' She rushed to her daughter...hugging her and pulling her heads on her chest comforting her
''I dunno mom...I felt like someone was pushing me and telling me to go away...his voice was full of pain'' She whispered...sweating hard...trying to remember and assemble the puzzle of her dream together to get a clearer view
''Ragini what happened to shilpa??...why did she scream??'' He ran to his wife and daughter tensed
''Nothing happened Raj...just that...your daughter again watched some crazy horror flick and got scared'' she hid her smile biting her lips
''Ma !! rubbish i din't watch any horror flick...it was sooo real'' she broke the hug..pulled her teddy close to her chest..and curve her rosy lips in a pout
''Shilpa...don't pay attention to her...she's mad...but you trust me right princess...you know till am here no one can harm my daughter'' he sat next to get and smile...on seeing his daughter place her head in his lap
''SO am mad'' She glared at her naughty hubby but soon smiled looking at her daughter happily sleeping in her hubby lap
''She looks soo beautiful..and grown up'' her eyes started to wet
''Ragini...stop your tears...it will soon turn into tears of happiness....Nikhil asked shilpa's Hand...for his son...Veer...you know he's most eligible bachlor in town'' His tone changed to an excited one...but her face fell on hearing the latter...''what happened Ragini??...You aint happy??''
''Raj..i think you should ask to Shilpa..what's her views about this...maybe she got other plans'' she said remembering something
''Kya matlab?? Meri beti hain...she will of course listen to my decision'' he said as a matter of fact
''woh sab toh thik hain raj..but maybe shilpa got some other dreams...you only think...till date No one got in medical in our family except shilpa...it's her dream to be a pediatrist raj'' she said looking at her daughter and caressing her soft hairs
''But she can pursue her career after wedding ragini...i don't get it what's wrong??'' he was puzzled
She took a long breath before annoucing the news..''Shilpa wants to continue her medicals in India...Sanjeevani hospital'' she looked at her hubby hoping for a positive respond...she still remember when her daughter confided to her that she wanted to go to india to continue her internship...she already applied for it...and got accepted...Why wouldn't she??...she was highly qualified
But instead of finding any respond she found him...shifting shilpa's head on a pillow...and moving out of room
''I promise you shilpa...i will never let any dream of yours go unfulfilled...if you wanna do this i'm always going to be with you'' she whispered to her sleeping daughter...kissing her forehead
Somewhere in Uk
''Kya hum bhaag ke shadi karsakte hain'' she removed her curls from her eyes...looking at the guy sitting infront of her
''Shut up muskaan!!'' he was irritated...and she was here cracking pj's
''Why are you shouting at her rahooool?'' He entered in filmy style...pulling a stool under him
''armaan!! You would have had understood if Sanjeevani dean would have had been your would be father in law'' he ranted in anger....''but unfortunately he's mine''....''A.k chadda'' he shouted as if asking God ''why''
''Oye rahul...chup kar...My dad isn't that bad'' she sounded herself confused at her last statement
''Right...he's not that bad...he's really bad...and you're here messing up with my nerves..mus!!?'' He screamed at her
''Chill both of you..Rahul...Instead of worrying...what will your would be father in law do to you...let's be happy we all got selected in sanjeevanee for our internship'' he sounded elated... true...it was because he couldn't wait to get back home...to his brother...mom and dad
''By the way armaan...tell me something'' he turned to him finally realizing his presence
''Ask your something rahul'' he took a bite of his apple
''You never attended any class...i never saw you with any book...then how the hell you topped the university and we being hard working student scored passing numbers?????!''He screamed his last bit in his ears...driving sense in muskaan
''areh wah rahul...tere mein samaj naam ki chidiya bhi hain'' she bit her tongue on receiving a glare from him
''Well rahool...that's called talent'' He grinned evily..mentally thinking about the same'' how on earth did he topped the university...he feared about not getting passing grade...''oh forget it guys...i need to call my Bestie'' he moved ahead to grab his phone....punched some numbers..and placed the receiver on his ears
''Hello'' He received a response from the opposite side
''Dad !! Am coming back to india'' he shouted excitedly on the phone
''Armaan !!!!! is that true???'' he shouted back
''What happened shubankar?? why are you shouting soo hard??'' she got out of the kitchen looking at her hubby grinning like a baby
''Armaan is coming back kirti'' he bleemed with happiness...while she stood forcing a smile on her lips
''why??'' she tried to sound happy
'''wait armaan...i'll put it on speaker'' as he said those word...the phone got on speaker
''Mom dad...i got my entry in sanjeevani....I'll be known as dr armaan nowon...and you both are going to be the proud parents of dr armaan'' he screamed happily annoucing his sucess
''Oh armaan...we're soo proud of you...i can't wait to share this to atul...he'd be soo happy...come back as soon as possible beta'' he replied getting emotional
''Bestie...relax..i'll be infront of you in less than 1 week''
''Okay fine...am disconnecting...can't wait to see you son'' he added a fatherly touch
He disconnected the phone and watched his wife making her way back to the kitchen
''what's wrong kirti...you don't seem happy?? listening about armaan's come back?'' he asked in a confuse tone
'sarcastically she added ''am very happy sub...to watch that man..''
Before she could continue...she stopped hearing her screams
''Shut up kirti...Not a word...and yes...don't forget..armaan is our son...and he should never know about the truth''
''which truth dad''
Their conversation broke by a third voice...they turned on their heels and watched their elder son
''Atul...armaan is going to do his internship in sanjeevani''
''what wow dad!!Even i got confirm today for my internship in sanjeevni'' it was double celebration for them
''There's nothing to be happy in this atul'' she spited with bitterness
''You're elder to armaan...and you are both going to be in the same batch'' both atul and subankar at her outburst knowing it was invalid
''mom...i don't get it...you should be infact happy both of your son are stepping in their career life together'' he tried to poke some sense in his mother
''i would have had been happier if armaan would have had been your junior'' she uttered angrily
''mom...you're unbelievable...and i tried last year mom...i gave it my best...but i failed'' he was suddenly feeling drained out
''Yes you failed...that's the problem''
''Enough kirti!!You said enough'' he shouted angrily and both found her huff and leave the room
''what's wrong with mom at times dad??''....''forget about being happy for me..she was n't even happy for armaan??''' he questioned his dad
''forget it atul...you know her'' he tried to encourage his son
He nod and left the room...while subankar stayed behind
''Hello'' a lady answered
''Armaan is coming back'' he gave her the news hearing her sigh...''don't you want to see him??''' he continued
''no i don't...but thanks for informing'' she disconnected the call and stood infront of a pic...whispering...''Riddhima''

Part 1 ....Confusing confusing confusing lol i hope no tomatoes no potatoes are awaiting for me....good and bad critics are always welcomed
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@ nikita - Thank you for motivating..contiuined :P
@mpakeez- Heyya glad you found it interesting...and whether it's gonna be ar or arsh...it's a mystery...hook up for a while...you'll get the answer soon
@humaira-Continued....hope i din't screw your excitement with this part : )
@madiha - And yes :P two treat in one meal haha....dunno if did justice for the interesting part
@Dik- thank ya...I hope it's still interesting hehe
@sophia-hey you go girly..a fresh update...hope i didn't dissapoint ya :P
@bacha- Haila!!! You recognized ....meko laga nahi karegi when i saw res...oh my baby love you more...for once i tried to combine both ar(kasu) and arsh let's see kya nikalti hain...ange for anjali :p socha guess who todhi si modify karun...but u recognized aise hi
@punam di- Updated...hope achi likhi hain hehe....and is mein na both ar and arsh ki treat milegi apko kabhi kabhi apki billi dayalu hojati hain for a change 

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