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part 21: Ankahey Rishtey

Breakfast table all the malliks were seated.. Ridhaan was sitting in Ridhhima's lap.. she was trying to make him eat something coz he has to go his play school.. "Shonu.. kya problem hai.. kyun nahi kha rahe aap.. yeh to aapka favourite hai.." Ridhhima finally said after battling.. "mujhe school nai janaa.. mujhe naani paas janaa hai.." He said pouting.. nd was really adamant.. he knew the strongest weapon to get any of his elders on track with him was his tears..  nd he also knew that if his mother sees him crying she would do anything to make him smile.. when after so many efforts nd pleadings no one softened Ridhaan finally used his weapon.. two fat tears come rolling from his big eyes.. he jumped from Ridhhima's lap nd went to his room quietly leaving the rest with the guilt.. Ridhhima picked up the phone nd asked Padma if they were at home so that she can drop Ridhaan for a while.. Padma was more than happy nd instantly said yes..
Ridhhima made her way to Ridhaan's room who was lying on his bed upside down clutching at his favourite brown teddy bear.. Ridhhima sat at the edge nd brushed his hair with love.. saying "Shonu.. aap yahan araam se lete ho aur vahan naani aapka wait kar rahi hain.. chalo ready ho jao.. buddy will drop you.." listening to this he immideately had a smile on his face.. Ridhhima took him in her lap nd wiped his tears.. "Mamma ne kitni baar bataya haina aapko ki mera shonu jab rota hai to mamma ko bilkul achha nahi lagta.. mere baby ki smile kitni pyaari hai.." she said kissing him nd tickling him.. he just hugged her happily saying "mamma sabse achhi.. love you.."
Ridhhima had asked Karan to report early so she left with Radhika while Armaan who has asked Adi to report at the normal time went to drop Ridhaan to the Gupta house.. "buddy aap bhi chaloge naani ke ghar.." Ridhaan asked innocently.. Armaan smiled nd ruffled his hair saying "Nahi buddy.. mujhe Sanjeevni jana hai.." Although he had time but he wanted to reach before time nd plan something with Adi to get back at Tina for her attempt to create a rift in his nd Ridhhima's relationship..
Armaan nd Ridhaan were standing outside Gupta house.. Shashank answered the door.. as soon as he opened the door Ridhaan quickly ran in to Padma after giving armaan a final kiss nd biding bye.. Armaan bent down to take blessings from Shashank.. "Sir ab main chalta hoon.." Armaan said handling Shashank a small bag which had Ridhaan's toys.. "mujhe aapse baat karni thhi Dr.Mallik.." Shashank said in a heavy voice.. "Jjj..jjii.. sir kahiye na.." Armaan fumbled..
Shashank invited him inside nd they sat in his study.. Armaan was curious coz it had been almost 6yrs. now he has had a same experience when he went to ask for Ridhhima's hand in marriage.. but now he is not sweating, he was calm nd waited for Shashank to start.. he expected him to talk about him nd Ridhhima nd that's true.. Armaan came out of the thoughts when Shashank started "maine kabhi nahi socha thha ki Ridhhima aapke saath khush rahegi.. mujhe aapse kabhi koi problem nahi thhi.. Mujhe takleef thhi to iss baat se ki meri beti ek aise insaan se shaadi karne ka sapna dekh rahi thhi jo meri nazar mein uske kaabil nahi thha.." he sighed nd continued "lekin aaj jab main usse dekhta hoon to uski muskurahat uski aankhon tak pohochti nazar aati hai mujhe.. Ridhaan ke saath waqt guzaarta hoon to lagta hai jaise Ridhhima ka bachpan phirse ji raha hoon.. usne kai baar bataya ki vo apne mama aur buddy se kitna pyar karta hai.. lekin kabhi maine uske mooh se yeh nahi suna ki tumne usse gussa kiya.. aur phir kal tumhare parents ko vahan dekh kar aisa laga jaise main khud hi apne aap ko aur Padma ko unn khushiyon se dur rakh raha hoon.."
Armaan understood his delimma nd wanted to ease him of it so he said "Sir main khush hoon ki aapne aaj mujhe baat karne ke liye bulaya.. main aapki beti se apni jaan se bhi zyada pyaar karta hoon.. aur Ridhhima aaj meri zindagi ka sabse bada sach hai.. usne mujhe jeena sikhaya hai.. jis Ammy ne kabhi disco aur hotels ke aage kuch socha hi nahi thha usse Ridhhima ne rishton ka matlab sikhaya.. usne hi mujhe dosti aur pyar ka matlab sikhaya.. Jis Dr.Mallik se aap nafrat karte thhe sir vo kab ka marr chuka hai.. aapke saamne Ammy Mallik nahi Ridhhima ka Armaan baitha hai.. jo sirf yahi chahta hai ke jaise Ridhaan ko apne daadi-daadu ka pyar mil raha hai vaise hi Naani-naanu ka bhi mile.. "
"You're talking maturely Dr.Mallik.. sach kahun to bohot waqt se apni galtiyon ki maafi mangna chahta thha lekin kabhi himmat nahi hui.. kal jab aapke parents ko vahan deka to laga ki jab vo apni naraazgi bhula kar meri beti ko apna sakte hain to main kyun na aapse maafi mang kar usse aur khushiyaan doon.. kal jaate waqt jab maine aapko aashirwaad diya to maine aap dono ki khushi dekhi thhi.."
Armaan smiled nd said "Ji sir.. aap sahi keh rahe hain.. kal Ridhhima sach mein bohot khush thhi.. aur main bhi.. aapka aur buddy ka.. I mean Ridhaan ke rishtey mein hamesha se hi pyar thha lekin kahin na kahin lagta thha ki agar aap Ridhhima se bhi rishta na todte to.." he was cut in between by Shashank "beta vo meri bhool thhi.. kya aap kabhi mujhe maaf kar payenge.. mujhe apni puri family wapas chahiye.."
"Sir.. apne abhi mujhe beta kaha.. aur itni der se aap mujhe aap-aap karke bula rahe hain.. main aapse chota hoon sir.. umr mein bhi aur rishtey mein bhi.. aur maafi humein mangni chahiye.. aapko dukh humne pohochaya.. aapne to Ridhhima ka bhala hi chaha thha na.. kya aap vo sab bhula kar mujhe apna beta maan sakte hain sir.. please.." Shashank smiled between his tears nd hugged Armaan.. Finally both Armaan nd Ridhhima had their family's consent to their relationship.. Armaan's heart was dancing but he controlled his feelings so that he doesn't prove himself insane infront of Shashank again.. he then took a leave coz he had to go Sanjeevni aswell while Shashank just stood in the balcony.. he saw Armaan jumping nd dancing while moving to the car nd then he zoomed away..
Shashank was now contented.. he felt light.. he has apologised for all his misbehaviour to person who has taken it calmly.. he wanted to talk to Ridhhima as well but he didn't had a heart to face her.. he felt disgusted of himself for deserting nd disowning his own daughter all these years..
"Kya baat hai.. soft toy.. chocolates.. flowers.. aur yeh packet.. ekdum se itne saare gifts.. Dr.Armaan Mallik aaj romantic mood mein hain.. now come on spill the beans.. kya hua.. whats the news..?" Ridhhima asked when on the way to hospital Armaan got flowers, teddy, chocolates nd a dress with matching jwellery for her.. nd ofcourse his face had that 1000 watt smile with deep dimples.. he just winked as an answer.. in the mean while Radhika along with Karan nd Adi joined them in Ridhhima's cabin.. they were also surprised to see all the gifts..
"I think hum galat waqt par aagaye.. hum baad mein aate hain tab tak aap log apna romance khatam karlo.." Radhika said teasingly to which Ridhhima glared nd said "Nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai.. aaj Armaan bohot khush hai lekin bata nahi raha what is it.. ghar par to normal thha na Radhika.."
Seeing Radhika nodding armaan smiled nd said "Okk.. lets play a game.. so rules are you have two chances to guess the news.. if Radhika, Adi or Dr.Karan guesses it right then they'll get what they want nd if you guess right I'll give you a sweet kiss.." Armaan said to Ridhhima naughtily to which Ridhhima blushed nd instantly replied "Theek hai phir mujhe nahi khelna yeh game.. tum teeno guess karo.." Armaan pouted like a kid at Ridhhima's reply while others stifled their giggles.. "Okk fine now start.. Adi you first.."
"Umm.. I think either Dr.Kirti has given you a  week off to both of you or its something about Ridhaan.." Adi said "NO.. Dr.Karan ur turn.." Armaan said looking at Ridhhima's curious face "Umm.. I don't know sir.." Karan said hesitantly "Okk.. so Radhika.." "Well.. Tina is going back or yeah may be its something about Ridhaan.." Radhika said.. 
Armaan rolled his eyes nd smiled at Ridhhima who was still waiting "Armaan ab tum bata rahe ho ya nahi.. mujhe pata hai it is something big.. ab jaldi bolo warna main ja rahi hoon rounds par.."
"Wah Wah.. curiosity chupane ke liye gussa.. well tried Dr.Basket.." Armaan teased.. Ridhhima frowned nd finally got up to leave.. "Fine.. matt batao.. I'm going.. jab yeh games khelne ka mood khatam ho jaye to bata dena.." Ridhhima said in a irritated tone while the amused interns were quiet listening to the convo.. "Aur agar main abhi bata doon to.." Armaan said to which Ridhhima immideately turned nd said "to batao na.. I'm waiting.."
"Umm.. actually I think.. Tumhe thoda aur wait karane ka idea bura nahi hai.." Armaan said smiling slyly.. he was having a ball looking at the hundreds of expresions on her beautiful face nd deep green eyes..
listening to him Ridhhima was angry now "Armaan.. tum na.. chodo.. tumse koi baat karna hi bekaar hai.. you just go to hell.. " she said pointing her finger at him.. he caught her finger with his nd said "hey basket address to batati jao.." looking at his naughty face she got all the more irritated nd huffed towards the gate saying "main bhi kis se behes kar rahi hoon.. huh.." All the interns there found it really amusing but didn't dare to laugh..
just as she was at the gate Armaan said "Basket, sasurjee ne aaj shaam ko ghar bulaya hai.." listening to him Ridhhima froze.. she couldn't believe what she heard just now.. she needed a confirmation "kya..kya matlab.. ghar bulaya hai.." Armaan knew what she had been going through.. even he pinched himself looking at his parents at his place for the first time.. he raised his eyes brows nd smiled at her blinking "tum sahi soch rahi ho.. he was really guilty for what he did.. he wants to see you in the evening.."
Ridhhima had tears in her eyes listening to this.. she still couldn't believe that her father has left his ego nd anger nd has accepted their relationship.. as the thoughts crossed her mind she looked at Armaan who was smiling at her.. Radhika so happy at this in excitement she hugged Karan which was not noticed by AR nd Karan was left numb for a minute..
Radhika entered the locker room to find it completely empty.. she took out her belongings from the locker nd found a new message.. she smiled looking at the sender, it was Karan.. "changing room mein surprise hai.."  She was confused about the message she didn't knew whether to enter the changing room or not.. but her curiousity lead her in..
As she entered she almost jumped in fright.. It was Karan standing there nd as soon as he saw her he got her into an unexpected hug.. "Karan.. kya hai.. chodo.." Radhika said in an irritated voice.. "Yeh surprise ki planning thhi ya shock ki.."  listening to her Karan made a sad baby face nd said "Haan haan.. main din bhar tumse akele milne ke liye tadapta raha lekin tumhe iss se kya.. itni der ho gayi sirf tumhe hug karke thosi pyaari pyaari baatein karna chahta thha.. aur tum ho ki.. huh..!" He crossed his hands on his chest nd turned around.. Radhika smiled at his kidish behaviour nd turned him around.. she held her ears nd very cutely said sorry to him..
While on the other hand Ridhhima was looking for Karan.. since he had finished with his duty she wanted to talk to him about Radhika.. her first thought was to look at nurse station nd then she proceeded towards the locker room.. she sighed coz even the locker room was empty.. as she turned to go she heard afew murmuring sounds from the changing room.. she frowned nd stepped closer..
She was surprised coz she heard Radhika's voice.. "Karan.. please abhi niklo yahan se.. koi agaya to problem ho jayegi.." listening to this Ridhhima had an evil smile on her face she decided to stay quiet nd listen.. "dekha.. tum phirse dur jaane ki baat karne lagi.. theek hai.. fine.. jao ab nahi rokunga.. waise bhi meri parwah kise hai.. " Karan said making a baby face.. "Karan don't get cute with me.. tumhe pata haina ki humare baare mein abhi sirf Adi aur bhabhi jaante hain.. " she said in a warning manner.. "Kya yar Radhika.. isse better to hum dost hi thhe.. kam se kam bina tension ke milte aur baat to karte thhe.. "
"Haan haan.. mere samne hi awaaz nikalti hai tumhari.. bhaiya aur bhabhi ke saamne kuch bolke dikhao.. (looking at Karan's frowning face) please na Karan.. kisi ne dekh liya to kya kahenge.. please let go off me.. please.." she said very cutely.. looking at her cute face his irritation vanished..
After their cute banter they emerged out of the changing room only to find Ridhima standing there with Adi with a smirk on her face.. Radhika gave a deadly look to Karan nd then looked at Ridhhima nervously.. sensing the situation even Karan was scared.. he had once dreamt of him being fired from Sanjeevni nd it was Ridhhima who had given him his restication letter.. he mentally kicked himself for thinking this NOW..
"Kya ho raha thha yahan..?.." Ridhhima asked in a stern voice..
"Umm.. bhabhi vo.. umm.. main.." Radhika had no words to answer..
"Dr.Karan.. yeh sab kya hai..?" Ridhhima agin said in a strict voice leaving Karan gulping.. "Vo.. mam.. vo.. main to bas.. umm.. vo.. hum.."
looking at their faces Ridhhima nd Adi couldn't control nd burst out laughing like maniacs.. They had got the same expressions they've thought of.. while Karan nd Radhika were damn confused about all this..
"Yeh dono hass kyun rahe hain..? bhabhi to abhi gusse mein thhi..!" Radhika whispered to Karan.. "Haan.. mujhe to lag raha thha ki aaj main suspend hone vala hoon.." Karan said in confusion..
"Nahi Karan teri duty khatam ho chuki hai to tujhe suspend nahi karenge.." Adi said as he heard Karan.. Karan was embarressed.. while Radhika was mortified.. "Arre ab tum dono embarress hona and bhi karo.. main yahan tum dono se tum dono ke baare mein hi baat karna chahti thhi.. if Karan promises not to feel nervous nd sweat.. just like he is doing right now.." Ridhhima said mocking at Karan to which Radhika instantly replied "bas karo na bhabhi.. vo pehle hi aapse bohot darta hai.."
"Oohhoo.. ab to Radhika, Karan ki side se bolne lagi hai bhabhi.. samhal ke rehna.. pyar insaan se kuch bhi karva sakta hai.." Adi said in a sarcastic tone.. Radhika came towards him thundering "Adi tu bilkul chup rahega.. varna aaj teri kher nahi.." For a moment Adi stayed quiet like a baby but next minute he burst out laughing looking at Karan's amazed face at Radhika's anger.. "Radhika itna gussa matt kar.. dekh bechara Karan kaise apne future ke baare mein sochke darr raha hai.."
After a while of teasing session Adi had to report to Armaan for a surgery.. as soon as he left Ridhhima looked at Karan nd Rdhika seriously.. she knew Jai nd Tina might be coming anytime now nd she was too happy to face Tina nd confront her for her disgusting parcel plan.. so she took them to her cabin..
They had a simple nd honest chat for one nd a half hour after which Ridhhima seemed satisfied about their relationship.. but still Karan hadn't told them that his Ex-wife was Tina Kapoor..
"I'm really happy for both of you.. aur Armaan se bhi main baat karlungi.." Ridhhima said smiling at the duo..
**Dr.Radhika.. report to ICU-2..**
"lekin meri duty to khatam.. " radhika said in a confused tone to which Ridhhima said "Haan par tumne abhi register sign nahi kiya hoga.. jao emergency hogi.." as Radhika left Ridhhima turned to Karan.. looking at Ridhhima Karan shifted uncomfortablly in his seat.. "Karan.. I just want to thank you for helping Adi nd Radhika when Tina planned that parcel trick.. nd also for warning me against her.." Karan smiled nd nodded in acknowledgement nd Ridhhima continued "lekin mujhe ab tak nahi samajh ayaa.. how do you know so much about her.." 
Karan looked down nd said "Mam zindagi bohot kuch sikhati hai.. aur kuch chehre aise hote hain jinka dhoka zindagi bhar nahi bhulaya ja sakta.. Tina Kapoor is a bloody liar nd an opportunist.. aur yeh hi sach hai.. " saying this Karan excused himself nd left.. while Ridhhima kept wondering nd trying to understand the exact implication of his words..
It was around 7 when Armaan nd Ridhhima reached Gupta house.. Ridhhima was still abit hesitant.. Armaan knew it so he just gave her an assuring smile nd asked her to moved forward..
Padma answered the door.. she was looking extremely happy.. looking at Ridhhima she just hugged her tight with tears flowing from her eyes..Armaan saw the ladies prepared to flood Gupta house with their tears so he went forward nd hugged them both.. "Maa.. beti aa gayi to bete ko bhul gayi aap.." Armaan said grumpily.. listening to him both Padma nd Ridhhima came out of hug nd gave a faint smile.. Armaan chuckled nd said "Finally.. mujhe laga aaj to yahan aasuon ki baarish hone waali hai.."
He made a face when both the ladies hit him on the arm nd got in.. 
"Maa.. Ridhaan kahan hai..?" Ridhhima asked.. "Beta vo upar hai.. Anjali bhi Naina ko yahan chod gayi thhi subah.. to dono saare din khelte rahe.. aur thodi der pehle thak kar so gaye.." 
Ridhhima went to her room upstairs while Padma went to inform Shashank that Ridhhima had come..
A smile graced Ridhhima's lips on entering the room.. she saw Ridhaan nd Naina (Anjie's daughter) sleeping on her nd Anjali's bed.. first she sat by Naina nd kissed her.. then she came to Ridhaan.. he had a small smile on his lips showing half a dimple.. Ridhhima kissed his forehead nd patted him as he shifted uncomfortably in his sleep..

Slight tears formed in her eyes when she saw her father standing by the end of the bed with arms streched out.. with no delay she ran to him nd hugged him.. she cried her heart out calling him Papa in between her sobs.. unknown to them Armaan nd Padma had been standing at the door looking at them..
"I'm sorry beta.." Shashank said caressing Ridhhima.. "Nahi papa.. aapko sory kehne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.. aap bas ab kabhi humein paraya matt karna.." Ridhhima said sobbing.. With there sounds of sobbing nd talking Ridhaan was awake now.. he squealed finding his mother nd father there too.. he quickly crawled on bed to Ridhhima hugged her from waist.. "Mamma.. maine aapko bohot mish kiya.." His words graced a big smile on Ridhhima's lips.. She unhugged Shashank nd sat down on the bed's edge nd took him in her lap..
"Mamma ne bhi aapko bohot miss kiya Shonu.." Ridhhima said wiping her tears nd kissing Ridhaan.. "Mamma pata hai maine naani-nanu aur Naina ke saath bohot shaare games khele.. aur nanu ne aapki aur maashi ki photos bhi dikhayi.." Ridhaan told her in an exciting tone.. "Arre wah.. aaj aapne bohot masti ki na.. aur naani-nanu ko bohot sataya hoga.. haina..?" Ridhhima asked in a loving tone.. "Nai.. maine kisi ko nahi sataya.. main mamma ka good boy hoon.." Ridhaan said in an adorable tone making a cute face..
Next moment he ran to Armaan who picked him up giving a high five.. 
"hey Buddy.." Ridhaan hugged Armaan as she found a chocolates for himself in his shirt pocket.. "Thank you buddy.." Ridhaan said kissing Armaan's cheeks flashing his dimples..
Shashank was happy looking at them nd hugged Ridhhima from the side.. soon Gupta house was full of masti nd chatters as even Anjali nd Atul came for dinner.. they congratulate both Armaan nd Ridhhima that finally everyone in both the families is happy with this relationship..
after chattering for sometime, Padma nd Ridhhima served dinner while Anjali got Naina from the room.. She was set free on the ground to crawl wherever she wants to.. while Ridhaan was eating food from Ridhhima.. In between Ridhhima gave Armaan a deadly glare when she felt his toe rubbing hers under the table.. he had a naughty smile graced on his lips.. She warned him, requested him, begged him through eyes but he had no stopping.. he kept on doing that naughtily nd sensuously till Anjie dropped her spoon by mistake..
After dinner.. it was almost 11 now.. Armaan nd Atul decided to leave but Anjie said that she nd Ridhhima will be staying back for the night.. they want to chat nd catch up.. Ridhhima also nodded in agreement.. Poor guys had no choice but to agree when even Shashank nd Padma requested..
Atul went up to the room to see Naina while Armaan whispered Ridhhima to drop him off to the car.. "Armaan tumhe sharam nahi aati.. kya kar rahe thhe tum dinner table par..?" Ridhhima said as soon as they were at a distance nd noone was around.. instead of replying Armaan took her by surprise nd kissed her hard.. considering none of her pleads he kept on probing her lips till she replied with equal passion.. as they broke her head was swaying due to the passion that had just taken over.. understanding this Armaan took into a gentle hug.. they parted when he saw Shashank nd Ridhaan approaching.. Armaan touched Shashank's feet nd kissed Ridhima nd Ridhaan's forehead nd left..
AR were on top of the world.. now they have no regrets of hurting anyone with their relationship.. both the families have accepted the fact that they are very happily married.. although Armaan didn't wanted to go without Ridhhima but he couldn't say NO coz he knew Ridhhima wanted all this so dearly.. ie. Visiting her father's place nd having a reunion with her sister, chatting at night with her for hours discussing about their lives..


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