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Part 6:Love Binds Our Destiny AR FF

Manglam Bhagwan Vishnu
Manglam Garud Dhweje
Manglam Kundli Kaxya
Manglay Tano Hari
Armaan is sitting in front of agni kund doing the rituals that pandi ji is telling him to do. He is surrounded by thousands of people as all of them comes for their Yuvraj's wedding and his all ancestarl relatives all his friends. As soon pandit ji speaks
Pa:"bahu rani (nandini) kanya ko bulayiye"

He said and nandini nodded her head in assent and then she moved towards the room where riddhima is getting ready and as she knocked and entered inside the room she finds riddhima with samriti and all the beauticians seeing nandini samriti said beauticians to go as there work is done and then as soon nandini's gaze fell on riddhima she is astonished to see her decked in red gold lehenga she is looking so beautiful that nandini's heart shouted her innee turnoil 'how on the earth armaan did not fell for her she has everything that a man can desire for she is perfect for him if he love her or he left the decision of his marriage on his family, this will be not the case.' But alas fate has some other plans and then nandini after putting a black mark behind her ear she kissed her forhead as
Na:"jaanti hun samriti ne nazar ka tika laga diyya hain par aaj riddhima humari princess itni sundar lag rahi haiin kii ise aapno ki bhi nazar lag jaaye chale samriti pandit jii bula rahein hain"
She said and samriti nodded and then she takes riddhima to take out side and as they moved closer the biggest entrance riddhima's dad holds her one hand and the other in his mother's hand and then priya comes closer and did her nazar utrai takes her balayen and then as start moving towards the Mandap with her eyes lowered as soon she reached near the Mandap where armaan is sitting already she finds her brother Sujal to holds her hand and to help her in climbing the stairs and then he makes her settled with armaan and as soon she sit with him pandit ji start chanting Mantras and riddhima and armaan fulfilled the rituals and shashank and samriti did KanyaDan of tehir princess and armaan made her wear Sindoor in her parted hairs with the coin and marked her riddhima mallik and soon he tied the black beaded Mangalsutra around her neck that he especially choose for HER and that moment armaan for the first time till riddhima comes in the Mandap looked at her as the Mangalsutra settled in her neck telling him they are now binded in the scared thread and seeing her eyes and no emotions he knows this journey is going to be tough, soon they takes Saat Phere in each and every Phere armaan burned all the memories and relationships with her in the scared fire

''Le Lun Balayen Main Teri Sabhi
De Dun Tujhe Main Aapni Khushi
Maango Dua Main Rab Se Yehi
Tuu Khush Rahein Koi Chahat Rahe Na Adhoori
Teri Saari Tamanna Ho Poori
Maine Keh Di Mere Dill Kii Baat''

And as soon they completed the Pheres they are now officially Riddhima and Armaan Mallik.

As riddhima and armaan is now married and now is Riddhima Armaan Mallik officially, soon after the rituals and all riddhima today entered in the Mallik Mansion Royal Palace as Riddhima Armaan Mallik, as soon she lifted her eyelids as she saw the all palace decorated with lights and diyas for welcoming the new bride of Mallik Royal Palace as its not normal thing its big thing after all she is wife of the big Yuvraj of kingdom and 

As they reached near the door steps of the palace riddhima finds choti ma (nandini) there with the Aarti Thall in her hands and she welcomed her and armaan in side while taking Aarti of them then she placed the Tilak on riddhima's forhead and then on armaan's and then throwing some riced over their heads she welcomed them as prerna dadi comes with the big kalash filled with rice and she slowly told riddhima that

Pr:''riddhima beta is laute ko aapnein daye (right) pair se mar kar aandar aayiye bacha''

She said and riddhima nodded and then she slowly hit the lauta filled with rice and entered inside and then prerna nodded to some of the caretakers and then a pig thall placed in front riddhima with red water in it and she put both her feet in that water and then moved inside and then as they moved inside prerna nodded to nandini and she bends and placed seven big thalls in front of riddhima in the row and then she speaks up slowly and

Na:''riddhima beta aapko dheere dheere yeh saari thaliyan oothani hain ek ek karke beta aur inmein awaz nahiin nai chahiye kyunki yeh har thall har rishte ke baare meiin hain aur armaan tujhe har thalli ko aapni talwar se side par karte jaana hain ooske liyye rasta banate hue theek hain naa beta''

As both armaan and riddhima nodded armaan before siding the thall with his sword looked at riddhima her face is lowered and eyes too and then he just sides the first thall to right and riddhima takes steps ahead to pick it when some lady in guest speaks up

L:''chalo aab dekhte hain nayi bahu sabke saath kaise rishte banati hain sabke saath khate ya meethe''

And everybody smiled and then as per the rasam as riddhima bends rahul speaks up as

Ra:''so bhabhi dhayan se yeh na humare dadu kii thall hain jinse yahan sab log darte hain bhabhi so be careful''

He said teasing riddhima a bit riddhima just moved and slowly she picked up the first thall without creating any noise and anurag smiled and then he just caressed riddhima's head and

Anu:''meri princess ke saath mera rishta sirf mithas ka ho sakta hain humesha''

He said and riddhima smiled seeing anurag dadu he is so right yes she is his princess and then as armaan moved the next thall on left side by his sword riddhima moved holding first one in her hands and

Ra:''so aab yeh hain humari pyari sii dadi ma ka jinka kabhie kisi ke saath jhagra ho hii nahiin sakta fir bhi dekhte hain bhabhi aapka rishta kya kehta hain dadi ma ke saath bhabhi''

He said and riddhima slowly bends and then picked the second thall too without any noise and prerna smiled seeing this and she pecked riddhima's for head affectionately and then she

Pr:''mujhse pyaari tou meri yeh riddhima hain jiske dill meiin sirf pyaar hain tou jhagra kaise hoga kisi ke saath''

She said and riddhima smiled at the love of prerna dadi she always loved her like her own granddaughter and as riddhima moved ahead armaan puts the next thall on right with his sword and riddhima moved towards it with holding the two previous thall too and

Ra:''so aab dekhte hain bhabhi aapka ma ke saath rishta typical sas bahu ka hoga ya kuch aur''

And riddhima bends and picked third thall without creating any noise and nandini smiled seeing this and she kissed her for head

Na:''yeh kabhie meri bahu thi hi nahin tou sas bahu ke rishte kii baat hi nahiin hain chahe aaj kehne ko aaj humare is rishte ko sas bahu ka nam milla ho par riddhima humesha meri beti thi hain aur rahegi aur main iski ma hain na bacha''

She said and riddhima smiled and nodded at her choti maa and smilingly as she moved ahead armaan puts the next thall on left side with his sword and then rahul moved and

Ra:''so aab hain baari is duniya ke world best and the coolest dad kii so bhabhi dekhte hain aapka aur dad ka rishta kaisa rehta hain kya typical sasur ki tarah aap inse darengi ya kuch aur bhabhi''

She moved and bends and picked the fourth thall without creating any noise making karan smiled and

Ka:''yeh merii beti hain tum dono se pehle tou yeh kyun mujhse daregi oolta yeh tou mujhse farmayeish karegi kii 'papa i need this and i need that' hain naa rhea''

He said making riddhima smile as he caressed her head and as riddhima moved next holding all her four thalls armaan moved ahead and puts the next thall on right side with his sword and then nandini

Na:''yeh thall is ghar ke liyye hain riddhima, kii tum is ghar meiin khushiyan laayi ho beta''

She said and nandini bends and picked up the thall without creating any noise and then riddhima nodded and then riddhima moved next holding all her fifth thalls as armaan moved ahead and puts the next thall on left side with his sword and then as rahul did not speak this time prerna speaks up

Pr:''aab kyun nahin kuch bol raha jab khud ki baat ayi hain humare baare meiin tou bahut bol raha tha aab dekhte hain kii devar bhabhi ka rishta kaisa hota hain nok jhonk vaala ya pyaar vaala''

She said as rahul smiled looking at his bhabhi and then riddhima slowly moved and bends and picked the thall without creating any noise and rahul smiled seeing this and

Ra:''par main tou aapni bhabhi ke saath nok jhonk bhi karunga aab yar ek hii bhabhi hain merii itna haq tou banta hain naa bhabhi''

And he smiled making everybody smiled too and then as armaan is about to moved next thall on right when one of the ladies in guest speaks up as she

L:''lo bhai nayi bahu ne tou ate hii saare ghar ko aapnein rang meiin rang liyya aab dekhte hain iske piya humare Yuvraj armaan par bhi bahu ka rang chadha hain ya nahiin''

She said as everybody smiled all the Malliks And Guptas looked at Riddhima And Armaan and armaan and riddhima hearing this comment looked in each -other's eyes.

Thanks Anu And Punam Di For Commenting On Last Part
Lots Of Love And Regards

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