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True love lasts a life time (One shot)

Note: Please note that the characters in this oneshot are genderswapped, for those who don’t know about genderswap or genderbend, the character’s genders are swapped, in this context Armaan is the girl and Riddhima is the guy. Armaan’s name is Armahni and Riddhima’s name is Riddhiman. I’m surprised i actually got the closest names! The characteristics of the characters are the same, just the genders are different. Please do give it a read because I had so much fun writing it.

Riddhiman remembers the day he first met Armahni, he was jogging along the beach and got to the basketball court to tie his shoelaces when a basketball hit him on the back of his head. He was angry, he turned back to find Armahni, of course, he didn’t know her then. She wore a jumpsuit and was showing off to the schoolboys. His hatred for her only increased when she opened her mouth.

“Bulls eye, can we have the ball please?” she asked, not so nicely, not even apologizing. The audacity!

He wanted to teach her a lesson, so he decided to show off and what better way than to beat her in her own game, basketball. She was tall, almost as tall as him, and that’s saying something. She was beautiful, bluish eyes, clear skin, her hair was silky but she was cheeky, arrogant and cocky and for that,he hated her.

He asked her if the ball was hers and she replied “Well, nobody’s ball here is this good, right boys?” the hoys high-fied him in response. That was the dumbest line he’d heard.

“bohot smart samajh te ho tum?” He asked her.

“No sweetheart, samajh ta nahi, hoon” she said coming closer to him. She was pretty and she knew it and she intended to make use of it and he noticed it. he dribbled the ball towards the basket and threw the ball right into the basket.

That led to them having a basketball match and it was a surprise for both of them to meet each other in the Sanjeevani. She took a liking to calling him “Doctor Basket” and they played pranks on each other. While Riddhiman became friends with Atula and Sapan and Armahni easily became friends with his brother, Anjay.

Armahni Malik preferred to be called “Ammy”, she was a shameless flirt who was very confident of her looks, she loved dressing in leather and she drove a frekkin Harley Davidson to work. Riddhiman Gupta on the other hand was more of an introvert, and a little traditional, he was handsome, there was no doubt of it, but he wasn’t a show-off, he liked to dress in male kurtas. Anjay Gupta is Riddhiman’s older brother, while they shared a brotherly love, they were poles apart in character. Anjay is a male form of Ammy, good looking, cocky, flirty, but he had a type- hot bimbos. Atula Joshi was the adorable one, a little on the heavier side, really nice and kind, an introvert and sported an obvious crush on Anjay, which he clearly didn’t reciprocate. Sapan Shah was similar to Riddhiman in some aspects, they certainly weren’t the popular ones.

This was how their journey started, Anjay and Armahni on one side and Riddhiman, Sapan and Atula on the other. Armahni soon began to develop feelings for Riddhiman when she tended to his wounds when he saved her from a falling branch in the jungle, may not be much but it was the biggest thing a guy had done for her. She was in denial, for a long time but she eventually came to acknowledge her feelings but there was a problem, Riddhiman, she wasn’t sure of his feelings towards her. Unbeknownst to her Riddhiman was battling his own feelings.

Then came Rahil Garewal and Mukundh Chadda, probably from another planet. Rahil was Armahni’s frenemy from college who was not very unlike her and Mukundh Chadda on the other hand could have been a potential radio jockey. Once he opened his mouth, he didn’t or couldn’t close it. Armahni professed her feelings for Riddhiman who rejected her feelings, which turned out to be quite awkward for the both of them. Abhinaya Modi became the new incharge of Sanjeevani and Nikil Malhotra, Armahni’s BFF was braveheart enough to actually woo her, an older hot boss! good on him!

Rahil and Mukundh ended up confessing their ‘undying’ love for each other in a verbal spat, it ended well for them. Abhinaya and Nkil were very happy with each other. Sapan got married and carried on in the hospital, damn! even Atula ended up confessing to Anjay, that did not end well, he rejected her, brutally insulting her. It crushed her, it took her months but she decided to move on by deciding to go on a date with a patient, a very good looking patient who succeeded in making Anjay the green eyed monster. He kissed Atula that night, only to get slapped in the face, it took him months but he finally was forgiven and now they were inseparable. But Riddhiman needed a knock on the head to come to his senses, which clearly nobody had given him, yet.

What knocked his head, hard was Armahni’s injury, she was the typical adrenaline junkie, which led to her participating in a bike race, which injured her badly. Riddhiman was obviously angry, he was furious and he gave a lecture of self-perseverance which made Armahni angry. She asked him and I quote “Why do you care of what happens to me?” to which he replied, again I quote “Because I care about you”. It was hard for him to say it but he finally did which brought a smile unto her face and she took a chance, she kissed him. At first, she was scared of rejection but her fears were put to rest when he finally kissed her, they both swear they saw stars.

Well coming to the present now, Riddhiman was waiting in therestaurant where Armahni was supposed to meet him. She was late, again. He would have usually been angry with her if she made him wait for half an hour but today he was glad she was late. His fingers played with the box in his hands, a blue box with a beautiful diamond ring inside, it cost a fortune but she was worth every ruppee. They had been dating for around four years and he was finally ready to pop the question.

Armahni finally arrived. Her hair was a mess and she hastily tried to smoothen her hair. “Sorry Riddh, the traffic was unbearable” this was her excuse for everything, she was as usual, lost track of time. But Riddhiman wasn’t going to judge, he was more engrossed with his thoughts. He just smiled at her and called the waiter to order.

The meal went on very quietly and Riddhiman finally plucked up the courage. He took out the box and put in front of her, she looked at it and looked back at him. “Will you marry me Armahni”

He looked really nervous, which made Armahni laugh, she stopped laughing and made her expression serious. “Armaan it’s just that” she paused for a dramatic effect, which messed with Riddhiman’s head. Noticing his fear, she put the box from her hand on the table. “I was hoping I’d pop the question”.

Riddhiman nodded and she proceeded “Riddhiman Gupta,, I usually can’t say things like these but erm… I really love you, you make me so happy, we’re not perfect but we would compliment each other… plus I really love you, so will you marry me and make me the happiest woman?”

Riddhiman smiled and nodded before kissing her lips, in front of the whole restaurant earning them glares from angry parents. They quickly ended the kiss and finished the meal before paying the bill and getting out.

“Your proposal was the worst” she told him “Marry me Armahni? I mean grow a romantic bone”

“Well, I was nervous” he defended himself.

“So was I!”

“Oh really? I didn’t think it was very romantic” he said.

“Well I had other things planned out, you ruined it”

“I ruined it? How?” he asked.

“Well, I had this whole thing planned out, that’s why I was late” she replied.

She pulled his arms and led him to her back yard and what he saw, took his breath away. There were lights hanging on the tree, decorated beautifully. She clearly spent time decorating the back yard.

“Awesome, isn’t it?” she asked smirking at him.
“I have to say, it is” he said


Well, how was it? good? bad? i can handle criticism. I know its a little different from the actual dmg plot but I liked writing it and please do comment. the tile is from a quote from "Love Actually"


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