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part ---11, An Arranged Love Marriage


He gave her a beautiful red coloured saree; quite simple with just some beautiful design on it's pallu and rest of the saree was completely plain; but it looked amazing.

“Armaaan; ye kya hai?

“Umm...jaha tak I understand it's a saree.”

 She glared at him as he siad that.

“Arey ab stupid sawaal pochogi toh stupid sa hi answer milega na!... Kya hua you don't like it?” He asked getting a little upset.

“Nahi nahi aisi baat nahi hai; ye toh bohot khubsoorat hai! Lekin...

“Lekin kya?

“Iski kya jarurat thi?

“Kya jarurat thi matlab? Aate waqt I saw it in the showroom and loved it; maine socha ye tumpar bohot achi lagegi toh I got it. Vaise bhi hum dinner ke liye jaa hi rahe the toh I had a good reason too right!”

“Aap bhi na; abhi 2 din pehle hi toh u gifted me a saree;aur ab ye!”

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-74

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Part:47 (B) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Armaan:''yea mom hum aaj aaa jayenge vaapis bye mom''

Nandini:''bye beta love u''

Armaan:''love u too''

And armaan finally cut the call and through the phone on bed and he smiles seeing her so lost and he then rubbed his cheek with hers that too sensuously which was already touching making riddhima shivered and armaan moved to her shoulder and start placing kisses... digging his head there and with this water which was dripping from armaan's hairs fell on riddhima's bare shoulders and as riddhima feels something wet on her shoulder she opened her eyes and armaan immediately spun her around so that she was now facing him and armaan looked towards her and riddhima looked back in his eyes as green almond eyes met with blue greayish ones both reciprocated same feelings, same love, same desires for each-other, armaan pulled riddhima more while she was crushing against his chest,  making her lose her all senses, and her hands landed herself on his bare chest, and feeling her hands on his chest, armaan was lost his all senses and kissed her hands and fingers which was on his chest and his hands moved to her back stroking her spine making riddhima tremble and as armaan feels her trembling he smiled seeing his affect on hers, he slowly start caresseing her face with the back of his palm and losing her control riddhima's hands start moving on his chest that too sensuously and here armaan was losing himself more and more and with her sensous touches he could not hold himself more and he break their beautiful eye-lock and himself start kissing her. 

pyar dosti hai (part 22)

"bhabi??" riddhima asked after slightly opening the main door of her Rahul bhaiya's house..

"riddhi.. aa ja.. mein kitchen mein hoon.." simran said aloud making riddhima smile at her luck all over again.. no doubt she has done something good in her previous life dat she got such a kind hearted family like them.. she has long ago shifted to their outhouse but never they treated AR as paying guest.. in fact for them riddhima is the daughter of their house having full freedom to come these building anytime dat too without any permission or knocking.. if that wasn't enough, simran forced riddhima to keep the spare key of the main house saying how imp they (AR) to them now nd for simran, armaan and rahul are same while riddhima is nothing but her own lill sister... so they have full right to possess the spare key feeling completely homely around...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-73

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happy birthday shona sis (nikita shah)

Lakh duniya kahe 'tum nahi ho'
Tum yahin ho, Tum yahin ho
Lakh duniya kahe 'tum nahi ho'
Tum yahin ho, Tum yahin ho

Meri har soch me, meri har baat me
Mere ehsaas me, mere jazbaat me
Tum hi tum ho
Tum har kahin ho

vivah part 22

thanks a lot priyanka,sadaf,tamanna,aayushi and anamika for ur sweet comments.thanks to silent readers too.

@sadaf dear,plz.keep patience.this time a long part for u


Shilpa washed her face and went downstairs...padma was arranging food on the table

shilpa-ma aap uthi kyun..apko rest karna chaiye main laga deti na...

padma-koi baat nai beta..bohot rest kar liya hai maine..acha suno  tumhare dad ka phone aya tha...woh keh rahe thay ke unke kisi business associate ke beti ki shaadi hai aaj...aur humein attend karna hai..ab woh to hai nahi yahanpe isiliye tum aur armaan chale jana...

shilpa-per ma..aap nahi chalengi?

padma-main zarur chalti lekin tabiyat theek nahi hai na beta..armaan ko bol dena aur time se tum dono chale jana hmm?


The thought of attending any function with him increased her heartbeat.He was already angry on her and now what if she creates more trouble for him...


part-3:Hate Or Love .. AR ff


Ridhima sat on the bed hugging her knees,  all the flashes of the past few hours came  in front of her.

__flash back__

"ridzy jao jaa kar jaldi ready ho jao baraat aati hi hogi, phir tumhen apni di ko bhi tayyar hone mein madad karni hai" padma said from the kitchen.

"haan mamma bas abhi jaa rahi hun" said ridzy.

Ridhima went to her room and had a quick shower, her dress which was selected by her di was placed on the bed, she quickly wore her  dress and started doing her make up, she wore a beautiful necklace and matching earings, payal  and alot of bangles becoz she loves bangles and their sound very much. she left her hair open, and looked at her in the mirror and gave a flying kiss to her before leaving to anjali's room.
Anjali's room.
Ridhima enter's in the room and found anjali sitting in front of the mirror, dressed in her bridal wear. she looked beautiful. she came near anjie and wrapped her arms around her from back.  "wow di you are looking soo pretty" Ridhima said looking at her beautiful sis.

part 5:Life out of control

Riddhima tossed and turned in her bed dressed in her tracks and a tight t-shirt which were her pyjamas. She was not one for night suits or, yet she still had one in her cupboard which she wore occasionally. A long midnight blue one with a dressing gown. Why was she thinking of Armaan right now? Her fringes came into eyes and she puffed them out of her way in frustration. Why didn’t his touch leave her? And why had she been stupid enough to pull him to the dance floor? Was it to show him she could dance? Or was it to arouse him? Did she want him to feel what she felt 5 years ago? She sighed as she closed her eyes, and went back 5 years.


“Riddhima Gupta, you have to fill in for the model. She just sprained her ankle when she tripped over the stairs” said a girl. She flipped her hair behind her. (Kashish in Kahin to hoga – I think she’s the perfect person, but the rest is up to you guys.)

“I understand you’re my senior…”

“Not only senior, I happen to be in my last year here, and one of your best friends, not to forget YOUR dorm supervisor!”

“Look Shaina. Main yeh kaise karoongi? Me and modelling?”

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-72

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siggies for cheeku (anamika)

a gift for my cheeku.....

Luv u soo much cheeku... the love u hold for everyone can't be measured and returned as its too large to give u back... i m soo soo love it to be loved by u ....

Dmg season 3 (part 4 to 6)


A new day has began everyone is locker room ATUL is trying to impress ANJALI, but it results as an irritation for her and JP,JIGGY joins in and it results into a riot, SID and YUVI handles the situation and asks everyone to report for the duty and everyone goes for the duty and ARMAAN is alone in the locker room remembering his old days of internship and his love and suddenly his phone rings he picks it up and guess what its RIDDHIMA’S call he rejoices with happiness and starts asking her rapidly that how is she, where was she and why didn’t she called him, to which she asks him to calm down and says that she was on a medical camp and phones were not allowed on the camp and that was the reason she was unable to call him and she further says that she will return as soon as his training is over, ARMAAN emotionally says that he misses her and can’t wait to see her to which she emotionally replies that she misses him to and will try to return as soon as possible. Episode 4 ends here.

Arman's Angels (siggies)

hi guys,I am Dr.Armaan Mallik.. came here to introduce  my angels  with  our dmg lovers. hope u will like my angels ,who changed my life totally.. who made me a cool ,caring person .

Part 6 & 7 Friendship: A Phase of Love

Part 6:

Nikki: (who sees this mutters to herself): ho gaya Ridz ka drama! Ro kar sara kaam karwaleti hai aur koi na nahi kehta khas kar Armaan bhai :P

Armaan: acha baby theek hai karwalena par plzz rona band karoo na. U know I hate to see u cry. Now smile plzz (she smiles)

Bani, jai and Shashank held their heads and say: ho gaya kaam ye thora sa roye aur iski har farmaish puri karta hai hamara Armaan Malik. (sigh) kya hoga in dono ka??

They could see the love in theor eyes and waited for them to confess. (L)

Ridz: yaayyy thanku Armi (hugs him tight)

Armaan smiles.

Nikki comes there and taps their shoulder adn says: koi humse bhi baat karlo

Armaan: tu kab aayi

Nikki: huh! Hum yahan kab se hain aapse aur ridzi se bhi pehle se aur mujhse pooch rahe ho huh aur waise aapko kaise pata chalta aap dono toh apne main hi mast the but iska matlab ye nai ke apne baki friends ko hi bhool jao

Part:47 (A) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Next morning sun rays peeped in through the curtains and as soon riddhima feels sun rays she slowly slowly opened her eyes and feels weight upon herself, firstly she was surprised feeling weight over herself as she bends little and feels his hot breath upon her chest she remembered previous day's events and a smile crept on her lips remembering their confession, their tears, how they tell each-other they missed each-other over all these years, their little moments,his care, his childness, his understanding towards her,his warmth how he cuddled with her, most important their Love with them, she smilingly looked towards him, he was sleeping so peacefully with his arms tightly wrapped around her waist while his one leg was tightly overlapping hers face buried in her neck he was cuddling with her like a kid and she smiled and caressed her face with all the love she has for him only for him

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-71

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Episode:2 Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey  “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari iss show ki 2nd guest hai crazy armaan fan Jyotika malik  jisko hum sab pyar sey kehtey they Mrs.malik hahaha toh chaliye unka swagat kartey hai wiz a  big round of clause

complete list of ARSH/KASH fan fiction

part 4:Life out of control

Riddhima was late. Shit, she thought as she rushed into the club. How could someone fall asleep on a chair, with their head on a dining table and actually manage it for a whole hour? It was 8:00pm by the time she woke up, and getting dressed in navy blue jeans and a purple halter neck top, she had rushed to club, reaching there at 8:30.

Sapna was feeling bored sitting at a table by herself. As soon as she saw Riddhima she called her over.

“Riddzi, yahaan pe!”

“Thank God tu milgayi! Main toh soch rahi thi ab aap sab ko kahaan dhoondo! Waise sab hai kahan?” she inquired looking around.

“Armaan and Nikki dance floor pe, Rahul aur Abhi dono koi ladki ke saath hain, aur Muskaan gayyi hai drinks lene.”

“Great!” she flopped down on the chair next to Sapna and put her head in her hands.

part-2:Hate Or Love .. AR ff

                                                      PART -2

She sat infront of the mirror and stared at the girl in the mirror,how her life had completely changed in just few hours.

she was miss. Ridhima gupta few hours ago and now she's "Mrs Ridhima Armaan Mallik". tears started flowng from her eyes, she closed her eyes "why did he marry me"........?

Hearing the door open she opened her eyes with a jerk and turned towards the door

she saw armaan coming in the room and closing the door behind. Anger took over her, last few hours flashed in front of her eyes. Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

She walked towards him, standing in front of him she looked straight into his eyes.

pyar dosti hai (part 21)

8 Months later...

"happy birthday armi.." riddhima wished him wth the most soulful, love-filled, heart-warming whisper making him feel fortunate all over again for getting her as his wife.. smiling satisfyingly he mumbled a soft "mmm.." nd nuzzled in her hair even more.. "zz.. armii.. nai karo na.. mujhey gudgudi (ticklish) hoti hain.." she tried to free herself pushing his stubbled cheeks away from her face but he trashed all her complaints n protests nd nuzzled in her neck even more making her squeal in her melodious laughter.. "hehehehe..nai na armi.. plz.." she wriggled even more laughing harder than before due to this blissful irritation around her face nd neck.. but all her actions juz kpt on satisfying him to the core.. finally he got wat he wants.. nd all he wants is her melodious, carefree, childlike laughter! God.. can his birthday get any better strt dan ds? Of course not.. nd he's absolutely loving it.. never till now he felt this good on his birthdays.. nd this all is happening only becoz of this single person who's caged under his weight at that moment wriggling continuously making him happy to happier wth each passing second.. finally wen his ears got satisfied by the jingles of her melodious laughter, he opened his eyes to drink each drop of this ethereal beauty in front.. nd as expected the sight didn't disappoint him but swelled his heart with warmth, care nd love.. the sight where his life was laughing like an enchanting angel in his arms with her eyes closed yet teary with continuous laughter, hands still punching him on his back ever so softly every now n then, chest heaving up nd down rhythmically due to excessive fast breathing, hair all messy nd scattered all over the pillow and face extremely serene, glowing with utmost purity... gosh!

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-70

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Birthday calender of blog members

Dmg season 3 (part 1 -3)

hey guys this is roshni mere ek bhai hai aryan malik unhone ek story likhi hai jo mujhe nahut achi lagi hai its lyk extension of dmg its dmg season 3 so if u like it plz do comments and tel me how it was please i will wait for ur comments this story totally belongs to aryan malik my bro i did nt write this i m just posting on his behalf plzz do read it
thank you
episodes short hai that s y 3 episodes together keep in touch girls

ARMAAN comes inside the hospital takes the charge and handles the patient. He gets appreciated by everyone, in the mean time DR KEERTI enters with DR SUBHANKAR and tells the nurse to shift the patient to special ward, and DILL MILL GAYYE SEASON 3 


part ---10, An Arranged Love Marriage

After having a day full of boredom Riddhima decided that after this at any cost she won't be letting Armaan instruct the butler/ other maids about her not doing anything. She successfully convinced him that now she was all fit and fine and could at least work with their help so Armaan had to some how give in. She promised him that she would not let herself hurt while working and so he was also fine with it as he knew that she loves doing such chores so he shouldn't deprive her of that. So the next day she woke up very early and taking a quick bath started preparing breakfast for him. As she was once done she went up to wake him up. Entering the room she found him sleeping like a cute baby; flat on his stomach with a pout on his lips and his hair caressing his forehead. She was just admiring him as he looked so adorable and had almost forgotten why she had come up; but she came back when due to the sunlight he frowned a liitle and turned his face.

Riddhima :  “Armaan...uthiye... 7 baj chuke hai aap late ho jaayenge.

Part:46 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

She said while coming out and armaan turned while saying

Armaan:''kya basket''

But as his gaze fell on her words stuck in his mouth, there she was coming towards him, wearing a beautiful red white  night gown, which was hugging her curves perfectly, making her look more beautiful and she was busy drying her wet hairs with towel, she was not wearing her robe and he gulped seeing her like this and when riddhima did not get his answer, she looked towards him, he was looking at her with so much intensity that she feels that she burned under his passion she lowered her eyes as her ears her cheeks her face were red but next moment she again looked towards him this time she was shocked, he was standing in front of her in nothing just a towel wrapped around his waist showing his perfect body to her, she never saw him like this, both were feeling like they were watching each-other first time, though they watch each-other for almost 10 months but after confessing their feelings it was like first time, and they totally feels blessed and seeing riddhima lost in him armaan slowly start going towards her, riddhima did not move a bit, she was so busy admiring him that she did not know when he comes and stand right in front of her, she realized this only when she feels his hot breath kissing her cheeks as he leaned towards her and she come back to her senses as soon she heard

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-69

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part6 :Tu zindagi

thanks a lot priyu,priya,anamika,priyanka for ur sweet encouraging comments...and thanks to all silent readers too...hope u will like this part....


“kya baat hai tami?itni sad kyon hai?”

“nahi kch nahi,bas wo …nahi aisa kuch nahi.” Tamanna shrugged her shoulders.

Deepa : “ok,we know tu batayegi nahi,chal jane de,bata is baar ke  cultural me participate kar rahi hai na?

Tamanna : “but abhi toh der hai na usme?

Deepa : “haan hai,par aisa kch jhakkas karenge na is baar..wo..

Just then they heard class teacher’s voice….”tamanna,deepa,aap sabki baat khatam hui toh kuch dhyan denge idhar?

part 3:Life out of control

They were at the nurse station waiting for Dr Keerti, and messing about as usual. While Rahul and Muskaan were blatantly ignoring each other, Sapna was talking to Abhi with Riddhima. Riddhima caught Nikki flicking her hair, and making Armaan give her his naughty grin. Urgh, she thought, kabhi nahin sudrega, shaking her head. Just then Dr Keerti arrived, and all the interns straightened up. She took a good look at Armaan and said,

“Welcome Dr Armaan. I hope you will make Sanjeevani proud of hiring you as an intern. We will not forgive any mistakes easily, and as for the patients, they are everything here. You should take your work seriously and with dedication.”

Hah, thought Riddhima. Seriously and with dedication? My foot! Maybe if his patient is some super model or something. And she started sniggering.

“Any doubts, Miss Gupta?” said Dr Keerti eyeing her.

Yes! She wanted to scream. Duhh with Armaan around there’s nothing other than doubts in this world!

“No, of course not m’am,” she replied looking down with a straight face.

Part 4&5 Friendship: A Phase of Love

Part 4:

Two days flew by flick so second by completing work, chatting and setting up for a new phase of life and also in preparation to meet the most special person of their life.

Now the day of the Internship

We see 2 girls trying to get ready by deciding what to wear for the 1st day as in churidaar or western but they decide to ask Riddhima over it because she has the best choice.

Riddhima’s cell ringand its says nupur

Ridz: haan nupzz boll kya hua?

Nupur: woh Ridzi main aur Gunjan soch rahe the ke aaj hum churidaar dalein ya western??

Ridz: okk!! Toh tum dono aaj western dalo.

Nupur: okk! But tu kya daal rahi hai?

Ridz: woh toh tere liye surprise hai Sanjeevani main dekh lena ;)

Nupur: kk chal theek hai ab hum tayar hote hain aur sanjeevani mein milte hakin byee!!

Ridz: byee (to herself): so Dr. Armaan Malik be ready to see your baby after seven years ;)

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-68

Part 5 "passionate love arsh"

shilpa tapping her fingers on table.....waitor two sandwiches plzzzz and rahul comes

rahul: hey

shilpa: hey rahul what s up??

rahul: so how s going good

shilpa: pretty good urs??

rahul: mine too

and armaan nd muskaan comes....armaan eyed rahul and draggd him on one side

rahul: woooaah bro now what??

armaan: matlab bhi me samjhaun tujhe??

rahul: haan plzzz

armaan: m nt ur gf maskebaji band nd one more thing stop flirting around with gals samjhe ?? stay away from shilpa