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part: 3 LOVE is all that matters.(Mini ff)

part -3

...She woke up early in the morning and as she saw him a bright smile spread on her face. His hair that had come on his face were disturbing him and so he had a cute frown on his forehead and his lips were a little pouted. He was lying on his stomach and then as she looked up she noticed that he had held her hand in his tight grip. She somehow removed her hand from his grip and removed the hair from his forehead. He relaxed as soon as she did that and smiled lightly in his sleep. She freshened up and went down as she was supposed to do the rasoi rasam today. She came out wearing a red saree and as she looked at her image in the mirror she smiled as she remembered that it was his favourite colour. She was thinking to wake him up but it was just 7am yet so she went down and prepared aloo ke paranthe and kheer for the breakfast under the supervision of her mother in law and Bi. Armaan came down after a while in and found Riddhima in kitchen getting things ready for breakfast. Before he could say anything Bi dragged him with her and sat with him. Riddhima served the breakfast to everyone when Armaan told her to join all of them as she was waiting for everyone to start. She was sitting opposite him as Bi was besides him and was about to start eating when she saw Bi feeding him lovingly and he was sitting in front of her like a school boy enjoying his food. She was just smiling at the adorable scene in front of her; she came out of her trance when Ananya called her out and complimented her. Even Billi and Bi complimented her. She waited for him to say something but when he did not, she started eating her breakfast a little disappointed. Bi had noticed her adoring them and then how eagerly she was waiting for him to say something. So as the breakfast was done with she went to Riddhima to have a talk. She told her how Armaan was very close to her and how much he loved her. Riddhima wasn't surprised to know this as she had already seen their bond. She told Riddhima that she was a gem and she would always be happy with Armaan. Soon Riddhima got ready to go home for her pagphera rasam. She was combing her hair when Armaan entered the room. He noticed that she was looking a little low.

Meri Kahaani (OS Part II)

Hello blog members,
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Sab ko shukriyaan sab comments ke liye.
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Aap sab ko koi idea hai main kaun hu?
Thoda mazaa mein bhi le lu, dekh ti hu kisi ko idea ho toh

Chalo, ab yeh raha next part:

OS Part II

Armaan, Armaan Mallik. Woh humaare call centre branch mein supervisor the.

Unhone hi mera interview liya tha. Wait, unhone? Yea right. Ussi insaan ne. That’s better.

Pehle use Armaanji bulaa ti thi. Lekin ab kyun kahu?

Beech raaste agar koi chhod ke jaaye toh usse izzat kyun de hum?

Thak gayi hu mein, sab taane sun sun ke.

Armaan ne zindagi barbaad kar di meri.

Kya sirf yeh sab hi likha hai meri kismat mein?

Part:48 (B) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Nandini:''achaa achaa aab tum logon kii pagalpanti khatam ho gayyi hai to maani yahan aaa betaa''

She said while trying hard to control her laugh and armaan come towards her while saying

Armaan:''what mom please aab mat shuru ho jayiyega aaj ke liyye itnaa kaafi hai mom''

He said with a frown and looking towards watch

Karan:''han nandu dekho bechare ko der ho rahii hai''

He said with a teasing tone

Armaan:''no now dad please''

He said and

Nandini:''okayy now enough bahut ho gayya karan chupp''

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-81

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part: 2 LOVE is all that matters.(Mini ff)


          As they both reached home and his mom welcomed them with a thal. Soon all of his friends and relatives were busy teasing them enjoying the ring game. Armaan and Riddhima were sitting face to face and as the game started his mom immediately sided Riddhima making him pout and she smiled as he looked so cute. But anyways he himself let her win and he did not have any idea why; but he felt good to see the smile that appeared on her face because of the small victory. Soon everyone left and she was escorted to their room. She was seeing his room for the first time but loved it the moment she saw it. He entered the room and saw her sitting on the bed with the heavy bridal dress still on waiting for him. She was an epitome of beauty. The more he thought the more he knew and liked things about her. He went and sat beside's her;

Part 9:Friendship: A Phase of Love

Riddhima clicked her fingers in front of him to make him stop staring at her as she felt her cheeks turn hot under his gaze.

Riddhima: Armaan (blushing becoz of his stare ;))

Armaan (coming out of his dreamland): huh....haan bol basket

Ridz: help me with this (pointing towards her suitcase)

Armaan: sure n btw u r looking gorgeous in this ;)

Ridz (blushing badly): thanks n maani chal suitcase khol usme tere liye gifts hain

Armaan: yaar abhi nai kal subha abhi im too tired

Ridz: ok par kal pakka haan?

Armaan: haan baba pakka :)

They went and laid on bed talking all night about the years they missed eachother a lot while talking when sleep overtook them none of them knew.

Dmg season 3 (part 10 to 12)


ARYAN challenges the champion first he defends himself then he closes his eyes  reminds himself something and then turns around and fights with all ARMAAN’S moves and knocks out the champion. ARMAAN who his watching this enters the ring and challenges him for a fight, everyone starts cheering for him, screaming ‘AMMY, AMMY’. On watching this ARYAN smiles and says that he can’t hit him and starts to walk, ARMAAN stops him and insists on fighting but he still refuses ARMAAN hits him with punches one after another but he doesn’t hit him back, but just keep smiling ARMAAN stops, turns around and leaves. ARMAAN takes shower and he sees flashes of the incident and thinks who he is,why didn’t he hit him back and what is his intention on coming to SANJEEVANI. Episode 10 ends here.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-80

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part 7 :Kuch pal

Ridhimma -

I caught Atul walking with some girl. He was smiling which made my heart squeeze a little. He was finally smiling!

"Who's that girl?," I asked Nikita who was walking to class with me.

"She's the mysterious Armaan Mallik's sister," she said.

"Oh, Armaan's sister," my forehead creased a little at his name. Well, at least the sister smiles! 

"How is she like?," I asked.

"She's nice. Giggly all the time.. but she's a good company," Nikita glanced at Atul and Anjali walking away. "I think she will be good friends with our Atul. He really needs to get out of the depression."

"Ask me about it, I'm so worried!," I practically moaned.

"It’s okay Ridz, he will be fine. We all will be fine," She smiled at me and squeezed my hand.

She said with such sureness that I had to believe her. Yes we would survive and move on. Everything would be fine. I'll be fine. I was smiling at her when I felt someone watching me. I got a little nervous and turned my head to see Armaan staring at me from his locker.

part: 1 LOVE is all that matters.(Mini ff)


 part -1

 The entire house is decorated beautifully with flowers. There is hustle and bustle in every nook and corner f the house. We move upstairs and see a room which is the least but best decorated place in the house. It has red and white orchids all over the room. Some scented candles are placed on the shelves. The huge French widows are wide open making the curtains fly. The bed is full of rose petals and is decorated with white lilies. And now we see the most handsome and charming hunk step out of washroom. It is none other than our very own Armaan Mallik-CEO of Mallik enterprises. It is THE WEDDING DAY of The Armaan Mallik. He is dressed up in a golden and red sherwani with a beautiful broach on his sherwani; his silky hair flying and the killer dimpled smile on his face. He goes near the mirror and checks himself for the last time before leaving. Yes he is on his way to his wedding hall and to bring his bride home.

part 6 :Kuch pal


My best friend was dead.

I tested the words silently. They felt wrong, unnatural, as if I was trying to comprehend the world turning upside down or the sun rising in the west. I drew a deep, sobbing breath and rolled onto my side, reaching for another tissue in the box that was on the floor next to my bed.

Slowly and carefully, I got out of bed, pulled on my sweater, and curled up on the beanbag chair that sat near the wall of my room. I blew my nose. Stop crying stop crying stop crying! It won't help. It won't bring Sapna back. I blinked a bunch of times, and wiped my nose again. Maybe it had just been a dream. But even as I thought the words my heart knew the truth. She was dead. Period. 

I reminded myself as tears leaked down my cheeks again.

It was Sunday. Two days had passed since Sapna died in my arms. All my friends had been visiting me one by one and I think we all were getting better day by day. Everyone except Atul. So I had to pull myself together and go talk to my brother, or do whatever older sisters do to cheer up their siblings.

I got dressed for school. school..without her. I know it was hard, I know people are gonna talk about her all day and its gonna be sad but I had to face them and move on.

I thought about Armaan. He had been very kind throughout the, um, 'death process' or whatever you call it, of Sapna. But he never contacted after he left that day. Which was, very annoying.

Anyway, so I knocked at my brother's room door. Naturally he didn't open. So I opened and stepped inside. It was dark. 

Part 6 "passionate love arsh"

Armaan went from cafe and was sitting in his cabin and heard shilpa knocking on the door. 

Shilpa: mai i cum i?

Armaan: yes say miss shilpa

Shilpa: wo mjhe aaj jaldi jana hai

armaan: kyun any prob ........
Coz i dnt think patient se jyda important kam koi hota hai agar kuch urgent ni hai toh apko yahan rehna chahiye

shilpa : han wo?? Age 

Shilpa:to herself) ise kya hogya ek chutti b ni dete huh....... shilpa went

Part:48 (A) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Armaan locked the door with a blush appeared on his cheeks and a smile playing on his face, remembering the teasing comments of his family for himself and his jaan his basket his riddhima, he laid over the bed while facing the ceiling whole smilingly

Armaan:''I love u basket love u so much, tumne mujhe pagal kar diyya hai basket aapne pyaar meiin, mujhe hii nahin mere pariwar ko bhi basket i just can't live without u jaan''

He whispered while closing his eyes and holding his mobile close to his heart in which he captured her photo in morning and he smiled remembering her suddenly he get up and scanned the whole room and remembered something while remembering something and  he

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-79

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part 5 :Kuch pal

Ridhimma -

Armaan was looking at me and was standing under a streetlight not fifteen feet away from me and he had a weird expression on this face.I mean yeah he looked totally handsome. He was tall with brown hair, high cheekbones and a really good jawline. Even from that distance I could see the thick eyelashes that were surprisingly dark and knew the gentle brown eyes they framed.

I should have gotten up and retreated into Starbucks where it was busy with people talking and laughing. But I didn't. I just sat there and watched him walk towards me.

"Hi," he said softly.

I jerked myself. I must have imagined his weird expression because he looked completely fine right now.

"Umm.. Hi Armaan," trying to sound normal and less idiotic, "what are you doing here?"

He looked around. "I was just here to have coffee," he said.

"Oh," of course he was here to have coffee. Who comes to a coffee shop in the morning? God, he must be thinking of me as some freako

"So can I join you?," he asked politely.

vivah part:23

thanks a lot @aayushi,@sadaf and @punam di for ur sweet comments. missed anamika,tamanna,priyanaka  in last part. thanks silent readers  too. sorry for late. promise i'll ud regulary.hope u will like this part .

part -23

 Time changes everything.Two months passed and everyone seems to be living a sorted life now.Lets see how and what change can be noticed -


They were eagerly waiting for the new addition in their life.Anjali is on her 7th month now and her mood swings are not easy to handle.However atul,armaan and rahul tries their best to fulfill her each and every order.On a shocking note,the only person who can make anjali calm and get her out of her crying mood currently is none other than Shilpa:precisely Dr Shilpa.In these two months her magic did wonders on Anjali and they share a very sweet bond now more like friends.Anjali decided that she will give get admitted to Sanjivani only as she wants Shilpa to be with her and as a doctor also assist in her case.Currently atul and anjali both are busy in designing their new room for the baby.

Ridhima ka Bday (one shot)

its from party secne.... where armaan get drunk and say all the things to ridhima.. that a girl should handle her husband not the ex... as ex comes in last and he is zero toh mera no toh last mein aata hain ...

ridhima cann't listen any more and burst out...

ridhima - shut up armaan ... shut up ..... tum samjhte kya ho aapne aapko....

mein kisi aur ko nahi aapne pyaar ko sambhal rahi hun... nahi kar sakti mein aur koi bhi dikhawa...... nahi dekh sakti mein tumhe aise roj roj maarte hua aapni aankon ke samne..... nahi hain mujhe mein aur himaat.....

armaan kya mujhe nahi pata ki tum par kya bitti hain jab tum mera khushi ke liya mujhe aur sid ko milane ki koshish karte ho.....

par armaan meri khushi sid mein nahi tum mein hain tumhare saath ..... mein ne sid ka haath thaama kyun ki mein nahi chahti thi ki koi hamare pyaar ko galat nazariye se dekhe koi galat naam de hamre iss pavitr pyaar ko.... armaan mein nahi chahti koi mera armaan ko khudgarj bole.....

alcohol was showing its effect on and he was swing due to it while trying to balance him self armaan have cutted his hand.... but he can listen to ridhima's each and every word......

part 3:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

armaan was still admiring ridhima who was playing with the kids smiling n enjoying...ridhima was enjoying her time with kids but suddenly she felt dizziness... she holds her forehead n started breathing heavily
everything was seems to be blurred to her she was losing her senses n abt to fall when armaan holds her through her waist...

she tightly held armaan's shirt n wasn't able to see him due to blurred vision n she fainted in armaan's arm holding his shirt tightly...

muskaan came running seeing ridhima fainted...

muski-ridzi...( looked at armaan n said) ARMAAN SIR aap yahan

armaan looked at muskaan n said

armaan- muskaan we can talk later but pehle we need to go now...

muski- yes sir...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-78

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Episode:3 Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari iss show ki 3rd  guest hai sweet sweet sweety (ekta)  jo blog ki z most active member thi jaise hi ffs update hotey toh inka mast mast cmnt waha hota tha aur pyar sey hum inhey diabetes kaha kartey they ….. toh chaliye unka swagat kartey hai wiz a  big round of clause

part 3 & 4 :Kuch pal

Part 3

Ridhimma -

Day at school was going fine. I didn't see the mysterious guy after the first class. But I didn't stop searching.
I got done with Math class and was standing near my locker when I saw him coming towards me. Wait, HE was coming towards me?

I quickly turned away, taking short deep breaths.Okay act normal. He's just another guy. So what if he seems different and totally handsome than the others? I turned towards my locker again, pretending to keep things.

"Hey," He said. Armaan was standing behind me.I took one deep breath and turned to him. "Oh, hi!," I said. God, I was a moron.

"Ridhimma right?"

"Yeah," I said with a small smile.

"My cousin told me about your parents. I..I just wanted to say I'm sorry."

I swear my eyes kinda widened. And I'm sure he must have noticed it. This totally gorgeous guy came to talk to me because of my parents?

"Umm yeah, thanks," I said, not trusting my voice.

part-4:Hate Or Love .. AR ff


On the other side armaan sat in the garden still angry with the events happened in his life, few hours ago

__flash back__

on wedding night

Armaan's cell started ringing, he excused himself from the guests and went out side in the corridoor, after finishing the call he was about return back, he heard voices from the garden, he turned towards the garden and saw anjali and a ridhima in the garden, they looked tensed, he frowned seeing anjali there at this tme, before he can jump to any conclusion he heard ............

"Di  jaldi karo atul aap ka bahar wait kar raha hoga, is se pehle koi aap ko yahan dekle jaldi nikal jao.." said ridzy while scanning the place nervously to ensure nobody is watching them.

part 7:Life out of control

Riddhima loved her sleep, so how could she wake up after six hours? She wondered to herself. Since it was only 7:00 am and reporting time was 9:00am, she thought to go for a jog. It always refreshed her, and gave her time to think. She also loved walking by the beach, watching the little children, on their holidays play.

She was jogging, and had to stop at the basket ball court. From there onwards, she would walk to the beach, which was close, and spend half an hour or so there. Going back the short way would reach her home at 8:00am, and give her enough time to get ready for Sanjeevani.

While she was taking a rest at the basketball court, Armaan, playing with the younger gang, caught sight of her, and walked over to her.

“Vah, kya baat hai subha subha jogging karke weight lose karna hai kya?” he asked her.

She laughed sarcastically and told him,

“Very funny, main tumhe moti lagti hoon?”

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-77

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part 1 & 2 :Kuch pal

Part -1 

Riddhima -

I dropped the pen inside my diary, keeping the book in its usual place. Leaning against the wall, I started to think about next day.

"I can't go to school again. I don't know how to face people."

After my parents' died in a horrible plane crash, I don't know how to live anymore. I haven't been to school ever since. Its been three months of summer vacations. School starts tomorrow, and I don't know if I want to be there or not.

But its my last year at school. I must go, or else I won't graduate which I'm sure will make my parents' very unhappy, wherever they are.  Anyway...

I got up from the bed, took shower and got in bed again, for sleeping this time. I closed my eyes, waiting for another nightmare to come.I always have nightmares now, ever since my parents died.

"I can't live in this anymore. I have to move on and live my life. For Aunt Sneha and for Atul."

Dmg season 3 (part 7 to 9)


Everything is going normal in the hospital, everyone is in locker room getting ready for their duties and the boys are discussing about ARYAN and their first meeting with him in the basket ball court, while they are talking amongst themselves ARMAAN thinks that something is weird about this guy, just there he enters the locker room and everyone leaves for taking duties silently. ARYAN is helping JP in his duty and ARMAAN is discussing about a patient’s case with DR.KEERTI, and they are tensed as they are not able to understand his problem and there ARYAN enters the scene and gives valuable suggestions, which shocks ARMAAN. He begins to think that such an intelligent student comes to INDIA from HOUSTON for his internship rather than doing it there. In the parking lot while ARMAAN is starting his journey to home through his bike he gets stopped by ARYAN, he challenges him for a race and ARMAAN accepts it. While the race is on ARMAAN meets an accident. Episode 7 ends here.

Part 1:Hubby Sir

Heyyy guyss
Its me Dhruvika, surprised to see me this early lol well here is part one of hubby sir 

Part 1

The sun has finally made its way into the beautiful architectural land of Toronto marking a new morning for some and ending of shift of some people. We see many people going around in cars, people walking on sidewalks jogging, people with cup of coffee from tim hortons while waiting for local bus transit or go bus.

Lets zoom into the city a bit more and reach Mississauga where we see a certain Dr. Armaan Malik burning of his carbs early morning with his big headphones on while listening to soft hindi songs and going to towards his home to get ready for his day that is to reach Toronto Western Hospital for his duty and later to University of Toronto to teach BSc final year students.

Meri Kahaani (one shot)

Kitna kuch karna chahti hu main

Kitne armaano ke saath aayi thi yaha

Kyun aisa lagta hai ki ab zindagi mein kuch bacha hi nahi

Logon ko dekh kar aisa lagta hai ki sab khush hai

Lekin main nahi hu

Har baar, har baar mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hai

Kyun main itni akeli pad gayi

Kya meri zindage mein yeh hi akelapan likha hai

Har baar meri aashaayein, meri umeedon

Sab tuut jaati hai

Kaise jeeyu aisi duniya mein, jahan apne hi apne ko kaant te hai?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-76

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Just wanna be your love (one shot)

“aise cute sa face banakar iss bar mujhey ullo nahi banasakti tum jaov apney papa key pass meri koi value hi nahi tumhari life mey”

Ridz:armaan plz meri baat ek bar suno nah

Armaan: nahi mujhey kuch nahi sunah jaov apney uss khadus khusat hitler baap key pass

happy birthday sis( vishav kirti sharma)

hey guys,today is  the birthday of our dearest vishav kirti sharma..she is a great writer and amazing siggy maker and my beloved sis.

happy birthday to you vk,many many happy returns of the day. may god bless you!love u.

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear kirti
Happy Birthday to You.

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.

part 1,Unsaid Love AR SS

hey guys, started a new ss in this blog. hope u will like it. thanks.


She just comes out from the mall after having a treat along her friends after all today her final exams gets over so offcourse this called for a celebration so here she is enjoying the ice cream treat and suddenly her phone rings and seeing the name flashing on her phone's screen her beautiful face has a big smile and she immediately answered the call in her ever so chirping and bubbly voice as

Girl :"hii uncle kaise hain aap you know main abhie aapko hii call karne lagii thi that humara exam finish ho gayya aur aab hum thoda enjoy kar rahein hain aapas meiin aur before you ask me for exam mera exam acha hua hain"

She stopped as she heard someone laughing on the other side

Uncle :" off course bacha aapka exam acha hii hona tha naa kyon"

Fairy's Fairytale

Namastey guys…. 
Sorry sorry.. late ho gaya.. actually mai aaj subah post karne wali thi but kaam ki wajah se raat ho gai.. anyways enjoy…. :D aur aur aur aur…. Just chill out.. hehehehe.. happy uttarayan/kite flying day in advance…. Take care of our little friends (birds) also… :)


And like standing there only they drifted to that day when their little angel had her first day on earth.



It was november’s starting and night time aound 10:30 Padma was laying down on bed half sleeping having a big tummy,caring a little angel inside her womb, and Little anjali was sleeping besides her mumma holding her mumma’s hand securely, as if protecting her, as she knew that her lil sister or brother is on her/his way coming to them, in their family in near time, at the age of very small 2 and half years she knew that her mumma needs her at that time, and so she is going to be with her mumma only. Besides the bed on a chair nani, Padma’s mother was sitting chating with her daughter about the upcoming baby, what she should do and what not, giving her instructions of taking more raste now a days.

Shashank was out for his some imergency at hospital, though he had taken leave for 1 month from the hospital, but still he is a doctore also so, he has to leave to hospital reluctantly, what can he do? that was also his duty, and that also important one.

Part 8: Friendship: A Phase of Love

Nikki: no plzz

Ridz: aaha Nikki so truth ya dare (smirking)

Nikki: tr...truth (stammering)

Armaan: R u sure Nikki u know baby ryt??

Nikki: jaanti hoon isliye toh truth bola hai nai toh dare leti.

Armaan: but be careful okk and best of luck.

Nupur: Dr. Armaan best of luck kyun? Ridzi use marne ke liye tohde hi keh rahi hai????

Armaan: nupur woh marne ke liye nai keh rahi par jinda bhi nai chodegi woh dekho uske expressions.(evil smile of Ridzi)

Ridzi’s gang is confused as they have always known her a sweet, innocent girl but after coming to india they are seeing her true colours LOL ;)

part 6:Life out of control

Riddhima loved her sleep, so how could she wake up after six hours? She wondered to herself. Since it was only 7:00 am and reporting time was 9:00am, she thought to go for a jog. It always refreshed her, and gave her time to think. She also loved walking by the beach, watching the little children, on their holidays play.

She was jogging, and had to stop at the basket ball court. From there onwards, she would walk to the beach, which was close, and spend half an hour or so there. Going back the short way would reach her home at 8:00am, and give her enough time to get ready for Sanjeevani.

While she was taking a rest at the basketball court, Armaan, playing with the younger gang, caught sight of her, and walked over to her.

“Vah, kya baat hai subha subha jogging karke weight lose karna hai kya?” he asked her.

She laughed sarcastically and told him,

“Very funny, main tumhe moti lagti hoon?”

Part 2:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

ridhima went to that person's home ...ridhima rang the door bell n the person opens the door...

person- ridzi( hugs her) kaisi hain tu? tu india kab aayi? tu akeli aayi hain? tera husband kahan?

ridhima cuts her in between n said

ridz- relax relax muskaan

yes the person is none other than muskaan...

ridz- tere saare sawaalon ka jawaab tujhe milengey par mujhe andar toh aane dey?

muskaan- ohh haan...aana andar... tu kuch legi?

ridz- nahi muski...i'm fine ( smiles fakely) 

muskaan notices that ridhima is not herself...she's smiling but. her smile is fake...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-75