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Part 27-28: Mad At Each Other

part 27

Ruchika luvs red roses n said “ wow baby dadi ji ney kya garnish ki hai I luved dekh kar hi muah mey pani araha hai jab piyungi toh kya hogahhh jaldi do I cnt w8 mre”

Ar: w8 baby we both drink it together n one go mey thik hai mujhey bhi dadai ki hath ka juice bohot pasnad hai

Ruchika :y nt cheers baby n both drnk it in one go

Aftr finishing a yummy drnk ruchika ws feeling some low grumbling lke sounds

“baby meri tummy mey kuch kuch horaha hai I guess aaj I cnt cme uni … I better go home back”

part 2 : charm caster (mini ff)

Shashank…” within one hour …”

Arman..” what the hell..”

He was numb, how could this be happening with him, this must be a dream a bad bad dream no nightmare yes it’s a night mare ….shashank voice showed him reality

Shashank..” only 30 mins left …as u wasted ur precious 30 mins being in sweet shock…”

Arman ..” no dad u cant do this to me how the hell I will get married in 30 mins for god sake I need a girl for that….”

Shashank smirked …” hemm u r right let me help u pick the red file these r marriage registrar papers with the girl’s sign if u   want u can sign too and u don’t need to worry for ur bride …”Armaan took a deep breath ...he felt like he was stuck between sky and earth …” this all is a trap u already decided the girl and this all is just a drama to make me agree for this marriage ….”

Part:50 (A) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

And both moved towards outside waving everyone bye with armaan followed riddhima outside.

Both armaan and riddhima reached outside when armaan clasped his hand with hers and walked towards the car and both reached near the car both were silent till their journey to car and now armaan leaned on his car still clasping riddhima's hands with his when riddhima did not speak for some minutes armaan finally called her while

Armaan:''basket kya hua''

He asked holding her both hands in his and kissed them both while riddhima nodded in disagreement

Armaan:''kuchh nahin hua to chupp kyoon ho itnii''

He asked looking at her

Dmg season 3 (part 22 to 24)


SHILPA takes  everyone to their room and asks for their reason of arrival, to this JP was about to answer the truth but ARYAN stops him and says that they have arrived for children’s check up and asks SHILPA to get a glass of water. In the mean while ARMAAN and RIDDHIMA enters while ARYAN is telling everyone to stay quite if they can’t hide the truth, to this ARMAAN tells why he is shouting at them to which he tells how their secret was about to be revealed if he hadn’t interfered iin time. RIDDHIMA goes to the kitchen to help SHILPA, there they have conversation on SHILPA leaving SANJEEVANI and about how does she spent her childhood in an orphanage and does she still feels misses her family (SHILPA gets emotionally dragged to her and suspects on her intention of talking), while they had gone way ahead emotionally ARMAAN enters the kitchen and turns the emotional scene into a comic scene by saying that whenever two girls meet after sometime they always use to cry and create a dramatic emotional scene. A debate starts on this statement between girls and boys, and ANJALI and boys also get involved in the debate. The debate stops as the warden enters and says that the children are ready for the check up. ARMAAN says the this will continue after the check up its not over yet. Episode 22 ends here.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-95

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Part 25-26: Mad At Each Other

part 25 

She leaves z room quietly wiz wicked smile 

After zat Armaan pulled his hair for awhile and laid down on his bed , thinking about his dream and unknowingly a smile crept on his face pata hai kyun hmmm lets see hahaha

part:13 An Arranged Love Marriage


Uhuh...aise nahi jaa sakti tum. Pehle vo khatam karo jiske liye aage badhi thi.

"Jee?...main...aap ye kya!...chodiye mujhe…” She struggled to come out of his hold pretending to know nothing about  what he was talking, but that made him pull her even closer staying adamant on his point.

“Chod dunga, par ab mujhe pehle mera reward chahiye.”

 She looked up at him with her round big innocent eyes which showed confusion.
“Aise kya dekh rahi ho, I know tum bohot khush ho, maine tumhari demand poori ki toh mujhe iske badle main kuch milna chahiye na. And you were about to give me that just a minute back, toh mujhe mera reward de do main tumhe chod dunga. Par tab toh main kahi jaa raha hu na tumhe jaane dunga.”

 She blushed hard as he demanded for the kiss she was about to give him but had stepped back. He kept looking at her but somehow she found his shirt quiet interesting at the moment to keep staring at.

“I am waiting! “As he saw her cheeks turn deeper shade of red he held her chin up and said; “Please!”

part 1:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani













part : 2 sindoor

A person was checking his patient when his phone rang and he smiled seeing the caller showing his dimpled smile but before he answer the call

Person:''u r fine Major Singh just take these medicines and ur pain will subsided and if u face any problem come to me.''

Major.Singh.:"yea thanks doc I will take ur leave now and u please take the call, the person other side seems to be impatient fellow''

He said while pointing to his cell phone which was buzzing from so many times and he smiled and when it buzzed again

Major .Singh:''I guess doc its ur girlfriend may be women and their impatience''

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-94

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Part 23-24: Mad At Each Other

part 23 

Armaan:hayee meri phuti kismat itney hot and handsome hunk key bike par baitkar ye basket sokaise sakti hai jarur peechley janam mey khubakarn hogi… wiz sad face

But deep inside his heart he ws doing bhangda and garbaha…. Ridz was snuggling mre n her grip on his waist getting mre and more tighter …. 

Armaan is enjoying zis closeness so he sat like that for few minutes and soon realized its cold out side and she will get sick wiz wet clothes n cool breeze….

Armaan delicately tapped on her hands which were around his waist but she tightened z grip more ...armaan sighed and now slightly turned back zen wiz his right hand tapped on her cheek …

Last part : Life partner

Last part

Rajeev : "Armaan main humesha se Riddhima se bohot pyaar karta tha; ab bhi karta hu aur vo bhi mujhe chahti hai par shayad tujhse dar gayi thi isi liye kuch nahi kaha ab tak. Par main teri zindagi barbaad nahi karna chahta Armaan isi liye ye sach aaj tujhe bata raha hu!

        The envelope contained some pictures of Riddhima and Rajeev hugging each other or having fun. In some of them both had held each other's hand. The truth was they were all taken long back in college during their play in which Riddhima wore a saree. She was playing a role against Rajeev and the play was a romantic one; so those pictures were obviously giving out a different story overall. Riddhima was stunned to react; she now understood  that Rajeev had been so nice all these days just for this. He had planned everything so well, she had to do something; she couldn't let him spoil everything just in a click. She turned to Armaan and saw him now standing up with his fist clenched tightly as if trying his best to stop himself. He must know the truth; all that he was seeing was a lie and she had to clarify everything then and there. She moved ahead and with tears streaming down her eyes she said;
Riddhima : "Armaan aisa kuch nahi hai ma... he held his hand up signalling her to stop right there.

Arman : "Koi safai nahi chahiye mujhe...Kamre main jao.

Riddhima :  "Pleeease meri baat suno. Main sach keh rahi hu Arma...


Part 2:Beintehaan

Billy and ananya were tlking wiz each other in zer room

Ananya:billy shashank ney toh ristey keyliye haan kardi par kya atul manjayega apni behan ko humari bahu banahney keyliye ….

Billy:shashank ki baat atul maneyga ananya ….tum tension math lo ye rista hokey raheyga ….

Ananya :hope so …

Billy : hope nahi mujhey yakin hai ki ye rista hoga aur mera sapna bhi pura hoga …..gupta’s ki adhi property riddhima ke naam pey hai ….bas ek bar vo humari khandan mey ajaye toh hum malik’s jo peechley 20 saal sey 2nd position pey hai no.1 pey hongey ….sabhi bhai jaan deytey hai riddhima keyliye uski khusi keyliye vo puri gupta  enteriprise hi humey hand over kardengey ….

Dmg season 3 (part 19 to 21)


Everyone is at the hospital and talking about the story that happened last night. Everyone leaves for the duty RIDDHIMA stops ARMAAN and asks him why didn’t he tell him this before to this he answers that he came to know about this when everything was messed up and he when everything got normal she had to leave for her advanced training. She feels embarresed on remembering on her bad behaviour with her. ARMAAN and RIDDHIMA are doing duty together he notices that she is not able to focus on her duty and she is disturbed because of SHILPA. ARMAAN enters into DR.SHUSHANK’s office and tells him that he wants to bring SHILPA back to SANJEEVANI. To this he replies that he is also thinking about this and he also wants to bring her back and tells to take everyone there for this purpose and also take the medical camp there. ARMAAN enters the locker room where everyone is there and tells everyone that they all are going to PANCHGANI to bring SHILPA back everyone rejoices on hearing this and RIDDHIMA says thank you to ARMAAN for understanding her problem and for solving it. Episode 19 ends here.

part 2: Kuch toh baki hai

The beautiful sunset in Mumbai, the chirping birds and the waves splashing at the sea shore…..but wait! Who has time to notice it? Everybody is so busy in their own work and jobs, for example……

“Mom! Jaldi nashta lao bohot bhook lagi hai phir aaj college ka pehla din hai….pehle hi din lata jaon gi tou kya izzat reh jae gi meri…..” a girl with extremely curly hair dressed in plain jeans and black top, shouted impatiently

A woman in late 40’s came out of the kitchen and looked at her impatient daughter. She is Radhika Malhotra, a warm-hearted woman who loves her both daughters equally.

“Kya hai muskan? Kyun chilla rahi hai?” she asked in a warm tone

“Mom! Nashta do na! College ka pehle din hai” she said

“Accha beta! Itna hyper kyun ho rahi hai….ye le!” she said and kept a dish in front of her and muskan started gobbling the food.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-93

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

part 1 : charm caster (mini ff)

New-york at 10:00 am

1000 square feet malik mention…

Shashank malik { ceo of malik empire}

Descending for stairs shashank malik greeted his wife {padma malik} with a small peek on her cheek ..”hye honey gudmrnggg”She hugged him back and smiled….” Sit shashank and have breakfast quietly I don’t want to hear ur m getting late tone…” she warned him in a stern voice on which he pouted while their elder son who was already seated for breakfast giggled on his parents cuteness…..

Shashank gave him tough looks patting his back lightly…” don’t worry champ just six months and anjali’s degree will be completed and then I will see how u handle ur wife…”Atul coughed …” mmm sorry dad I was just…..” he made a puppy face On which padma and shashank both laughed

Shashank ..” waise where is my wonder boy ….i have a important meeting for that I need to see his face before I go…”Padmaa shook her head saying…” what would he be doing is 10:30 now and ur son dosnt wake up before 1pm….”Atul …” and then he will wish all of us good morning hahaha” he laughed at his younger brothers antics …

Part 21-22: mad at each other

part 21

Ridz ws totally wet n shivering luking at armaan 

N armaan staring ridz 

THE ANNIVERSARY: AR(one shot)by sybarite1


A man in his late twenties standing in the veranda with only a jeans on his body … with a coffee cup in his hand….smiling to himself ….watching the sunrise on a Sunday morning ….sun playing hide and seek across the horizon….early scattering of sunlight providing a mouthwatering view. He felt very fresh and rejuvenated…the low-speed, cool breeze hitting his bare torso didn't seem to affect him at all ……he was reminiscing about his life of the past few years…. The roller coaster ride that he went through to claim his sweetheart…

He was brought back to the present by the soft hands which very elegantly made its way upfront on to his chest, sliding past his wings…creating an unforeseen sensuality in his body….he clutched the foreign hands on his chest with his own…closing his eyes and savoring her soft touch…

“Armaan…itni jaldi uth gaye..”, softly said the girl hugging Armaan gently yet firmly from behind….kissing him softly on his bare shoulder.

part : 1 sindoor

part --1

It was beautiful morning and we saw a big house in Delhi

and a lady in her mid thirties were working in kitchen when she hear her mother-in-law's voice
P :''areey bahu kya bat hai aaj abhie tak koi nahin aya''
The lady who was working in kitchen comes to her mother-in-law after touching her feet the old lady gave her blessings and

P :''humesha khush reh par samriti yeh abhie tak koi aya kyoon nahin pooja ka samay bhi ho rahaa hai''
(yes this is Gupta household and this is our riddhima's mom and dadii)

Samriti:''maa aap to jaanti hai shashank aur sujal ko jab tak aapni princess ka chehra nahin dekhte kahan oothte hai dono aur kashish abhie ati hogii''

Dadi (Riddhima's dadii):''han yeh to hai ooska chehra dekhe binaa is ghar meiin kisii ki subhh hotii hi nahin vaise hai kahan yeh ridddhi?''

Samriti:''areey maa aur kahan hogii abhie tak so rahii hai''

Dadi:''chal koi bat nahin ooth jaayegi abhie''

Samriti:''maa abhie aap hi keh rahee the pooja ke liyye der ho jaayegi aur jab aapki laadli ki bat ayi tab koi bat nahin sach meiin aap logon ne ose bahut bigad ke rakha hai maa.''

Part 12: Friendship: A Phase of Love

 Armaan at ridz's room

Armaan(knocks on her door): baby plz door khol. Plzzz baby i m sorryy. Really sorry. Plzzz mujhe maaf karde

Ridz: ammy chala ja abhi plz main neeche aake baat karungi

Armaan: pakka neeche aayegi??

Ridz: haan par abhi ke liye ja

Armaan: theek hai par jaldi aa n i m sorry again

He leaves to go downstairs. Everyone sees him coming down n ask him what did ridzi say to which he tells them. After sometime ridz comes down n sits with everyone. 

Ridz: hellooo 

All: heyy ridz/hey beta

Bani: riddhi kya hua beta itna sad kyun hai??

Part:49 (C) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

In kitchen she saw her mom was working but more than working she was actually tensed as her dii told her, she smiled and finally move her way towards her


Samriti:''riddhima beta please merii help kar naa bta armaan ko kya psanad hai kya nahin mujhe kuchh samajh nahin aaa rahaa hai kii mai kya banaon kya nahin''

She said while seeing her

Riddhima:''mom aap baitho aur paani peeyo mai sab kar loongi aur armaan sab kha legaa job hi aap pyaar se bnaoge mom so not to worry''

She replied with a smile

Samriti:''par aise kaise''

But she is cut short

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-92

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Episode 5: Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari  iss  show ki 5th guest hai blog ki bohot hi talented member vaishali(anshu)….soo lets welcome vaishali wiz big round of clause

Happy Birthday Piyu (Fatema)

hi friends and sis...  u know aaj kiska bd hai? its my sweet sis piyu's (fatema) birthday. she is a  sweet,smart ,talented girl and a great writer...I love her so much.

Part 19&20:Mad at each other

part 19

Armaan gt back to his senses n said 

“uff dharti ka bojh mujhpar girgaya hai koi mujhey bachov bhari jawani mey nahi marna mujhey vo bhi pahad (mountain) key neechey gir key”

Riddhima too gt back frm lala land n angrily about to say smething but before zat muskan n anji helped her in getting up from z top of armaan …

prologue and charecter sketch : sindoor

hi friends ,posting "sindoor" ff  on the request of Simran Nawani. sorry,simran,I am late... now enjoy ur favorite ff. love..

@nikitasingla....hi nikki,thanks a lot for giving me permission to post all of your writings here. love u sis..i know u r very busy,plz come when u get time. love u....



What happened when a girl who is already engaged to someone else married to another person by chance?
                           And that man thinks the girl is not for him. How will they react to their so called marriage?How will the man react when he was forced to live with the girl? Will he agreed?
                    Do they accept each-other or gave divorced?What is future of their marriage? Will they actually start living together or not?
                                     To know answers stay tuned with the SINDOOR- AR FF.


part:27 vivah

thanks a lot @priyanka,@aayushi@tamanna ,@anamika and @punam di for ur sweet comments.hope you will like this part too.

@priyanka,this confession part is  for you.

part -27

Armaan was looking like a Greek God in the short shervani cut and matched white pajama with it.He played with the buttons and gelled his hair giving a last look on the mirror when a strong breeze hit him.It was raining hard outside and the window was constantly making noise irritating him to no bits.He closed it finally and heard the click of the bathroom door.He almost stopped breathing seeing the divine beauty in front of his eyes.There she stood in a red and green lehenga facing her bare back to him.She was trying to tie the dori of her choli and failing everytime.

shilpa-armaan..thori help kar doge?

He came out of the dreamy mode and heard what she was saying.With shaky hands he tried to touch the dori when her cold body came in contact with his skin and he left it there only.

armaan-aa...mujhse nahi hoga..main muskaan ko bhejta hun...

She turned back with a disappointing look

Shilpa (in heart)-aaj ke din to akar chor deta...main bhi dekhti hun akhir kab tak dur bhaagta hai mujhse...aaj chahe jo bhi ho jaye main tumse apne sawaalon ka jawaab maangke hee rahungi armaan.


Part 1:Beintehaan

In prologue u guys hve  read abt zer point of views  aftr zer meeting aftr 5 yrs …now I m starting zis ff frm z meeting aftr 5 yrs soo let c how zey met …

Atul was feeding ridz

“ek aur spoon khalo  princess”

Ridz : “nahi  kahana ye yacky soup hai….”

Atul ate lil bit n said “itna tasty to hai ….”

Ridz: “nahi bhaiyya,aap jhut bolrahey ho …yacky soup sey mera tummy full hogaya aur nahi kahungi ”

Atul:(sternly) “abh mujhey gussa araha hai …chup chap khalo warna”

Ridz:(angrily)warna kya huhhhhh

part 6:Tere pyar mein


armaan - hain ridhima mein aaj se nahi balki college ke pehle din se hi tumse bahut pyaar karta hn.....
mein ne aaj tak ye kise se nahi kaha na hi mein kabhi kisi ko aapni feeling batai.... mein nahi chahata tha ridhima ki meri udase se tumhari jindagi mein bhi udasi aa jaye...
mein nahi chahta tha ki mein tumhe khodun...
meri life mein jo bhi aaya sab ko sirf dukh hi diya hain mein ne.. kabhi bhi kisi ko khushi nahi de paaya.. mein nahi chahata tha ki mera manhus saaya...*cut by ridhima's fingure on his lips....

ridhima - please armaan.. aisa maat bolo plz....aur aisa kuch nahi hain... dekho tumhara meri life mein aate hi kitni khushiya aa gai hain meri life mein ... aur meri sari khushiyon ke jimedar sirf tum ho armaan....armaan tumhe kya lagta hain mujhe kabhi nahi patachalega ki college ki starting se mera secreat well wisher koun hain.....

now its time for armaan to get shock......
armaan - tumhe kaise......!!!!
ridhima - vo mein ne....

Next part


armaan - tumhe kaise.....!!!!!

ridhima - vo mein ne... hmm... vo mein jab last time problem mein thi tumhe yaad hain vo Vo ladka jo mujhe..

armaan - uski kyun yaad dhila rahi ho... *uncomfortable...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-91

Monday, 27 January 2014

Part 17 &18:Mad at each other

part 17

On terrace all z 3 guys were lying down n thinking abut hw to gt zer grls calm down… ridz muskan n anjli were damn angry did nt wnt to tlk wiz anyone

Atul :sighed n singing) kya sey kya hogayaaaaaa
Kya socha tha kya hogayaaaaaaaaa

Armaan:clearing his ear)abhey chup cham mai deaf hojaunga teri surili awaaj sey

Rahul: haan yaar plzz ganah band kar already dimag ka dahi bangaya hai aur tuh aur dimag kharab math kar

While standind up and pointing towards rahul n armaan 

” maine kya kiya hai ,kiya toh tum kaminoney hai meri khubsurat zindagi ko shuru honeysey pehley hi barbad kardi”

part : 1 Kuch toh baki hai


   part --1

She was shocked; extremely shocked to see HIM, her past, her terrible past, the past she wanted to forget….forget forever……but fate was cruel with her again. He was standing there smiling and greeting everyone, the one she least expected to see her whole life, the one whom she trusted, the one on whom her whole life depended on, the one whom she loved, the reason for  her to breathe, the hope for her to live, the one who broke her heart…….she closed her eyes in pain    

They were here in Shimla at muskan’s cousin Anjali’s party because she was getting engaged after a week, Anjali was a good friend of Riddhima but she didn’t know everything, she just knows that she suffered through heartbreak and feels really bad for her friend.

Part 8 "passionate love arsh"

thanks to all the readers who commented and appreciating the ff thanks alot to all
and i want to ask one thing from all members of blog will u prefer to read present track as well as flashbaxks as writing or i should write flashback first plz tell me 

Shilpa: dekho armaan jaldi ajana thik hai apko pata hai na mujhe andhere m dar lagta hai plz 

armaan kissed his forehead "haan baby jaldi  ... ohk u take rest and applied pain relief spray on her leg and make her lay down on bed"

part 1 : Life partner (one shot)


A girl comes down the stairs dressed in a beautisul neon pink saree with a beautiful smile adorning the face. Her neck had a small but cute and elegant mangalsutra; her maang filled with sindoor and hands filled with bangles tinkling all the while as she set the breakfast table. She had set the plate and was pouring some juice in a glass when a male voice was heard shouting out for the maid just from behind, startled her so badly that the jug fell down with a loud thud.

          As she turned around there he stood 6 feet tall well built muscular body dressed in a dark brown and white suit. As soon as she saw him her body language changed inevitably. In order to clean the mess she tried to move back a little when he held her hand tightly and pulled her making her dash directly into his chest. The maid came in running hearing the commotion and saw this cute couple standing face to face lost in each other unaware of the surrounding. The scene was rare as he; Armaan Mallik; The famous business tycoon was hard to be found in such situations. Right now he was lost in his wife Mrs. Riddhima Mallik whom he loved irrevocably. Even she did but just that his temper was always soo high that he was really uncontrollable at times. Both had never expressed ther love till date in words . He was known very well for his bad temper but since she entered his life his anger had subsided a little. she always managed to control his temper someway or the other.  Uhh uhh uhh but before you guys think that it was love marriage let me tell you that you are soo wrong! It was an arranged marriage; and a typical one where these two had not even seen each other before their engagement ceremony. But just that one meeting was enough to make them fall for each other badly. It had just been 2 weeks for their marriage but everybody could see that they were the perfect choice for each other!

part 5:Tere pyar mein


armaan drove soo fast that hereached there in 5 min...and he know that muskan still hasn't left the place....
armaan decided to wait a little away from ridhima's home soo that muskan can't suspect anything....

after sometime when armaan saw door opening he saw that ridhima too was getting out wih muskan....
armaan now thoght what to do ....he came her to talk to ridhima but she to leaveing.....he was both ridhima and muskaan sitting in a taxi and going away....

Next part


when armaan saw ridhima go away....he make a call to someone and waited patiently...and again he saw a taxi coming and ridhima came out of it and goes in her house .....after 5 min armaan to goes and parcked his car in front of her house and move out of his car and goes and stand infront of ridhima's main door.....

Part 5:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

Mallik mansion

Evening 7 pm

After coming from office armaan directly went to meet his father...

Armaan-dad( hugging him) thank you thank you sooo much dad...

Raj is surprised to see him happy after coming from office,he always used to be tired or irritated but today the glow on his face is very different...he is indeed happy...

Raj-kya baat hain aaj bade khush lagrahe ho... 

Armaan-all because of u dad thank you soo much( hugged him once again)

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-90

Sunday, 26 January 2014


again i m here.. hahahahha
powerpoint roxxxxx


Part 15 & 16:Mad at each other

part 15

In the college 

Muskan :hey ridz tuney sunah kya kal raat kya huva

Ridz: nahi mai bas abhi ayi college …kya huva

Muskan :vo sid haina 

Ridz: haan ….usney abh kya kiya

Muskan : usney kuch nahi ki bt uskey saat kisi ney 

Ridz: kya kisi ney uska khoon kardiya kya (vry much excited n said it wiz glee)

Muskan : arrey nahi yaar

siggies by punam

hi guys,how r u? after a long time i made kajen siggies...its for my  beloved sis priyu (priyanka kundu)...but sabko dekhne ki izazat hai  and comments dene ki toh surely....plz. do a comment...i know they are not so good but trying to   better..plz. bura mat u all...

Character sketch & Prologue :Beintehaan

Character sketch :

Gupta family

Atul gupta :DEAN of sanjeevani,one of the most talented doctors in india …..introvert by nature never lets anybody cme close to him except his lovly sister…….she is everything fr him if anybody tried to hurt her zen he literally shows zem way to hell….

part-7:Hate Or Love .. AR ff


  Ridhima got up early in the morning and took a quick shower,she wore a her white top and jeans, and stood infront of the mirror... while combing her hairs she decided not to think any thing which happened in her life in these days,she just wanted to forget everything like a bad dream....

"so miss ridhima gupta forget everything and enjoy your life like nothing ever happend" she said looking in to the last time she looked in to the mirror and blew a kiss and smiled......

She quickly made her way out of the house inorder to avoid her mom and dad" agar mom ya dad ne dekhliya to phir se wo hi baat samjhaana shuru kardenge .... i dont want to spoil my mood on my first day"

she quickly got on her scooty and made her way to the hospital..

*************************      ***************************

At sanjeevni, keerti's cabin

 Armaan and Abhimanyu entered. good morning doctors dr.keerti greeted them.....goodmorning mam both wished her back..

part 9:Life out of control

Still in flashback mode

Riddhima picked up the phone and called Anjie. Even though she was all the way in Australia, she always made her feel better about anything. Well, everything.

“Hi Ridzi, Kaisi ho?”

“Main theek hoon. Aap?”

“Achcha sun. Main India aarahi hoon meri internship karne keliye! After I finish next year! Aur Atul bhi aaraha hai. Phir hum Mum and Dad ko humare bare main batayenge.”

“Sach di?!” Riddhima was excited! She had been afraid that Anjali might decide to stay in Australia forever. And she hated hiding things from her parents. Especially when they already suspected Anjali of having someone else in her life.

“Tu bata. Kaise yaad aayi apni di ki aaj? You know I miss you sooooooo much!! Yahan par jab bhi kuch karti hoon tumhari yaad aati hai!”

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-89