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Part 41-42: Mad At Each Other

part 41

Antaratma :bhagoooooooooo

Armaan: arrey suntoh jara

Bt antaratma disappeared frm zer leaving confused armaan alone to pull his hair

“chalo armaan beta abh sojoav kal subha jaldi uthkar uss chudail ko theek karna hai”

Saying zis armaan slept bt in z other room sleep is far far awy frm ridz eyes …. She is crushing her teddy in her hands n pouting

“abh mai kya karun argggg” she threw teddy on one side on z bed n hided her face in pillow ….. aftr some while lifting her hand

“dino ko kitna gussa aya bt meri problem ko bhi usey samjhna cahiye nah bt nahi … kitni pyar sey maine uski fav dish banayi vo bhi nahi khaya”

part 5 : charm caster (mini ff)

New morning new start….

It was new sunrise every one was shocked seeing a new armaan malik who woke up early and having breakfast that to in a business suit ….everyonce jaw dropped while riddhima just smiled lightly… 

Armaan…” emmm dad I m joining office from today…”

Shanky nodded hell shocked with the change…armaan has changed or riddhima’s presence changed him ..he was just a new person with the same heart now… It was his first day in office despite of himself he tried to understand every possible point which made his exhausted…he came back home late at 11 pm half in sleep , atul carried him to hi room and made him lay down…. Riddhima was standing at a corner watching him sound in sleep looking innocent like a kid…if someone see’s him right now will say there is no worry, of hate in this world…

She warmed the food and took it for him..he was deep in sleep…she wondered what should she do..She somehow managed made him rest on the bed post and nudged him..” armaan have ur food first then sleep..” he whined …” uhhhh” she patted his face lightly …” armaan m goingggg…”He instantly opened his eyes but still dazed….” Noooohh u cant go u r mine…” he hugged her pouting like a kid…” yaahhh now eat ur food then sleep..”….he opened his mouth in spite of eating …she smiled and fed him with small morsels…and he slept in her lap…It was their daily routine now …she would feed him and he would sleep in her lap…he calls her from office when ever he gets time and talk anything and everything ..he was happy or say happiest …armaan malik was deeply and immensely in love with his wife riddhima armaan malik ….

Part:50 (C) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

And before she can say something more he cut the call and riddhima throw the phone and

Riddhima:''had hai cut kar diyya humesha aapnii karta hai merii tou koi value hii nahin hai par mai bhi bilkul bhi iskii bat nahin manogi mujhe nahin btaya naa kii kaise yeh mujhe milega tou mai bhi kyoon maano iskii bat aur merii bat bhi nahin sooni beech meiin hii cut kar diyya phone koo idiot, stupid, duffer kahin kaa ''

She cursed him and then only she heard samriti's voice that was calling her downstairs so she immediately opened her ward robe to pick the dress to get ready.

After getting ready she has no time to look herself in mirror as samriti was calling her so she rushed downstairs as soon as she reached downstairs anjie looked at her in disbelief

Anjali:''vaoww ridzi tuu tou bahut pyaari lag rahii hai ek dam pehle jaisi''

Kumkum:''han ridzi lag hii nahin rahaa terii shaadi koo 1 year honee vaala hai yar''

Asmani rang ho with lyrics

hi friends,came with my favorite song...."Asmani rang ho..."

Asmani rang ho (Lyrics)
serial: Dill Mill Gaye
Music Director : na
Singer(s) :na
Lyricists :na
Song Picturised On :kash(karan shilpa)

 Mood/Type : Love Song

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-101

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Part 39-40: Mad At Each Other

part 39

Armaan:tuh dost nahi dushman hai

Rahul laughed n again said all z best n all of zem leaves frm zer

Armaan wiz lots n lots of dreams n nervousness he pressed z calling bell

Ding dongggg

Ridz did nt open z door n armaan thought may be his basket os blushing n scared to open z open ….. wiz zis thought a huge smile creept on his face …once again he pressed z bell n tlking to himself 

Part 1:Mujhe meri biwi se bachao(mini ff)

A girl sitting  wiz veil from tip  to toe  on  z middle of fully decorated bed wiz roses n orchids … armaan entered z room nervously very desperate to meet his bride ....aftr marriage he tried alot to hve a lil kuchii koo wiz his new bride bt he did nt gt z chance coz of friends n family ..... now he gt alone tme wiz his bride ...he slowly proceeds towards z bed .....he settled himself on z bed near his brides legs ...wen he sat on z bed bride clinched z bed sheet wiz her feet ....armaan thought his bride is nervous n zen he moved lil close to her n  unveils  her n shocked to see his bride  in karate dress instead of bridal red lehanga choli she wore karate dress and when armaan unveiled her she kicked him out of z bed n humpty dumpty had a great fall opps no no no actually armaan had a great landing on floor wiz a loud scream


part 9 (last part):Tere pyar mein


mishthi - bholu ye lo... ridhima.... *she extended rings to both of them.....

ridhima - ye...

mishthi - ye sab bahut pehle se plan tha......

gunjaan - hain ridhima dekh humne toh recording bhi kiya hain ye sab....

muskaan - kyun ki armaan chahata tha tum dono ka ye pal hamesha yaad rahe tumh dono ko.....

ridhima look at armaan and mouthen I LOVE U..

and in response armaan to spoke I LOVE YOU TOO just by moving his lips not audible to others.....

then ridhima and armaan exchanged the ring... and finally they are engazed.......

Part 9 "passionate love arsh"

Flashback of arsh

Shilpa: armaan m sorry i disturbed ur sleep m so sorry plz tum thoda time so jao ohk?

Armaan: ni m thk hun really

Shilpa: but tum 

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-100

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Part 37-38: Mad At Each Other

part 37

“mama dino ka bhoot bachaovv ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

At home

Ridz talking to her teddy

“teddy meko kuch hogaya hai….. par kya huva hai ,do u knw?... kya teddy tum kuch kyun nahi boltey … …. Ye mujhey kya horaha hai … sari duniya mey meko sirf aur sirf dino dekhraha hai …… jitah mai ussey dur janey ki khosis karti hun utna mai uskey pass chali jati hun … kabhi kabhi maan karta hai hahahhah (she blushed n luking at floor)mai nahi batungi jaov nah teddy meko sharam ati hai”

Meanwhile muski n anji cme zer who were watching n listening ridz ’s red face and silly talks


everyone i m a silent reader hear
actually I want to request pls I want to. read chahat. ff the Dmg continuation wala
pls pls those how know it pls tell the writer to post. ff pls is request

Part 5:Beintehaan

At night

Ridz ws lying on bed n atul sat beside her n applying ointment on her hand while scolding her

“tum har waqt kuch nahi kuch karti kyun rehti ho princess…”

Ridz:wiz pain)ahhh dheere sey bhaiyya

Atul:mai dheere hi lagarahi hun abh jaley pey darad hoga hi ...tum kitchen mey gayi kyun …..

Ridz:sadly)aise hi socha doodh piyungi  khana thik sey nahi khaya nah toh bhuk lagrahi thi ….

Atul:angrily)bhuk lagi toh mujhey bolna tha nah princess …abh c kasie jalgaya haath …ek min chup nahi rehsakti tum har waqt kuch nah kuch karti rehti ho ….

Ridz:cholly nah bhaiyya galti sey jaal gaya gussa chodo nah abh …..

Atul:hmmmm (while blowing on her hand)abh chup chap so jana thik hai

Ridz:haan chup chap lke a gud grl

part-9:Hate Or Love .. AR ff

Armaan bent down to her  and placed his hands on both sides of the chair and said " Dr.Anjali gupta."

"Whattttttttt???!!!! what the hell r u talking" ridhima yelled coming out from his hold.

Amaan stood straight and gave her a wicked grin.

"Anjali di cannot do such a big mistake , do you think i believe u, she's a very efficient doctor, i cant imagine you stoop so low, you are just trying to trap her,tum sirf di se badla lene ki koshish kar rahe ho" ridhima said fuming with anger.

Armaan leisurely went to his chair and rested his hand on the back of the chair and said coldly" mujhe aisa kuch bhi karne ki zaroorat nahin hai, Anjali ki ek ghalati ne use is problem mein dala hai"

"kaunsi ghalati, what r u talking about??" aisa kuch nahi hua hai, you are lying, agar aisa kuch hota to di mujhe jaroor bataati" ridhima said with her arms crossed.

"Tum maano ya na maano magar ye sab sach hai and you can confirm this with the hospital authorities" he said joining his palms and resting his elbows on headrest of the chair.

part 4 : charm caster (mini ff)

Ar…” no, not needed my friends had thrown a party for me tonight and m going there…”He tried hard to look angry and hurt but his glittering eyes told shashank that he was happy…shanky smiled and spoke…” …. u r going na than I will introduce riddhima to my friends simple…”His eyes popped what the hell ….” Dad my friends threw a party for my wedding so that means I have to attend that with my wife…”He spoke irritated and shanky padma and atull laughed at his response. The truth was out now he had happily accepted this marriage ….when the reality drowned him he looked down muttering something to himself and his all efforts to look angry to his parents were drained…

Whole day he faced her many times but every time he forgot what he wanted to talk…and now it was evening for a change he was ready waiting for her in the parking ….examining every single thing grass to stars just to kill the time but now he getting impatient… he tried to thing about her coz this is only thing which make him obvious to world from tomorrow…” I thing she will wear sari or any other Indian attire..western is not her cup of tea I guess …but she was looking hot and sexy in dt saring in morning…god if any point I put against her my own heart starts defending her ” he frowned but that frown soon replaced by shock and then a huge grin there she was standing at the porch wearing a peach color knee length dress complementing her skin, she was elegant yet sexy….

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-99

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Part 35-36: Mad At Each Other

part 35 

Tring tring tringg

Ar: hello dad hows u


Ar: kya baat hai aap thoda dull lagrahey hai

Billy: kuch nahi tum jaldi Mumbai avo

Ar: bt dad kya huva

Billy : tum avo armaan …

List of AR/ARSH Mini Fanfiction

List of Mini Fanfiction arranged in Alphabetical order :

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  3. Mujhe teri jarurat hai
  4. Mere Paas Raho
  5. No love for me
  6. Sab Mera Tu (season 2)
  7. The First Kiss
  8. Tum dena sath mera
  9. Tum bin jiya jaye kaise
  10. pyar ke mod pe...
  11. pyari ma mumma
  12. You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)
  13. Unsaid Love
  14. Viswas

  1. A deal
  2. Alone
  3. A Life Worth To Live - An AR FS -
  4. Alvida
  5. Amar
  6. A new bundle of joy
  8. A Burdened Love
  9. Bepanah pyar hai
  10. Baatein ye kabhina
  11. Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)
  12. Bheege pal
  13. Bikhar ke tut gaye,
  14. Bikhar gaye hum
  15. Bus rona mat
  16. can't forget you
  17. Chance Encounter
  18. charm caster
  19. Chahat
  20. Childhood Friends - Love Finds its Way
  21. Coincidence?not!
  22. Come back to me
  23. cross connection
  24. Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )
  25. Dancing days
  26. Deal is sealed
  27. Dealed Love
  28. Defeated in Love (AR ff)
  29. Destiny meets love
  30. Destiny will bring us back
  31. Dill me chupa lunga
  32. ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~
  33. Here to change his life forever
  34. Hold on your love
  35. How Much - U Love Her (mini)
  37. Inteqaam -the unique revenge
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  111. Will love u till eternity
  112. When i'm with you
  113. when opposite attracts
  114. Where Did I go Wrong
  115. woh lamhe
  116. 7 days
  117. 10 spines had made their way through his body
  118. With U
  119. 25 with 18

DMG Title Track with lyrics

hey guys,started a new post,our favorite "DMG SONGS " with lyrics and dmg pics.. hope you will like it.


part 2 (B): Kuch toh baki hai

The doorbell rang and Radhika opened the door, she smiled seeing her both daughters

“Andar aao baccho….college ka pehle din kaisa raha?” she asked

“Arre mama! College ka pehle din tou ek dam jhakaas gaya” Muskan said, while entering and Radhika closed the door behind her.

“Aur meri Riddhi ka?” she asked Riddhima, pinching her cheeks. Riddhima remembered the incident in the morning but decided not to tell it or else they’ll be worried. She smiled

“Bohot accha gaya Aunty” she said softly making Radhika smile

“Accha chalo ab tum dono fresh ho jao mein khana laga deti hun” She said and both nodded and rushed upstairs to their room.

segment 36 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

hi  friends and sis...sorry so sorry for late....mai bhi aajkal bahut lazy hoti ja rahi hun...thanks a lot for liking last part...hope u will like this part too.....

segment 36

After 2 hours they reached arman’s mumma’s village where his nanu and nani were waiting for them eagerly. When arman and riddhima touched their feet ,their eyes  started raining. .

Nani (sobbing): “arman beta,bahut tadpaya humey.humey bhul gaya na?

Arman : “ nahi nani,actually wo…

Nanu cut his words and uttered : “koi baat nahi beta,tu aaya,sath me humari bahu ko laya isse badi khushi kya ho sakti hai…chal ander chal.

They came inside the house. Actually it was not a house,it was like a palace. Riddhima was surprised to see. She understood that arman’s mumma’s family is a very rich family.

A boy came and asked nani…”nani ji,bhaiya bhabhi ke saman andar rakh dun?

part : 3 sindoor

Riddhima was still thinking about that guy with whom she bumped when she came out from her thoughts with a tap on her shoulder and she turned to saw abhimanyu was standing there with a smile on his face, and seeing him she hugged him and

Riddhima:''abhie u r la8 as usual I am waiting for u so long''

Abhi:''sorry ridzi yar u know Mumbai's traffic''

He replied taking her luggage trolly

Riddhima:''han han pta hai mujhe tu kitne time par nikla hogaa gharr se''

Abhi:''nahin ridzi mai naa time par hii nikla tha''

part 8:Tere pyar mein


ridhima - armaan vo kuch samaan mujhe chaiye tum zara help kar doooo...armaan nodded ad moved in with ridhima.....

armaan give ridhima all the things that are needed for aarti....and then ridhima did the aarti of mishthi di and let her in.....

after sometime they were talking and having funn in living room ...and armaan was telling mishthi his childhood embaracements...then suddenly ridhima gets up and that leave armaan and mishthi stare at her...

Next part - Last part


when ridhima get up both armaan and mishthi stare at her that why ridhima gets up so suddenly.....

armaan - kya hua.....

ridhima - vo mein breakfast.....

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-98

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Episode:6 Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey  “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari iss show ki 6th  guest hai blog ki youngest member HUDA darlingg  jo itni choti umar mey dheer sare kamal ke kaam karti hai ffs ,vm,siggies ,wat nt all rounder hai  toh chaliye unka swagat kartey hai wiz a  big round of clause

Part 33-34: Mad at Each Other

part 33

“her every body part is aching lke hell bt zer ws a smile on her face n feeling butterflies in her tummy”

Armaan cme back wiz glass of milk only

Ri:ye kya sirf doodh aur kuch nahi laye

Ar :doctor sey pucha maine … unhoney kaha hai ki aaj keyliye sirf doodh kal subha mileyga khaney ko kuch

part 28: vivah

thanks a lot guys for liking last part.sorry for late. hope you will like this part too.

Part-- 28

The rain was getting heavy and both were fully drenched on it.They laughed at their condition and without saying anything armaan carried Shilpa in his arms.

shilpa-armaan kya kar rahe ho..koi dekh lega..

armaan-to dekhne do..tum biwi ho meri..tumhe to aise utha hee sakta hun..

He was climbing the stairs now with Shilpa struggling on his arms getting all conscious.

shilpa-arey pagal ho kya..agar mom ya dad ne dekh liya...

Once they reached the room he put her down and closed the door locking it and giving her a sky grin.She was trying to dry her hair by getting them on one side.Armaan's unending sneezes made her come out of the trance.

Part 4:Beintehaan

Abhi tuk stick n  wen ridz saw stick in his hand she started running n abhi running  behind ridz … both were running all over z house  n atul while sipping his green tea

“ye dono kab bade hongey ... kaun keh  sakta hai ek software engineer hai n dusari final yr graduate ...uff both  r still kids”

Tring Tring

Atul :while flipping z news paper)princess dekho zara kiska call hai ….

Riddhima :ji bhaiyya….

Ridz  picked z call

Ridz :hello…..

Otherside :……………..

Ridz:scared )plz mujhey call karna band karo

part 7:Tu zindagi

  thanks  a lot priyu,sadaf,priya shonaholic,tamanna and anu for ur sweet ,encouraging comments..sorry sis, actually mera exam tha toh ud nahi kar payi...but ab mai wapas aa gayi hun,apne sarey ffs jaldi hi ud karungi..its ur di's promise...hehe....i now yeh part utna achcha nahi hai but kahani ka link jodne ke liye iski jarurat hai,toh i will surely give u good u ...muaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Muskan was about to fall but arman caught her and yelled  in an angry voice…”what the hell!dekhkar nahi cha sakti?

Muskan stammered…”nahi ..wo…arman …wo …shilpa!

Arman was turned to go from there but stopped listening shilpa’s name .

Arman : “kya hua usey?

Muskan : “wo..wo..vivek aur unke dost….

Arman uttered clenching  teeth….”come….

Other side vivek and his friends were enjoying much. Shilpa was sobbing continuously and sapna was standing there helplessly.

Vivek : “don’t cry baby..take my phone and call ur papa…mai unse tumhara hath manga chahta hun.

Vinay : “sirf hath lekar kya karega yaar?

Vivek  uttered keeping his dirty look on shilpa…”haan yaar,hath lekar kay karunga..toh phir wo sab mang lunga jo mere kaam aayega.

part 3:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

Dog- aa bache tujhe dharti par jannat ki sair karata hu.

Armaan- ooh darti par bhi jannat hai'''..Waise ye iytam kya hoti hai.

dog- ooo teri iytam -2 iytam bole to darti ki angel. Ha samajh gaya ab cham aur jyada sawal mat kar.

Armaan was mesmriesd by the senary around him. The lighting , cars, hotels. He was busy seeing beauty around him and don was giggling seeing his behavior. Just dan he sceamed wo kya hai'

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-97

Monday, 3 February 2014

Part 31-32 Mad At Each Other

part 31

In uni 

Muskan : heyy ridz 

Ridz : hmm

Muskan kya hmm maine hey bolah hai

Ridz : hmm 

Muskan : phir hmm kya huva tujhey bol kyun nahi rahi hai 

Atul: ridz kya huva 

Ridz :hmmm

Anjali : kya huva riddhima ji 

All wre asking her but no reply frm riddhima zen sid came zer 

Sid: lagta hai boyfrnd key saat jagdha kiya hai isney 

Ridz gve angry luk to sid 

Part- 13 ArSh FF Arranged Love

His elbows resting on  the desk and his head cardeled in his hands, Armaan sat alone and idle in his office cabin. Can't quote him sitting idle, well he was constantly staring at his beautiful wife, who was now making annoyed, irritated and weird faces. Looking at the computer screen, Shilpa was cursing. Armaan came to this conclusion, seeing the movement of her lips, her cringed nose, the frown of her brows and the hunger evident in her eyes made him chuckle but the next moment guilt covered with face, after all he was responsible for the interruption in her breakfast and now because of Karwachauth fast, she will not be able to eat or even drink anything.

"Sir..aapki coffee." the peon knocked at his door.

Part:50 (B) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Next day riddhima woke up with her message beep and she lazily opened her eyes only to read his message

Armaan:''good morning sweetheart:)''

He messaged her with a smile riddhima firstly was little disoriented because of her little sleep then she remembered their more to say his promise in night she smiled but as soon her gaze fell on clock it was just 6'o clock that means she just sleep for three hours so

Riddhima:''let me sleep naa armaan u please get ur juice after coming bac from jog and now please let me sleep I have no energy to write a message''

She typed as she knows he must be awake for his daily jog and closed her eyes

Armaan:''ohk baby u just sleep but I will miss my daily juice that too made by u but u have a nice sleep and dreams of me good night''

part 3 : charm caster (mini ff)

 “I couldn’t help but think how would they feel on mine…god! rahul did no justice describing her beauty she is like a delicate pearl in ocean and now mine She came and sat next to me and I was still staring her like a fool ..her dark long eye lids were down …I think she was shy to look at me…this thought made me smile. I didn’t know when all rituals got performed I just did every thing dazed …dazed in her beauty …..i even forgot how I was forcefully dragged in this alliance .i was feeling butterflies tingling my heart….she was no is my wife now ….mrs. riddhima armaan malik gosh it sound so good…..and as we were announced man and wife we took blessing of our elders and were dragged towards the stage where every body came to congratulate us …argghh! it was irritating…I don’t know when the hell it all will be over ..and this reminds me of my first night …oh couldn’t help that stange feeling in the pit of my stomach …it was my first night …wohhhh ..i might get lucky to night …I was stealing gimps on every possible moment but always found her looking down greeting the other ppls…and now it was turn of my good for nothing friends ….anji and mushki hugged her and he she smiled for the first time I saw that breath taking smile yes coz seeing her smiling like that caught my breath in my throat ….her laughter was like pearls scattered on floor ….god help me I will die coz of this beauty who is my wife now…Jeez if I died what will be the headlines tomorrow “ the great armaan malik couldn’t take his wife’s beauty..hahaha dt will be funny for sure…