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part 6(last) - Was, Have N Will Alwayz Love You!!! -

Riddhima started to search around the place... First she was seeing around the tent but nothing was there...
Then she moves to wards the rocks which Armaan has hidden thinking maybe it wasn't only rocks...
As Riddhima keep taking out the cloth, something caught her eyes...

Riddhima eyes got wide seeing what it was... Her eyes were moving on the written and as she the words reach to her mind and heart, she has a big smile adoring her lips and tears were twinkling in her eyes...

Armaan who was standing a little far around her, move close to her...

Hugging her, he wait for her respond or could say to her reaction...

No one said anything for another 5mins and Armaan knew Riddhima was crying silently... He didn't stop her knowing she was happy and surprise as well... But he need to know her answer...

Armaan move to her side as he turn her around to face him... He wasn't surprise to see those tears twinkling in her eyes...

Part 2 : ArSh FanFic ~ 3 Idiots


                                                   ~Meeting Mr. Dhakkan~

Armaan was driving rashly on Mumbai roads. He had spent quality time with Abhimaan and Siddhant, mostly reminiscing about Shilpa. Her pranks, her laughter, her big doe shaped eyes and what not! Remembering about, each and everything related to Shilpa, was literally pushed Armaan's senses to an edge. Not able to keep his emotions under-check, Armaan was now driving to an unknown destination.

As he was driving carelessly, he jerked when he felt the back mirror of the car break into pieces. With anger evident on his face, Armaan came down out of the car but his anger melted the moment he saw a fierce, young girl, standing in front of him. She was covered with mud. Seeing him, the girl yelled;

"Can't you see when you drive? You idiot, see what you did to me!! You splashed the mud over me." she snapped.

Chapter 1:And The Reason is You

The Marriage

Inspite of being told that internet is a wonderland though none of there are trustworthy, she followed her instincts of getting into chat rooms . “all depends on our faith”- a proverb, turned out to be unexceptional true future in Riddhima’s life.

The simple yet enormously complicated web world, that dramatically changed her life. She never bothered to listen to anyone. “It’s just for fun”, was the answer to everyone whoever made believed that chatting is a bad addict. She couldn’t even think in her wildest dream that her simple timepass will be fatal for her.

A sudden wave of nostalgia swept into her mind, remembering all hose beautiful moments. Within fraction of second it deepened into deep chasm of sadness. She realized that she became crippled and dejected by the incidents whatever was happening around her. She wanted to get rid of these all but now there was nothing left, despite cuddling the harsh factor and naked truth of reality which made her world completely shattered. She felt as like earth began to shake beneath her feet and she didn’t believe to anything as she realized that this world has already taken the most important ingredient of her life that she loved more than everything. She closed her eyes, heaving a huge breath mustering all the courage remains in her. Her all beautiful savoured dreams were drastically falling down, in front of her eyes, as the marriage rituals were about to begin in few hours.

Part:51 (A) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Riddhima was in market with her mom and anjali for shopping and was in one shop seeing some things which her mom told her to nuy when she heard his voice right near her ear making her breaths stopped as she feels his musky cologone

Armaan:''someone is looking hawtt in this orange skirt and purple top''

Riddhima was shocked seeing him right in front of her eyes and his breath was kissing her ear lobe as he was standing so close to her and riddhima feels his musky cologone and armaan chuckled seeing her shocked face he was expexting this only and he covered the little distance between them and closed her little parted lips with his fingers

Armaan:''basket lips band kar lo sweetheart otherwise don't blame me u know your lips are looking so much inviting when they are parted so please''

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-108

Friday, 14 February 2014

Part 53-54: Mad At Each Other

part 53

Armaan: mentally) wife is a knife sunah tha par pati par ye knife use bhi karsakti hai ….godji meri rakhsha karna …

Ridz:haath jodkar bhagwan sey kya mang rahey ho ….

Armaan :kuch nahi bas jab tum mera khoon karogi nah tabh meri atma ko shanty deynah karkey pradhna kar raha tha …..

Ridz glared him … “asie hi saitani kartey rahey toh dekhleynah vo din dur nahi jab tumhari atma ko…… she stopped zer n goes inside ……

And The Reason is You (Introduction)

Hello people
I want to start a new ff and here is the introduction do tell me if u want me to continue or not and do u like the concept or not.

What happens when a true love story ends with unexpected twist and turns where two souls which have become one got separated just because of our tradition and the narrow minded people, who really don’t care about the happiness of true lovers.

Welcome to the story of armaan and riddhima, two medical students from two different cities, who accidently met each other through online chatting and found a strong bond nurturing in them. Life shows them unexpected miracles and they become everything for each other. But their way was not so easy.

part-10:Hate Or Love .. AR ff

Armaan and Ridhima quickly bid bye to her parents as it was already late and headed to thier house or probably Armaan's house as ridhima dosen't beleive it to be her's, the ride back home was totally in silence...armaan saw her lost in her thoughts....on the other hand ridhima was thinking about how her life changed in just few days ...mujhe ye sab anjali di ke liye karna hi hoga, pehle mujhe armaan se wo reports lene honge, agar wo reports us ke paas rahe to wo mujhe har baat ke liye blackmail karega, aur main aisa kabhi nahi hone doongi....the car came to halt at mallik house, bringing ridhima out of her thoughts. Ridhima looked at the house and took a long breath and then looked at armaan.

Armaan was about to open the car's door he heard "Armaan mujhe ghar ke ander jaane se pehle wo reports chahiye jo anjali di ne tumhen diye the" ridhima said crossing her hands....he flared with anger and turned to her "do you think i am fool, agar maine tumhe wo reports diya to tum phir se apna wahi natak shuru kar dogi....tumhen kuch nahi milega, chupchaap ander chalo" he said going out of the car and banging the door behind...

Dmg season 3 (part 25 to 26 )


ARYAN is down because he was hurted by SHILPA, boys appealed the refree for a foul but the refree didn’t gave a foul because he was unable to see the incident as they were surrounded by other players. SHILPA scored a basket and the girls got the lead, and its half time break. While everyone is planning  strategies for their team ARYAN takes SHILPA out of the court to talk to her. ARYAN says that he didn’t expected her to get so desperate that she does cheating, he says that what is wrong with her and why don’t she want to return SANJEEVANI and says that she can become a brilliant doctor. To this she replies that her life is very complicated and god doesn’t wants her to be happy and further says that she mean’t to live here. To this ARYAN replies that everyone blames god for their miserable life, but people never thank god if they have a good life, he further says that he god gives us signals on every turn of life, and we just have to understand them, he says that maybe earlier it wasn’t the right time for her to arrive, but this may be god’s decision that she returns to SANJEEVANI and become a doctor, and that’s why we arrived and all this happend and we all made this bet . on this SHILPA gets tensed starts thinking, on seeing her tensed ARYAN says ‘let’s do one thing’ let’s play peacefully and see what is the decision of god, if boys win she should come and if girls win she shouldn’t return’. SHILPA smiles and agrees to this. Episode 25 ends here.

part 1: Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

thanks a lot priyu,megha,deepika,tamanna and indu and aayu too for ur comments...thanks a lot silent readers .....hope u will like this part too...

part -1

the Revenge story begins here..........................

6 years leap

RK medical college,simlagarh

Some boys and girls were gathered in locker room,they were the final year student of this college. Their final exam  was knocking at the door so they were discussing about it. but they were gossiping more than discussing about subject.

Priya : “yeh riddhima kahan reh gayi?abhi tak nahi aayi,sir aaj kuch important discuss karne wale hain in ophthalmology class.

Reshma turned  to her and replied : “tujhe pata nahi kahan hai,gayi hai milne usse.

Priya : “yeh toh limit hai yaar,bf sabke hain par exam ke time bhi yeh sab!kuch din dur nahi reh sakti?final me paas hona hai ki nahi.

Liza : “waise bhi har saal toh 1st position lati hai,usey kya tension,aur paas hokar bhi karegi kya.

Reshma : “what do u mean?

Liza sighed : “uska wo bro hai na,wo usey yahan se le jane wale hain,kehte hain bahut ho gayi padhai.

Priya : “haww! yeh kya baat hui? Toh MBBS me dala kyon?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-107

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Part 51-52Mad at Each Other

Part 51

Ridz:while wriggling)aww dying … reallyyy aww baby … abh tum mar bhi jaov nah mai vo nahi kahungi …

Armaan:trickily)kya vo basket …

Ridz:awww playing tricks on me ….poor baby frm nw tumharey nightmare mey bhi mai vo nahi kahungi …. Gt it 

Ridz pushed armaan away n locked herself in her room leaving armaan behind to pull his hair ….

“argg kya karun mai iska … jeetna mai basket key pass janah cahta hun utna vo dur chali jati hai …. Abh kaise manun isko …”

He kncked ridz door ..

“basket plzz I m sorry ....”

part 5 - Was, Have N Will Alwayz Love You!!! -


After spending the day with gang and Armaan, Riddhima came home and went to bed early telling Armaan that she was hell tired... As the next was working day, Armaan didn't say anything and let her go to bed... 

Armaan knows why Riddhima didn't want to be with him, somehow even she knows that her tears hurt him the way his tears hurt her... 

Armaan and Riddhima both had been quiet the rest of the day, Rahul try to know what was wrong as girls took Riddhima to the jewelry shop... Armaan tell Rahul and Atul, they felt bad but support him saying everything would go good from here... 

Armaan was glad that his friends understand what he and Riddhima was going through... 

They had early dinner and left for house around 8pm... 

So Riddhima was rolling around the bed whole night not able to sleep... She keeps thinking about her life from their childhood and till now... 

Armaan send a msg around 12am wishing her 'HAPPY HUG DAY' and she was thinking just because she wants to hide from him, he was in his house that moment... 

part 3&4 - Was, Have N Will Alwayz Love You!!! -



Muskaan was running around the locker room as Riddhima was behind her, Even Nikki joins them as they were passing something to each other not giving it to Riddhima...

Anjali was sitting on the bench watching the 'catch me if u can' game continue around the place...

As Muskaan, Anjali and Nikki came to the locker room 10mins ago, they saw Riddhima standing near her locker looking inside it smiling...

They didn't make a noise and move towards her, peeping their heads over Riddhima shoulder to see Riddhima holding a big basket of chocolate...

It contains, Riddhima favorite chocolate and seeing those chocolates Muskaan and Nikki couldn't control as they r crazy for chocolates and it doesn't matter to them which flavor it is...

Anjali move away as Muskaan and Nikki look each other as naughty smile form in their lips...

Nikki started to count from her hand showing Muskaan who got ready to snatch the basket from Riddhima...

'Ridzyyy...' Both shouted to which Riddhima got startled and turn around letting go off the chocolate basket...

Before it hit the fall, Muskaan got hold of it... Both run away from Riddhima as she was standing under the shocked still... She came back to reality when she heard Muskaan and Nikki laughing their head off seeing Riddhima scared expression...

'Girlsss...' Riddhima said as she moves to Muskaan to get her chocolate basket which Armaan had leave for her in her locker...

part : 4 sindoor

Armaan just went to terrace for getting some fresh air he did not know himself y he was so restless hearing riddhima engaged to someone else, he just know her from one day only true he heard about her a lot but that does not meant that he knows her and y he was getting so much impatient with the fact she is happy with her fianc and y the hell did this affect him so much, never in his life, he was that much restless not even his college times or exam times or his internship days not even at the time of his first surgeory but what happen now, he was not that kind of persons who affect with small things but here he was affected and restless and impatient for the matter he does not have any relation, for the person whom he did not know she was not his friend either so what was happening with him he does not understand and in his frustration he punched in wall

''Love Just Happens''(os)

She was looking very beautiful in her red color gown and she was doing the final touches of her make up when she heard the honk of car and she finally get ready and blow a kiss to herself looking in the mirror and went outSide as she heard car's honk was getting louder and louder and reaching outSide she

Girl:''kya hai Sid tum 5 minute wait nahin kar sakte the I was just coming naa yar aur''

But she was cut short by her boyfriend Siddhant well to say Sid's voice

 Sid:''ye tumhare 5 minute ridzi naa half an hour I was waiting for you since 15 minutes naa''

Yes she Riddhima Gupta just completing her M.B.B.S. and was about to start her internship in Sanjeevani and wansts to become Neurologist and he is her boy friend Sid they are in relationship from 1 month and it was going fine but something was missing completely missing and she knows this very well, well both of them knows they were just taking their friendship to next level as they were good friends and both knows they liked each-other still waiting to fall for each-other, today they were just going to Ball that was organized in the Club they were member and both were excited actually Riddhima is as she is purely a Dance Lover and she loved these kind of events so that she can tale break from her daily life enjoying herself and her chain of thoughts break with Sid's voice

Sid:''ridzi yar chal aab chalein nahin tou tuu hii kahegi maine tujhe der karva dii yar''

Riddhima:''han chal naa''

And they sat inSide Sid's car and they drove off to the place where the Ball was held and Riddhima noticed Sid did not even tell her how she is looking and neither did she complimented him, this was one of the thing lacking in their  relationship, she sighed and start looking outSide while Sid drive silently.
After sometime Siddhant

Sid:''chaliye ridzi yeh lijiye aapki boring party place aa gayya''

He said and Riddhima making a face stepped down from car and both led inSide the Ball.
Same time in parking lot

A guy wearing blue shirt and blue jeans over it a black coat comes outSide while whispering

Guy :''mujhe aab tak samajh nahin aya hai muskii mai tere saath yahan kya kar rahaa hun milna Rahul se tujhe hai aur mai yahan iss Ball meiin akela kya karunga''

Part 8 :Beintehaan

Whole night armaan was tossing on bed ….had nt slept fr even a minute  …..his mind ws occupied wiz ridz thoughts ….desperately waiting fr sunrise ….

“kabh subha hogi aur kab mai apni riddhima key pass honga ….god 5 yrs usey dur kaise raha pata nahi par aaj ye kuch ghante katna bohot muskil kyun lagraha hai”

Armaan gt up n tuk out ridz pic frm his wardrobe n while caressing her pic wiz his fingers said

“bas kuch ghantey aur riddhima uskey badh har lamha mai tumharey saat rahunga ……tumhare dill aur dimag sey us b****** ka daar nikaldunga …..i promise riddhima”

 while bringing her pic close to his heart  

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-106

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Part 49 & 50: Mad At Each Other

Part 49

Armaan : yess abh ayega mazaa

Rahul: kyaaa I did nt gt u

Armaan: u ll gt it soon rahoollllllllllll jst wait n watch

Armaan goes near atul n anji ….while making a puupy sad face n luking down said

“atul i think humey anji ko sab kuch batadeynah cahiye …”

Atul confused … while scratching his head …talking to himself

“kiss barey mey batana hai anji ko?????…. Kal raat sey ye paglon jaise behave kar raha hai …. Aaj college key badh mai isko ek achey doctor key pass leyjaunga …”

Atul’s chain of thoughts brke wen he heard … armaan asking sorry to anji ….

Prologue : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

note -- this mini ff is for my darling teacherji aayu(Aaushi),love u aayu,get well soon.(ur poo didi)

sanjivani, mumbai

a boy was standing outside the OT. his face was looking  dull ,eyes were puffed as he cried  a lot.  his hairs were scattered...he was fidgeting fingers continuously  while looking at the red light  of OT.

just then door opened and dr. padmakar came out....he looked at the boy  and  came to him. seeing him the boy's  eyes became teary...he tried to ask   about the patient but voice choked . dr. caressed his hairs and uttered : "don't worry,she is out of danger."

boy : "dr. kya  mai unse mill sakat hun? bas ek baar..please..

Part 8 : Tu zindagi

thanks a lot priyu,tamanna ,annu and adir for ur sweet comments...thanks a lot silent readers . hope u will like this part too.

part 8

they were standing in front of princi ,in his cabin.they were arman,sid,shilpa,sapna and muskan.

Princi (angrily) : “arman!mai aapse hi baat kar raha hun. Yeh kaisi badtamiji hai? yeh college hai ya  jung ka maidan?

Arman lifted his eyes and stared at vivek,who was sitting beside prince .his head was bandaged,face was looking pale.vivek’s dad was there but he was busy in a call.

Princi : “aap usey kya dekh rahe hain?mujhe iska reply chahiye,aapki manmani badhti ja rahi hai college me..aapko study pasand nahi toh chod kyon nahi dete college aana.

Arman looked at princi with burning made princi more angry. He blasted : “u r suspended for 6 months arman mallik!here is ur suspension letter.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-105

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Part 1 & 2- Was, Have N Will Alwayz Love You!!! -

                                                            PART 1

Silent was around the hospital as it was early in the morning, usually it get jam with people after 9am and it was only 6am... 

Two three doctors were on their morning rounds while at every nurse station, sisters were behind the reception with their eyes full of sleep trying to fight not letting it close... 

One sister was sleeping sitting on her chair as she put her hands on the table, elbow touching the table while palm touching her chin supporting her head... 

'Sister Lovely...' I tap her shoulder who was healthier then a normal person... 

Sister Lovely was a nice lady who was looking for guy to get married... She was a funny and lovely person just like her name... She is a good friend and pure person in heart... 

'Oh Ji, Dr.Riddhima... Ji Aap aaj itni jaldi kaise...' She said as she open her eyes trying to adjust her eyes to the day light... 

'Good Morning Sister Lovely...

Kuch khaas nehi hai, hum doctors hai toh bohot kaam hota hai right...
Actually mujhe briefing se pehle ek case file study karni hai... So maine socha yaha se zyada acchi jhaga nehi ho sakte...' I said smiling to myself...
Oh Hi, I forgot to introduce myself... I m Dr.Riddhima Gupta... 

Episode:7 Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey  “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari iss show ki 7th  guest hai crazy armaan fan Lakshmi  jo blog ki sweetest n cutest member hai .... jo ek dam kamal key cmnts deyti hai ki wrter toh khusi sey uchalne lagata hai hahahha toh chaliye unka swagat kartey hai wiz a  big round of clause

Part 47 & 48: Mad At Each Other

part 47 

Armaan ws shcked “ kyaaaa”

“I love kheer alottt sey bhi jayda lot”

Hearing it armaan cme back to reality frm his sweet sweet dream n luked at ridz who ws sleeping ……hugging her teddy tightly n mumbling in her sleep….

“teddy kheer bohot bohot tasty tha I just love it”

Armaan smiled sarcasticly at his poor condition n said to himself

“khuley ankhon sey sapna wah armaan beta wah”

Ridz again started saying smethng 

part 3: Kuch toh baki hai

It was the end of the day; Riddhima was searching for Muskan in the whole college

“Pata nahi Muski kahan chali gayi hai? Ghar jaane ka time ho gaya hai aur ye pata nahi kahan hai? Ab mein akele kaisay jaon?” she said nervously and extremely worried.

She decided to call her, she took out her cell from her bag and typed Muskan’s no. and kept the cell to her ear.

She waited patiently until she answered her call

“Arre Riddhu! Sorry sorry sorry sorry!  Mujhe tou tera khayal hi nahi raha! Arre baap re baap! Hayyo Rabba! Ye mujh se kya ho gaya???  Soooooooooo sorry Riddhu! Mera matlab emergency hi aisi thi ke mein ………….”

“Muskan wait!” Riddhima said, bewildered by her constant blabber, she knew that Muskan loved to talk but this was the limit “Saans tou lia karo! Bole hi jaa rahi ho! Phone uthaate hi?” she added

Muskan bit her tongue, “Sorry yaar Riddhu! Mera matlab……”

Part 7:Beintehaan

At home

Armaan ws lost in his thoughts about riddhima ....billy cme zer n asked

"wat happened armaan din sey tum mujhsey baat karney nahi aye..."

Armaan :in mind)har baat apsey share karta tha dad sochta tha aap mujhsey bohot pyar kartey hai meri khusi key liye evry possible thing karo gey bt aap business man nikaley dad bete ki pyar ko bhi business banadiya

Billy :kya huva armaan aise kya dekh rahey ho .... maine kuch pucha tumsey

Armaan :cme back frm his thoughts)umm ...kuch nahi dad just busy wiz hospital n stuff ...

Billy:r u sure pehley kabhi aise nahi huva ....

Armaan :pehley mujhey sach nahi pata tha nah dad...

part 29: vivah

thanks a lot guys for commenting and liking last part. thanks a lot silent readers too. now next part. hope you will like it.


As the morning rays hit the room,Shilpa stirred in her sleep.She opened her eyes with great dificulty and yawned.Finding herself still in the lehenga she blushed hard.All those moments of them kissing eachother and then sleeping in eachothers arms flashed in her mind.She looked around the room not finding armaan anywhere.

shilpa-oh godd...10 baj gaye..itne late tak kaise so gayi main...


Padma-itni baarish ho gayi thi kal raat ko..aur vishnu kaka ko dekh lo gate khula chor diya...

atul-waqai mein...bohot der tak baarish hui thi kal...

anjali-I know acha hua function late tak nahi mom armaan kahan hai?

padma-pata nahi ab to baat karni hee hogi usse...ab dekho sunday ke din office jaake baetha hua hai...

atul-kya?aaj office?

padma-mujhe to shilpa ke liye bura lagta hai..soch rahi hun baat kar lun usse...kitni udaas rehti hai aajkal

Just then Shilpa came down in red anarkali.She was looking beautiful today like a new bride.There was a smile plastered on her face and her eyes were searching for armaan.

atul-arey agayi tum...

shilpa-haan woh..good morning

padma-beta tumhari tabiyat to theek hai na?

shilpa-haan ma...kyun kya hua hai...

atul-mm waise aaj kuch special hai kya

She took sit beside anjali while Padma went to kitchen.

shilpa-nai to kyun...

atul-anjali tumhe nahi lagta aaj Shilpa kuch zyada hee glow kar rahi hai...aur tum ekdum nayi dulhan ki tarah lag rahi ho...

She bit her lips and became conscious.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-104

Monday, 10 February 2014

Part 45 & 46: Mad At Each Other

part 45

Ridz :abh thik haina atul

Atul :haan ,baprey ridz ye kheer khakar jaan ayi mujhmey warna marjata aaj us mirchi sey

Armaan: mentally)abh tuh yeha sey nahi gaya toh sach mey marjayega

Ridz:abh tum aram sey match dekho mai chalti I m soo sleepy

Armaan: shocked)kyaaaaaaaaaaa

Ridz n atul :watt chila kyun rahey ho

Armaan: kuch nahi kuch nahi … bas aise hi 

Part 1 : ArSh FanFic ~ 3 Idiots


Dressed in a black Armani suit, with a white shirt underneath, Armaan looked impeccably hot. Tapping his fingers on his iPad, he made his way towards his room, but was stopped by his Dad, Mr. Malik.

"Armaan, where are you going my boy! Come, select something for Shanna." said Mr. Malik while pointing at the jewelry sets placed on the table.

"Dad! Please, I have an important video conference now. Mom is here na, she will select a piece from my behalf." replied Armaan, his gaze still focused on his iPad, and left for his room.

"What's with him? I agree that I wanted him to be responsible, him to join our business, but  I didn't wanted him to involve this much that he isn't even paying attention to his personal life. 2 days, just in 2 days he's marrying Shanna, but he seems not interested in it. What happened to my cheerful, bratty and prankster Armaan?" lines of tension appeared on Mr. Malik's forehead as he took a seat besides Mrs. Malik.

"You don't worry, I'll talk to him." said Mrs. Malik, she stood up and made her way towards Armaan's room.

part :14 An Arranged Love Marriage

The sun rays hit the beautiful mountains of Shimla, making some way through the fog and the room lit up with the mild sunlight through the curtains disturbing Armaan's sleep. He woke up completely and streching his arms turned around smilingly but frowned as he found her side empty. Sitting up on the bed he saw their room door but it was still latched which meant she was still inside the room, but even there was no sound of shower, as he was busy thinking about her whereabouts he felt cold breeze touch him making him shiver a bit. He turned around and as he found the balcony door open he hit his forehead with his palm.

" ladki ko kabhi ye balcony dikhani hi nahi chahiye thi. Stupid you Mr. Mallik...ab pachtao!"

Moving the blanket aside he walked out into the balcony and found her standing in freezing cold with just a shawl around herself, rubbing her hands to keep herself warm,rosy cheeks, hair flying due to the cold wind and her lips quivering. But still her lips had a sweet smile which showed that she was enjoying the weather thoroughly. She startled as he held her by her waist but soon composed herself. He had been doing this a llot lately, but still she wasn't habituated and nor did her cheeks seemed to as everytime they would colour up when he held her.

part 6 : charm caster (mini ff)

Next day night riddhima was standing near her window gazing the stars. She couldn’t understand why she felt this pain, this what she wanted and when she got it..she didn’t felt happy about it..seeing a figure roaming in the garden in this chilly night..she groaned in frustration …” what the hell he is doing here dt to without any warmers ….” She ran out of her room and found sid sitting in the lawn…” sid what is armaan doing in our garden…”

Sid..” ohhh he is staing at our servant quarters na toh bahar aa gaya hoga…”

“ servant quarter..” she murmured, didn’t know why but she didn’t like armaan staying there but she brushed those thoughts….” Emmm sid I think he dosnt have idea of the weather here toh u should tell him to wear warmers or he will catch cold..”

Sid stared her confused why she care about a servant but thinking about her caring nature he smiled…” ohkkk…I will ask any servant to tell him..”

Part 2 : Unsaid Love

part -2

And seeing that she is shocked he is getting engaged and she don't even knows about this how this can be possible such a big decision of his life and he don't even think to talk about it let alone talk he doesn't even need to inform her is this her value in  his life she is getting a surprise of her own best friend's engagement like this she surely till now on floor if nikki is not holding her and as few tears escaped from her green almond eyes she heard someone calling her and she immediately wiped her tears before any of them see her in tears she smiled and finds karan uncle speaking

Karan :"so rhea kaisa laga surprise"

She try to smile and then finally getting a grip on her emotions she smiled and said in her bubbly voice  as

Riddhima :"offcourse uncle aapka surprise mujhe acha na lage aisa kabhie hua hain kya but  I am angry aapnein aur kisi ne bhi mujhe bataya tak nahiin na this is so not fair"

She said pouted a bit and karan hugged her sideways and then he
Karan:" sorry bacha vo aap logon ke exam chal rahein the naa tou maine kuch nahiin bataya aur vaise bhi aap tou aapne oos dost ko jaanti hii hain poore 27 din liyye hain  oos ne han karne ke liyye aur oos pagal ke chakkar meiin hum aapka nuksan nahiin kar sakte the bacha so sorry"

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-103

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Part 43 -44: Mad At Each Other

part 43

Armaan closed z door n sat down on couch wiz guilt … he dnt knw wat to do now … ridz should be vry much angry at him and ready to kill him ….

“oh my god ye maine kya kardiya”

Armaan ws pulling his hair n banging his head … he wants to go inside n ask apology bt he is hell scared of ridz anger ….

“kya karun kya karun kya karun ….andar gaya toh basket mera khoon kardeygi… par usney kuch nahi kahaya subha sey usko khilaney keyliye toh mujhey andar janah hi padeyga … waise bhi karvachut key din kaunsi patni apney pyarey pati PARMESWAR ka khoon karti hai ”

He tuk couple of steps n stopped 

Introduction : ArSh FanFic ~ 3 Idiots


"St. Teresa's High School", a college, a mini-universe of young brats from high class society. Located in the heart of Dehradun, St. Teresa's High School, offers education to the richest kids of the society, the scholarship students being an exception. Just like every other college, St. Teresa, also have star students. The 3 best friends, the 3 gems of the college, Armaan, Siddhant and Abhimaan. These 3 are childhood friends, their families live together in a palatial bungalow in  Mumbai. These 3 are studying together in St. Teresa, and live together in a luxurious cottage nearby, along their maid, their Aunt Martha.

Armaan, the cool as well as hot dude of the college. Full of three things; I, Me and Myself. Siddhant and Abhimaan, are like brothers to him, they are the best of friends, share everything! He's a master in studies, being intelligent and topper of the school, added a wonderful effect in his charm. Short-tempered but not rude, arrogant but not selfish, thinks that money can buy everything except love, he loves his mother the most, he is, Armaan Malik.

part 4:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

door bell runged don asked ar to open the door, when he opend the door found delivery boy.

Dboy- sir, its ur four cheez pizzas and 2 bones.(HAHAHA)

Armaan- thanku .

He gave him the money viz don gived him.He opened the box was seeing pizza suspiciesly .

Don spoked-Abe ye dekhne se peat mai nahi jayega apne hatho say kahana padegaa. Chal ye slice utha aur muha mai dal.

Armaan put a slice 2 his mouht but did'nt chewed it.

don- hye re meri kismet apne hatho se apna matha bhi nahi peet sakta.Abe apna mooh cala aise dekh mujhe .

part 11:Life out of control

Riddhima was 20 minutes early to the hospital. She went to the locker room to get herself sorted out then get some peace and time to think for herself. She ran into Anjali, who told her about a formal party organized to celebrate the new interns’ arrival that night. She was supposed to tell everyone about it. The whole hospital was invited to the party at Mason Hotel.

“Kya baat hai di? Kal hi aayi ho aur itni jaldi sab organize bhi kardiya?” she asked raising her eyebrows.

“Meri pyaari si Ridzi, Main parso aayi thi. Mum Dad ko bhi pata tha! Tumhe surprise dena tha. Tab party aur sab kuch organize kar diya maine. Bhuddu!”

“Love you di!” smiled Riddhima, and gave her a quick hug.

“Achcha sun. Yeh Armaan…”

“Haan di. Voh hi hai.”

“Main usse chodungi nahin…”

segment 37: Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

thanks a lot aayu teacherji,dr. saira,adir and annu....thanks a lot for ur comments...thanks a lot to silent readers too....hope u will like this part too.

@saira sis,dekho maine kitni jaldi update di,its for u u.

segment -36

Riddhima’s sleep broke  at very dawn. she saw that arman was sleeping like a kid crimping his hands and legs on his chest ,his blanket was on the floor,but his face was on the other side,as he promised riddhima not  to turn her side.

Riddhima covered him with her blanket quietly and whispered ….”gdm arman..wish a great  day…


“bhaiya,utho,bahut late ho gaya hai.”

Arman woke up hearing mohan’s voice. He looked at the bed but riddhima was not there.

Mohan : “kya dhundh rahe ho? Bhabhi ananya masi ke kamre me hai, nani ko puja me help kar rahi hai.aap jaldi aao.”

Part 6:Beintehaan

"chup abh koi baat nahi kareyga princess jaag rahi hai ...arnav armaan ko bahar leykar jaov n waha baat karo ...princess abhi isey yeha dekheygi toh u knw ...abh jaovv sab yeha sey"

Armaan dnt wnna go out he wnna knw everything about ridz bt it ws nt z right time ….arnav held his hand n dragged him out of z room …bt armaan freed his hand n stopped at z door n luked at ridz …her face ws pale n lifeless is wrenching his heart ...she used to be a bubble girl ..always chirping lke birds bt now wat z hell she did wiz herself ....armaan ws not able to see his love of life suffering lke zis .....

Ridz  ws trying to get up …atul stopped her n said

“leytey raho princess”

Atul sat beside her n while caressing her hair “kuch cahiye princess”

Ridz:wiz low voice)bhaiyyaa app yehi rehna …

Atul:haan bacha mai yehi hun ….tumhey chodkey mai kaha jaunga …daaro math I m here only…

Ridz:while holding his hand)umm…

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-102