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Part 11

Armaan forgot to blink or breathe when he saw Riddhima... His basket... Wearing the red Saari he gave her... She was looking gorgeous, pretty and beautiful as ever... Her hair opens... Little make up... simple matching necklace on her long neck and bracelet on her right hand wrist... 

Anjali, Padma and Nani were looking at Riddhima to Armaan... Armaan was staring... Riddhima was blushing to see Armaan staring at her...

Anjali: Ehem ehem... 

Armaan come back to his sense... He looks down then again to Riddhima and smile to her... By now Riddhima came down with Padma hai was coming to him... Padma goes and sit next to Nani who was sitting in the sofa... 

Anjali: U looks beautiful Ridzy... Hugs her... 

Riddhima: Thanks Di... Hugs her back... 

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Part 46 to 50: AR FF... FROM THE TIME I SAW YOU...

PART 46...

Riddhima and Armaan were sitting with each other as Pandit was doing whatever he needs to do... 
Everyone was admiring the couple while both Gupta's and Mallik's were happy to see their both child looking lost in each other...

As the wedding was taking place, Anjali, Muskaan and Sapna were trying to know about Armaan shoe... Nikki wasn't back yet as Atul and Rahul were standing on the mandap with Armaan and Riddhima...
Leaving Anjali on the mandap, Muskaan and Sapna went to search for shoe so that they could get money or gift from Armaan... 
Atul and Rahul were satisfied knowing Nikki must have hide it now...

part : 6 sindoor

Armaan pressed the door bell with heaviness in his heart thinking how just in mere seconds his whole life changed completed he sighed and saw nikita's dad opened the door and he has no stamina to face anyone now but nevertheless he greeted him and then ask for nikita

Armaan:''uncle vo nikii I mean nikita hai kya?''

He asked and before nikita's dad comes nikita come there

Nikita:''areey armaan bhaii aap?''

She asked seeing him all surprised at her home that too this time night when dadii is not fine

Armaan:''umm han nikki vo mujhe tumse kuchh bat karnii thi''

He said while gazing at her and nikita nodded and looked over her dad who nodded and

Nandini:''nikki beta tum log study meiin baith kar bat kar lo''He said and

Armaan:''thanks uncle''

Nandini:''its fine beta''

Part 2: I Trust U Captain (ss)

part 2

And kirti who was turned to go, turned shocked hearing his words and looked at him
Kirti :''armaan kya sochh rahein ho beta kya keh rahein ho tum aisii koi bat nahin hai bacha''
She replied clearing him and

Arman :''par aunty I mean she has her clothes ripped and she was shocked and you also said she has went through from many things''

Kirti :''no armaan you took all wrong beta, she has bruises over her shoulder that must be she feel or hit by some sharp thing nothing else son and I just said because of bomb blasts that her emotional state was not in better she needs to recover that's all son she is fine otherwise nothing happen to her''

And she finally cleared armaan's misunderstandings and hearing her armaan sighed in relief not he was thinking something bad for her but seeing her in that state he just thinks and he did not saw her in that pain so he was just worried for her and finally

Arman :''aunty i am not you can I mean it was just I am like ''

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-115

Friday, 21 February 2014

Part 37 to 45: AR FF... FROM THE TIME I SAW YOU...

PART 37...

'Tum...' Armaan said...
'Aap inne jaante hai Mr.Mallik...' Inspector asked...
Not answering to the Inspector, Armaan move forward holding the person collar in his fist... Fire were in his eyes as if he would kill that person on the spot for hurting his Riddhima...
Inspector and other officer make Armaan separate from the person and Armaan just was trying to get out from their hold so he could beat the person to death...
'Mr.Mallik, aap shaant rahiyeh... Jo karna hai hum karenge bas aap itna bataye aap inne jaante hai ya nehi...' Inspector asked again...
'Mr.Mallik, batao na Inspector tum mujhe kitni acche tarahse jaante hai...
Tumhe yaad toh hoga maine 7saal pehle kaha ta tujhe main waapas aaunga, tumhare life barbaad karne...' the person said as he straight his shirt as Armaan was taken away from him...

Part 29 to 36: AR FF... FROM THE TIME I SAW YOU......

PART 29....

Armaan and Riddhima were so lost in each other eyes, they didn't know when the song got over...
They came back to reality when others clap for them and both move away from the dance floor... Some were already on the floor dancing and Armaan just want to be away from that noisy place and be alone with his fiance...His Riddhima...

Armaan look around and saw now only very few people were there... Know it wouldn't be nice to vanished from the party, Armaan ask Riddhima to meet him after the party before going home...
Before Riddhima could answer, Billy came with some friends to introduce them to Riddhima...
Soon again they were got busy meeting people and dinner....


PART 21...

After Valentines day celebration and spending the next day family, friends and lovers with their love once, everyone were back to work... Gang plan they would be spending every Sunday with each other in Armaan farmhouse or in Atul house...

As they do different kinds of work, it would be really not possible to meet each other every day... But Armaan and Riddhima were lucky as they work together in same office... That too with each other, both get time to see at least...

Part 1 -3 :Blind Date Mini FF

part 1

Blind date 

“Pleaseee na!!” Anjali said

“Not at all!” I shouted

“But that isn’t fair” she said with anger..

“Ofcourse it is fair..” I said 

“But I promised him di..” She said hoping a positive answer from me..

“Oh…yeahh…so if u promise him that I will go and marry some random guy…should I?” I asked her

“but it is not so big right…it’s just a matter of one blind date…” she explained..

“ now I have to do whatever u say….come on…” I said 

Part 11 to 20: AR FF... FROM THE TIME I SAW YOU...

PART 11...

He stop for a while n cont. 'I never believe before anyone could fall in love in first sight till its happens with me...

Yes Riddhima... Im head over heels in love with u... From the first time I saw u...
That rainy night...
Riddhima, i want to be my first n last love...
First n last girlfriend...
First n last partner... For the rest of my life...
Will u be my life partner forever...???'


hi friends and sisters....

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Character sketch & Prologue :And we are made to be one

Hi hello namesteyy  guyies how are u all.....guyies we have been thinking from long and we are starting this FF
here Me and Cheeku are starting an FF as a team...dinchak dinchakkk

Oh sry forgot to Intro u to Both Of Us....its me_Aayushi and Cheeku_Anamika....
hope u guyies like the FF stoping my non stop talking and boring u with all bak bak here we start the FF

Part 30 : vivah


shilpa-armaan,kya hua..main..theek to lag rahi hun na?

They were on the car now.Armaan was stealing glances with her and could notice how uncomfortable she was feeling with what she was wearing.

armaan-kisne di yeh saree

shilpa-aa wohh anjali di

armaan-pehni kyun agar pasand nahi hai to

shilpa-nahi pasand hai per..woh iski blouse aur yeh saree...its revealing

He shook his head at her innocence...

shilpa-armaan hum ja kahan rahe hai..yeh to koi hotel ya ghar ka rasta nahi lagta..its deserted

armaan-bhaagne ka plan hai jungle mein chalogi?


Part 1 to 10 : DILL MILL GAYYE 3


After Riddhima confess her love to Armaan Everyone return to the party with AR Everyone was happy that Riddhima wasn't going away leaving Armaan, Them and Sanjeevani They were enjoying the party Dr.Shubankar dancing with Dr.Kreeti Nana with Lovely and Armaan with his Basket (Riddhima)
Anjali, JP and Jiggy were their looking at the couples

Anjali: I m really Happy for Ridzy and Armaan Kitna kuch saha hai Ridzy ne life main I hope everything would be better now

JP: Flower Ji Humhe toh Sid bhaiyyah koh Thank u karna chahiyeh

Jiggy: Haan Riddhima toh sab chod kar jaane wali ti na hum Sid koh nehi bata dehte toh woh Riddhima se milne nehi aata aur use samjha nehi dehte toh aaj Riddhima yaha nehi hoti

Anjali: Chalo main baad mein Sid koh phone karke thank you bol dungi Ab toh enjoy the party

So as u know now JP and Jiggy call Sid to tell him that Riddhima was leaving everyone, everything and her love too So Sid came back only to tell her it wasn't her fault he left her He knows no one will be happy if he hadn't given her divorce Nothing will change if she is a divorcee They were divorce not because she wasn't a good wife

Now to the main couple AR was dancing Armaan hold Riddhima by her waist Pull her to him no air can go through between them Riddhima hand was around his neck They were lost in each other each other eyes Blue one in Green one

Anjali: Ehem ehem

Part 2: We Belong Together


She looked strangely elegant in her white well tailored salwar suit. She had very beautiful eyes that were edged by parallel lines of lashes. She looked very simple but elegant and most gorgeous. She had the innocence of a child and was well aware of how beautiful her body was and had no fears in flaunting it throughout and that very curvaceous beautiful body of hers attracted them all.

She stepped out of her car and walked towards SANJEEVANI. One of the best hospitals in Mumbai . Stopping people in their track to see who the beautiful young lady was. When Riddhima had entered the sanjeevani campus she stopped and looked in her surroundings. Just the way Riddhima was observing Sanjeevani, mesmerized by its beauty she too was being observed by a group of doctors, ward boys, sister, all were absolutely spellbound by the beauty they were observing.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-114

Thursday, 20 February 2014



Person who was sitting in the chair turn around to face her, she was again shocked... Aap...' He gave smile to see the shocking expression showing in Riddhima's faced... Come in dear... Kaise ho...'

Riddhima closed the door behind her and came near the chair standing behind it, Main tik hoon Uncle... Socha nehi aapse phirse mulakat hongi... Woh bhi itni jaldi... Aap kaise ho... Aur Aunty kaise hai...'
Hum tik hai beti... Maine tumhari design dehka... Bohot pasand aaya issiliye socha ek baar tujhe yaha bhulalun... Aur Armaan koh bhi bohot pasand aaya...' Yes... It was none other then Billy Mallik... Owner of Mallik Fashion Enterprise...

Oh... Toh yeh Aapki office hai... Mujhe toh pehle pata hi nehi chala... Main soch rahiti ki maine Mallik ki baare main suna hai... Lekin meri dhimak main nehi aayi aap log Mallik hai...' Riddhima gave him a friendly smile...

Happy Birthday Anjali Meow (20/2)

hey guys aaj humare old blog ki ek bahut hi special member anjali meow ka bd hai, she is my fav sister...mai usey Billi bulati hun aur usey bahut pasand bhi hai. she is a great writer and  a very very sweet girl. love u my billi...miss u ...

happy birthday to you
many many happy returns of the day
may god bless u!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear  billi 
Happy Birthday to You.

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.

part 6:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

Armaan was standing their thinking what went wrong. D saw him lost in his thoughts , came near him.

don- abe kya hua.

Armaan no ans, he went towards the park and set on a bench.

Don ran with him.

don- kya hua re bolta kyu nahi hai.

BUT he was still lost in his thoughts. He put his hand in his pocket and takes out smthing .
It was ridz pajaib, he was starring it .( in the back ground rahana hai tere dil me song- kaise mai kahuuu tujhseee rahanaaa tereee dil maiii, ooo ooo hemmm hemmm ooo)

don- abe bol na bout ban kar kyo baith hai. And caught his jeans  by teeth.

Part-11:Hate Or Love .. AR ff


Next morning

 sun rays fell on ridhima disturbing her beauty sleep, she woke up lazily stretching her hands out and sat on the bed ,the first thing came to her mind was that she was in Armaan room, she stiffened at the thought and quickly looked towards the  couch and found its empty, Ridhima sighed in relief and turned her gaze towards the bathroom door which was unlocked  "lagta hai Armaan room mein nahi hai, she grinned remembering her fight with Armaan last night "its funnnn to annoy Armaan, " she thought about how she made Armaan sleep on the couch and grinning to herself went into the bathroom.

She quickly got herself ready in a blue colour chudidaar and went downstairs..... entering the living room she found rahul sitting on the dining table munching on his breakfast, " gudmorning rahul" she greeted with a smile while taking a chair infront of him, "hey ridds" rahul said cheerfully... "mom ne kaha ke tum dono kal raat bahut der se aaye the, kahin bhai tumhen long drive par to nahi nahi legaye the"??? he asked grinning mischeviously at her....

"aisi koi baat nahi hai, wo hamein ghar se nikalne mein hi der hogayi thi" said ridhima not looking at rahul.

"Bas subah hote hi shuru hogaya, pehle use breakfast to karlene de, tum logon ko hospital bhi jaana hai" ananya said coming out from kitchen.

While having her breakfast she looked here and there for Armaan,.... ananya looked at Ridhima" Armaan ko dhoond rahi ho".....

Part 2:Mujhe meri biwi se bachao(mini ff)

Riddhima :blushing )hayeee tumhey unka naam pata hai baby …

Armaan while raising his eyebrow)unka???

Riddhima :while lowering her eyes)haan …vo mere vo hainaa….i mean honey waley vo haina bas tumhai divorce ki deri hai

Armaan :riddhima r u serious?

Riddhima :sarcasticlly)tum mere BFF ho kya …… mai tumharey saat jokes crack karungi huhh….mai sirf aur sirf aur sirf unsey hi pyar karti hun …..unsey hi shadi bhi karungi bs tum meko frst divorce doooo….

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-113

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

EPILOGUE - Was, Have N Will Alwayz Love You!!! -



Girls and boys in their late teen age were running here and there giving order to finished every work before the time...

As guys were checking the light and decoration, girls were checking on food and sitting arrangement...
They were decorating the big garden as it was two house garden joins from last 20years...

So in the middle of the garden, they put a big stage with two chairs on it and decorated it around with flowers which was different kinds and colors... Light were around it so at night time when they on it, it would look so beautiful...

13years girl came running holding some more flowers as she run towards the stage, two girls were busy decorating the chair with flowers as 13years girl run up to them...

'Hold on Aria, Why u r in so hurry...' 18year girl said as she was wearing a pink body fit top and slim fit jeans... Her hair were left open and her blue orbs were showing how excited she was doing her work...

'Di, Please use these also...' Aria said forwarding her those orchids...

'Sure little sis, but why rn't u ready yet...

Please go and get a cool shower, change to the the evening dress I got for u...' her sister said...

'But Di, there are so much work left still...' Aria said looking around the place as people were moving here and there...

It was almost 5 in the evening and they had three hours to get ready before the party start...

Part 1: We Belong Together

Los Angeles, U.S

It was so dark at first. Then the lights came and the crowd cheered. A number of cameras flashed at him. A lot of media had gathered for Armaan’s concert’’. He made his way with a guitar in his left hand and made his way through the tightly jammed crowd with his security guards making way for him, he made his way to the centre of the stage and the girls, highly enthusiastic cheered him. He smiled at the crowd and gently gave a smile, flashing his dimples at them. Clad in a pair of black jeans and a white T-shirt, he was still able to have a drooling effect on all the audience specially the girls who were dancing away to the beats of the high-volume music. He looked around frantically, in search of any recognizable face, He gave his Angelic smile when he saw his friends in front of the stage, and then he begun…


part -1

It was raining heavily from the past three days The weather was making the atmosphere cold and chilly It was 2am in midnight As I late work, tonight also I make my way home late

Everywhere I look around the road, it sees darkness and quietness As it was late at night and still it was raining, everyone must be in their home with their family

I turn the car on my house road Slowly making way to go my house but before I reach I saw someone in front of my car From the back, I know it was a girl

My car head lights hit the girls but she didn't move aside She just keep walking in the rain, all wet It seems like she was lost in her thought not knowing where she was going

I press the horn to bring her back to the world which was dead becox of the late night But she didn't respond and keep walking

I came out from the car to go and see wht is wrong with this girl It was late and she was walking alone in this desert road at this time of the night As I didn't have an umbrella with me, I came out in the rain and make my way to her

Part 10 :Beintehaan

Armaan :haan sir ...bohot w8 karliya humney abh toh mujhey bhi daar lagraha hai ....

zey brk z door 

Ridz ws in z pool of blood ....blood ws oozing out frm her wrist ....she ws on floor n unconscious a while all were dumbstuck …..soon arnav recovered frm z shock n ran to riddhima …..tuk her in his lap n while tapping her cheeks

“princess ye kya kiyatumney …ankhey kholo princess plzzz open ur eyes princess”

Ridz ws nt responding ….arnav luked at atul n armaan wiz teary eyes…both were shocked n becme statue ….arnav said

“atul humari princess ko ankhey kholne ko bolo atul …vo tumhari baat sunti hai …princess ko uthaov atul…plzzz do smething…”

Atul felt ground leaving his feet …all went blank to him …he lost his balance n ws about to fall ….armaan cme out of his shock mode coz of  arnav’s shrieking voice …..armaan held atul n said

Part 1 : I Trust U Captain (ss)

She was scared what will she do now; she was trying to calm herself but no she can't do that she is always afraid of dark, she is like a phobia from dark and now she did not know what to do as she was stuck in Metro yes in Delhi Metro, and it was dark completely dark, she can hear people's screams but she could not even scream as the voice could not went out from her throat as if it was stuck somewhere in her throat and heart, she was shivering very badly due to darkness and she clutched her bag in her both hands, and she closed her eyes tightly and after few minutes she feels herself dragging away as she feels some muscular arms ware pulling her up and she just opened her eyes to saw the light was directly hitting her eyes and she once again closed her eyes making her vision comfortable only then she heard someone

Voice :''mam please move outside it's only you here all passengers were out safely please, mam move and come out''

And as soon she heard the deep husky voice she finally opened her eyes and saw the Metro door was opened and all her co-passengers were out and she was sitting in front of some of air force man who was holding her from her shoulders trying to shook her and makes her stand as she herself don't know when she collapsed on floor, she shrugged her thoughts

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-112

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Episode:8 Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari iss show ki 8th  guest hai sweet sweet Roshni di  jo blog ki shona shona di hai almost sabhi ffs padhti hai bas comnt nahi karpati bt she luves all soo sooo much  ….. toh chaliye unka swagat kartey hai wiz a  big round of clause

Part 10 "passionate love arsh"

flashback continues:

shilpa fell on armaan and armaan screamed

armaan:ahuuuu dhanno get up yar
akela ladka dekh ke line mar rhi ho??
ghar pe bhai bhai ni hai kya :/

shilpa: yo you mr. attitude apna ego apni pocket me rkho dnt u dare to show me ur attitude samjhe 

arman: pehle mere upar se utho meri maa

shilpa: huh m nt ur maa :/

part : 5 sindoor


And as riddhima saw him and everyone's faces and she saw sindoor was dripping on her nose as she touched her hairs her fingers covered with sindoor and


Seeing her fingers and his own hands armaan also


Part 9 : Tu zindagi

thanks a lot Adir,annu,priyu,priya,tamanna and indu for ur sweet comments, thanks a lot silent readers too.hope u will like this part.

part -9

dear papa,

mai aapki shona,aapse bahut kuch kehna hai papa. Aapko pata hai na aaj us vivek ne mujhe kitna paresaan kiya. Papa maine socha tha wapas chali jaungi,mujhe in gande logon ke beech nahi rehna,mujhe vivek se dar lagta hai papa. Par aunty ne mere wapas jane ka decision sunker sid ko kitna danta aur u know papa pitai bhi ki,belan se. sid ka face  dekhte hi banta tha papa. Mujhe is family se pyar ho gaya hai papa,maine aunty ko promise ki, ki mai is tarah sab kuch chodkar nahi jaungi.

Papa u know sid bhi bahut achcha hai,par thoda bachpana hai usme . aur papa mere friends sapna aur muskan bhi bahut achche hain. Wo arman bhi dill ka achcha hai par pata nahi kyon hardam gusse sa surat banakar ghumta rehta hai.mujhe usse thoda dar lagta hai papa par usne aaj meri bahut help ki,wo nahi aata toh pata nahi kya hota.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-111

Monday, 17 February 2014

Dmg season 3 (part 27 to 29)


The ball is in the air about to fall down everyone watching the ball, and SHILPA thinking what will be her destiny and the ball falls in the basket, and boys celebrating their victory, girls are happy but controling their emotions. SHILPA is confused that she should be happy or sad,

part 4: Kuch toh baki hai

“Really Arman aisa hua tha kya?” Avni asked, surprised, they were sitting in the college canteen

 “Yup! Aisa hi hua tha!” Arman replied with a smirk

“You mean wo khud tumharay paas aayi thi?” Roshni asked and Arman nodded

“Yes Rosh!”

 “Bechari ko pata bhi nahi tha ke wo sher ke bungalow pe knock kar rahi hai” Varun chuckled and Arman smirked

“Kyun bhai Sam?  Teray chehre pe baara kyun baje hain?” Arman taunted

“Beta itna uchal mat! Abhi sirf dosti hui hai….bet kis baat ki lagi thi yaad hain na?” Sameer retorted

Arman chuckled tauntingly, “Mein kuch bhoola nahi hun Sam……bhool tum rahe ho that I am the best!” he said proudly, “Dosti hui hai….pyaar bhi ho hi jae ga itni Jaldi kya hai? Abhi tou poora saal baaki hai”

Part:51 (B) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Armaan:''gud girl''

He said while seeing her quitened and then he get down from car and riddhima watched him what he was doing and then come and opened her side of car door and forwarded his hand and riddhima obliged while holding his hand and then armaan moved forward and picked her in his arms while saying in her ear as her hands herself moved around his neck

Armaan:''mai tumhe koi blind fold nahin karne vaala kyonki tumhe baaki aas pas dekhne se rokne kee liyye merii yeh aankhein hii bahut hai jinmeiin merii basket dub jaati hai''

He said and start walking towards the main door where they reached and hearing him riddhima nodded knowing how well he is right she did not need any blind fold once she start looking in that blue oceanic eyes which was filled with love she forgets everything else around in the world and her complete world just lies in his blue orbs and armaan knows this well so he did not blind fold her and they both looked in each-other's eyes lost in each-other and armaan gently pushed the door and it opened and as soon he opened the door rose petals start felling on them only then riddhima's trace breaks as she did not even once looked her and there she was just looking in his blue eyes as the rose petals fell on her she looked above her and saw roses were falling on them and armaan was smiling to her widely and then only she

part 2 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

thanks a lot aayu,pritam bhai,sikha ,annu and tamanna for  ur sweet ,encouraging comments .thanks a lot silent readers too..hope u will like this part.

part -2

“hmmm..toh aap meri behan ke barey me kuch kehna chahte hain? Mr. raghav looked at him with piercing  eyes.

“ji…”arman replied looking at the floor.


Arman was standing in front of Mr. raghav  who was sitting in a couch leaning on the side pillow.

Arman said in his heart…”kitna  uncultured hai ,mai kitni der se khada hun,baithne ko bhi nahi keh sakta.agar ridhima ka bhai nahi hota toh ………………………….

“mere paas jyada time nahi,kaho jo kehna hai..”arman’s  mind alert  hearing the  irritating voice of raghav.
Arman looked at him and uttered : “mai aapki behan se pyar karta hun.”

He jumped listening it and shouted harshly  ...”tumhari himaat kaise hui?tum ho koun?”

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-110

Sunday, 16 February 2014

How to add siggies or pics in ur fanfiction

hi friends,today i am posting a tutorial..
"how to add pics or siggies in ur fanfiction "

at 1st i will teach about ur siggy.

1)make a siggy using photoscape,picasa,photoshop or powerpoint..anything which u use... and save  it in ur computer.

2) open photobucket clicking on this link--------

u 'll get photobucket...

3)if u have already signed up then log in or make an account here by signing up.

part 5:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

ARMAAN AND DON reached home. It was 9pm.

don- oye hero tujhe bhook to nhi lagi na.

armaan- no answer.

He was  lost in riddhima.

Armaan was felling very  tiered but did'nt understood the felling as it new for him and also he was continuously thinking about ridz.

So unknowingly he felt asleep.

don- lo ye to so gaya, abe isse pahle need kya hoti hai pooche mai bhi so jauu.

In dreams armaan was in his home (heaven), playing sitar( I don't' know what that instrument name viz on heaven seen angels play so assume it).

Suddenly he saw ridz face on a cloud screan.

part 12:Life out of control

Riddhima was in the path lab the next morning, conducting some experiments, while Armaan was sent by Dr Keerti to get some tests done for her patients. Just as Riddhima was about to walk out, he walked in, bumping into her. Feeling herself fall, she closed her eyes and grabbed onto the nearest thing, Armaan’s shirt. Armaan at the same time grabbed her waist quickly before she fell, and pulled her closer to himself. Last night’s memories were still vivid and now he was sure this was love. He observed her face, which even though full of fear, was still beautiful. Finally, he came out of his trance, and smiled mischievously, telling her,
“Basket, aise pakarti rahogi toh phir kaam kaise karenge?”

Her eyes snapped open, and she blushed. Why did she feel so safe in his arms? Why didn’t she ever want to let go? Or not want HIM let go? Why was this happening to her NOW? She opened her mouth to speak but the words were getting stuck at her throat. She straightened her white, fitting kurti over her jeans, made sense of the situation and managed to mumble out,

segment 38 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

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segment --37

“di ,shona di mujhe bacha lo,mai dub jaungi..please mera hath pakad lo di…”

Riddhima saw that mannu was drowning in a pool,she tried to call her di while raising her hand up.but riddhima  was unable to  hold  her. She  forwarded  her hand to hold mannu’s but  in a while mannu sank in the pool ….riddhima shrieked with pain……mannu!mannu!

And her sleep broke ,it was a bad dream. Hearing her voice arman got up,he saw that riddhima was  sweating ..her eyes were raining .she was huffing and puffing badly.

Arman  caught her hand and uttered : “bura sapna dekha kya?

Riddhima didn’t reply .

Arman got up,switched on the light and gave her water.

Arman : “riddhima,sapna tha…kuch nahi hua,tum thoda pani pee lo..

Riddhima :”wo..wo mannu…