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(PART 71)

Armaan slowly open his palm and Riddhima keep staring at it...
She was surprise as she wasn't expecting this gift from him... Riddhima look at Armaan eyes and ask if it was really for her...
Armaan blink his eyes answering her unspoken question...
Armaan took it to show her better it was the one she like but left behind not wanting to spend so much on such a thing... Riddhima only didn't know Armaan saw her that day admiring it...
'Armaan yeh...' Riddhima try to ask but he put his finger on her lips... 'Only for you Basket...' Armaan said huskly...


(PART 61)


As it was decided everyone will be staying in AR House before they leave to the trip which Armaan organized for them, everyone reach AR house at 8 that night...
Armaan help Riddhima making dinner for everyone with his favorite game too...
Riddhima push him out from the kitchen as he was busy with his favorite game then helping her and making her work double by doing the mess around the kitchen...

part 11 to 20:Always With You

part 11

RECAP: Armaan comes to know that Aruhi (his lil basket) is Riddhima's daughter and he is hurt. When he returns home and thinks about it, he remembers that Aruhi had told him that she had never met her father...Armaan is now adamant to confront Riddhima and ask her about Sid.

Next day Armaan reached the hospital quite early, he wanted to talk to Riddhima..
Ar (while entering his mother’s room): Aaj toh main ussey baat karke rahunga..

An: Kissey baat karni hai??
Ar: Who kuch nahi…kisise nahi…
An: Acha?? Tujhe nahi karni kisise baat toh mat kar…par mujhe toh tujhse baat karni hai??
Ar: Mujhse kya?
An: Armaan…beta..ab bohat time ho gaya…ek baar toh shaadi ke baare mein soch…
Ar: What?? Mom…maine aapse kitni baar kaha hai??
An: Haan..lekin beta…Suhaana is a nice girl…ek baar milke toh dekh…I am sure you would like her…And we will get you married only once you like her…
Riddhima heard the last statement as she entered the room…She was taken aback and was sad too…But, she chose to remain quiet…
Ri: Good Morning…
An: Good Morning Riddhima…
Ri: Ab aap kaisi hain?

Part 1 to 10 : Always With You

part 1

1st there is intro...
this story start from the day when there was emergence in hospital
light of the hospital were gone n there is oxyegen leakage in the ward...

where ridhima was stoping sid to go inside..
n seeing her restless ness arman deciede that he will go inside n help the patients
when he faint he was taken to the ICU

ridhima was praying for him
n got the news that he is safe now
ridhima waited for him to come to locker room n talk with him...

ridhima - jaise arman ko lagta hai ridhima sirf usk hai sirf uska haq hai ridhima par
ushi tarah ridhima ko lagta hai armaan sirf uska hai
sirf uska haq hai armaan par

par armaan mein farj ka raatha aapnane ja rahi hun
aur mujhe yakin hai is mein mera pyar mera saath dega
n she run crying leving armaan there with tears

Part:53 (A) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

As soon as they switch off the T.V. anjali comes in and she entered and pulled riddhima in rib crushing hug and riddhima was surprised but nevertheless she hugged her back

Anjali:''thanks ridzi u know aaj tere kaaran armaan kee saath saath hum sab kaa sapna poora hoo gayya 

''Friends Fashion Company'' ''Mallik Group Of Companies'' kee saath merge hui aur tere designes kee kaaran we just banged the market ridzi thanks so much I love u so so much thanks so much''

She said praising her and

part 2 & 3: ** Mohabbat Ki Raahon Me**



Next day. Ridhimaa came to Armaan's room to call him for breakfast. She had just taken a bath and her hair was still very wet. Armaan was in the washroom. She turned to go when something caught her eyes. In Armaan's bag which was lying open on the bed was a treasure box. Ridhimaa sat down on the bed and took the box in her hand. She opened it. In it were three things. A DMG photograph of Armaan and Ridhimaa, the kangan of Armaan's mother and the payal which Armaan had gifted Ridhimaa on Valentines day.
Ridhimaa picked all the things one by one. A long chain of memories came with each touch. She remembered how the two used to sit in the fire escape, how Armaan used to kiss her on the forehead, how he used to hug her. She heard Armaan coming out from the bathroom. She closed the box, put it back in the bag and stood up. Till then Armaan had came out of the Bathroom, bare-chested. Ridhimaa felt embarrassed. Armaan was shocked on finding her in his room.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-122

Friday, 28 February 2014


(PART 51)

Armaan: Wht...
He was shocked to hear they where planning to wait for more time with them...
Nikki: Tujhe kya laga Armaan... Hum yaha aise hi aagayi...
Armaan: Lekin...
Anjali: Lekin wekin kuch nehi... Ananya aunty ne humhe yaha bhulaya... Kyunki hum sab tum dono ki saat tohda aur time spends kar sakhu...
Armaan: Yeh acchi baat hai lekin...
Ananya: Lekin kya Armaan... Ab tum dono koh kuch aur rasmein nibani hai toh kuch log koh toh honi chahiyeh na yaha... Nehi toh maza kaise aayengi, tum dono aur main akele...
Armaan: Lekin Mom...
Armaan stop when he felt Riddhima holding his hand and squeezing... He looks at her who said it's ok through her eyes...
Anjali: I think now this is solved so can we sit down... Aunty... Guys...


(PART 41)

Armaan eyes took of from her when a light hit his face... He looks behind her and his eyes grow big to see a car coming behind her... It was coming towards Riddhima and Armaan didn't know wht to do... As she was not far from him he goes and pulls her...

Riddhima was shocked to see Armaan running towards her and pulls her... She fell on top of him while he was under her... The car went inches away from both... Now Riddhima got why he came running to her...
Armaan: Tum tik toh huna Basket...
Riddhima: Im fine Armaan... Tum...???
Armaan: Mujhe kuch nehi huva...


(Part 31)

Nikki and Anjali: Tum...
Voice: Hi Nikki, Hi Anjali...
Nikki: What a pleasant surprise... Tum kab aayi...
Voice: Kal raat... Kaise ho tum dono... Aur baaki sab kaha hai...
Nikki: Main tik hoon... Lekin tumhe kaise pata hum yehi hai...
Voice: Woh jab maine Anjali koh call kya, maine Ridzy kehte huve suna... toh main yaha chala aaya... Anjali tum kaise ho...


PART 53...

Nikki was hiding herself in the comforter as it was over her head... She has a adorable smile on her face and she was aware of the storm which was coming on her way as she was dreaming about her lover...
Armaan who got the news that princess has got herself in to a relation was coming towards her room... He enter scaning the room for Nikki and saw she was hiding under the comforter as the curtains were left open and sun rays coming inside through it... 

Riddhima who was behind him stop seeing Armaan at the enterace without entering the room... Riddhima thought to wait and see what Armaan do as she had a feeling that he wasn't really mad at her...
Armaan move towards the bed and took out the comforter over Nikki who hide her face on the pillow as hair were hide her face... 

'Nikkita Mallik, I need answer... Get ur a** out from the bed right now...' Armaan shouted only she hear him clearly...

Riddhima was standing near the door and she heard Armaan saying something but it was low... She was glad that Armaan didn't outbrush making Nikki jerk shaking herself to death... 

Armaan sit next to Nikki who ask to let her sleep and his question can wait.... 

'No Niks, I need answer now...
How could u hide something so big from ur bhai...' Armaan said as he look at her...

Nikki who was trying to catch another wink of sleep open her eyes hearing Armaan hurted voice... She was wondering what happen suddenly Armaan came early in the morning to talk her... She check the time and it was 9am... 


(Part 21)

Voice: Pehchana... Oh god... It is so good to see you after so long time Armaan...
Person hugs Armaan... Armaan was so surprise to see, he didn't know what to do... He saw Riddhima giving him killing look...
Armaan: Hi Tani... It's nice to meet you... Coming out from the hug he gave a fake smile to her...
Tani: Ammy... What is this...
Armaan: Kya huva...
Tani: You just call me Tani...
Armaan: Toh... Its ur name right....
Tani: Ya... but u never call me with my name...
(Tani is one of Armaan ex girlfriend... As u knows Armaan had so many girlfriends before in his life...)
Armaan look to see Riddhima coming near them... Tani holds Armaan hand...
Tani: Ammy... Kya huva... Waha kya dehk rahi ho...
Riddhima: Armaan...
Armaan: Riddhima... Armaan pull his hand from Tani's hold...

Part 3 : Unsaid Love

part -3

And as they heard the voice owner and armaan's eyes geta moistened hearing her

 Ik Radha Ik Meera Donow Ne
Shyaam Ko Chaahaa
Antar Kyaa Dono.N Kii Chaah MeiiN Bolo
Ik Prem Diivaanii, Ik Daras Diivaanii
Ik Raadhaa, Ik Miiraa ...
(She danced did all her classical steps remembering armaan loved her dancing especially the classical dancing of hers)

Raadhaa Ne Madhuban MeiiN DhuuNdhaa
Miiraa Ne Man MeiiN Paayaa
(She closed her eyes as she did her steps and saw him and herself smiling theirs best.)
Raadhaa Jise Kho Baithii
Vo Govind Aur Daras Dikhaayaa
(She looked at him as pain hit her that he did not tell anything to her about his engagement.)
Ik Muralii Ik Paayal, Ik Pagalii, Ik Ghaayal
Antar Kyaa Dono.N Kii Priit MeiiN Bolo
(She shakes her legs as she takes turned around him her anklets tinkles makes him pain more)
Ik Suurat Lubhaanii, Ik Muurat Lubhaanii
Ik Prem Diivaanii, Ik Daras Diivaanii ...
(She go closer to him and then caressed his face little bit and then moved back pointing to him as telling her heart his just reflection enough for her for lifetime)
Miiraa Ke Prabhu Giridhar Naagar
Raadhaa Ke Manamohan
Raadhaa Din RaInNgaar Kare
Aur Miiraa Ban Gayii Jogan
(She danced as her eyes points to Sanjana's picture and just armaan noticed that and his heart feels blood seeing her pain as)

part 6: Kuch toh baki hai

Riddhima walked gingerly inside the basketball court, clad in a peach colored churidaar, tucking her dupatta in nervousness, her heart hammered inside her chest seeing the crowd, she was always so scared in crowds but Muskan was always with her, but that’s the problem! Muskan isn’t with her, In fact she should thank God that she was snoring loudly when she left or else she would start with her questionnaire ‘kahan jaa rahi hai?’ ‘Akele?’ ‘Kab tak aaye gi?’ ‘Mein chalon teray saath?’ God! She was always so possessive of her.
She meekly took steps inside the court when she saw two girls running towards her.

“Umm…Hey! Tum Riddhima ho na?” One of them asked

Part 1 : **Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

DISCLAIMER : The characters, events, places, medical procedures and/or treatments depicted in this series are purely fictitious.


Dost ban jaate hain dill ki aawaazon me,
Dost ban jaate hain dillon ke armaanon me,
Dost ban jaate hain muhabbat ki muskaanon me,
Dost ban jaate hain muhabbaton ke jazbaaton me,
Dost ban jaate hain Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me!

Rishta jud jaata hai ek pal ki saugaaton me,
Rishta jud jaata hai kuch palon ke ikraaron me,
Rishta jud jaata hai ek gam ki parchhaiyon me,
Rishta jud jaata hai kuch gamon ke lamhaaton me,
Rishta jud jaata hai Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me.

Dill mill jaate hain dushman ki nigaahon me,
Dill mill jaate hain dushmani ki sadaaon me,
Dill mill jaate hain dost ki duaon me,
Dill mill jaate hain dosti ki fizaaon me,
Dill mill jaate hain Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me.

Muhabbat ho jaati hai doston ki ruswaiyon me,
Muhabbat ho jaati hai rishton ke afsaanon me,
Muhabbat ho jaati hai dill milne ki sard raaton me,
Muhabbat ho jaati hai aise ishq ke parvaanon me,
Muhabbat ho hi jaati hai Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-121

Thursday, 27 February 2014

part 9:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani


Ridz-oh nooo ab ye log mujhye nahi chorege.

Saying this literally ran from there with the kids.

In night there was some noise in the park lets see what was that-

There were so many dogs gathered in the park all were standing around a bench on which a big jarman shepherd dog was addressing them.

(hye guys plz imagine him talking in the voice of nana patekar plz plzzz to get a real fun)

Part 4: We Belong Together

The GARUDA MALL l is large and varied, full of exciting things and interesting goods, often new and different. It's noisy and crowded. People go about its one big circle or maze again. People walking in different direction for goods or services. It was the most famous and the most costliest mall of Mumbai..

Riddhima and Anjali reached the mall.. and were waiting outside the mall waiting for atul, Sapna ,Amit Abhimanyu, Nikita ….

Sapna: Hey guy..

Riddhima and Anjali smiled seeing their friends arriving,

Part 31 : Vivah

part 31

Sumit-haan...kaisi ho...tumne phone pe kaha tha ke hospital mein milte hai to...

SHilpa frowned at his words and colour started draining from her face.

shilpa-lekin iss waqt...tumm

sumit-waqt ka to pata hee nahi chala mujhe..bas tumse milna tha to socha...kaisi ho shilpa

Her throat dried and she was very well aware of the way armaan was glaring at her.She knew it he was angry but he tried his best not to show or do anything in front of that outsider.

shilpa-aa sumit yeh..yeh armaan hai..mere husband...

Armaan gave a challenging look to him and it was evident from sumit's face that he was not happy to hear the word husband from her.They shook hands and Shilpa was relieved to some extent.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-120

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Part 4:Fairy's Fairytale

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!!! I m Here with the brand new chapter… :D :D :D
Meko sorry bolna chahie.. but mai who nahi bolungi, but mai yeh bolungi…
Haan haan mai lazzy hun.. tu rut u ru.. haan haan mai lazy hun… 
Hahahahaha.. okk mere jokes baad mai… but ok meko bura lagega agar maine sorry nahi bola to.. umm so so sorry for being late…

Little bit more memories and prince's fairy Princess

Hope aap sab meko forgive kar doge, abhi meri bak bak khatam.. part shuru.. enjoy… :D :D :D and and and.. annie here is your part, u can take it as your comment gift also.. hehehe.. kyun ki tumhari comment ke reply ke baad hi I became able to edit it.. hihihi okk so here is the part… :)

Part 12 :Beintehaan

Armaan while staring ridz in his heart said "tumhey apney bahon mey chupa lunga riddhima ...kisi bhi daar ko tumharey pass nahi aney dunga"

Armaan tried to take his hand frm ridz grip bt she is nt leaving his hand .....atul saw zat n said 

"Princess ko mera haath pakad key soney ki adat hai armaan ....rehney do aise hi ...usko safe n protected lagta hai aise haath pakad ney sey har roj mera haath pakad key fairy tale suntey huye soti hai meri princess ....sayad tumhara haath pakad key bhi vo khud ko safe feel kar rahi hogi ....dekho kaise tight pakda hai"

OS : Humne Dhundha Tumhe Har Taraf

girl - aaj phir vo hi din aagay....

vo din jab tum aur mein alag hua the... kyun alag hua hum.. kyun nahi rah sake hum saaath... kay mein tumhe yaad bhi hongi.. kya tum mujhe yaad bhi karte honga jaise mein tumhe karti hun...... kya tum bhi meri tarah hi ......

her thoughts break with the sound of her mobile phone.....

tring tring.....

girl - hello....
girl - hain ... mein hi bol rahi hun dr.Shashank ki beti... RIDHIMA
rid - what..!!!!!
rid - ye kya bol rahe hain aap....
rid - mein aabhi aati hun......

Dmg season 3 (part 30 to 31)


DR.SHUSHANK and SHILPA  comes face to face, they both watches each other with emotions on their faces and tears in their eyes and DR.SHUSHANK welcomes her in his life with open arms and SHILPA runs towards him and hugs him tightly and everyone around them gets emotional on seeing all this. DR.SHUSHANK says that he got her third he is so lucky that he has three daughters and all of them are excellent doctors and he is proud of all of them and then he says to return home and says that their mother is waiting to see her third daughter, and RIDDHIMA says that she hasn’t resumed her duties in SANJEEVANI and she will resume the duties with SHILPA.

Part 10 : Tu zindagi

thanks a lot Adir,annu,tamanna and roshni shona for ur sweet comments...thanks a lot silent readers too...hope u will like this part...

next day at morning

shilpa came in the kitchen after freshen up .she saw that aunty was busy in cooking.

Shilpa ; ‘aunty ,mai bana leti na,aap kyon itni jaldi aa jate ho aur sab kaam kar lete ho?

Aunty looked at shilpa and smiled,she loved this sweet girl so much.

Shilpa asked : “kya hua aunty?

Aunty : ‘umm…kuch nahi,tu mera help karna chahti hai na?

Shilpa nodded.

“toh jakar sid ko utha de..mai 2 baar bulakar aayi hun but uthta hi nahi.”

Shilpa stmammered…”wo..mai ..kaise..

Aunty said without looking her : ‘kyon? Kaise means ? jakar pani daal de uske sir par…

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-119

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AR SS (just intro)

This is a short story… trying to write it from past 2 months but didn’t have time at all... Hope you all like it as before one………


Our hero in this story is Armaan (Ammy)… Armaan and Nikhita are best friends since their childhood… they went through many difficulties and now were interns in Sanjeevni Hospital in Mumbai… Nikhita had no one with her as her family… all they had was Armaan’s mom… and they both share everything with each other… and now Niks is in leave for 2 weeks… We also need to talk about our heroine right? She is Riddhima gupta… she is an angel to her all family members as angel suits to her she is just like that even in appearance and also in character…

Coming to present story…

Armaan was heading to hospital. It was night time and he has to go because of his duty which he gives first preference in his life after his mom and his besty Niks… Ammy was driving his bike too fast as there was no much traffic… and then suddenly it started to rain so he stopped under a place where he can’t get wet… His eyes stopped at the sight in front of him as he saw a beautiful lady in her 23’s was dancing in rain enjoying it… He was unable to move his gaze and she also stopped dancing getting a clue that someone was watching her and her eyes met with his…

Episode:9 Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari iss show ki 9th  guest hai blog ki gunjh gunjan  jo blog ki blabbering queen hai jo cmnt karna shuru karti hai toh rukhney ka naam nahi leyti n wrters ko itni khusi hoti hai ki pucho math….. toh chaliye unka swagat kartey hai wiz a  big round of clause



Someone bang the door so hard, the Mansion shake... Girl in her middle 20's were zooming down the stairs as her big green orbs were fill with anger... She wore green top which was hugging her body showing her perfect cuvres as she put slim fit black jeans...

Her hair were left open flying while some were falling over her face hiding it...

Another Girl who was same age of her and A boy who must be three years elder to them were in the hall sitting clicking to each other a while ago were standing staring the girl who zoomed out in furious...
'Damn it, seems Angel had a fight with ur Brother... I will call u later ok... I need to see what's she up to...' Boy said kissing girl forehead as he run out following the other girl...

'Be safe Love...' She call as he run out leaving her... 

'Bhaiiii...' The girl shouted from top of her voice as she run towards the stairs up to her brother room which was shut...

She push open the door to see a guy in his least 20's was standing near the window looking out as if he was watching something interest... 

'What the hell Bhai...

part 8:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

Nani came with hot soop.

nani- ye lo bacho tum log bheeg gaye ho na to soop peene se sardi nahi hogi.

ridz- wow nani , waise bhi mujhe bhook lagi thi.

nani- mujhe pata tha beta isi liye maine chay ki jagah soop banaya.Chlo armaan , anjali tum dono bhi aao.

They satteled on dining table. Armaan next to riddhima , and anjali and nani in front of them. as  armaan  seen soup very 1st timehe don't know what to do.So waited others to start(very smaaart)

Soon riddhima started , and armaan keep stairing at her to know what to do.Nani and anjali were watching this and smiling.Soon ridz realize what they mean, she indicated armaan not 2 stair by eyes.Armaan smiled and started dinking soup , he liked it very much.Suddenly don entered , and anjali saw him.

part 5: Kuch toh baki hai

Muskan barged in the room, shocking the daylights out of Riddhima, who was busy reading a novel.

“Kya hua Muski?” A shocked and confused Riddhima asked.

“Kya hua?” Muskan mimicked riddhima playfully, “pagal! Tujhe poore college mein dhoond dhoond ke meray dimagh ka dahi ho gaya magar tu nahi mili” Muskan said, sitting on the bed.

Riddhima made a guilty face.“Sorry Muski wo……”Riddhima started but Muskan cut her off

“Arre tu kyun sorry bol rahi hai…..time tou mera kharab chal raha hai!” she said, pouting.

“Kyun? Kya hua?” Riddhima asked.

“Ek yeh kitabein kam thi jo rahul nama namuna bhi tapak para…..meri jaan ka azaab!” she spoke angrily

Part 3 : I Trust U Captain (ss)

Part -3

It was one month since that fateful incidence that brings riddhima back in armaan's life, well physically she was back in his life but not mentally as she from that moment she did not speak a single word and armaan was craving to hear her tinkling voice but things were not same at all, she start doing all the house chores of armaan's, he did not lift his finger nor he needs any maid as she did all the things, make meals for him, did his laundry, his house was clean and properly decorated, not she responds him she responds him with her nod but not her words and this makes him worried for her as when the 5 days passed from the time she shifted with him, as he brings her with himself after saving her from Hotel Trident Oberoi and she still did not speak he feels she did not recognize him he worried and aksed kirti aunty who checked her

Arman :''aunty lagta hai riddhima ne mujhe abhii tak nahin pechana hai dekhiye naa vo mujhse bat hii nahin karti sirff dekhte rehti hai bas mujhe''

Part:52 Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Armaan:''riddhima tumhara armaan naa sachii meiin bahut hii naughty hoo gayya hai riddhima.''

              He whispered along with her ear and riddhima blushed hearing him and closed her eyes and hide her face in his chest feeling very shy and armaan enveloped his hands around her and then riddhima once again lost in his arms but next moment she once again was aware of their surroundings that they were still on terrace


She called him

Armaan:''hmm sweetheart''

He whispered back still hugging her

Riddhima:''armaan please chodo naa dekho koi dekhh legaa''

She said getting all shy

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-118

Monday, 24 February 2014

Thanks to my sisters

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'thanks for coming dear..
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for huda ---

Part 3: We Belong Together

4 HOURS LATER, Mumbai Airport


Armaan turned around in the midst of the thick crowd on the airport. He was so lost, he hadn't been here for the past 5 years and he had no idea who had come to pick him. Looking around, he tries to figure out who had come to take him when he sees his best friends Tanya, shruthi, yash and sahil, walking towards him. Mustering a smile on his face, he finds himself pulled into a hug by his friends. Hugging them back, he smiles.

Yash: where the hell were you ammy, U said u ll be back soon ..! but 5 years ? Man that was HELL long time …

Sahil: Long time huh……(looks at his luggage),, that's all you got? Good then, let’s leave asap…this heat is killing me…

Armaan: I can imagine…(raising his eyebrows)

segment 39 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

hey rihoo,annu,pritam bhai,my Dr. saira,sweet sis deepika and Adir ...thanks a lot for ur sweet comments..thanks a lot silent readers too.....hope u will like this part.

segment- 38

“kya kar rahi ho?”

As manvi heard virat’s voice,quickly hid which was in her hand.

“kise rakhi bandhne ka irada hai manvi gupta?”virat chuckled.

“ummm…tumne dekh liya?”

“haan,tum toh pata nahi kahan khoyi hui thi,mai toh kitni der se yahin chupke se tumhare peeche khada tha.”virat winked.

“chor!tumhe sharam nahi aati ek jawan ladki ke room me bina bataye aane ko?”manvi frowned.

“achcha ji,raat ko jab dar gayi  toh kya chilla rahi thi,”virat mera hath pakadkar raho,mujhe dar lag raha hai.”

“achcha! Maine aisa kaha?’ Manvi made her face like she didn’t know about it.

part-12 :Hate Or Love .. AR ff

Ridhma came back at 6 in the morning, totally tired , she hardly got any time to rest last night as there were many patients to attend and she was the only intern on duty, though the senior doctors were very much present on the duty but, they are only to be disturbed if there is an emergency. she opened the bedroom door and frowned to find Armaan sleeping peacefully on the bed, here she could'nt sleep all the night becoz of the tacky bed in the hospital rest room and  he's enjoying this heavenly bed....   she wanted him to kick him out of the bed , but she had no energy left to even to walk, she just want to hit the bed. she quickly took a shower and came out wearing her night pink shirt and pj..

Ridhima moved into the room and looked at the empty couch and then looked longingly at the soft and comfy bed where Armaan was having his comfortable sleep, she stomped her foot and lied on the couch cursing Armaan, she made twist and turns on the couch for another 15 min and tried hard to sleep but could'nt, frustrated she got up and sat on the couch holding her head in her hands  "ohhh god, i can't sleep on this couch"and looked at the bed ..... ridhima got up and moved towards the bed and found Armaan in deep slumber, she thought for a moment took a long breath "main Armaan se pehle hi uth jaongi aur use pata bhi nahi chalega" ridhima decided and slowly slipped in to the other side of the bed, sleeping on the corner of the bed ,she turned to face Armaan, in order to keep an eye on him, her eye lids went heavy and in no time she dozed off....


Armaan and Riddhima were back from their honeymoon... Mallik's welcome them whole hearted where else Shashank and Padma also were there to welcome them back with their gang...

Ananya invite everyone to have dinner at so that they could meet the newly wedded couple too... As they were going to start working a day after their arrival, they thought to have a get together that day it self...

After the dinner, girls took Riddhima with them to Nikki room where else boys took Armaan to his room which he is sharing with his Riddhima...

Parents were laughing seeing how desperate they were to question Armaan and Riddhima... They knew, the youngester wouldn't leave them so easily without a teasing section...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-117

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Hey people...
Before u Start reading...
I want to warn, Its a SAD OS....
So read to ur own risk :P heehee....

I saw her running around the garden as she keeps laughing with her sweet babish voice which was ringing around the atmosphere...

I was sitting in my room, holding a picture of my love...

Our Angel, was a ressemble of her mother features... Those green orbs, black silky straight hair and the caring nature in this young age of 4 which she shows towards other, she was a package of her mother as if I was seeing her mother childhood in front of my eyes... 

Hey, I m Armaan Mallik, A single father of my only daughter Arima Armaan Mallik... Her mother choose death over our daughter to bring the little bundle of happiness to this world...
I couldn't stop her as I came to know late that she wasn't healthy to carry a baby after the accident she had two years before we get married... 

part 7:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

She lost her balance , and due 2 fear of falling she closed her eyes .

After some minutes she realized that she was half lying in the air, and a pair of strong arms holding her from the vest.She slowly opened her eyes, and saw apair of eyes gazing her with smily face.He was non other then armaan.

THEY were lost in each other's eyes.Soon ridz realize her position and broke the eye lock.Armaan safely landed her on the floor.She moved her hand little upward, armaan thought she is going slap him again, and he placed his palm on his cheeks.But she pointed her finger towards those boys, who were coming near them.



AR Honeymoon was about to end in three days...
Riddhima was doing as much shopping as she could... She got everyone gift leaving her as Armaan was doing shopping for only her...
As soon as Armaan eyes fell on anything that he likes for Riddhima, without asking her Armaan keep purchasing...
Riddhima wasn't aware of how much Armaan was spending to her and she get gifts for others and also Armaan knowing he wasn't taking anything for himself... 

part 13:Life out of control

Recap: Basket ball match...some Ar moments..Anjali kind of protective..RIddhima has to go on a date with Armaan.

Part 13

Riddhima was in the guest room in Anjali and Atul’s 2 room apartment. It was pretty small but really cute, she thought, with the beach right outside at the right of the balcony. The balcony itself was filled with pots of plants, at Atul’s insistence and both rooms, which were self contained opened up to it. She loved the house, and decided to spend every weekend possible here.

Right now it was 7 and he was going to come to pick her up at 7:30. She didn’t need to be dressed up, but somehow, she wanted to look her best, despite not knowing what he had planned for her. Straightening her hair and putting minimal make up on, she was ready. Her green, black and white dress brought out her eyes as did the thin eyeliner, and green and white eye shadow. Her lips were coated with lip gloss, and only a touch of light-pink colour. Her dress was sleeveless, over which she wore a white shrug, and it flowed down to her knees. Sitting down at the dressing table, she went back to the moments she had shared with Armaan. Unknowingly, a smile flittered across her face.

Part 35 : Dostana

new part of Dostana

Hello everybody, This is keddie Smith. Ok, i know the formality is not necessary but the real reason behind it is that i've just been staring blankly at the empty wordpad for sometime now and i've had no idea on how i should begin. I'm writing my FF Dostana after what seems like ages so there's a mixture of feelings inside me. I hope u guys accept it again after what all i've done with it since i started it in 2009. Any other person would even have written 2 whole seasons in the time i posted just 34 parts. But i have my mind set that if i don't finish it this time then i'd have to leave it incomplete forever. And i realise that u guys have not opened this post (if u did :P) to read my emotional message so here goes:

By Keddie
------------Locker room-------------
Drashti, Mayank, Pankit and sunaina were in the locker room after work. All the interns were busy with their leftover work while, Drashti rubbed her temples.

Mayank : Oye! tujhe kya hua?
Drusti : Yaar Mera sar phat raha hai! Aur bhook ke maare jaan nikal rahi hai.
Mayank : To tune cafe main kuch khaya kyun nahi?
Drusti : Tuney khaya tha kya? Iss Shilpa ki bacchi ko to main chodungi nahi!
Mayank : Arey aise kyun keh rahi hai yaar? wo noodles kitne yummy lag rahe the. Tere type ki cheez thi tujhe to khaana chahiye tha.
Drusti: Abey teri to! tujhe bohat ache lage na to tu hi khale wo ulti aur keedey waale noodles!

Mayank started laughing at the way she stated it.

Pankit : Han yaar. waise ye shilpa ne acha nahi kiya. tab se mera bhi kuch khaane ka mann hi nahi kar raha. jab ke bhook to mujhe bhi bohat lagi hai.
Sunaiyna: Mujhe bhi. I hate to admit but i'm feeling miserable. I wonder shilpa ne ye jaan boojh kar kiya ya phir wo hamesha aisi baatein karti hai?
Pankit : Nahi yar aaj se pehle to usne aisa kabhi nahi kia.

Standing outside the locker room were Shilpa and Karan.

Karan: Ab dekha tumne kya kiya? Are u happy with yourself now?

Part 11 :Beintehaan

Atul n abhi sat beside zer princess while holding her hand .... waiting fr her to woke up ......zer was a silence in z room ...rahul ws praying god fr riddhima ....armaan ws lost in his thoughts abut riddhima .....zen all of sudden he remembered arnav's words n thought

"ye arnav kaha gaya hoga ..."

Armaan asked rahul about him ....rahul glumly said

"bar mey hoga armaan"

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-116