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Part:53(B) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

 Here riddhima was smiling to her heart after armaan leaves, he loved her so much and how he understands her like anything. He come all the way to met her knows that she will loved to wish him like that only rather than on phone, though he never stated that he comes to fufill her desire on the contrary he shows he wants to met her but deep there she knows it was just for her only. And now after these two days her love was increased for him so much that she not even wants to come out from his embrace or precisely to be say in armaan's words from the world of his love and now she herself was too eager to go to him and give him all the rights he deserves and take all rights of her which she deserves as a wife as a lover. She blushed thinking about these things and yes now she openly accept the fact that she desired for him like that only like he has for her and now she wants to give in his desires and also wants to fulfill her own also. And then finally

Part 4 : I Trust U Captain (ss)

Part -4


But he was cut short with riddhima's sobs and yes boy she was crying and armaan was like what was going on here, she is crying why what happened to her and he immediately try to de tangle her from himself by holding her back but riddhima never let him do she just keep on crying and crying and armaan was nothing to do he just start caressing her back try to soothe her but all in vain it was like the damns, the pain which she was holding within herself from past two months was now pouring out in form of her tears and armaan's hearts wrenched in pain seeing her condition


Part 16&17 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 16:

The next day. Anjali had told Atul, Rahul and Muskaan a little about last night's incidents. All were shocked but Armaan had asked them not to ask Ridhimaa anything about it. Rahul and Atul were happy that Ridhimaa's game had ended so early. Armaan was very excited. It seemed to him that he had got a new life. All were sensing this.

That morning, in the locker room.

Rahul: Aaj tujhe ho kya gaya hai?

Armaan: Kuch bhi to nahi.

Atul: To fir subah se smile kyun kiye ja raha hai?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-129

Friday, 7 March 2014

Note by Rihoo

Hey People...
I have reach India but a very sad thing happen...
I fall and Hurt my feet...
Its Swollen, show doc he ask to take x-ray...

Nephew is well...
He don't need to get surgery done now...
maybe after 6 or 7years...
I will hopefully be back by Friday...

Thanks for the love and prayers...
Love u all
take care...

Part 1:And we are made to be one

A girl getting ready in front of a mirror n thinking about her boyfriend

"Aaj mai kisi bhi tarha sid sey apni dill ki baat kehkar rahungi ....ghar sey mom roj call karkey naye naye riston ki batey karti rehti hai aur sid hai ki shadi ka naam tak nahi leyta ...abh bohot hogaya mai aur chup rahi toh mom meri sahdi kahin aur karvadeygi ......mai sid ko khona nahi cahti .... i luv him alottt....aaj usey baat karkey hi rahungi"

when she ws lost in her thoughts muskan her roommate nudged her n asked

"oyee riddhima uss chuhey key barey mey soch rahi hai kya"

part-13 :Hate Or Love .. AR ff

Ridhima wore a beautiful green saree which she thought was appropriate for the occassion, her hair was left loose and open.... wearing an emrald necklace paired up with matching earings, brushed her face with little makeup..... her pink lips looked glossy and stroked her cheeks with blusher she  looked breath taking.....

Ridhima corrected her saree for upteenth time while looking in the mirror.... " oh god, pata nahi main ye saree kaise sambhaal paaongi !!, ise pehenkar koi party kaise enjoy kar sakta hai?? she sighed frustrated....   "kitna achha hota agar dress code kuch aur hota!! " she muttered again correcting the plates of her saree....

"hope ye theek lag rahi hai" she twirled and checked her saree for one last time and smiled in releif "hmm ridzs you r looking too sexy, you have done a gr88 job, people in the party will be blown up by your beauty" ridhima patted herself for draping the saree elegantly .... she smiled and blew a kiss at her reflection, unware of Armaan's gaze on her........

 As Armaan entered the room, he was left awestruck by the beauty infront of him, Ridhima looked gorgeous in  saree, he could'nt move his gaze from her, he stood rooted mesmerised , Armaan could clearly see her reflection throuugh the mirror.... he chuckled looking at her twirling, scrunching her nose and muttering something to herself and finally blowing a kiss, looking at her Armaan sighed dreamingly "oh god!! she's looking damn sexy" .......... he came out of his trance by hearing Ridhima's voice...

Dmg season 3 (part 32 & 33)


Part 14&15 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**,

PART 14:

Armaan saw that it was Aditya.

Armaan: Tum?

He then glanced at the girl lying on the ground. She was none other than his Ridhimaa. Her clothes were torn. She was crying hard. Armaan left Aditya and bent over Ridhimaa.

Armaan: Ridhimaa.

He helped Ridhimaa to her feet. She was shaking from top to toe. Armaan pulled off his jacket and wrapped it around Ridhimaa. She hid behind him, seeing Aditya approaching them.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-128

Thursday, 6 March 2014

part 3 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

part 3

And the best day  of riddhima’s life came suddenly. Riddhima couldn’t understand what was going on. Even her friends were surprised getting the news.

Priya : ‘yeh kya sun rahi hun ridhz? Yeh achanak se teri shadi ki baat kahan se aayi?aur wo bhi arman se?
Riddhima : “don’t know priya,actually bhai mujhe lekar wapas jane wale they but arman chahta hai mai yahan rehkar apni internship puri karun aur aage bhi padhun toh usne bhai se baat ki .

Priya : “ aur bhai maan gaye! Tere bhai toh itne gentleman lagte nahi,mujhe toh dekhkar hi dar lagta hai”

Riddhima smacked on her head : “ mere bhai bahut achche hain tu nahi janti aur unhe ek estate sambhalna padta hai toh rutba banakar rakhna hi padega na.”

Part 6: We Belong Together

It was almost 3 in the morning and he still couldn’t sleep. How could some beautiful girl take away his peace. He wasn't sure if she had been real. Shaking all these thoughts out of his head he had tried again closing his eyez but to no avail. He had been staring at her for almost some minutes. He had lost the world when he had first seen her. She had been some1 who held his gaze. Something that never happened before. they had been staring at each other when he noticed her friend calling her and she was so lost in his eyes. He had smiled at that. Her friend, whom he didn’t know had to finally shake her to get her back from him. Then he was pulled over by Yash and then he didn’t find her anywhere … She was so beautiful that wordz could not describe, he thought
He knew this wasn’t love, Armaan Mallik couldn’t love somebody, He tried to reason himself but failed.. and gladly he went off to sleep thinking about her with his angelic smile playing on his lips, …

Safar --The Journey Of Life (one shot)

"friend,if u don't mind ,kya lower berth mujhe de sakte ho?"

arman lifted his eyes and saw a guy was requesting him with a cute smile...
"hey,actually meri patni mere sath hai aur mera upper berth hai,so if u help me..."he cut his words in the middle and looked at arman with a hope.

arman understood that it was a newly married couple.he smiled.." sure friend...kahan tak jana hai?"

sumit shaked hand with arman.." mumbai...actually humari 2 days pahle hi shadi hui,mai mumbai mein rahta hun aur meri dulhan nagpur ki hai ,to mujhe aana pada meri dulhan ko the way,my name is sumit...sumit roy, aur ye meri wife,meri dulhan ..."riddhima..."riddhima sumit roy."

arman smiled.." and I am arman mallik from mumbai..the senior doctor of "Dayal Memorial hospital."

Part 12&13 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**,

PART 12:

Atul: (stunned) Kya? Kuch nahi?

Rahul: Haan.

Atul: Lekin kyun? Agar Armaan fir se sab kuch chod chaad kar Kasauli chala gaya to?

Rahul: Wo aisa nahi karega. Kahin na kahin wo bhi jaanta hai ki Ridhimaa ab bhi ussey pyar karti hai.

Atul: Fir hum kya karein?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-127

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How to join blog disqus account

hey guys, this a tutorial for members who do not know how to comment on blog using disqus....

1.First click on log in 


PART 55...

As decided, Malliks went to have lunch the famous chinese restaurant... They had a great time and after that they went to the mall to shop just to timepass...
Ananya and Riddhima were shopping for Holi too as they will be celebrating like they used to celebrate from years... Nikki also joins with them as other two were getting bored...

So letting them shop, Billy and Armaan went to the nearby cafe to have coffee...
After ordering, they were sitting on corner table...
'So...' Billy asked...
'What...' Armaan asked with one brow up...
'One month Anniversary.... Kaha le jaa rahi ho mere beti koh...' Billy asked...
'Ek baat batao Dad... U r my dad from years, yeh achanak party kaise badla...' Armaan said...
'Nice way of ignoring the topic buddy... Tera baap hoon...
Lekin Riddhima bahu nehi beti hai...' Billy said...
'Yeh logic mujhe samajh main nehi aata Dad...' Armaan said...
'Oh ho, chodo...
Yeh batao... Where u r taking Riddhima...' Billy asked...

Part 14 :Beintehaan

After 3 hrs

Atul cme to ridz room ....he found ridz on bed ...sleeping calmly.....he scanned z entire room ...did nt find armaan anywhere

"ye armaan kaha gaya..."he goes near ridz ...she ws mumbling in her sleep 

"mama darlagraha hai ....mama chupa do meko.....mama..."

Atul caressed her hair n said "kab tak darti rahogi bacha....jabhi tum daar lag rahi hai kehti ho i feel ashamed of my self ....mere hote huye bhi tum khud ko insecure feel karti ho ...its killing me princess" 

Part 32 : Vivah

part 31

its been a week they were back from Shimla but seems like love is still in the air for armaan and shilpa.When they cme back Anjali could clearly notice the glow on both of their faces and she was now relieved that they will be living a blissful life ahead.Armaan is slowly getting back to his cribbing mode he leaves no chance to bug Shilpa and now along with giving him coffee in right time and arranging his clothes..she has to do one more thing that is pampering her loving husband and giving him long kisses whenever he feel like and also allowing him to make love to her.

Shilpa-di abhi zyada time nahi hai..apko pata hai na...maine Dr Mehra se baat kar li need to be careful now...main soch rai thi ke kyun na main kuch dinon ke liye leave le lun?

Part 11 : passionate love arsh

shilpa make armaan lie down on bed and kept staring him for a while and tears started to form in his eyes plz armaan me tumhe aise ni dekh skti dnt u know,? how much i love u how could u do that see urself tumhe chod k b tumhre friends gaye hai kyun armaan?
am i nt a gud wife did nt u accept me still ?
or there is anything in ur heart tell me

armaan moved in her lap and said shona i love u

Part 10&11 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**,

PART 10:

 Ridhimaa: (exclaiming) Atul!

Armaan stood up and turned round. Atul was standing, looking at both of them.

Armaan: Champ!

Atul: Kya hua? Tum dono itna chaunk kyun gaye? Main to Ridz ko bulane aaya tha. Anjali uska wait kar rahi hai.

Armaan and Ridhimaa heaved a sigh of relief.

Ridhimaa: Oh! Main jaati hoon.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-126

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Episode:10 Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari  iss  show ki 10th  guest hai Aayushi gupta jo kamal ki ffs likhti hai n usey bhi kamal key siggies banati hai pwerpoint mey  ….soo lets welcome Aayushi  wiz big round of clause

part 65 to 75 : Always With You

part 65

Armaan (in shock) ridhima!!!!

Ridhima ignore armaan...

Ridhima- Mera ghar mera armaan aur hamri beti arima hai... Jahan vo dono honge vo hi mera ghar hoga....

Ridhima- armaan tum kyun nahi samjhte.. 12 saalo mein jo tumhe nahi samjh paye vo tumhe kabhi nahi samjh payenga....
Plz armaan mera badhe hamre saath hain... Anji di.. Mom hamre saath hain.. Ek rista kum ho jane se kuch nahi hoga..... Plz armaan....

Arman was not in state to say something...
Shanky leave his cabin n after sometym armaan n ridhima too....



PART 54...

As Riddhima felt Armaan cold fingers getting tight in her skin, Riddhima moan and she bit Armaan lips a little more harder to which he moan...
Riddhima move out looking towards Armaan and saw little blood coming from his lips...
'Omg, I m so sorry Armaan...
I bit... Aur blood...' Riddhima said wiping the blood from his lips with her finger... 

'It's okey Riddhima...
Tum itni panic kyun ho rahe ho... Aise romantic moment main hojata hai....
It didn't hurt...' Armaan said holding her close to him... 

Part 5: We Belong Together

The evening came …the arrangements was really very beautifull… The hall where the party was held was lavishly decorated with lots of lights and flowers.The reception party was in full swing now.. There stood the newly married Rahul and Muskan beautifully dressed.. welcoming , thanking and enjoying the reception… they looked perfect together and so much In love…

part 8: Kuch toh baki hai

Muskan was wandering in the college, with her bag on her shoulder. She was finding Riddhima anxiously.

“Ye Riddhu bhi na…..pata nahi kahan chali gayi, note chor dia ke Arman ke saath jaa rahi hu, itni baar kahan hai ke uss bandar se dur reh! Par meri kahan sunni hai” She was muttering to herself while walking and suddenly she bumped into someone and was about to fell down when she felt a pair of arms supporting her from her waist. She realized it was Rahul she bumped into who was looking her with so much love that she felt shy under his gaze.

Part 7: Sindoor

Arman:''par riddhima mere saath Pune nahin rahegi vo aap logon kee saath rahegi aur 1year complete honee kee bad mai aajaonga aur hum divorce lee lenge 2ono mutual consent kee saath''

As he completed everyone was shocked with his words and next moment he received a tight slap on his cheek that leave him totally stunned and shocked.

                        And he saw karan's anger filled eyes which was boring on him

Arman:''dad aap yeh''

Karan:''not a single word armaan''

He shouted on top of his lungs and sumeet immediately shut the door as he saw his brother's eyes red completely filled with anger and nandini tried to calm him down

Nandini:''karan aap shant hoo jayiye''

Part 8&9 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**,

Part 8

Next day, Armaan crept into Sanjeevani. He didn't want anybody to see him. But his prayers were not answered. Immediately Ridhimaa saw him sneaking into Sanjeevani.

Ridhimaa: Armaan!

Armaan froze. But he didn't turn around. She came upto him and gasped at seeing him.

Ridhimaa: Armaan... ye kya haal bana rakha hai?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-125

Monday, 3 March 2014

part 51 to 65:Always With You

Part --51

Ridhima(angrily)- aagar tum jante ho toh..
Kyun tum arushi se uska haq chin rahe ho...

Armaan just lookin at her...
Nikki n muski were to lookin at her and understanding her pain....

Ridhima-aarmaan aagar ye hi tumhari tamana hai toh....

Mera kuch sawalo ka jawab do....

Tum chahate ho mujhe koi dukh na ho...

Part 3:Mujhe meri biwi se bachao(mini ff)

Ridz:ohhhh in zat case mai paper mey ek add deydeyti hun

Armaan :kya dogi

Ridz:yehi ki "mujhey meri biwi sey bachaov"  from pool husband armaan ...hws zat baby hahahhaha

Armaan:mocking)ha ha ha ...very funny

Ridz:awww badh mey hasleynah abh jaldi jaldi kheer banaov.......


At dinning table

Ananya :wah riddhimz beta  itni tasty kheer maine aaj tak nahi khayi .....

Ridz:wiz smile )thnk u aunty .....

part 10:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

RECAPE-  RIDDHIMA reached home after don's gyan to armaan.

Continuing '

She entered home and saw anji and mushi sitting on the couch smiling fishily.

Ridz- ye log itna mushkura kyo rahe hai???????

They both started singing and dancing with each other.

Anji- isharo isharo mai dil lene wale bata ye hunar tumne sekha kaha se.

chal jhuthi (os)

riddhima beta,aaj hostel wapas jana jaruri hai kya?"

"haan mom,bahut bahut important...bahut jyada..exams ke bas 1 month hain,ab hard labour karne hain'.(chal jhuthi!!aaj evening ko to photo shoot hai tera aur kal "miss emami" competition)...mujhe pata hai,aaj wo idiot mujhe dekhna aayega...mujhe abhi shadi nahi karni..kisi kimat par nahi'

"jo bhi ho,aaj mumbai nahi jana hai " papa made his final decision..

i came in my room and threw my bag...idiot!gadha!ullu ka pattha!..bhainsha!kamina!..maine na jaane kitni gaaliyan usey de daali ,jo mera future spoil karne ka plan bana raha tha,mujhse shadi karke...

After  some time mumma came in my room and requested me to get ready …she uttered in a soft voice…."riddhima beta.."…beta,papa ke baton ka bura nahi mante.beta ek baar ananya masi ke ladke ko dekh le,agar pasand na aaye,to hum kuch nahi kahenge...tujhe koi force nahi karenge ,okay?

Part 6&7 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**,



Shashank: (angrily) Dr.Armaan!

Armaan and Ridhimaa jumped apart. Dr.Shashank was fuming with rage on seeing Armaan hugging his daughter. He mistook Ridhimaa's tears for something else.

Shashank: Dr.Armaan. Aapki himmat kaise hui meri beti ke saath itni ghatiya harkat karne ki?
Armaan: Lekin sir...
Shashank: Bas. Ab ek shabd aur nahi. Main aapko kya samajh raha ta aur aap kya nikle? Mujhe laga ki maine jo aapke baare me pehle socha tha usme meri galti thi. Par nahi... aap to meri ummeed se bhi bure nikle. Aapne meri beti ko akela dekh kar uske saath zabardasti karne ki koshish kaise ki? I won't leave you.

Armaan was deeply injured at these baseless accusations. He could not speak any further. Ridhimaa was shocked at her father's beaviour.

Ridhimaa: Papa...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-124

Sunday, 2 March 2014

part 36 to 50 : Always With You

Part 36

She was about to redial his no. When suddenly the door bell rang...
Ridhima went to open the door n see armaan standing their all worried as soon as ridhima open the door -
armaan- ridhima tum theek toh ho na...
Pata hai mein kitna ghabra gaya tha.
Mujhe kitni tension ho rahi thi.
Tum thi kahan itni darse.
Kya kar rahi thin.
Kyun nahi mera calls answer kar rahi thi.
Sab theek toh hain na..
Tum bol kyun nahi rahi..
Ridhima was now smilling to see her old fun loving n caring, loving, sensitive n soft hearted armaan back.. He is so much concern about her till now.
Armaan- ridhima tum has kyun rahi ho.
Aur kuch bolti kyun nahi ho, mein kab se tumse kuch puch raha hun tumse.
Ridhima was still lost in him..

Part 21 - Part 35: Always with you


Next day...
Both armaan n arushi were discharged..
But now ridhima is more tensend as im hospital she took care of him but now...
Ridhim-(mind)aab mein kya karun...
N armaan ke ghar ja sakti hun...
N hi armaan ko aapne ghar....
Kya karun mein..
Armaan waise bhi aapna khayal kabhi nahi rakhta hamesha dusro ke baare mein sochta rahta hai..
But nothing can be done ridhima took arushi to home n in way leave armaan to his home... Their apartment were just 2 building away...
Ridhima-(mind)armaan itna laparwaha. Hai pata nahi usne khana khaya bhi hoga ki nahi...
Kahin vo kuch kam na karne beth jaye.
Think about all this ridhima call armaan.


(PART 81)


Riddhima was running towards the OT with a nurse following her... She was giving introduce to the nurse asking to keep everything ready which they will be needing...
It was early in the morning when she got a call from Amit saying he is taking Sapna to hospital as she was having labor pain...
Sonam was sleeping so Riddhima call Anjali asking to stay with her as she couldn't...

part 7: Kuch toh baki hai

Arman was driving his bike with Riddhima sitting behind him, her hands resting on his shoulders, she just couldn’t stop blushing. After their dance at the garden, she felt her heart swelling with happiness, felt her heart dancing with joy!

Suddenly, Arman stopped the bike, “Kya hua?” Riddhima asked

“Waise agar tumhe meray saath long drive pe jaana hai tou I don’t mind, par tumhara ghar aa gaya hai”

Arman smirked and Riddhima looked up, “chalien?” Arman asked as Riddhima got off the bike

part 14:Life out of control

Recap - Armaan and Riddhima text each other..and he compliments her. He then gives her a whole bundle of chocolates. They dont want to share their date with anyone.

Part 14

Riddhima was in her room that night wondering what was happening between her and Armaan. He had just left, and something inside her told her she didn't want him to leave. She walked across, and opened the doors of the balcony. Stepping out, she took a good look at the stars and the sky. The breeze blew in her hair, and she closed her eyes remembering their time at the beach. A smile crept up on her face.

Armaan had gone downstairs, but he didn't really want to leave. It was as though his heart and soul were left behind in the house, with a special person. He loved her. This feeling grew deeper every time he spent more time with her. And she felt the same way. Well at least she was attracted. But would she agree to the feeling? Will she let love come in her life again? Especially through him? He looked up, and saw her step out in the balcony. Even in her pyjamas, she looked cute and adorable. He hoped she would look down, but she didn't. Instead she looked up. He went into his car, and took out a piece of paper and pen. Writing down something, he then honked, which made her look down automatically.

Part 4&5: **Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**



In the intern's locker room.

Anjali: Tum log kahan the? Hum log kab se tum dono ka wait kar rahe the.

Armaan: Kyun? Koi khaas baat?

Anjali: Haan pata hai abhi Dad ne mujhe apne cabin me bulaya tha.

Ridhimaa: Papa ne... kyun?

Anjali: Unhone mujhse kaha hai ki main tum sabko kal dinner ke liye invite karoon.

Rahul: Kahin fir se wo healthy food to nahi khilayenge na?

Anjali: Nahi. Kal ka dinner to mom aur Ridz banayenge. Us din ka khana to mom ko bhi achha nahi laga tha.
Muskaan: Agar mujhe ek baar aur wo khana khana padta to main to mar hi jaati.

Rahul: Muskaan. Aisi baatein nahi karte.

Muskaan stared at him but then Anjali spoke.

Anjali: To kal shaam 7 o'clock. OK?

Armaan: Lekin occasion kya hai?

Anjali: Ye to Dad ne bataya nahi. Keh rahe the surprise hai.

Atul: Chalo theek hai. Anjali main tumhare liye ek gift laaya tha.

He hands her a package wrapped in coloured recycled paper.

Part 13 :Beintehaan

Ananya :angrily)armaan wat is zis kal tum ghar nahi aye ...mai kitna pareshan hogayi thi

Armaan :sorry mom ...emergency thi

Ananya:ek call toh karsakta tha nah armaan

Armaan:vo sorry mom ..kal ..(wiz teary voice)vo kal mujhsey meri sansey dur jarahi hai laga mom ...meri zindagi mujhsey dur jarahi thi ....aur mai khada dekhraha tha kuch nahi karparaha tha .....ek pal toh laga maine sab kuch khodiya

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-123