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PART 6 - 10:Saccha Pyar Waapas Aate Hai... (AR SS)

Part 6

After silent,
Just one word came from Riddhima...

Others look back to television they show Armaan's pic... He was looking thin and pale... Bandage was on his forehead... He looks like he had been very sick from days...

'I think we should inform police about this...' Nikki said...
'Use pehle lets call the boy and tell about this...' Before anyone could do any call Anjali's mobile started to ring... Muskaan and Nikki look at Anjali... Riddhima was still staring at the television not moving her gaze...

Part:54 (B) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

As he heard rahul and muskii and nikki he just glared at them and went to upstairs knows they will not leave him in peace so he just ran to stole a moment with his wife one more time while everyone giggled at him. But he cared less and then he reached near her wife's room and sae her stuffing something in her bag as she turned hearing the foot steps but as her eyes met with his she went back to her work, and armaan smiled and went behind her and hugged her from behind putting his chin on her shoulder while locking his hands around her waist and inhaled her fragrance, riddhima trembled in his arms but still she was busy in her work and then armaan start kissing in her hairs and side neckline

Part 1 to 5 : Rekindle Love

Part -1 

Riddhima was standing in front of the court after her case's hearing. Today she was happy despite the fact that today she got divorced from her husband. Today she was again known as Dr. Riddhima Gupta, her father's daughter not her husband's wife. She had little smile with some tears in her eyes. Suddenly it started raining as if God is blessing her for her decision, decision to end the relationship in which she was strangulated. 

Riddhima talked to herself " It is said that you are the luckiest girl on the earth if you get your best friend as your husband, guess it is not true for each girl. What should I call myself lucky or unlucky, coz I got married with my best friend and wasn't able to take care of relationship and ended u with divorce. What a pity"

Part 29&30 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 29:

Padma: Sach me ek tum hi ho Armaan jo is pagli ko sambhal sakte ho.

Armaan smiled.

Armaan: Abhi to mujhe dekhbhaal ki zaroorat hai. Kahin aapki pagli ko sambhalte sambhalte main hi na...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-136

Friday, 14 March 2014

Part 8: We Belong Together


Riddhima was standing in the balcony thinking about Armaan She had found them intriguing. His eyes deep as the sea. She didn’t know why she held her gaze at him but she couldn’t look away. But for some reason she couldn’t look away. She was lost in his eyes. She was confused, she never got time to think about him Again. Since the time she had reached lunavla, there was some or the other people around her, 6 days had passed since then and she didn’t realize it and now when she was alone stading and looking at the kids playing, she recalled all the moments at the reception.According to her he was an imagination, she still didn’t know was it her imagination or was he for real ? She noticed that when he smiled there was a dimple on his right cheek and his eyes twinkled giving him an irresistible boyish charm… her chain of thoughts were broken when Anjali asked Riddhima to join them sice it was their last day at lunavla and they would be leaving at night.

Dmg season 3 (part 34 & 35)


While ARMAAN is doing his duty in general ward ARYAN passes by and watches ARMAAN upset, he goes near him asks  him why is he so upset and what is he doing here? as his duty was in the path lab. To this ARMAAN tells him that he swapped his duty? To which ARYAN asks that he did this to be with RIDDHIMA? And ARMAAN watches him with funny aggression and says what is he doing here? As his duty was in the children’s ward with SHILPA. To this he replies that he came to take reports from the lab and he saw while he was passing bye, and says that he hasn’t changed at all in 2 years . ARMAAN gets shocked on hearing this as he have met him just one month ago and he is talking about 2 years before.

segment 40 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

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segment -39

“touba touba!aisi ladki agar duniya me 2-4 paida ho jaye toh vinash usi din samjho”.

Dadi noticed virat was mumbling  while making an annoyed face.

“kya hua? phir manvi ne kuch shararat ki kya?”

“kuch nahi dadi bahut sara. Pata hai mere kuch books they ,unke pages fadkar boats bana rahi thi,aur mera guitar ma’m ko pasand aa gaya,toh bazane ki koshish ki,nahi baza toh gusse se uske strings tode…..aur maine kuch sketches banaye they ,uspar dher sarey colours dale…aur aur….

Part 27&28 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 27:

Night had fallen. In Sanjeevani's operation theatre. Dr.Shashank was operating on Armaan. He pulled out the bullet from his head and cleared the wound. Then he put the stitches and bandaged his head. He came out.

Ridhimaa: (tears streaming down her face) Papa... Armaan kaisa hai.

Shashank: Goli to nikaal di hai. Thodi der me hosh bhi aa jayega. Tabhi kuch keh sakte hain.

Anjali: Thank God.

Ridhimaa was standing glued to the spot.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-135

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Part 36: Dostana

Part 36:

Suku: Karan...Priya is dead.

Karan couldn't believe his ears. For a second, he chuckled at her but then looking at her constant serious
expression, he got worried.

Karan: Suks..i mean Sukirti ye tum kya keh rahi ho? I mean…Aisa kaise ho sakta hai? I mean…ho to sakta hai par…

He paused to think for a while and then sighed.

Karan: Shilpa ko pata chala?
Suku: Karan ye abhi ki baat nahi hai. Priya died more than a decade ago. Aaj hi ke din, Aaj uski barsi hai. (sigh) isiliye aaj shilpa nahi ayi.
Karan: Wha…







PART 1 to 5 :Saccha Pyar Waapas Aate Hai... (AR SS)

Saccha Pyar Waapas Aate Hai... (SS)

Part 1...

It was a Rainy night... It was thundering while the rain make there way down leaving the clouds...

Girl was sitting near the window looking outside the dark cloudy and rainy sky... Moon wasn't there and stars were hiding behind the clouds...
As it was mid night, outside was quite as people wasn't outside the road on this Rainy night...

Girl look at the sky when she felt wind come from the window kissing her face sending shiver on her body with the cold wind... She was hugging her knee closed to her...
She was wearing a black night dress leaving her hands bare... It comes to her knee leaving the rest of her leg bare...

Like rain, tears were making down from her beautiful big brown almond eyes... Her nose was little red becox of the crying and her cheeks color keep turning red when the atmosphere was getting cold as the time past...

part 10: Kuch toh baki hai

“Arman tumne mujhe yahan kyun bulaya?” Riddhima asked

“Kyunki mein tumse kuch kehna chaahta hun” Arman spoke huskily which sent shivers down her spine


“Riddhima I…I….”

Riddhima stood there still, watching him. She could feel the harsh wind blow her hair, but she cared less. She looked at him again, who looked at her with his same intense gaze, not being able to handle it, she turned red and looked down, and felt her heart beating like crazy and her pulse throbbing in her wrists.

“Riddhima….” He said her name with utter passion but she kept her lashes down.

Part 25&26 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 25:

Next day at Sanjeevani. Atul was pestering Armaan and Rahul.

Atul: Tum logon ko meri koi fikr hi nahi hai.

Rahul: Kya hua?

Atul: Arrey meri biwi abhi tak apne maayke me hai.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-134

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Part 12 : passionate love arsh

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flashback continues:

shilpa: ye armaan apne apko smjhta kya hai

use toh me aisa sbak sikhaungi an ki wo b soch me padh jayega ki mene galat ladki se panga lia hai huh

ab dekho dr. armaan me apki naak me dum kese karti hun 

Part 16 :Beintehaan

Dear mama,
                Aaj bhoot  ney arnav bhaiyya key samney mujhsey flirt ki mama aur vo brainless duffer apney 32 teeth dekha raha tha .... i ws shocked mama kya ye mere hi baiyya hai  jisney choti si baat keyliye armaan ko usdin party mey mara ....arggg mama kya hogaya hai bhaiyya ko ....i m lost mama ....pata hai har waqt sab nah armaan ki jai mala jaap kartey hai ....armaan itna acha hai armaan utna acha hai my foot acha hai i soooo hate him mama ......jitna ye log tarif kar rahey hai utna hi mujhey usey nafrat horahi hai bhoot  mujhey bhaiyon sey dur kar raha hai mama bt mai aise nahi honey dungi ...kal vo phir ayega nah tabh mai dekhlungi usey mere pass do plans hai mama ...kal plan A apply karungi ..meko ashirwad deynah oky abh mai sojati hun gudnht mama luv u muah 

Part 55-56: Mad At Each Other

part 55

Zen she heard armaan’s voice n goes to his room …. Shocked to see armaan standing infrnt of hanuman idol n hanuman chalisa book in his hands ….

Jai Hanuman gyan gun sagar
Jai Kapis tihun lok ujagar
Ram doot atulit bal dhama
Anjaani-putra Pavan sut nama………

Ridz eyes popped out ….. mouth dropped kilometer wide open …..armaan finished his puja n turned around … he found ridz staring him wiz open mouth ….

Armaan :aise kya dekh rahi ho ….

Part 12: Tu zindagi

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part -12

“aunty ,ek baat puchun?”

‘haan beta puch na..isme jhijhkane ki kya baat hai?” aunty looked at shilpa. They were  sitting in the balcony after their dinner. Arman was gone and sid was resting in his room .

Shilpa uttered hesitantly : “ wo actually arman ke baarey me tha..

Aunty smiled sighly while uttered : ‘mai janti thi tu puchegi uske baarey me,actually usne khud ko aisa hi mysterious banakar rakha hai.kya se kya ho gaya hai wo!”....she heaved a long breathe .

Shilpa gave her a question look.

part 4 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

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Part 4

its been 1 month they were married. Riddhima was very happy with her life. Her dreams had come true. she got her love ,her arman. Before marriage whenever she thought about their relationship ,got scared. How it could be riddhima would tell about their relationship to her bhai . but arman made all things easy. He convinced raghav  in his own way  and now they were married. They had their own world..their sweet home. Arman’s unlimited love changed riddhima’s life totally. Even she didn’t  miss her bhai too. raghav returned back to his state. But he kept guards for riddhima. Arman didn’t get permission to take riddhima  anywhere. Even  they could not go for their honeymoon. So our sweet girl riddhima was carrying a big wala pouting face  now a days.

Part 23&24 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 23:

At nurse station.

Kirti: Hello interns.

Others: Good morning mam.

Kirti: Aaj ek khaas din hai. Aap log jaante hi honge ki aaj 'Intern of the Month' announce hone ja raha hai. Isiliye marks yahan se erase kar diye gaye hain. Aaj duties ke baad aap sab auditorium me aa jaiyega. Aur ek baat aur. Is month do interns ke beech bahut achha competition hai. Isiliye "Intern of the month" External examiner chunega. Dr.Shashank nahi.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-133

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Episode 11: Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

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Humari  iss  show ki 11th guest hai blog ki silent reader Saira jo kuch ffs comnt kiye binah reh nahi sakti ….soo lets welcome saira   wiz big round of clause

Part 33 : Vivah

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part 33

Shilpa was having coffee in the cafe when he took a chair beside her.Her expressions changed to worried as she recalled armaan's words and how he reacted in this fiasco.She bit her lips and looked here and there trying to figure out Naina who can be her only saving grace now.

sumit-shilpa kaisi ho

shilpa-aa ththeek hun...sumit tum yahan..I mean tumhara transfer to

sumit-main wapas agaya hun..tumhare paas


sumit-arey I mean yahan hospital mein...kal se duties join kee hai..kabse tumhe dhoondne ki koshish kar raha tha per tum...

He tried to touch her hand but she was too quick to stand up and face him.

Part 4:Mujhe meri biwi se bachao(mini ff)

After lots of shopping armaan n ridz cme back to hotel room ...armaan dropped a big pile of bags on bed .....ridz pushed bags lil n jumped on bed n said

"baby i m soo tired .....bohot neend arahi hai ....gudnt"

Armaan:sarcastic )haan haan bohot tired hogayi hogi .....puri duniya ka burden apney nazuk kandon pey jo uthaliya

Ridz:yawning)haina baby ...shoulders mey darad bhi horaha hai ...thoda massage kardona plzzz.....

Armaan:u r really a monster ....a heartless monster...tumharey itney sarey bags maine uthayi aur dard tum ko harha hai aur massage bhi cahiye maddam ko....

Part:54 (A) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

And riddhima went inside her room whole panting and she stopped near the mirror and after gaining her breath she looked at herself in the mirror, she was mess, but no need to say she loved her this messy condition, her neckpiece was almost falling as it was opened and the blouse dorri was one in front and another was hanging loosely in back making it loose from her shoulders and all her lipstick was smudged and all she can thanks to her darling husband who was the sole reason of her condition, even her hair pins was not in place, she blushed profusely and hid her face in her palms but then she immediately opened her eyes

Riddhima:''riddhima kya kar rahii hai jaldi se aapne aap koo theek kar nahin tou sabko kya kahengi kahan thi tuu bhabhi koo bhi lekar jaana hai neeche aur yeh armaan mujhe dant padva kee chodega''

Part 21&22 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 21:

It was nearing midnight and Ridhimaa was lost in thought. Anjali had gone to sleep in Nani's room for that night. Ridhimaa was thinking, thinking about Armaan. Armaan had once told her that whenever she would need him, he would be there for her. She needed him now. Very badly, but he wasn't there, he couldn't be there. Ridhimaa put her head on her knees.

Ridhimaa: (to herself) Armaan. Tum kahan ho?

Armaan: Ridhimaa. Main to tumhare pass hi hoon.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-132

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Part 7: We Belong Together


All the interns reached lunavla.The orphanage was Brautiful and huge one.. It was a vast area covering acres of land.. it had lots of trees and plants making it more appealing, the orphanage had sheltered more than100 kids and had lots of Rabbits running here and there. Overall it was A very Beautifull place.. All the interns had a smile seeing the beauty before them.. They saw all the children of the Orphanage and Badi Bi who was handling this Orphanage standing at the entrance waiting for the interns to come.

Riddhima:So Beautiful..

Anjali: sahi kaha, its beautiful…

Atul: are wah yaha to etne saare plants bhi hai…

part 11:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

ridhima came home hoffing poffing after a long tiring day in college...she entered the home...and greeted her nani as she was standing at the door

ridz - hye naani ...i am so tired today god know till the day i will passout my medical college mai bachungi bhi ya nahii they just eat me all...
(she shared her sarrow with her nani with a cute frowned face)

but she found her nani not paying attention on her just peeping outside the house she wondered wt her nani beloved nani is trying to find...

part 8: sindoor

Arman:''nahin voo mere liyye koi maayne nahin rakhti oosnein merii zindagi kharab kii hai bas''

He said in anger and leaves from there as he heard his mom's call for him and he went to her mom who was getting ready and armaan was now smacking himself what is now and he finally

Arman:''mom aapnein mujhe bulaya?''

He asked getting nandini's attention who was almost ready for going somewhere and hearing armaan's voice she turned and said

Nandini:''areey armaan tu aaa gayya beta mai aur abhie teraa hii wait kar rahee the''

She said affectionately
Arman:''kyoon mom kuchh kam tha kya?''

Part 20 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 20:

Three days later, Ridhimaa was getting discharged early at 7:00 a.m. She was at the Nurse Station, signing the form when she spotted Armaan. He was hiding behind a door, watching her. She turned to face him and he quickly hid himself from her. Ridhimaa's eyes were burning with tears. Shashank took her outside and they both drove away. Armaan felt like crying himself. Ridhimaa was looking extremely pale and weak. It was all because of him.

That evening, Shashank came into Ridhimaa's room. Ridhimaa was reading a book. She left it on seeing her father entering. He came and sat on her bed.

Shashank: Ab kaisa feel kar rahi ho?

Ridhimaa: Much better.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-131

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                                                      PRE ZINDAGI
                                               { its before ar marriage }

Sanjivani ARMAAN RIDS anjali nikita a nd atuL Rahull are interns and friends DR KEERTI IS GOING TO ASSIGN DUTIES TO ALL OF THEM but they haven’t reached yet

DR KEERTI;hello drs




part 9: Kuch toh baki hai

The next day….

Riddhima was sitting in an empty classroom making her notes, she was scribbling hard in her notebook, working with her whole concentration. Suddenly, she heard a bag slump beside her; she jumped and looked up to see it was Muskan.

“Muski…” She sighed

“Hmm…tu kahan hai yaar? Kab se dhoond rahi hun tujhe” Muskan said as she sat on the chair beside her.

“Wo Actually mujhe Arman ne pick kar lia tha” Riddhima said quietly expecting Muskan to shout but Muskan just nodded her head which left her surprised

part 15:Life out of control

Armaan and Riddhima continued spending time together. Armaan always dropped her home, whether it was at Anjie’s or her Dad’s. And when duty hours finished early, they would sit on the beach, having an ice-cream or galaxy, watching the sun go down making fun of each other. Just the two of them. Riddhima loved and cherished every moment she spent with him. Sometimes, when Anjali and Atul had night duty, she would call him over and they would go have coffee at the nearest cafĂ©, sitting on the rocks enjoying the breeze. Once when Riddhima was feeling cold and he didn’t have a jacket, he put his arm around her, making her warm up instantly. He knew every moment they were getting closer, but was still hesisant to see if she admitted to being in love with him.

Riddhima was in the living room. Everyone had been invited over, at Atul and Anjali’s to spend the day.

“Kaise khayalon mein khoyi huwi ho?” asked Sapna as she and Anjali joined Riddhima.

“kuch nahin bas aise hi.” She tried to hide it.

Part 11: Tu zindagi

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recap ---

Shilpa nodded in na but scared in her heart…” arman ke sath bike par!!!!”she shivered .

Now ---

part 11

in canteen when sapna and muskan were gossiping  about their classmates and their bfs, shilpa was lost in her thought.

Muskan : “ mujhe yeh girls bilkul pasand nahi,oversmart banti hai,bfs banati hai apne faide ke liye,apne assignments,projects unse karvati hai,apne new new dresses unke paise se kharidti hai. shit! I hate them.

Sapna : “ par yeh boys bhi koi innocent nahi hain muski,yeh aise hi dosti nahi karte,kuch toh faida uthate hi hain ,hai na shilpa?

Shilpa  didn’t answer losing in her thought.

Muskan and sapna talked through their eyes and  screamed in her ears together….”SHI…lpaaaaaaaaaaa!

Part 18&19 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**,

PART 18:

Armaan was anxious. He felt that his life depended on her answer.

Ridhimaa: Armaan...

She kept her hand on his heart. Armaan held it there.

Ridhimaa: Armaan. Mujhe maaf kar do. Meri har galti ke liye. Har us aansun ke liye jo meri wajah se tumhari aankhon me aaye hain. Armaan. Meri aankhen tumhare sivaay kisi aur ko dekhna bhi gunaah samajhti hain. Apni har saans ke saath tumhare hone ka yakeen mazboot ho jaata hai. Meri har baat tumse shuru hokar tum par hi khatm hoti hai. Main tumhare pyar ke laayak to nahi hoon lekin main tumse aur door nahi reh sakti. I love you Armaan... I love you very very very much. Main tumse bahut pyar karti hoon.

Part 15 :Beintehaan

Ridz raised her hand to slap him bt armaan caught her hand n twisted it back ...she winced wiz pain "ahhhh"

Meanwhile arnav came zer n he saw armaan twisting ridz hand n he lost his temper ...shouted

"how dare u armaan"

wiz his sudden voice armaan let ridz go frm his grip ...seeing arnav zer ridz ran to him n while crying hugged him tightly...arnav while caressing her hair 

"shhhh its oky princess i m here ....chup hojaov...daro math"

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-130