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Sun rays hit Riddhima face disturbing her beautiful sleep and she was feeling cold so she clicking to Armaan who was sleeping close to her... Riddhima hide her face on his neck finding the comfortable area and her hands move inside his shirt as she felt her finger tips were cold...
Also Riddhima felt her nose tip got cold too so she slowly started to rub her nose near his neck feeling warm not aware disturbing Armaan sleep...

Armaan who was dreaming of his basket, was disturb by sudden close movements... Armaan open his eyes but shut it soon as the bright light hit his eyes all of sudden and he was wondering why he was there... Then only he recalled the moment of previous night...
Smile form in his lips as he felt Riddhima laying over him hugging him hiding her face on his neck...
They were sitting in the same position holding each other, they were talking about god knows what when sleep took over them...

Armaan felt something cold touching his neck and realized that Riddhima was rubbing her cold nose to get the warm... Also he felt her hands inside his shirt as her hands were cold and was trying to warm it with his body heat...
Armaan understood she was feeling cold and he thought to wake her up before someone come for searching them and end up teasing them...

Invitation For Blog Party (22nd march 10:30 to 12:00)

hey friends ,sisters....1)our blog is completed 5 months and 2)today is  our  blog member pritam's I  organised a blog party today (22 march) 10:30 at night. 

Part-16 to 25: Rekindle Love

part 16


Armaan was standing there numb in the locker room. The thought that his Basket can chose Sid over him send shivers down his spine, he was not able to digest Sapna’s wordings that Riddhima will prioritize Siddhant once again. One thing was now crystal clear in his mind that Rahul and Muskaan were right; Riddhima is not just a friend for him now. That he is immensely in love with his Basket and his face light up with a smile.
He faced the roof and expands his arms as if he is trying to welcome this new feeling and took a deep breath and uttered these words to himself “yes I love her. Yes I am madly, deeply and immensely in love with her. But what if she still loves Sid? What if she will lock her heart and will not allow anyone else to enter it? I will not be able to bear her rejection.” And he was dejected next moment. “I can’t afford to lose her, I won’t tell her till the time I am sure that she don’t love Sid anymore” His pager beep. “Oh I almost forgot about the announcement” and he left.

Part:55 (A) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

And armaan with her in his arms looking directly in her green almond innocent eyes and riddhima as her hands were wrapped around his neck and she was looking in his deep grey blue naughty eyes while her head was resting on his chest and as in this manner armaan reached near his no now their room and this time he admitted completely and then he slowly break his trance with riddhima but she was so busy in looking at him that she never knows he shifted his gaze and now they were standing in front of their room armaan smiled seeing his love's condition she is surely his as she never ever feels any where surroundings when she is in his arms smiling he opened the door with his back and then entered the room and he just pushed the door with his back not locked it after all he has his riddhima in his arms and then as much he was enjoying that satisfying and loving expressions on her face he needs to show her, her surprise for which he slept in guest room from past 3 days and then he slowly whispered in her ear while bending a little in front of her face and riddhima startled

happy birthday Pritam bhai (22nd March)

hey friends ,sis u know aaj (22nd march) kiska birthday hai? OMG!aap sab bhul kaise gaye!aaj humare blog ka sabse pyara pyara bhai pritam bhai ka bd hai guys. jo humara sath kabhi nahi choda... toh chalo hum sab milkar humare blog ke sweet bhai ka bd celebrate karen.....

Part 43&44 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 43:

At the end of their duties, all the interns were gathered in the locker room. Armaan and Ridhimaa came together and nearly walked into each other. Then made their way to their respective lockers without looking at each other.

Anjali: Not again!

Atul: Tum dono me fir se ladayi ho gayi?

Muskaan: Kis baat ke liye?

Armaan: Wo kya hai na Dr.Ridhimaa sochti hain unhe mujhse bhi achha ladka mil jayega boyfriend banane ke liye.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-143

Friday, 21 March 2014

Part 15 : Hate Or Love .. AR ff

Ridhima sat in the hospital cafetaria engrossed in her thoughts, she was too tired and exhaust came to have a coffee, sipping her coffee her mind drifted to the morning incidence........

-----in the morning----

As th rays of sun penetrated  between the 2 curtains and hit her face, she frowned slightly and tried to bury her face with a pillow......only to be interrupted by some movements.....

Armaan who had been sleeping in Ridhima's lap in the night now sleeping peacefully with his head on her chest.....  she moaned as she felt something tickling her neck, she groggily opened her eyes and looked down and saw Arman sleeping over her and his hot breath tickling her skin ..... her eyes wide opened seeing him so close .... she frowned deeply and tried to get out of his hold ................

Dmg season 3 (part 36 & 37)



Part 37 : Dostana

Part 37:
<i> Dear Diary,
I lost it last night. I cried. It's pretty bad you know. I didn't intend to cry. Aur wo bhi Karan ke saamne. Itne time se uske saamne jo image bana tha wo sab chaupat hogaya. Pata nahi wo kya sochega mere bare mein. Hell, who cares? All that matters is ke wo kisiko bata na de. Ye Priya bhi na..meri image ki waat laga di! Upar se itne saalon ka 'na rone' ka record bhi toot gaya. Thankfully Karan wahan tha, warna main kaise chup karati apne aap ko? Aur wo keh raha tha that he couldn't help. For some reason, his presence was enough. And for another, I have no regrets. Hmm…now that's weird! I lost it in front of Karan and I have no regrets. Chalo..ab usey best friend banaya hai to mere itne kaam to ayega na. Usey samjha to diya par ab uski dosti ka imtehaan lena hai..agar usne kisiko bataya na to main…!! Par mujhe pata kaise chalega? Hmm…sounds like a job for 'Detective Shilpa Anand!' </i>

part 12: Kuch toh baki hai

Days had passed and things had changed a little. Like, Rahul-Muskan’s feelings…they’d turned to lovers from friends, but the confession was missing. They’d actually come to Goa for research for their project, and were staying in a hotel, in adjacent rooms.

It was night time and Muskan was getting ready in front of the dressing table.  Today was a very special day for her.  She was going out on a date with Rahul!  Well, it wasn't really a date, but he had asked her for dinner with him and she couldn't refuse.

Part 41&42 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 41:

Armaan woke up next day, feeling very thirsty.He opened his eyes to find Ridhimaa sitting on his bedside.He smiled at her.

Ridhimaa: Good morning.

Armaan: Good morning.

Ridhimaa: Armaan tumhe pyas lagi hai na?

Armaan: Haan. Tumhe kaise pata?

Ridhimaa: Tumne raat me uthkar paani manga tha. Yahan paani khatm ho gaya tha. Jab tak main paani lekar aayi tum so chuke the.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-142

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Part 13: Tu zindagi

thanks a lot priyu and tamanna for ur sweet comments...and specially thanks to priya shonaholic jo yahan comments karna chahti hai but  nahi kar pati ....thanks a lot  to silent readers too...hope u will like this part ..

part 13


“ananya,tum samajh nahi rahi ho,hum ek driver le lete hain na,arman aur thoda sikh jaye phir hum duniya ki sair karenge uske gadi me.”

“billy ,mujhe apne bete par pura bharosa hai..aap nahi jana chahte toh mat jao,par mai toh jaungi.mai uska dill kabhi nahi tod sakti.”

“ananya,tum jahan mai wahan,mai tumhe akela kahin choda hai kya? Jab ek baar hath pakda toh kabhi nahi chodunga soniye” billy encirled ananya.

“maine kuch nahi dekha..sorry,ja raha hun…”

Billy and ananya saw that arman turned to go from there,who came suddenly and got mumma papa in this embarrassing  situation.

“arey aa jaa beta,teri mummy ko kuch nahi kar raha,bas dekh raha tha kitni moti ho gayi hai.” billy laughed.

Part 14 : passionate love arsh

part 14

next day in sanjeevani armaan walking in corridor and talking to himself ajib ladki hai pehle mujhe khud fasati hai nd phr khud mujhe prob se niklati hai akhir chahti kya hai?

shilpa what is in ur mind?

rahul came from front
rahul: oye kya baat hai ajkal suna hai ki tu bich sadak p pitne laga hai logo se

armaan cursed him and said: as if u cre
luk bro stay away from my life wrna mujhe pitna b bahut ache se ata hai bhai
toh tu khud ko sambhal ohk?

patting his shoulder armaan walked away grinning
kabhi mauka laga na toh iske sare dant tod dunga
armaan said

rahul: but mene kya kia? :/

Part 5 : I Trust U Captain (ss)

part 5 

It was 3 months now from armaan and riddhima was in Bangalore and armaan came home in night as he leaves in morning well now there is no mission and as he was Captain Armaan Mallik and he was chief in Bangalore Air Force was now training the other air force officers and life is pure bliss for armaan-riddhima, they loved each-other and now they were with each-other, armaan and riddhiam still shares the same room though now there are many rooms but neither of them try to change the arrangement armaan still sleeps on mattresses on floor staring at riddhima who sleeps on bed like always as nothing has changed just one thing in mid night riddhima wake up and covered him as he was always without duvet and then she herself drifting to sleep make sure he is covered, she even shared a good rapport with rahul and muskaan and finds a good friend in them and she also went on shopping with muskaan whenever armaan was sitting with rahul having their guys time and one thing as armaan gave her his credit card she never uses it when she is alone she used it only then when armaan was with her on shopping, armaan asked her million times for its reason but she never replied.

part 15 : An Arranged Love Marriage

part 15

Ridhima……Ridhimaa….wake up. He woke her up sweetly with a smile. As she opened her eyes and saw his face her lips too curved into a huge smile. Just as they got ready and were about to go out when, Armaan got a call. There was an emergency that had come up in his office which was to be handled on time and legally which was not possible without his signature! He tried his best to avoid it as after-all he had been in Shimla just for her sake; just so that he could be with her. He just couldn’t let this happen, but he couldn’t help it either.
Umm……Riddhima…actually, vo….

Kya hua Armaan, everything alright?

Part 39&40 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 39:

All stood up.

Ridhimaa: (shaking hard) Armaan! Dr.Pronita Armaan...

Pronita: Operation ho gaya hai. Lekin Dr.Armaan ko do ghante observation me rakha jayega. Wo bilkul theek hain. Lekin...

Ridhimaa: Lekin... lekin kya?

Pronita: (smiling) Lekin aap log unse do ghante baad hi mil sakte hain. Abhi unko hosh nahi aaya hai.

Ridhimaa: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Dr.Pronita marches off back to the O.T.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-141

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Part 18 :Beintehaan

"soniye key dance moves pey maar jane ko dill karta hai.....kaash soniye mere saat dance karti ....koi baat nahi aaj nahi toh kal soniye meri hogi aur mere bahonmey dance kareygi ..i m dying fr zat day ....godd plzz mke her mine"

His chain of thoughts brke wen he heard "bhoottt tummmmmm ...mathlab mera plan B bhi flopp"

Armaan chuckled at her  n cme inside wiz a broad smile on his face n said "haan agaya tumhara premi bhoot"

Ridz:while crushing pumpkin angrily)argg atey hi flirting shuru ...... tum thak they nahi ye chessyy lines sey .....


after two days in sanjivani Armaan is back on duty he is monitor of all interns






PART-14 : Hate Or Love .. AR ff

Ridhima came back to her room after dumping Armaan in the guest room, no way she was going to share the same room with him.....

Armaan and Abhi were totally out of their senses, after their friends cheered them to bet on who can have the highest vodka shots which made them totally talli, nikki and Ridhima had a hard time in controlling their men.......


Ridhima came back to home at midnight when everyone was sleeping, balancing Armaan who kept his hand on her shoulder, ..... and on top of that he was constantly shouting in her ears "i won,i.... i won the bet ....." with great difficulty and careful not to tripp on her saree she took Armaan in the guest room, made made him lie on the bed and moved to her room....

Part 37&38 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 37:

All were sitting in Shashank's living room, looking glum.

Nani: Armaan ko...

Padma: (crying) Armaan tumhe kuch nahi hoga.

Armaan: Hmmm...

He takes her hand and touches it to his eyes.

Armaan: Agar mujhe kuch ho bhi jaata hai to aap Ridhimaa ka khayal rakhiyega. Uski aankhon me kabhi aansun mat aane dijiyega. Please ye meri aakhiri...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-140

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Episode 12: Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari  iss  show ki 12th guest hai blog ki bohot hi talented member Nikita singla …. z most talented n fab wrter of z blog ...soo lets welcome nikita di  wiz big round of clause



'Riddhima... Riddhima...' Suddenly Armaan voice break the silent around the house... It was 7am in the morning and Riddhima had been up from two hours as they are going to do Holi puja in 30mins... 

From last two three days, Riddhima had been busy helping Ananya with Holi preparation... Nikki also help whenever she get time as a day before her exam end and previous night they had been doing final preparation till late...

An hour ago Riddhima had been trying to wake up Nikki and after that she wake up Armaan who slept again saying he would be up before the puja... 

Riddhima took out his white kurta and kept it nicely on the other side of bed which was empty so Armaan could get ready easily without disturbing Riddhima while she do the last minute preparation for the puja... 

Part 9: Sindoor

part 9 

And there eye-lock breaks with some of guests on stage who came to wish them and armaan-riddhima breaks the trance, riddhima whereas feeling goosbumps aroused all over her body just with the eye-lock and she did not why she feels like this, she never ever in her life feels like this, she was so confused how just one glance of one person makes her feel like this only, she was always friends with boys but never she feels this kind of feelings here riddhima was confused with this happenings and here armaan was fuming in anger from the moment he avert his gaze from her, he was frustrated with the fact what on the earth makes him look in her eyes that too not just looking it was way far than that he was drowned in that green almond eyes and this very thought makes him angry with himself she is the girl who destroyed his life, his dreams, take everything of his and he was getting affected with her and now in his anger he was not at all going to think straight as he saw her smiling face as she was thanking some guests he fumed in anger more how on the earth she can be happy after shattering his dreams and he being armaan put all the blame on her

part 12:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

She was shocked with his sudden act''she touched her cheek 'with  poping eyes and open mouth'.

Ridz - god he dsnt miss any chance''armaan ye kya thaa

Armaan - u gave me kiss na'.toh I said thanku'.its good manners'.pata hai first time kissi ne mujhe kiss diya hai'

Ridz- ohh really'..(she pulled his cheeks')

Armaan - mai prince hu na, toh meri princess kaha hai''(he said with ababy pout)

Part 9: We Belong Together

The stage was set. The Band was ready, The audience cheered. The lights and media were ready. Armaan felt something, felt someone coming, closing his eyes he started to find out who it was and slowly opened his eyes. Armaan was shocked, surprised to see HER walking down the stairs. She looked elegant and most gorgeous. She had the innocence of a child on her face. Armaan smiled seeing her.. She was so beautiful that wordz could not describe, he thought while Riddhima was searching for her family and friends. She didn’t even see who was standing on the stage.

part 34 :Vivah

part 34

armaan-bohot zyada galat kiya hai rahul ne...uske dimaag mein kachra bhara para hai..patanai aisa soch bhi kaise liya usne...

shilpa-lekin unohne jo bhi kiya uske peeche koi wajah to hogi na..I mean aisa bhi to ho sakta hai ke uneh itni jaldi responsibilities nahi chaiye hogi aur

armaan-aur isliye woh Muskaan se jaake yeh keh dega its a mistake and we dont need this baby now...

She gulped hard seeing that angry look on his face.It was indeed true how much he cared for Muskaan...just like he does for her own sister...

Part 35&36 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 35:

The mother did not say anything.

Armaan: (to the girl) Tumhara naam kya hai?

Girl: Jyoti.

Armaan: Jyoti kya tum apne bhai ko bataogi ki tumhare saath kya hua tha? Ye jaanna zaroori hai.

Tears dropped from her eyes and Armaan swiped them off.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-139

Monday, 17 March 2014

Part 6-15 : Rekindle Love


Armaan was sitting in the locker room all alone thinking about the weird behavior of Riddhima and was trying to figure out as to why is she ignoring him, when suddenly Sapna came and sat beside him and put her hand on his and said “Armaan are you coming to pick me up.” “What? Pick you from where,, what are you talking?” asked all confused Armaan. “Baby someone has arranged a date for us at waterpark for evening, remember?” said Sapna. “ya the date” Armaan sighed. “you know what I feel that this date is organized by Ridzy only, and I don’t know why she is denying, or else you tell me who is bothered about us” “ Ah! Again Riddhima” said an irritated Sapna. “ Baby I seriously want to give one more chance to our relationship, what we had between us was not just friendship it was more than that” “ Yes it was more than that, It was infatuation Sapna, but not love, in love you sacrifice yourself for the other self there is no ‘you’ or ‘I’ there is ‘us’ and you surrender yourself for the person you love and neither I nor you felt such thing” said Armaan. 


hey dmg family members ,readers,writers and commentators,we are very glad to inform you that nikitasingla has joined in our Admin group. she is very talented and a great writer. her "dhadkan ban haye ho tum" "sindoor" and many ffs are very famous.

thanks a lot nikita.......

Part 57: Mad At Each Other

 At university

Today was special day for armaan ws nt leaving his lips ...still lost in last night memories n zer lil kuchi koo in  z morning ...he ws feeling so blissfull .....atul n rahul saw armaan smiling fr no reason n rahul asked

"kya baat hai aaj cehrey pey itni ronak kyun hai armaan "

Armaan:blushing)nahi asie kuch nahi hai

Atul:oye teri tuh toh ladkiyon jaise sharma bhi raha hai....

Armaan:while making face)mai kyun sharmaunga ....atul tuh pagal hogaya.....

part 11: Kuch toh baki hai

Riddhima was lying on her bed, thinking about Arman’s confession, never in her dreams she had thought that he would come to her and say that he loves her; she didn’t even imagine that he loved her too! She blushed thinking how he confessed, the way he whispered it in her ear…Even thinking of it sent shivers down her spine. She cuddled further into her teddy which she was holding, smiling and blushing…

Suddenly, she heard the door open and saw Muskan entering. Before she could say anything, Riddhima jumped and twirled Muskan around in happiness, squealing in happiness.

Brighter than the Sunshine (os)

hey guys it was my 1st oneshot   of kash fairy tale one shot  series. its already posted in old blog. hope u will like it.


I never understood before
I never knew what love was for
My heart was broke, my head was sore
 What a feeling!!

Tied up in ancient history
I didn’t believe in destiny
I look up you're standing next to me
What a feeling!!

"shilpu beta,kya hua tumhe?...kal raat se bed par padi hai,khana bhi nahi khaya..."shilpa's mom asked her lovingly ,caressing her hair......

"nahi mom,kuch nahi....bash yon hi...."shilpa said to her mom trying to hide her tears .

Part 33&34 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 33:

Next day at Sanjeevani's Nurse Station. Dr.Kirti was assigning duties to the interns. She was not looking in a good mood.

Kirti: Dr.Muskaan, Dr.Rahul Path Lab. Dr.Anjali, Dr.Atul ICU. Dr.Ridhimaa General ward. Dr.Armaan aap bhi General ward lekin aap zyada stress nahi lenge. Am I clear?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-138

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Part 13 : passionate love arsh


now u will see ki shilpa kya chiz hai mr. malik

armaan collided with shilpa and sum people were going from there

she shouted help help please crying fakely

armaan: shuuush dhanoo please bhut marenge yr mujhe kya hua kyu ro rhi hun

shilpa smiled inwardly and shouted more koi bchao ye doc mujhe ched rha hai plz

armaan: what the r u insane he hold her tightly sum people centered them now arsh were in centre

one man : oye ladki ko chedta hai

shrm ni ati tujhe?

Part 2:And we are made to be one

After meeting with Sid .......Riddhima reached hostel all drenched from head to toe because of rain ... muskan was waiting for ridhima in room n busy in reading a romantic a novel from ""Hold my hand"" Durjoy Datta ...musakan heard footsteps n said

""agayi tu ...aaj itna late kyun ho gaya tujhe.... aur vo chuha aaj bhi time pey nahi aya hoga mein ne pehle hi bola tha chal abh jaldi sey meri bet ki dairy milk nikal bag sey""

muskan turned around n while going near her

""ye kya halat bana rahki hain riddhima ...tum barish mey puri bheeg gayi ho""

Riddhima silently walked inside n muskan took the hand bag from her hands n asked

Happy holi basket(os)

“ yummy ladoo kya taste hai kahkar maza agaya … abh tak dheer sari ladoos khayi maine par iss ladoo ka taste alag aur mazeydar hai yummy yummy ladoo”

Armaan saw ridz frm far way n confused

part 16:Life out of control

The next day Sanjeevani

Armaan purposely came early to the hospital to see Riddhima. He knew she loved coming early, and this time he wanted to see her. How sure was he that he was the one she loved? Maybe it could be someone else? “Riddhima…kahaan ho tum?” he murmured to himself while sitting on the bench. Just as he said that, he saw her coming. She was looking for something in her handbag, and was wearing a purple chooridar, looking gorgeous as ever. Her face was down, and she didn’t even see him, but he could not take his eyes away from her.

“Pata nahin alarm clock kaise nahin sunaiydi aaj. Yeh ho kya gaya hai aaj kal mujhe? Itni careless hoon. Phone bhi ghar pe bhool aayi! Uff…”

He came out of his trance and said,

Part 31&32 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 31:

Ridhimaa and Anjali were sitting in the living room at night watching TV. Armaan was having his checkup done by Shashank. Nani and Padma were gossipping away. Just then Shashank entered the room supporting Armaan.

Nani: Aao Armaan beta baitho. Aaram se.

Ridhimaa: Sab theek to hai na papa?

Part 17 :Beintehaan

At Night Atul ws feeding soup to ridz n while eating ridz thought "plan A bhoot key samney kaam nahi ki sayad plan A bhaiyya pey kaam kareygaa ....waise hi plan B ko toh maine already post kardi"she smirked atul saw it n asked

"kya huva princess"

Ridz:while having soup)kuch nahi bhaiyya n wiz cutestt smile on her face she said

"pata hai bhaiyya maine bhoot sey...."

Atul:seriously)princess behave urself ...uska naam armaan hai ....

Ridz:pouting)okyy f999  armaann thik hai ...abh gussa math karo aur  meri baat suno nah ...

Atul:chuckled)gud grl ...abh bolo ... while feeding another spoon ..

Ridz had zat spoon of soup n said "aaj nah maine armaan sey dheer sari batey ki ...mai usey puri tarha samjhgayi bhaiyya"

Atul:happily)wah ye toh bohot achi baat hai ...toh kya kya baatey ki tum dono ney ...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-137