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Part 6

'Haan haan haan'
Maine yeh sab kiya'' Shashank said'
He continue'

'Kyunnki jabse who Armaan uski zindagi main aayi hai tabse usne mujhe itna importance nehi di jitna woh pehle mujhe deta ta'
Riddhima ne mujhe itna pyar nehi karte ab jaise tum pehle karta ta' Kyunki woh Armaan se apni zindagi se bhi zyada pyar karta hai'
Pehle main hamesha uski list main sabse upar ta' aur ab' Woh Armaan ne sab kuch cheen liya'.
Mujhse meri Riddhima koh cheen liya'
Issiliyeh maine yeh sab kiya'
Socha Armaan use chodke chala jaenge toh woh waapas mere paas aayenge'' Shashank said' He was so angry and tears were coming from his eyes'

Part:57 (A) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Armaan:''nahin kaka aap iskee liyye garam doodh layiye ek glass ise medicine kee bad coffee peene se acidity ho jaati hai so 1 glass garam doodh dijiye''

He said as he knows his basket can not handle medicine without the hot milk and everyone looked at him in surprise as he states the fact taht riddhima need hot milk as kaka went inside kitchen armaan looked at everyone who is looking at him with surprise in their eyes except riddhima because she knows her armaan knows her well too but what surprise her that he still remebers that little thing of hers and then he

Part 71&72 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 71:

Ridhimaa was tired. She rested her back against the pouffe and closed her eyes. When Armaan came back after changing his shirt (now wearing a red one), he saw Ridhimaa, probably asleep on the pouffe. He came and sat infront of her and he too closed his eyes. Armaan could not understand his feelings towards Ridhimaa. She seemed so close to his heart as if he knew her for ages. He had never felt like this for anybody. He had now got to know that he had loved someone. Someone whom he didn't even remember. He was veryconfused. Ridhimaa was one person, who seemed to know him most in the world. He had never liked girls who were so homely, but, surprisingly, Ridhimaa had slowly made her way into his heart. Armaan dreft into a dream, where, he and Ridhimaa were alone on a small island, and he was proposing his love to her, in a truly filmi style. Then he thought of this as utter rubbish.

Part 3 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)

thanks a lot aayu,priyu,shagun and adir for comments on last part.thanks a lot silent readers too. hope u will like this part...

part 3

“arman beta,dekh beta meri baat sun,ek baar ladki ko dekh le,pasand  nahi aye toh hum dusri dekhenge. Tere papa ko bahut pasand hai beta.”

“papa ko pasand hai means mere galey me bandh denge kisiko bhi? aur mai abhi shadi wadi nahi karne wala.”arman stared his mumma and again started to play game in the computer.but his mumma already started sobbing.

Arman got annoyed ,and yelled angrily :” aapki yahi baat mujhe achchi nahi lagti,kuch ho na ho pahle ansoo bahana start. Uff!”

“toh thik hai,mai chali jati hun,teri jindagi se hi chali jaungi…”mumma again started crying.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-157

Friday, 4 April 2014

Part 1:U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! - AR FF

U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!!AR FF

It took a second to shattered everything down to the ground...
A minute ago, Mumbai city were jammed with people who was walking around shopping enjoying their time with family, friends and love ones...
What happen suddenly the atmosphere changed to a scary situation...
Those people who were laughing, talking about god knows what were running here and there, crying for help while people laid on the ground, vehicles caught with fire...
Some were sitting near dead bodies of their close ones while some were helping to move people to get medical facilities...

Soon police took the situation under their hands while media were trying to know what happen all of the sudden that without a warning they were faced to a blast in the busy Mumbai City...
'Bhai, Bhai... Mom, Dad...' A guy of his middle 20's was crying shaking same age of his brother who was standing like a statue...
'Mommm, Daddd...'

Intro :U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! - AR FF

U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!!


segment 43 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai


“burey fanse !kahin behosh na ho jaun!mumma asirbaad dena ki mai sahi salamat rahun.” Virat mumbled.

Manvi ,who was buying tickets for riding on roller coaster,noticed virat’s mumbling and smacked on his head…”kya bak rahe ho? Pagal toh nahi ho gaye?

Virat : “arey yaar!yahan public place me marti kyon hai? mai dr. virat mallik,meri koi izzat hai ki nahi?

Manvi made face : “apni izzat apne pocket me rakho,kahin tum mujhe chodkar bhagne ki koshish toh nahi kar rahe? Dar lagta hai kya ?

Virat stammered : “mai..mai..mai kyon darunga? Virat mallik kisi cheez se nahi darta.chalo hum late ho rahe hain.”

Part 5: You actually love me or ...

jab mainee armaan se kaha ki muhe ooske saath koi relation nai rakhna PROFESSIONAL bhi nai aur mainn vahaan se aaa gayyi armaan ne ooske bad mujhe kabhie flowers nai diyye. itnee dinon meinn sab log mujhe yehii kehtee te ki mujhe armaan ko maf kar denaa chahiye. par mainn kahan sunne vaali thi. dieali se kuchh din pehle rahul ne hume apne ghar pre-diwali partyy meinn invite kiyya. main binaa man ke vahan gayyi.armaan ki presence se meraa mood theek nai tha. mainn vahaa softt drink corner par softt drink lenee gayyi to armaan vahan pehle hi tha mainn apnii softt drinkk le kar ja hi rahii thi ki meraa dupatta phass gayya armaan ki harkat samajh kar


Part 13: We Belong Together

Finally the war came to an end when there was no food left for anybody to throw. Riddhima tried picking out the spaghetti strands from her hair, still looking daggers at Armaan while Armaan used a piece of cloth to wipe his face which wasn't helping in any way. There were still sounds of kids squealing and screaming as someone threw an odd piece of cake or a remaining piece of samosa or tried to hug each other with food stained clothes. Suddenly a loud voice boomed in the hall.

“ Yeh sab kya horaha hai “( Mother of kid)

Part 69&70 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 69:

Next day at basketball court at 6:30 a.m. Armaan was alone there practising. The kids were not coming there as it was Sunday. He was enjoying totally and was feeling much better today. Ridhimaa came there jogging and sat down on the steps of the court, tired. She hadn't seen Armaan. Just then Armaan aimed a goal and the ball landed on Ridhimaa's head.

Armaan: Bull's eye!

Ridhimaa turned around and saw Armaan. Both were happy on seeing each other. Ridhimaa stood up and came towards him.

Happy Birthday Keddie Shona (4th April)

hi friends, aaj mere dill ke bahut karib,meri bahut hi pyari sis,die hard kash fan and "dostana" ff writer keddie Smith ka  happy Birthday hai. Keddie ne old blog ke liye jo  kiye they usey koi bhula nahi sakta. wah old blog se beintehaan pyar karti thi,jab bhi blog inactive hone lagta tha,turant sab kaam chodkar aa jati thi blog ko active karne aur  blog me koi bhi fight ho toh dadi ma ki tarah sabko samjhane lagti thi. maine itni patience ,itni kam age me kisime nahi dekha .aur keddie me aur ek baat thi ,wo jitni bhi busy rahe,but meri poem post hote hi aa jati thi blog par comment karne.mere poem ko uska intzaar hardam rehta tha,mujhe lagta tha meri shilpa ne comment ki ho uspar. keddie,maine poem likhna chod di ,agar tum hi comment nahi karogi toh kya faida likhne ka.  I LOVE U KEDDIE SHONA...LOVE U FOREVER.

On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-156

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Part 6:Mujhe meri biwi se bachao(mini ff)

In washroom

Armaan while taking shower "monster itna kyun blush kar rahi thi ......aisa kya kiya hoga uss KSG ney....ufff ye monster kyun nahi bata rahi hai mujhey" n angry he punched z wall ..... his punch ws soo strng zat ridz heard sme dham sound frm wash room n while knocking z door asked wiz concern

"baby ye sound kaise hai ....girgaye ho kya"

Armaan:angrily)mai girun ya marun...tumsey mathlab u go n dream about ur KSG (he streached on ksg name)

Part 11: sindoor

After few minutes armaan excused himself from them and  went inside the kitchen to get some water for himself and as he entered in the kitchen he was surprised surprised was under statement he was shocked to see the neat and clean kitchen, and he found chilled water in his refrigerator that is something new to him and first he was happy that now atleast he manage to get water at his home he was wondering who did thie and then as his mind yelled at him that it will surely none other Riddhima firstly he smiled at this thought but then his mind registered she was going to someone else's wife and due to that accident she is here in his house as his wife and as he feels once again anger rising inside his body he while calming himself went outside, after spending some more hours rahul and muskaan leaves bidding bye and good night to them as he come back he saw riddhima picking the empty pizza boxes and coke canes and seeing her doing this he could not control himself and just





Part 67&68 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 67:

Armaan was lying in his bed fully awake. He hadn't gone to sleep. Some thought were troubling his mind. He wasn't happy. He was disturbed on fighting with Ridhimaa. He was anxious to talk to her. But then he thought about the lie and he again became angry on her. He didn't knew what was happening to him. He wasn't satisfied either ways. In desperation he called on Ridhimaa's mobile but then terminated the call before she could pick it up. Later he got into an uneasy sleep.

Next morning, in the interns' locker room. Armaan was the last one to enter. He was not looking well. His face was not its usual, smiling one. He was also looking extremely tired like one who could not sleep properly. He silently made his way towards his locker. Ridhimaa had looked up at his entrance and had quickly turned the other way to show her anger.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-155

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Part 22 :Beintehaan

Armaan smiled at her scared face n blew air on her face n she opened her eyes ...realized zer position n she gt nervous n tried to get up bt armaan ws holding her tightly zen she said wiz trembling voice "cho chodo mujhey"

Armaan loosened his grip on her waist n raised his hand in air ......ridz do nt knw zat n still clutching his shirt in her fist n saying "chodo" wiz closed eyes ....armaan snapped his fingers  n  it made her open her eyes ...zer ws a wicked smile on armaan's face ..... ridz ws scared n confused wiz zis n thinking y z hell  nt leaving her ....zen armaan again blew air on her face n said 

Part 3:KaSh SS~A Twisted Cinderella Story

Tilting his head a little, Karan, in the most innocent way possible, asked, "Tussi jaa rahe ho? Tussi na jao.." and hugged her. His arms around her waist, his head against her stomach and Shilpa's fingers caressing his hair.

And this was another of the amazing moments, when Karan-the-strong-Grover, actually cried.

The hell finally broke loose as Karan's tears flowed down his cheeks. Shilpa had seen many faces, shades and moods of Karan, but this broken, vulnerable and dare she admit, cute and innocent Karan Singh Grover was new. Even Sammy, who was still hiding and recording all of Karan's acts, was surprised seeing this state of Karan. In their years of friendship, he has never seen Karan in such a state of emotion.

For the following 10 minutes which seem to be like 10 longest minutes of their lives, Karan cried and sobbed, while Shilpa tried her best to calm down Karan by caressing his hair and rubbing soothing circles on his back, but Karan wasn't willing to let go of Shilpa. He just held her tightly to himself.

Part:56 (B) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

 Armaanmoved towards his dad's cabin as he must be waiting for him but only after hugging his phone once again and glancing at her picture. And here riddhima slumped on bed may be he gets really mad

Riddhima:''zyada hii naraz kar diyya lagta hai maine aapne mazak mazak meiin mai bhi naa pagal hun ek tou ooska mood pehle se hii kharab tha oopar se maine bhi naa bas vo aisee hii keh diyya maine, par vo tou muhs se nikal gayya tha naa mere par fir mujhe sorry bhi ekhna chahiye tha naa aisee hii oosee tease karne lagii, sachii meiin ekdam pagal hun maai jaant hun mere se related har baat vo seedhe aapnein dill par leta hai fir bhi mai naa bas ose naraz kar diyya maine aur mood kharab ho gayya hogaa aab tou janab kaa, chali thi

Part 65&66 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 65:

Armaan came running behind Ridhimaa. She knew that he was coming after her. So she made her way towards the nurse station where Dr.Kirti was present along with the other interns. She halted to a stop beside Muskaan, who glared at her curiously.

Ridhimaa: Good Morning Mam.

Kirti: Good Morning. Dr.Ridhimaa you are late.

Ridhimaa: Mam ek bahut important kaam tha. Wo... papa... I mean Dr.Shashank ne kaha hai ki wo aapko bata denge. Isi wajah se Armaan bhi late hai.

Kirti: Oh! Dr.Shashank ne pager to kiya tha.

Happy Birthday Sonali dear (2nd april)

hi friends...aaj humare blog ki ek pyari si ,sweet si girl sonali ka birthday hai...toh chalo hum celebrate karein.

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-154

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Episode 14: Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari  iss  show ki 14th guest hai blog ki bohot hi talented romantic ff writer n awesmest member Rihoo hawwa…...soo lets welcome Rihoo di  wiz big round of clause

Part 6 : I Trust U Captain (ss)

Recap : 

He said huskily in her ear and then finally words escaped from riddhima's mouth
Riddhima:''jis kaaran aap karte hai armaan''

 now :

And hearing her words armaan looked in her yes which shows the same emotion he holds for her and he did not feel to confessed his love, but riddhima as feels his blue eyes boring upon her she released herself from his grip and were start helping him with his shirt but armaan as registered there is no need of words between them he holds her hands in his left one taking her in shock and looked in her eyes and sucked the water drops her tears from her eyes and riddhima shivered and closed her eyes let his warm lips touched her cold skin after few minutes as armaan stopped her kissing she opened her eyes and armaan looked in her eyes and she looked back in his eyes and armaan placed her tendrils behind her ear and then saw something in her eyes as the window was opened and rain drops poured on her and on himself,

part 14:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

There was pin drop silence in the auditorium armar, atul and rahul were standing on stage all confused why ppl r nt reacting ''.atul shifted to rahul and said'

Atul ' oye ye log kuch bol kyu nahi rahe hai '.

Rahul ' lagta hai inke dimag ko bahut gehra sadma laga hai issi liye'

They both looked at armaan..who turned to the girls who were busy staring him with popping eyes and open mouth'.

Armaan ' khatam ho gaya''(he said with a innocent face )

segment 42 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

AR moments 

Arman was enjoying giant hill(roller coaster) great but what about riddhima? She was literally trembling with fear Actually she didn’t like to ride on it ,but mannu liked so much. Whenever they used to go in the fair,mannu enjoyed and riddhima was happy to see her mannu from far. But now  she couldn’t say no to arman as he was very excited to ride on it. As the roller coaster swirled fast ,riddhima closed her eyes and caught arman tightly. Arman was enjoying it’s a lot. Wo kehte hain na,”man me laddoo futa”…like this arman ke man me 2-2 laddoo futa…1st ,after a long time he was remembering his childhood and 2nd ,he got his love more more close to him. he wrapped his hands around riddhima’s  waist and dragged her more close to him. riddhima was leaned on his chest closing her the swirling faster and faster,riddhima was clinging him more. Now arman was feeling her hot breathe and riddhima was hearing arman’s heartbeat,which was beating loudly.riddhima heard arman whispering…”dar lag raha hai?”

Part 63&64 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 63:

Armaan saw Ridhimaa looking at him, scared that he might burst out at her and felt sorry for having talked so rudely with her.

Armaan: (softly) Ridhimaa. Ye khol ke dekho. Photos aur negatives dono hain ki nahi.

Ridhimaa: Tum dekh lo.

Armaan: Maine kaha na tum dekho.

Ridhimaa opens the packet. There were at least ten photographs of her. She was deeply embarrassed at the photos. They were very crudely modified. Then she saw a camera and the negatives. All was in the packet. She knew that Karan was not going to give them to her. It was only there to lure her.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-153

Monday, 31 March 2014

Part 3 :And we are made to be one


here armaan was all shattered on the floor and drinking wine but more then drinking he was crying.....
and atul seeing him from the door where he was standing while praying to ganesha idol...

Here ridhima was crying dugging her face in her pillow lying on flat on her stomach adn crying on her fate.
and muskan was feeling all sad when ever she looked at her freind cum sister soo broken after every meet with that Rascla.. and praying to god side by side........

and it ended on the screen in 2 half...
ridhima and armaan broken and being prayed for their loved fill future from their loved ones.........

Next day

Ridhima ws very upset after yesterday’s meeting with sid ….muskan was also sad to see her frnd all sad and not at all smiling because for that chuha so muskan thought to take her shopping n divert her mind frm that creepy sid ……

Part 3 & 4: You actually love me or ...

Part 3

riddhima is in armaan's cabin

main ooska intejar kar rahi thi kyonki wo sourgeory meinn busyy tha tabhii merii najar ooske table par apnii college ki photo par padii. i was dumbfounded to see mine college snapp on his table. mainn apnii snapp lenee hi vaali thi ki ARMAAN aaa gayya


riddhima:''haan wo mujhe tumhari bhabhi ke baare meinn tumse kuchh bat karni hai''

armaan:''han bilkul hum bat karte hain ap bathiye to sahii''

part 36: Vivah

shilpa-kya karna hoga mujhe...

He was done with the milk keeping the empty glass on the table he advanced towards her...Licking his lips he gave such a look which made her tensed.Passion was visible in his eyes and she feared the fact what if he asks for something which she wont be able to do...

Part 12: We Belong Together

The next day passed in a blur. All the interns were sitting in the cafeteria. For lunch. When Riddhima and Armaan joined all of them.

Armaan: Hey, whats up guyzz. He started the topic.

Rahul: Hey, Armaan U look Happy, Koi baat hai. He asked suspiciously.

Armaan: Yeah.. It’s a beautiful day he said …looking at Riddhima and nodded while Riddhima had a slight smile playing around her lips maybe she was guesing the same.

Armaan: Umm.. I mean nahi, Nothing. He said hiding his grin. He was happy to Champ’s birthday and more than that he was Happy that Riddhima will be joining them too. And nothing could be more better than spending some time with her he thought. When he saw Riddhima walking away.

Part 61&62 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 61:

As Ridhimaa opened the door to leave...

Armaan: (in a very weak voice) Ridhimaa! Ek minute. Yahan aao.

Ridhimaa freezed at the door. She turned and came quietly near his bed and sat down.

Armaan: Ridhimaa.

Ridhimaa did not speak, nor did she look up.

Armaan: Ridhimaa tum mujhse abhi bhi gussa ho?

Happy Birthday Diksha Batula (31 March)

hi friends..aaj humare  blog ki bahut bahut senior means old member ,ek sweet si ladki Diksha Batula ka happy Bd hai....toh chalo hum sab milkar uski bd celebrate karein.....

happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birthday to dear Diksha
happy birthday to u

happy birthday diksha dear...many many happy returns of the day.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-152

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Yeh Ishq(character sketch & prologue)

Character list
1. Arjun kirlosker- A multimillionaire businessman, and a very family oriented man .

Part 2:KaSh SS~A Twisted Cinderella Story

Making his way back in the crazy crowd, Karan was all the time staring at Shilpa and unknowingly drank Bhaang mixed thandai. On the other side of the premises, there stood, Sammy-the mischievous-Raizada, holding his digital camcorder, and a huge grin on his face, "Now starts the show!"

Well al-most everybody was under the effect of bhang. Even Kamala Maa was a little tipsy cause of bhaang, Paakhi had drank bhang, following Karan's steps. So, the scenario was that the whole chawl clan including Karan and Paakhi were under bhaang effect. Only Sammy, Shilpa and kids were the ones who were sober. While Shilpa was still ignorant of the fact that Karan is in a drunken state, Sammy was enjoying making a video, featuring Karan-the great-Grover, performing hilarious acts.

Suddenly, out of no-where, Karan dragged Shilpa out of the crowd and pulled her close to himself. So close that if one of them moved a step forward, then the space between the lips could be closed.

part 18:Life out of control

Anjali and Atul would be back the next day. And Riddhima was staying over to look after their beautiful house. She was excited of the thought at first. But now nothing seemed to appeal to her. It was evening and Sapna’s words kept circling her head. But more than that, she missed someone terribly. Armaan. She didn’t want to admit it, but finally, she got up off her bed, and looked at herself in the mirror.

At that point, Armaan finally dropped into her balcony. Seeing the sliding doors open, he whispered to himself,

“Kitni baar kahan hai, she should close all the doors if she’s home alone.”

He saw her standing in front of the mirror.

“What do I think of myself? Neither am I so pretty, nor hot. Main Nikki ki tarha nahin hoon.” She pictured Nikki in a revealing saree. “Toh phir uske saamne koi mujhe kyun pasand karega? And why should I blame Armaan? Anyone would do anything to get her in bed. Then what’s the big deal with playing with my feelings?”

Part 59&60:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 59:

Ridhimaa: Armaan tum bilkul normal ho. Tumhe kuch nahi hua hai.

Armaan: Lekin...

Ridhimaa: Armaan meri baat suno. Ye sab tumhe isliye lag raha hai kyunki tumko wo yaad nahi ki tum kis wajah se aise hue ho.

Armaan: Wahi to main keh raha hoon ki...

Ridhimaa: Armaan! Tum bas mature ho gaye ho. Bas. Ye koi buri baat nahi hai. Bas tum aur achhe ho gaye ho. Wo Armaan Mallik jise baki sab se koi lena dena nahi tha, aaj wo doosron ki khushi ke liye khud ko qurbaan kar sakta hai. Jab tum yahan aaye the tab tum bilkul waise the jaisa tum bata rahe ho. Lekin fir thode dino baad tum sudharne lage. Tum doosron ke dukh me dukhi hone lage. Aaj jo Armaan Mallik mere saamne hai wo ek bahut achha insaan hai, jisse sab pyar karte hain.

Part 21 :Beintehaan

Next day 

Armaan cme to ridz room n found her drawing smething seriously on a sheet while sitting on bed  ...she ws so engrossed in zat she did nt notice armaan's pressence....zen armaan cleared his throat "aahmmm hmm"...hearing it ridz lifted her head n saw armaan infrnt of her wiz kilometer broad smile on his face ....zen she quickly covered her drawing sheet n while making irritating face said

"agaye bhoot ...aaj itna late kyun hogaye roj toh sharp 9 ko tapak tey they nah ...."

Armaan while coimg near her n wiz flirty tone "lagta hai koi mera besabri sey intezaar kar raha tha"

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-151