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AR SS Part 11 to 15- SHIKAYAT -



Riddhima was very happy living with Armaan...
Riddhima haven't confess her love to Armaan but Armaan did... He was waiting for Riddhima to take the next step of their married life now...
Both were sharing one room but still they were two soul... They were happily roaming around and share some quantity times with each other to know more about others...
House is always filled with Riddhima and Armaan laughter, sometimes Armaan do something naughty or sometimes Riddhima...
They keep running here and there, sometimes they pull Bi with them in their fun moment...


Armaan getting back to conciousness he has glimpse of ridhima she appears to him as the most beautiful woman in the world he is semi concious rids calls his name softly he looks at her and feels mesmerised he is just lost in his besuty as he is dreaming about someone

Armaan; (softly says) ri...dh..imaa

Rids;(she rushes towards him)haan Armaan tum theek ho na sab thek hai na kaia hua(checks his pulse and other stuf everything is normal then she burst out seeing him coming back to senses) pata kitna dara dia tha mujhe paat hai jaan he nikal gai thi merio agar tumhe kuch ho jata tumhe kuch andaza bhi hai kia halat thi meri

Armaan is just looking at her face then CALLS HER NAME

Part:57(B) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Rahul:''han tou tuu mostly oos maya kee saath baithta tha naa aagar mai sheena kee saath baithta tha bas 9th se baithna band kiyya tune''

He this time snapped back hearing armaan is nowhere at stopping teasing him and making him in trouble and hearing maya's name armaan looked at riddhima and riddhima glared at him as if saying ''maya again armaan'' and armaan was going to say something when rahul

Rahul:''aur pata hai riddhima abhie naa peechle year maya iss se milne office bhi ayi thi mai at least sheena se kitne salon se nahin milla''

Part 85&86 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 85:

Next day at Sanjeevani. Both Ridhimaa as well as Armaan were avoiding each other. Armaan had got a duty in OPDwith Atul. Ridhimaa was stationed in the Path Lab.

Atul: (to Armaan) Armaan. Aaj tu bada chup chup hai. Kya hua?

Armaan: Kuch nahi.

Atul: Tu apne bhai ko nahi batayega?

Armaan: Champ. Tu mujhe ek advice dega?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-164

Friday, 11 April 2014



When Atul finished telling Shashank about his plan, silent took over the place as Shashank was staring at him with shocked writing on his face...
Somehow, they felt it was a bad idea telling them about it...
Atul look at Armaan as sweat beans were visible on his forehead as his hands were getting sweated too...
Armaan blink his eyes saying not to worry, Shanky isn't that bad...
'Dad...' Armaan call his name...
'How could u guys get these idea's???' it was the words which was shot back to them from Shashank...
'Is it really that bad Dad...' Armaan asked...
'Bad???? I think its....' Shashank start to state but stop not getting the word...
Armaan and Atul hold their breath not understanding what would be Shashank answer to their thought's...

Part 7 : I Trust U Captain (ss)

And a lone tear escaped from her eyes feeling her and his baby and armaan also cleared the tear which unknowingly slipped from his eyes as his jeep take turn and she was not in his sight and riddhima come inside the house lit the ''diya'' of his name prayed for him and then went to eat.

Riddhima:''har bar armaan kee jaate hii kuchh karne kaa man nahin karta naa khane kaa naa peene kaa naa hii aapna, iss bar bhi man tou nahin hai par iss bar armaan aapne gharr kee saath saath iskii oonke pyaar kii (caressed her stomach) responsibility hai mujh par tou mujhe iskaa dhayan rakhna hogaa, no complaints from his side, aagar vo khudd hotee tou aapne aap hii meraa dhayan rakhte par koi bat nahin jab tak voo nahin vaapis ate mujhe dhayan rakhna hogaa aapna, jo kii bahut mushkil hai itnaa saara baby (she stretched her arms wide) kyonki aapke papa nee merii aadat bigad dii hai khudd hii dhayan rakhte hai mumma kaa, par baby

Part 83&84 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 83:

In the evening, at Ridhimaa's house. All were assembled for Friendship's Day celebrations. Armaan was wearing aparty suit with a black leather jacket, while Ridhimaa was too looking smashing in a black suit studded with smallsilver stars. Shashank, Padma and Nani were attending to the guests. The interns were chattering away. Shubhankarand Kirti too had joined in.

Nani: Bachchon. Anjali ne ek program socha hai. Uske liye tum sabko in bowl me se ek ek band nikaal kar apne haath me pehenna padega. Baad me iska matlab samjhaya jaayega. Ladkiyon ke liye red waal bowl aur ladkon ke liye blue waala.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-163

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part 1 : Love finds its own way

  A Birthday Gift To Jennifer Di
                                       from Aayushi

Part 1 from 2

An announcment was made....

Voice - and we present u the sensation of the bollywood industry who have been rulling over the bollywood from her charm and hotness .....

Please gentlemen we request u all toh give. Big aplause for the diva from 5 continues year for wining the diva of the nation once again this year....

Miss.Ridhima Gupta...

Ridhima came on the stage and collected her award for the diva of the year....
Ridhima - i guess my hardwork pays off with this award..... Luv....

And ridhima move off the stage holding the award......

part1:Meaning of love

hey blog members
rememberd me?
then no prob coz me hi kabhi bhi aati jati rahti hu
so im shreya
i had written a SS on panch forum so decided to share it here also in DMG type
hope u all like it


we saw a girl snoozing her alram clock third time n then with a jerk she get up n this is our own ridzi

Riddhima-opps aaj ke din bhi muze der tak sona tha!! how could u ridzi?chalo jaldi uth varna job k first din hi late ho jaegi

and she get ready in formal dress n went to her location,she reached infront of a big building ,she look at it and take a deep breath n smiled n said-"finally my dream come true"
then she went inside n waith for her turn for interview

AR SS Part 6 to 10- SHIKAYAT -


Riddhima sleep was disturb when she felt that she was in something which was moving...
She keeps jumping on her seat and sitting in that position for a long time, make her back ache...
She opens her eyes to when she started to hear people talking around...
Noises keep getting louder as the time past and Riddhima was wondering why she was there not in her bed...

Riddhima open her eyes to see that she was sitting resting her head on someone shoulder...
She look around to see Nandini sitting on her one side while Bi sitting on her other side...
She look at the front seat to see Armaan sitting with their driver who was driving the car...
'Ut gayi... Accha hai...

Part 12: sindoor

Nandini:''god armaan kaa gussa thoda kam kijiyega aur is pyaari sii bachii kii madad kijiyega jis se yeh armaan kaa nahin khudd ko sambhal saken kyonki yeh aag se khel rahii hai please god please god''

As she prayed for riddhima knowing very well her son if he get adamant on one thing its going to be very much tough to makes him understand and changed his decison and this makes her more worried always for riddhima more than armaan as he takes his anger away but poor soul riddhima how she will be managed.

Here riddhima is atleast somewhere peace after talking to nandini mom she really find some of her answers while talking with her, she slowly smiled  and then ate her breakfast and

Happy Birthday Jennifer (10th April)

hi guys,u know aaj humare blog ki great writer jennifer ka bd hai jisne humey dher sarey amazing ffs gift me diye hain.toh chalo hum sab milkar uska bd wish karen...

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Part 15 : Tu zindagi

“kuch toh hai jo tum na chahne par bhi mai sirf tumhe hi chahta hun,tumhe jalane ke liye itni sari girls se dosti karta hun ,flirt karta hun,par tam,tum samajhti kyon nahi? I love u..”sid uttered in one breathe.

Tamanna looked at sid once and again started to search a book.

They were in the library .sid knew that everyday evening tamanna came in this college she always ignored him ,so he came here to express his feelings as he knew no much people visited here.

Sid waited for her answer but when she was about to go from there,sid caught her hand and dragged her but tamanna lose her balance and fell . sid quickly held her by waist.

Part 81&82 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 81:

Armaan looked into Ridhimaa's scared eyes. He wanted to find love in them. But at this moment, he could only see her anxious and scared face.

Armaan: (in a lighter tone) Ki tumhari aankhein nahi button hain. Arrey dikhta nahi kab se mere pair par pair rakh kar khadi ho.

Ridhimaa was surprised at his change of tone and when he scolded her, she jumped. Then Armaan started laughing.

Armaan: Waise tumhe bewkoof banana bahut aasaan hai.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-162

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Part 24 :Beintehaan

Arnav called armaan n asked him to come immediately ....armaan gt hell scared as arnav had nt said anything except to come back ...while driving

"Arnav ney kyun bulaya ...riddhima thik toh haina....nahi nahi vo thik hi hogi abhi 2 hrs back hi toh mai usey milah vo thik hi thi phir ye arnav ney kyun bulaya...sayad atul sir shadi ki arrangements key barey mey baat karna cahte hongey ....par vo toh hum kal bhi karsaktey they nah itna urgent kyun bulaya ....jarur riddhima ko kuch huva hoga ...oh god nahi nahi riddhima thik hi hogi meri soniye ko kuch nahi hosakta waise atul sir haina vo meri soniye ko kuch hone nahi dengey...damn ye traffic bhi nah maan kar raha hai ki udh key apni soniye key pass pohanch jaun...damn ...god meri soniye ko thik rakhna"

part :1 Deal is sealed (ss)

                                       AR OS- DEAL IS SEALED!!

NOTE Hello's a brand new OS by me. This ff is split in parts so this the first part and the rest are coming pretty soon as am almost already done with the entire OS.

                           Now I know you guys want to kill me as my ffs are to be updated from a long time but I am working on them. Actually the thing is I was really frustrated and stressed out so I took a break for a while and as I opened a new file I had some of these ides that were running in my mind. So here is it's result; the OS. I have started writing the part foe other ffs too; just that I didnot want to ruin my ff in my stressed out condition so didnot just write in that state of mind. But I promise you guys to compensate to you all asap.

Girl :What the hell...tum ne soch bhi kaise liya that I'll say yes to marry you

Part 79&80 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 79:

Armaan was baffled. Ridhimaa had hugged him. He was ecstatic.

Armaan: Ridhimaa! Kya? What happened?

Ridhimaa left him at last. Her face was flushed with happiness.

Ridhimaa: Armaan! I am so happy. All because of you.

Armaan: Bataogi bhi kya hua?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-161

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Happy Anniversary ksg and jennifer (9th april)

hi guys aaj humare TV  industry ki ek bahut sweet jodi ksg and jennifer ki 2nd anniversary hai. they  are   the main part of our dmg ,ksg is our beloved ,our hero arman mallik and jennifer is 3rd riddhima. i know unke barey me jyada kuch batane ki jarurat nahi. toh chalo sab milkar unhe wish karte hain..............

"Best wishes to you both on your anniversary,
May the love that u share Last your lifetime through,
As u make a wonderful pair.
Happy Wedding Anniversary"

Real ya reel you are the only one (one shot)

This is not gona happen so not gonna happen... Listen this will increase our expences for one scene to be shoot....  Ma'm plz try to understand us... Agar hum aisa karte hain toh kitna kam bhad jayega... And then editing ka tym bhi  nahi hain hamare pass... Ye episode aa raat ko hi tellecaste karna hain ma'm aur aabhi tak aaj ka episode shuru bhi mahi hua hain agar aab shuru karenga tab tym par khatam hoga.... Aur agar hum sir le le kar shoot karenga toh esitong mein tym nahi milega humein... Aaj ka episode on air nahi ho ga... Aur the audience jo show itna pasand karti hain vo... Unka bhi toh saochiye....

Girl - i can't help it sir... Meri aapni personal life bhi hain....

Episode 15: Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari  iss  show ki 15th guest hai blog ki  bubbly grl Ashima sharma(aashi) …. z coolest person in z blog n coolest wrter n reader ...soo lets welcome AASHI  wiz big round of clause

AR SS Part 1 to 5 - SHIKAYAT -


I was sitting in a big mansion with so many people around... People were running here and there, noises were so loud that I can't hear what they were saying...
Ladies keep taking my veil to look my face it was over my face hiding it behind...
Lady same as my mother age who was now as my mother in law was sitting one side of me while a girl a little order than me was sitting on the other side...
They were introducing me as their daughter in law and I heard others praising seeing my face...

I m a girl who used to live a little village with my father, mother, little sister and young brother (only son)...
I never dream one day, I would be ending up marrying someone who live in town and that too one of the rich one...
I have seen my mother in law before twice as she visit to my house to meet my parents and I didn't know she has been visiting with the proposal of her only son for me...
My mother send me away to my childhood friend house, whenever she comes and I wasn't interest to know until one day my brother mention about the marriage...

Part 6: You actually love me or ...

armaan:''to mainn kal aapko 6 vajje pickk karta hun bye''

nexxt day

he picks me at 6 a.m

in his car

i was sitting beside him and i saw tht there is idoll of GANPATI JI AND a small teddy bearr hanging at the mirror justt likee one which is one in my car.

kainn to vaise hi bht kam bolti thi aur armaan ke saath to mainn bilkul chupp hi thi finally

armaan:''kya ap mujhse abhii bhi naraj hainn?''

part 6 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

thanks a lot priyu,aayu and deep for ur sweet comments...thanks a lot to silent readers the next part....

One month was passed. Arman riddhima’s life was going smoothly. Riddhima passed in MBBS and now she was the intern . arman ‘s exams were in next month so he was very busy in final preparation. After that day riddhima never asked arman about his delhi going or about those pics . she decided to not to interfere in arman’s personal life. Sometimes   she noticed his depressed face but whenever she asked..arman replied: “kuch nahi riddhima,exams ke tension hain.tum janti ho kitna tough hota hai PG me chance pana.”

One day  when they were talking about it,riddhima uttered : “ek kaam karo na arman,mai bhai ko bolti hun,unki bahut sources hain,tumhe chance mill jayega.”

Part 77&78 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 77:

Armaan: (his voice louder) Tum mujhe kharidna chahti ho? Main tumhe clear kar doon ki Armaan Mallik bikne waali cheez nahi hai. Mujhe na tum me koi dilchaspi hai na hi tumhare papa me. Main tumhari tarah paise ke peeche nahi bhagta. You disgust me. Mujhe sharam aati hai ki maine tum jaisi ladki ko kabhi apna dost maana, aur aaj tumhe apne friends se milwaya. Tumne Ridhimaa ki insult ki aur maine kuch nahi kaha. I am ashamed of myself.Tanya: (even louder) Tum aisa kyun nahi kehte ki tumhe wo 1950s ki model mil gayi hai jo tum mere saath aane se mana kar rahe ho? Tum in logon ko apne friends kehte ho? Koi tumhare status ke laayak nahi hai. Sab ke sab namoone hain circus ke. Tumhe us Ridhimaa se pyar ho gaya hai. Bolo na.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-160

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Happy Birthday Amna Dear(7 April)

hi friends...aaj humare blog ki ek bahut hi pyari member Amna ka bd hai...toh chalo sab milkar wish karte hain...

Happy Birthday Aman Dear.  May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Part 14: We Belong Together

Armaan: Come on, Riddhima, chalo.

Riddhima got out of the car and looked at Armaan, puzzled, She looked at the view in front of her and gasped in horror…

He didn't answer and stopped the car in front of a large house. The sea was now visible just behind the house. Riddhima stared out of the window.

Riddhima: Par Armaan, what are we doing here, And this house she asked hands in her hips demanding a proper reason.

Armaan: Riddhima, Get off first.



Everyone wait for Armaan to answer'
But before Armaan would answer they heard something fall and look around to see Ariana and Arima standing'.

Bags they had been carrying with their toys were on the floor'
They were shocked to hear wht they just heard'
Their eyes were big with shocked and they were freeze on their spot'
Anjali and Atul move closed to them' Anjali sit on her knee next to Ariana while Atul sit on his knee near Arima'
Atul care Arima head, Arima look at Atul still not believing her ears'
Ariana was just looking at his Dada' Not believing the fact she and Arima are sisters in real'
'Uncle' Yeh meri Papa hai'' Atlast Arima asked' Atul nod his head and Arima look at Armaan who open his arms welcoming her Angel'

part 15:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

Ridhhima  somehow managed  and got armaan inside her room , he was unconscious ….don was standing near him silently….she was so worried and was feeling guilty for his condition , she was cursing her self to get him in this condition .

She changed his clothes in a dry pair and covered him by a comforter. She sat near his head with tears in her eyes….she got wet stripes and put them on his forehead ….

Ridz- I am sorry armaan pllzz woke up , I didn't meant it really plzz ankhe kholo naaa…

Part 75&76 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 75:

All came inside to the living room where Muskaan and Anjali were sitting. Ridhimaa wasn't there. They both stared at Tanya, who was wearing a tight, spaghetti black top and a low waist black jeans.

Tanya: Wow Ammy. Tumhara ghar to bahut achha hai.

Armaan: Haan. Ghar bhi achha hai, main bhi achha hoon aur mere dost bhi achhe hain.

He indicates at Anjali and Muskaan. They both come towards them, planting an artificial smile on there lips.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-159

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dr keerti agai hain she has seen aRMAAN

DR keerti ; hmm Dr garewall pehla wound ko saaf kijiye then apply some betadine.then apply some pressure bandage bitten arm ko immobilize rakhna zarori hai and apply ice packs for 10 minutes afte every 20 minutes

Rahul; Dr keerti i think we should give him an anti-histamine kyonki he has shown signs of breathing troubles

Dr keerti; yeah sure Dr garewall u can go with it but all quickly into the vans

part 19:Life out of control

Recap - Armaan goes to Anji's house to make R hear him out...they share a moment but then she tells him to go...Anjali comes back and notices something is wrong. She believes in Armaan but cannot blame her sister..All except RM make a mission. Mission manao Riddhima

Part 19

It was lunch time, and Sapna was guiding Riddhima to the canteen. She hardly ate these days, and it was their responsibility to make sure she had food.

“Sapna, seriously mujhe bhook nahin hai,” Riddhima protested to deaf ears.

“Mujhe kuch nahin sunna. Khaana padega! Phir mein tujhe mere aur Amit ke baare mein bataungi. We went on a date yesterday night!”

part 37: Vivah

He felt her body no more on top of him and saw her sitting with the sheet tied neatly on her chest taking the pill and drinking water...Pulling her towards him he bit her earlobe

shilpa-ahh kya kar rahe ho...subah ho gayi hai uthna nahi hai kya

armaan-hmm uthna zaroori hai?

shilpa-kyun kaam dhaam chorne ki planning ki hui hai

The mention of work brought him back to what he was told by Shashank...he needs to tell her also

Part 23 :Beintehaan

Rahul:hitler apke n mere papa …atul bhaiyya n abhi n princess tumharey bade papa  arahey hai maleysia ki trip pura karkey

All :shocked)watttttttttt

Atul soon recovered from z shock n asked  "bade papa toh 15 days badh  aney waley they nah rahul …."

Rahul:haan bhaiyya vo jaldi wapas arahey hai princess ki shadi haina sari tayaron keyliye.... unhoney sab kaam jaldi wind up kardi ….(wiz crying face)jab sey vo dono maleysia gaye hai hum sab chain ki saas ley rahey they par abh vo wapas arahey hai ...

Part 73&74 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 73:

That night, Armaan was quite disturbed. He had started liking Ridhimaa. He did not know what was happening to him.

Armaan: (holding his head) Ye mujhe kya ho raha hai? Main Ridhimaa ke baare me aise kaise... wo to mujhe abhi kuch din pehle hi mili... fir... nahi... mujhe kuch nahi hua. Ridhimaa sirf meri friend hai... ek bahut achhi friend... nahi ek bahut... bahut... bahut... bahut...

He stared at himself. this each 'bahut' made him realise how important Ridhimaa had become for him.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-158