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Days past, Months past...
Armaan and Riddhima were working like professional people like they have experience from years...
Everyone was liking their new ideas and the way they work together with fun...
Armaan and Riddhima were just loving their work as well as their company with each other... Other staffs also admire the beautiful and cute bonding they share...

Part:59(A) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum


He looked at her while feeling her emotions and quickly engulfed her in his arms giving her that security which she must be needed at that time and riddhima immediately wrapped herself in his arms and they hugged each-other completely knowing that they actually missed important of each-other's lives and they wants to share that part with each-other but did not able to and they just finding those lost moments in each-other's arms conveying that how much they missed each-other in these times and armaan kissed her in her hairs while riddhima pecked his chest conveying their love to each-other. After e few minutes of hugging each-other armaan looked at her and then said while looking at her that

Happy Birthday Sweety (26 april)

hi guys,aaj humare blog ki ek bahut old member aur bahut bahut sweet si ladki,meri pyari sis sweety (Ekta maurya ) ka bd hai.....u know meri is pyari sis se ek bahut meethi yaad judi hai. mai tab blog me kuch hi month hue aayi thi but mujhe pic post karna nahi aata tha.  26 april 2010 ko mai blog check kar rahi toh sweety ka comments dikha kisi post par,jisme usne likha tha,aaj meri bd hai,kisiko pata bhi nahi.." phir mai jaldi se ek bd post banayi aur link dalna tha pic ka but mai pata nahi kay kay daal di,dher sari pic dali thi but modzi ko shayad samajh nahi aaya aur unhone ek hi pic dali bd post me...........aur sweety bahut khush hui dekhkar ,mujhe bhi bahut khushi mili thi apni sweet si sis ko khush dekhkar. toh chalo aaj usey bd wish karte hain...............

A wish 4 ur b'day..
whatever u ask may u recieve..
what ever u seek..
whatever u find..
whatever ur wish may it be fun field on ur b'day and always..
Happy Birthday Sister

Part 113&114 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 113:

That day, Armaan reched Sanjeevani quite late. First he had to go to his house to freshen up then from there he had to go to Sanjeevani on foot as his car was punctured and kept in Sanjeevani's garage. He approached the Nurse Station, dreading what Dr.Kirti would say.As soon as he reached the nurse station, Atul started.

Atul: Armaan. Tu bahut lucky hai. Aaj hitler bhi late hai.

Armaan hugged Atul, Anjali, Rahul, Muskaan as usual. Then he turned towards Ridhimaa. He was about to hug her when Ridhimaa spoke.

Ridhimaa: Armaan... Dr.Kirti.

cs , part 1 & 2 :I will bring my basket back

Armaan maallik:handsome hunk and ex neurosurgeon @ sanjeevani now in panchgani undergoing treatment

Riddhima Gupta:Once a bubly and sweet girl but now just a rude doctor coz of some ups and downs in her life.Gynaecologist/senior doctor @ Sanjeevani.
Shashank And Padma Gupta:Riddhima's and Anjali's parents;senior doctor and head nurse respectively.(Other characters will come along the storyline)

Part 1:Life Afte A Tornado

Mumbai,the city which never sleeps...we see a girl standing in the window @ 3 a.m  not bcoz of some work but the loneliness and sorrows of her life.She is none other than Riddhima Gupta.She was thinking of her old golden times with her ARMAAN.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-178

Friday, 25 April 2014

NOTE:U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! - AR FF


Hey Everyone...
This is Rihoohaws...

I m here to say A Very Big Sorry behalf of me and Sohah...
Actaully Sohah's studies has started and she is having hectic schedule...
As she do the editing part, she is not getting a single second to do it...
We r very sorry but we cant continue before three months as she would be free only after three months...
As we both equally put the idea's in to it, we can't write unless she isnt free...

Intro n part 1:Fought for ur soul

heyya guys..
its my first post on this blog..
hope u all enjoy reading it...!!!


Do you guys belive in magic... Evil spirits... Fight against evil spirts..!!

Wat if these are real..!!!

A normal fun loving girl becomes the soul mate of a person who has magical powers n he fights agaist evil spirits...!!!

1000 yrs ago ahem abdula malik Was beata (blesed ) with magical powers to fight against evil spirts... N his powers were inherited by his succesors...!!!

Two main characters of this story are
Armaan [ Kronprins(crown prince) of the beataians.. !!! ]
Ridhima ( fun loving normal girl.. Soul mate of armaan..!! )

Other charaters will be introduded in the story itself..!!

Ps - Thanku soo much ayyu ( ayushi) sooh ( sohah ) for sugesting me the name to this ff... N jerry ( anamika ) for solving out my problem regarding choice of name ..!!!

part 4:Meaning of love

hey guys i m back with next part
thank u silent reader
@shagun di-thanks di n bas is part k bad hamre hero ka hi part hai

@tammna di-thank u di hope u will like this part also

@punam di-thank u di ,n di ur story intequam is awsm bt mob se comment nahi kar pati bt really di its fab

here is the 4th part-

ridz went into her home ,we saw a big pic of two people smiling n there were lot of pics of some one ,some in hall n some in ridz bedroom ,aisa lagta hai ki har ek memory ko capture kar rakha ho

in ridz bedroom



DR KERTI;ji dr armaan aap mujh se kuch baat krna chahte the?

Dr Armaan; ji woh bus i wana ask k mein duty kab se join kr sakta hoon

Rahul (whisprs in rids ear); kitna drame baaz hai discharge k liye kaise bahane bana raha hai

Dr keerti; well ab aap pehle se kafi behter hain aap ko intensive care mein aap k case ki severity ki wajah se rakha gaya tha matlab in case of any thing unexpected kion k venom travels through blood aap chahen to aap ko kal tak discharge kr dein ge bus aap bandage twice a day change krwaen n Sling ko 3 4 din aur aap ne sath rakhen

Part 5 :And we are made to be one

Muskan- mere pass ek better idea hai jisey riddhima maan jayegi

Armaan n atul - IDEA????

Atul - kaisa idea muskan....

Armaan - kya idea...!!!!

Muskan:haan armaan ji idea aur mai  100% sure hun ki ye idea kaam kareyga ...

Armaan:mai kuch samjha nahi muskan ji aap clearly bataye kya idea hai aapke pass

Part 111&112 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 111:

Padma gasped. Shashank and nani smiled.

Padma: Armaan... Ridhimaa... Anjali...

Ridhimaa and Anjali ran to Padma and hugged her.

Anjali: Happy birthday mom.

Padma kissed her.

Ridhimaa: Happy birthday.

Padma kissed her too. Anjali and Ridhimaa separate themselves from Padma. Shashank too came to Padma.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-177

Thursday, 24 April 2014

part 3 :Deal is sealed (ss)


Both Riddhima and Nikki turned towards the door and froze as they saw Armaan standing with a murderous look in his eyes. Both of them looked at each other tensed as they had no idea what all he had heard but all that anyways didn’t matter as it was all over now. The look on his face told them that he had come to know everything. It was definitely not the way they wanted things to come out in front of him; and Nikki had turned completely white like a ghost looking at his red face. Riddhima knew she had to do some damage control as it was about Nikita’s life. He couldn’t make Nikki suffer because he hated Abhi for ewhatsoever reason that he had.

part 39 : Vivah

Part 39

Mallik House-

anjali-mm momm aapne phirse armaan ke bachpan ke kapre nikaal liye...arav ne to bas ek hee pehna hua hai..phir yeh

padma-jabhi ineh dekhti hun to armaan ka bachpan yaad ata hai...saalon se yehi khwaish hai meri ke armaan ke bachchon ko apne haaton se pehnaun...per kabhi himmat hee nahi hui Shilpa ya armaan se kuch bolne kii

anjali-arey to ab bol doo na...Iam sure Shilpa abhi na nahi bolegi...

Part 16: We Belong Together

Armaan moving towards Riddhima

Armaan: So, Muski and Niki kya keh rahe the Riddhima ? keeping a straight face as he could.

Riddhima: Pata nahi, Who bhi pagal hogaye hai, Tumhare saath.

Armaan smiled, "Yeah, but still, Kya keh rahe the ? He asked teasing her

Riddhima kept quiet and refused to even look at him so Armaan continued,

Part 109&110 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 109:

At 10:45 p.m. in Armaan's house that night. Armaan was sleeping. Somebody decked in a black jacket and trousers came into his room through the window. The person came near Armaan's bed. Just then Armaan opened his eyes and saw a stranger in his room. That person put a hand on Armaan's mouth to stop him from shouting. Armaan was quick enough for that person. He pulled at the person's hand, due to the force of which the person fell on his bed. Armaan sat on top of that person and held the person's hands. He removed the hood from the person's jacket. The moonlight revealed that it was Ridhimaa.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-176

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Part 28 :Beintehaan

Riddhima:angrily)black mail kar rahey ho

Armaan:jo caho samjho ...bas all i wnt u to do wat i say now take rest n hve ur meds  ...

Riddhima did nt say anything ....she quietly sat on z bed armaan checked her temparature n bp ...gave med to her ...she quietly gulped it wiz water ....zen armaan said 

"riddhima change karlo" 

Ridz luked at his face confusingly  zen armaan said "tumhey adat nahi haina iss saree ki u must be feeling suffocating  aur iss jewellery sey irritataion horahi hogi tumhey toh ...tum change karlo"

Part 7: You actually love me or ...

mujhe ehsaas hua ki mainn arman ko ooski galti se jadaa sajaa de chukki hun aur ab mainn onsee sache dill se maafi maangna chahti thi is ke liyye mainn aur der nai kar saktii thi.
mainn arman ko dundhne bhr nikli to vo car meinn the

riddhima:''arman andar chaliye''

armaan:''nai mainn yehin par theek hun''

riddhima:''arman maine kahaa na andar chalo bhr mausam bht kharab hai''

armaan:''no i am not coming i can manage''

Don't Know Why (os)

I was passing by her room to hospital and saw her crying sitting on the floor. It was like a daily routine for her to cry and for me to see her crying. But today don't know why I was feeling guilty. I just wanted to wipe her tears but my ego and hatred towards her was stopping me from doing it.

Four months ago I ARMAAN MALLIK was married to SHILPA MALHOTRA forcefully. I made every excuse to get rid of this marriage but all went in pain. I knew she loved me and this truth made me hate her more. She knew I loved Ridhima but she got married to Sid. If Shilpa would have tried she could have stopped our marriage but she didn't utter a word and got married to me.

Part 107&108 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 107:

Ridhimaa straightened up hurriedly. Armaan got up and turned towards her.

Armaan: Ye kya tha? Good morning kiss?

Ridhimaa: (blushing hard) Armaan!

Armaan: Oye hoye!!

Ridhimaa: Tum bahut jaldi uth gaye.

Armaan: Jaldi kahan poore paanch ghante ho gaye mujhe sote hue. Kya poore din aise hi sota rehta? Mujhe koi aur kaam nahi hai?

Ridhimaa: Aur kaun sa kaam?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-175

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

part 16:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

It was 9 in the night and still no sign of armaan riddhima was worried he was behaving weirdly after coming back from the coke studio and now he was missing from past 4 hours god where was he'

Riddhima was standing out side his house wondering when he will come'"oh god armaan ab mujhe fikar ho rahi hai kaha ho tum, god plz tak care of him usne ajj tak aisa kabhi nahi kiya wo humesha hum me se kisi ek ke sath hotha hai aur don toh humesha uske sath hotha hai, per ajj toh I think don ko bhi nahi pata wok aha hai'"

Last part: kaash mere hote (season-2)

Anji- kya baat hain di... Aaj aap kahan gai thi... Aur aap aaj itni khush kyun hain... Kya baat hain

Shilpa - pata hain anji... Aaj mujhe pata laga ki armaan humse dur ho kar... Kya kar raha tha...

Anji- mein kuch samjhi nahi di....

Shilpa - anji wo na armaan jab subha ja raha tha toh mera maan nahi tha usse jane dene ka dar lag raha tha ki kahin phir....

Anji - dii aap...

Intro n concept:Yeh hai mohbatein

hey blog vasi
im here with my anoher new story
this time its FF,i hope is bar ise complete kar lu
so here is the story

All India Anti-Terrorist Front(AIATF)
delhi bureau
here are 4 officers working
one of them is the head of bureau
so here is the cast

Kirti Shah-head (cheif)of AIATF delhi
strict only on duty time vaise to kind hearted very serious on duty time can;t bear any carelessness

part 3:meaning of love

hey i m back with next part
thank u punam di,tammna di , n silent reader
here is the 3rd part

part 3

days r passing n sid n ridzi became frnds infact very good frnds
sid is considering sid as a good frnd but sid ke dil ka hal hi kuch aur hai,he likes her company very much n vo hamesha hi ridzi ko yad karke smile karta raheta hai n this notice by his own dad ,but he didnt say anything

one day-

both ridzi n sid r working n in afternoon

Sid-uff abhi k liye bahot ho gaya kam n muze bhook bhi bahot lagi hai

Riddhima-ha yar bhook to lagi hai

Sid-chalo fir dominos kuch khake aate hai

Riddhima-ha chalenge to sahi but not in dominos


Part 105&106 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 105:

Armaan: Tumhe kaise pata chala ki main raat ko soya nahi?

Ridhimaa: (repeating his dialogue) Ye jo itna cute sa chehra hai na, uspar jo badi, badi khoobsurat si aankhen hain na, wo sab kuch keh deti hain.

Armaan: (holding her in a close embrace) Achha!

Ridhimaa: Haan. Tumhari aankhen ekdum laal ho rahi hain. Tumhe bahut neend aa rahi hai na?

Armaan: Nahi. Bus zara naha lunga to ekdum fresh ho jaunga.

Till then Bua came back. Ridhimaa prised herself away from him.

Bua: Armaan. Idhar aao.

Armaan came near her. Bua placed an amulet on his neck.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-174

Monday, 21 April 2014

Episode 17: Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari  iss  show ki 17th guest hai blog ki old member Fatema di …. z coolest writer  in z blog n coolest  reader too...soo lets welcome fb wiz big round of clause

Part 59: Mad At Each Other

Armaan:in mind)mai nahi cahiye bt mera gift cahiye basket ko ...god y zese grls r so complicated mainly ye basket toh complicated puzzle hai jo meko mad kardeygi ....abh armaan beta  hope tere iss gift sey basket ka gussa shant hojaye ......aur baat banjaye......

wen armaan ws lost in his thoughts ridz angrily shouted "mera gift deyte ho ya nahi"

Armaan gt afraid n qiuckly picked z gift pack frm z table n handled it to ridz .... ridz snacthed z packet wiz a broad smile on her face ...she ws happy n excited .....wen ridz ws busy wiz unwrapping z gift.... armaan softly asked "can i sit on z bed basket " ridz luked at him through corner of eyes n said "hmmm" wiz glee armaan sat nxt to her bt gt lil scared n sat lil away frm her... 



The place were burning... It was a big Mansion were two couple lives with their daughter's...
Some people were standing outside looking at the big place and others were trying to control the fire... How the fire got caught, no one knows...
'Mamma... Help me...

Part 13: sindoor

As soon riddhima feels his breath kissing her lips she closed her eyes with agasp she forgets everything at that moment, she finds she is somewhere where she actually belongs and here armaan is also not in very much condition of thinking, he is deep somewhere lost in her face as his eyes just wants to see that beautiful face in his eyes and wants to admired it completely, morever not only his eyes his heart s the one which is finding more solace it was as feeling something is fixing inside himself feeling her so close to himself and right now he just let go of his pain which is somewhere turning him into that Armaan he don't even know, and he so wants to miss that Armaan and right now while caressing her cheeks he feels he is getting himself back

Part 103&104 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 103:

Armaan: Mujhe try to karne do.

He went back and came towards the door at a run and banged hard against it. But the door didn't open. Instead he got hurt on his leg, very badly.

Armaan: (clutching his leg and limping towards the bed) Ouch!

He dumped himself on the bed and examined his leg. Ridhimaa rushed towards him and knelt on the ground before him. She placed her hand on his leg.

Ridhimaa: Maine kaha tha na? Lao dikhao mujhe.

She made to press his leg but Armaan shoved her hand aside unceremoniously.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-173

Sunday, 20 April 2014

part 21:Life out of control

“RIDZYYY!!!! Guess who’s back to see you!” a voice called from the entrance. She froze in her tracks, knowing the voice extremely well.
“Armaan,” she whispered to herself as she turned around to face her old ‘best’ friend, Sanaya.

Part 21
(Here's who i imagine Sanaya as, Panchi Bora.. and i guess you'll know why)

Sanaya came towards her and hugged her tightly.

“Ridzy!!! When I came to Mumbai, I knew I simply HAVE to see you!” Riddhima hugged her back.

“Kaisi ho tum? Aur tumhaari trip?”

“I’m perfect, and my trip was simply amazing! L.A, UK, Egypt then South Africa! Simply Perfect. I really think I’m ready to settle down and work. But not in Mumbai. Bohot boring jagah (place) hai!” she came out of the hug, and Riddhima narrowed her eyes at her.

segment 44 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

When they reached in mohan’s house got that they were fully drenched in rain.

Mohan : “arman bhaiya,itni dur jane ki kya jarurat thi,dekha na,aap logon ki wajah se mai bhi puri tarah bheeg gaya.

Mohan’s ma : “chup kar mohan,aisa nahi kehte…dekho dono kaise thand se kamp rahe hain.aaplog jakar kapde badal lo,mai garam dudh bhijva deti hun.

“dudh!” mohan giggled…”arey ma,bhai dudh nahi coffee pite hain.”

Part 4 : Unsaid Love

Everybody looked at riddhima when she threw the spoon aside and all are very much confused and sanjana is looking at her why she did that can't she see she is feeding her finance and then she replied everbody's questioning eyes except armaan as he knows if she did something like that there is reason behind it because how much she is hurt or angry she never creates scene in public and as always he is right as she speaks looking at everybody as

Riddhima:"have you lost it armaan you are going to eat mushroom pulao armaan have you forgotten that you have severe allergy from mushrooms you could have to be go to hospital dhayan kahan rehta hain tumhara bas mujge pareshan karna at a hain tumhe had hain tumhari armaan tum"

Part 27 :Beintehaan

Riddhima luked at atul angrily ...atul wiz pleading eyes said "jaov princess ..jakey bade mama ki help karo"

Riddhima moved wiz padma while glaring armaan ...who winked at her n mouthed "i luv u soniye"

Armaan chuckled at her irritated face zen he sighed n in his heart "goddd she is so damn beautiful ...yakin hi nahi hota bas kuch dinme ye meri hogi ...sirf meri soniye ...iskey sarey bhaiyon sey dur ek island pey leyjaunga jaha mai aur vo .....hayeee sirf hum dono aur koi nahi hoga humarey beech" 

Zen he smiled at himself n thought "armaan betaa soniye tere saat akele island kya at least iss ghar key gate tak bhi nahi ayegi ....aur uskey bhaiyon ko pata chala teri iss khayal ka toh abhi tujhey iss world map sey gayab kardengey" he chuckled at his silly thoughts 

Part 101&102 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 101:

Next morning, Ridhimaa woke up. She was still thinking it was night.

Ridhimaa: (mumbling) Armaan... Bua chali gayi?

There was no answer. She opened her eyes to find herself not in Armaan's room but in hers. And it was early morning. She sat up. She couldn't remember walking back to her room. She was confused but fully awake. She got into the bathroom. After bathing, she came out wearing the bathing towel and opened her bag to select a dress for herself. Just then, somebody tried to knock on the door, but the door was not locked and it opened due to the knock. Armaan entered inside the room.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-172