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RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-185

part 3 & 4:I will bring my basket back

Part 3
Marriage proposal.

Next morning riddhima was leaving for sanjeevani when padma stopped her.are beta nashta toh karti jao'.
 r:nahi mom late ho raha hai aur mann bhi nahi hai'.plzz
 p:beta shashank ne mujhe bataya armaan ke bare main
R:maa plzz'.mujhe iss bare main koi baat nahi karni!!

P:dekho riddhima beta tum aise har baar is baat se bhaag nahi sakti,aur ha pichli baar jo bhi hua hau uske baad plzz jo bhi faisla lena soch samajh kar lena'.aur kam se kam ab toh apni sehat ko nazar andaaz mat karo.beta main tumhari maa hu aur achi tarah jaanti hu tujhe!!Tujhe dekhkar hi pata chal raha hai ki tu puri raat nahi soi hai!!Aur kal raat se tune kuch khaya bhi nahi hai''.

Part:59(B) Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Next morning as sun rayes peeped the sun actually blushing to see the two love birds engulfed in each-other's arms even the sun does not wants to let their peaceful sleep breaks but what canbe done and as riddhima feels the warmth of sunrays following the voice of the alarm which she put on her mobile in night she first was little bit disoriented as she is still very much sleepy but then as the alarm start ringing she immediately shut it thinking it will surely break armaan's sleep and she does not wants that and as she glanced at the time while


PART 11...

Anjali and Shashank look around to the people who was standing there... Riddhima wasn't anywhere to be seen...
'Shashank...' Padma call him with fear in her voice...
Armaan who hears it run inside, without wasting another minute...
'Armaan rukho...' Others shouted but Armaan didn't wait and was already out from the eye sight...

Part 127&128 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 127:

Atul: Oye tune hum logon ko bataya kyun nahi?

Muskaan: (faltering) Wo...wo..

Rahul: Wo hume Sunday se pehle shadi karni thi isiliye humne court marriage kar li.

Kirti: Aapke ghar waalon ko pata hai?

Muskaan: Nahi.

Just then Muskaan's dad arrived. He was shocked at seeing them.

Muskaan's dad: Oye!

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Siggies By Aayushi

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Part 6 :And we are made to be one

After talking to armaan and signing the deal sid soo happily came in his apartment..... But soon the condition strick in his mind and he become restless.....

Soon Sid is roaming restlessly in his room ... he dnt knw how to convince ridhima ...he ws bit scared  thinking how to make ridhima agree bt he has to do it at any cost ... he is nowhere ready to lose that profit he was getting and the promotion with his deal in which he had nothing to lose.... its his profit from every direction..... this will bring him money money and money and will atleast for few days ya months will stop ridhima from her marriage topics..... now sid was thinking  and thinking hard

Part 38 : Dostana

By keddie.
Part 38:
Karan's house:
At night, Karan was chatting on the phone with Shweta who was getting ready to
 come to his house for the slumber party.

Ka: Pata nahi usey ye sab sharartein soojhti kahan se hain?
Shw: Ismein burayi kya hai karan? We'll have fun. It’s a get together dude.
Ka: Ya ofcourse. Like shweta gets together with Amit!
Shw: Aisi baat nahi hai. I believe Shilpa is right. We should have more stuff to do together.
Sanjeevani mein kahan time milta hai? Shilpa ki sharartein are always for the good. Its harmless!
Ka: Harmless! For everyone, Except me. Jab sab log puri raat mere sar par naachenge to pata
chalega, harmless! kal tak to Shilpa meri dost thi. Ab usey pata nahi kya hogaya hai.
She's been so rude to me the entire day!

part-2:u me and hum

thanks ayushi di punam di and all others who liked it sorry if i missed any one

muskan-send someone soon for her and for me too and goes to shona chal shona we shall go to class get ready maine un dono ko accha sabak sikhaya wo tumhe ab kabhi nahi chidhayenge aur waise bhi tu ab slim ho jayengi na   

shona-aur kitni bar ready ho ja u me i am already ready tu jake tayar hoja tab tak me mom se bat karti hu her phone rings 

 padma-hello shona 

 shona-hello mumma me abhi apko hi phone karne wali the par apka hi phone agaya 

 padma-maine tuje yad dilane ke liye phone kiya tha ki aj uska birthday he kahi tu bhul to gayi na 

Part 125&126 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 125:

Armaan went to Nani, Padma and Shashank one by one, sat down on his knees and touched their feet.

Nani: (stroking his head) Khush raho. Jeete raho.

Padma: (kissing his forehead) Humesha khush raho... aur meri beti ko bhi humesha...

She could not speak further. Armaan hugged her and tried to put a lot of unsaid things in that hug.

Armaan: Ridhimaa ko kabhi koi takleef nahi hone dunga. Waada.

Shashank: (hugging him) God bless you both.

Ridhimaa too hugged her father with tears running down her cheeks. Shashank too was getting emotional.

Shashank: Rote nahi hain. Tum to meri sabse pyari bachhi ho na. Good girl.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-184

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

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part 16 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Arman:  Riddhimaaa…..jaldi karo kya kar rahi ho? Der ho rahi hai!
Riddhima: Haan aa rahi hu Armaan chillana band keejiye.

     She walked out of the washroom finally after half an hour and Armaan who opened his mouth to sunaofy her was left with his mouth hanging open looking at her. Her hair wet from shower dripped water on her neck. The fresh smell of flowers; that came from her hair which was maybe of her shampoo blew him away. As she rubbed her hair with the towel the tiny water droplets hit his face making him smile. She turned around and found him standing frozen on his place; with a small smile adoring his lips and his eyes closed.




After 5hours long flight, Armaan and others landed safely in Malaysia airport....
As Armaan had done reservation in same Hotel where their parents were staying, they move out as quickly as they can as Armaan got someone to pick them up....
Soon they were standing in front of the Hotel and check in...

part 5:Meaning of love

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@shagun di-aapke curosity ka time khatam hua .n here the smallest one is huda dnt know abhi vo yaha aati hai ya nahi

@aayushi di-thank u di,n its not sidma ff,its on armaan ,ridz n sid trio

@punam di-thank u di,n di ridz jo kar rahi hai vo bas ek friend ki tarah kar rahi hai,like we behave with our frnds

@priti di-thank u di,n ya ridz ka answer no hi hai bt thoda twist hai yaha

jaise ki maine story ke start me kaha tha that its SS so here is the last part

Part 123&124 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 123:

That evening at 4:00 p.m. The doorbell rang and Anjali opened the door. She was surprised to find Armaan standing in front of her. He was handsomely dressed in a yellow sherwaani for the occassion.

Anjali: Armaan! Tum?

Till then Nani had also came out and on seeing Armaan, she could have slapped herself.

Armaan: Dekhiye nani. Main theek char baje aa gaya. Kaun kaun sa kaam baaki hai, bataiye.

Nani: Armaan tum sach me aa gaye!

Armaan: To kya yahan par mera bhoot khada hai.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-183

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

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Part 30 :Beintehaan

Marraige ws going on ...armaan n ridz were performing all z rituals...mre zan thousand ppl were present in z marraige hall ... all were watching z most beautiful couple's wedding ....all were praising zem ..saying zat zey r z perfcet match compliemnting eachother ..made for each other ..hearing it atul n abhi were feeling happy n luking at zer lil princess who ws going to be smebodies wife in a few mins .... both were surprised is she z sme lil princess who plays pranks on zem  ...nowshe is luking matured n grown up gril in bridal wear luking lke an angel ...luking at zer lil bride  tears formed in zer eyes ...arnav saw zat n patted zer back n said "abh chalo atul aur abhi arrangements dekho"...both nodded while wiping tears n moved frm zer ...

Part 2: Fought for ur soul

Ridhimas place..
1150 pm night

Anji : ridhima ridhima..

Ridz : kya hua di..

Anji : come down kuch baat krni hai.. 

Ridz : di can v talk tom im sleepy..

Anji : ridhima abhi its urgent..

Ridhima was in very bad mood bt she came down coz her wanted to talk something urgent... At this point of hr..

Part 14: sindoor

And he looked at her and then the shirt in his hand and as his eyes landed on the price tag he saw the Rs. 18500 and he did not wants to think anything wrong first he thinks it was for him off course as there is no any men in their house and moreover they are single couple living and she is his wife too and this gesture of hers makes him thinks that may be she is giving their relation a chance and she will now talk to him by herself she may be forgets her so called fianc and he did not know why he so loved that feeling and he looked at her with a smile and unknown emotion in his eyes for her as she is busy picking the glass pieces from the floor

Part 121&122 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 121:

Ridhimaa: Ummm... Armaan... I love you...

Armaan ears went red. Others smiled.

Armaan: Ridhimaa...

Ridhimaa opened her eyes. At first she couldn't understand anything.

Ridhimaa: Armaan...

She looked around, then sat up so quickly that Armaan nearly fell off.

Armaan: Kya hai?

Ridhimaa: Main to canteen me thi... fir yahan...

Armaan: Haan tum to canteen me thi aur fir wahan so gayi thi.

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-182

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

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Armaan got a call and he asked them to move... Riddhima walk with her talking her keeping her busy in her talks...
Riddhima keep smiling as Anjali walk looking down as they were walking on the sand...
Anjali was enjoying this time...
As they were talking, when Riddhima didn't reply, Anjali look towards her to see Riddhima smiling...
Anjali follow her gaze not understanding where she was looking and smiling so much...
Anjali was shocked to see...

part1:yeh hai mohbatein

hey guys
sorry for late bt kya karu meaning of love post karne ke bad lappy hi kharab ho gaya so here is the next part

in evening-

Kirti-officers meri kal ek conferrence hai so mai aaj rat ki flight se ja rahi hu ,and ek aur bat hamare sath ek aur new officer join kar rahe hai,Armaan Malik ,yeh mumbai bureau me the bt abhi hamare sath kam karne vale hai,and mai nahi chahati ki jaisa aapne muskan ka welcome kiya tha vaisa unka ho,idnt want any prank ,got it?

Muskan.Rahul,Riddhima-yes chief

Kirti-gud ,vaise to vo parso se join karne vale hai bt kal vo hamra bureau dekhne aane vale hai n unhe ek file chahiye so mere cabinn me se unhe de dena,mai parso tak aa jaungi n agar koi imergency and agar koi decision lena pade so u can do it ,muze pata hai mere officers hamesha right decision lenge,im i right?

part 8 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

when riddhima got concious found herself on the bed ,arman was sitting beside her and raghab bhai was standing near the window. Doctor uncle was telling something to bhai.

riddhima stretched her hand while calling  : “aah!ar—ma—n…

arman quickly responded holding her right hand  : “haan riddhima tumhare paas hi hun,kuch takleef ho raha kya?

Riddhima forwarded her left hand uttering…”bh—ai….bha-aii…

Listening his name raghav came running to her and caught her left hand while uttered: “tere paas hi hun gudiya,tu thik hai na?

Part 119&120 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 119:

Shashank heaved a sigh of relief.

Ridhimaa: Tumhe koi problem nahi hai?

Armaan: Nahi mujhe kya problem hogi?

Ridhimaa: To fir kal tumne... tumne yahi baat kal kyun nahi kahi?

Armaan: Kyunki main pehle tumhara jawaab sunna chahta tha. Main pehle haan kar deta aur agar tumhare mann me tab bhi darr rehta, aur tum mana kar deti to? Main fir se apne sajaye hue sapne tootte hue nahi dekh sakta. Isiliye main chahta tha ki pehle tumhari marzi poochi jaaye. Agar tumhe koi problem ho to...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-181

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Episode 18: Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu

Hi hello namestyy guyss mai Anamika app sab ka swagat karti hun Blog ki Yaadein mey … as u all know unfortunately  humara 7yrs old DMG- a home  for all dmgains blog delete hogaya …. Uss blog sey hum sab dill sey judh gaye they najaney kitni yaadein judi huyi hai …toh uss blog ki yaad mey maine ye show shuru ki hai jaha sab mere saat apne blog ki yaadein share karengey “Blog Ki Yaadein- share wiz anu”

Humari  iss  show ki 18th guest hai blog ki very talented writer Annie  jo blog ki almost har ff pey very motivative cmnts deyti hai …...soo lets welcome our sweet sweet sweetu  wiz big round of clause

Character sketch n Intro:Pyar Ka Ehsaas

Armaan malik:The young dynamic charming dashing 28 yrs old workacholic  businessman kabhi galti sey bhi hasta nahi ..subha sham sirf kaam kaam aur sirf kaam ...armaan ki life bohot hi dull n boring hai ...ussey aise lagta hai ki iss duniya mey paisa hi sab kuch hai ....lakhon ladkiya dewani hai uskey peechey par uski dictionary mey pyar naam ki koi word hai hi nahi ...uski khyal sey pyar sirf waste of tme hai aur jo pyar karney waley hai vo pagal hai ....par par vo apney chote bhai rahul sey dheer sara pyar karta hai usey har musibat sey bachata hai .....musibat means ladkiya hahah  ..armaan ka ye sochna hai ki uskey pasion keyliye koi ladki rahul ko phasa leygi aur sari property gup karjayegi rahul koi bakri nahi hai jo koi usey phasa leygi dnt knw ye baat kab samjheyga armaan ko....dnt knw kab pyar ka ehsaas hogi usey ....

part 16:passionate love arsh

armaan: kabhi kabhi jindagi muskurane ka mauka b ni deti he replied in heart and said to shilpa: kuch ni bus aise hi

shilpa: aise hi kyun? smile krne pe koi restriction h kya?

armaan: kam kre?

shilpa: haan sure 

she thought see itna spontaneous hai abhi itna sweet tha abhi sadhu uff kese smjhu ise me but ise samjhne ka man kyun krta hai mera?

armaan: shilpa tum yha mujhe help krne ayi ho ya muje ghurne?

part 4 : Deal is sealed (ss)

Last part

       I am sorry if ye story kuch jyaada hi lambi ho gayi.....didn't really realise as I kept writing as I got the ideas. But hoped you enjoyed reading......So now do read the part and give me all the truthful comments about whatever that you felt!

Riddhima: Armaan…….. tum…..tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?

Arman: Maine hi tumhe yaha bulvaya hai Riddhima. He made her stand straight on her feet. His gaze moved down towards her saree and a frown appeared instantly as she wasn’t wearing the saree that he had gifted.
   Tumne vo saree kyun nahi pehni jo mai…..

Part 117&118 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 117:

Armaan stopped. Then he turned around and came up to her.

Ridhimaa: Armaan... thank...

Armaan put his hand to her lips to prevent her from saying any further. He brought his lips near her ears.

Armaan: (whispering) Pata hai Basket! Aaj tum bilkul us pari ki tarah lag rahi ho jo aasmaan se sirf mere liye utri hai.

Ridhimaa blushed. Armaan kissed her cheek and turned to go but found his way blocked because Muskaan and Anjali were standing in the doorway.

Anjali: (in a stern voice) Yahan kya ho raha hai?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-180

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Part 29 :Beintehaan

In evening

Shashank n armaan were tlking abut z arrangements fr wedding finalizing z list of invites zen Atul cme back from hospital n armaan saw him entering z house n stood up

"gud evening sir"

Atul:gudevening armaan... princess kaise hai ....

Armaan:she is better nw ....

Atul:kitna temperature hai ....

Armaan:aftrnun maine jab dekha tabh normal tha sir bt bp high thi toh maine injection kardiya aur suladiya ...

part 22(last):Life out of control

The next night

Shit. Riddhima was getting late for the party. AGAIN! Why hadn’t she listened to her mum when she told her to get ready for half an hour? Well it had only been 6:00, and the party was going to start at 7:30. Then what would she do being ready? But then again, she stepped into the shower at 6:30, and well, time went. But hey! She was a girl, she loved her showers!!!! Her father and Padma had already left, with Anjali and Atul, leaving her the car and it was now 8:00. Shit! She was really really late. She might even miss her father’s award, or speech. Crap NO!!! She didn’t have time to do something fancy with her hair, so decided to leave it open. Slight make up, and hoping she looked presentable, drove to the hotel where the party was.

Upon entering the back garden, she saw her father on the stage already, sitting with Padma and Anjali at the back.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, can I please have your attention,” a voice called and someone was walking up the stage. It was none other than Armaan Mallik.

Part 17 : Tu zindagi

arman was surprised to see the hall..its decorated with balloons, lights and coloured ribbons . In the middle of the hall,a big table and a cake was kept on it. And his friends, tamanna,sid and even aunty was  present there. he startled seeing it ,just then heard a sweet melodic whispering voice …”happy birthday arman..” arman mesmerized to see   shilpa’s smiling  angelic face . he  uttered ..”thanks shilpa.”

Sid yelled  : “abey,wahi khada hokar khusur pusur karega ya humare paas bhi aayega? Dar mat hum cake khane aaye hain,tujhe nahi khayenge.

Part 115&116:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 115:

Armaan: Sapna. Tum batao. Tumhe kya chahiye? Beta ya beti?

Sapna: Mujhe... mujhe beta chahiye. Bilkul iske papa ki tarah.

Ridhimaa: (triumphant) Dekha....

Armaan: (angrily) Kya dekha? Pata hai tum ladkiyan hi ladkiyon ki dushman hoti ho.

Anjali: What? How dare you say that?

Shashank: Armaan...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-179