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Part 3:Second Chance - An AR FS -

Second Chance
- An AR FS -


Armaan and Riddhima were sitting in the marriage court to register their marriage... Neither of them wants to go through all the ritual and functions, as it was Riddhima's second marriage... Armaan wasn't happy the fact that how his mother make him agree to this marriage forcefully...
So he agree to get married but in court only knowing Riddhima will also not want to make a huge matter of it...

Part 61 (B):Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Armaan:''basket kyaa''

He just frowned why on the earth she has to disturb their moment while looking at her as she met his gaze she just whispered

Riddhima:''hum kitchen''

part 11 & 12:I will bring my basket back


Both were lying next to each other laughing; armaan thought it was better to clear certain things;   so he turned towards her and was now lying resting his head on his hand looking @ her. She was breathing heavily and stopped laughing as she noticed that he was looking @ her.
A: riddhima tumse kuch kehna tha! Agar tum baat nahi karna chahti iss bare main toh its alright u can stop me right away. Hmm?
R: kya baat hai armaan?? Bolo?
A:  voh…abhi thodi der pehle jo kuch hua …..i know nahi hona chahiye tha but i hope …i hope….ki …u don't regret it! Tumhe bas us baat ka koi pachtava toh…. Agar aisa kuch hai then i am really sor…..
R: nahi armaan aisa kyu keh rahe ho?! I mean vo….i know aisa hona toh nahi chahiye tha par jo bhi hua usme tumhari akeli ki galti nahi thi…i mean …..

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-213

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Part 183 & 184 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 183:

Tamanna: Haan Ridz, please chali jao na... Ammy akele nahi jaana chaahta. Tum uske saath chalogi to...

Ridhimaa: (under her breath) To kabhi nahi jaayega.

Armaan heard it and started feeling guilty. Tamanna also heard Ridhimaa.

Tamanna: Jaayega' kaise nahi jaayega... tum jaoge na Ammy' Ridz ke saath?

Armaan did not answer. He was debating on this topic with himself.

Ridhimaa: Lekin Tamanna... mujhe... mujhe ghar jaana hai... bahut thak gayi hoon.

Tamanna: Dekho... mujhse jhooth bolne ki koshish mat karo. Saaf saaf kaho ki tum jaana nahi chaahti.

Ridhimaa: Theek hai, main nahi jaana chaahti. Happy?

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Part 10 :And we are made to be one

At Lonavala branch

Sid:while having coffee) matha agaya yaar ...kya aram ki zindagi hai mey koi kaam hai hi nahi sirf orders do aur kuch maaze se aaram karo .....aur subha sham sab mujhey sir sir sir karkey agey peechey ghum rahey hai .....yehi life cahiye thi mujhey hamesha sey i jst hate that 9-7 job gadhey ki tarha mehnat karta tha aur milta kya kuch bhi nahi ....thnks to riddhima uskey cehra ki wajehsey hi aaj mujhey ye aash aur aram ki thindagi mill rahi hai... usse khud toh kabhi paise ki nahi padi hoti vo toh aapni mamuli si job mein khush hain par aaj uske karan aaj mein kuch kama raha hun..... waise bohot din hogaye usey baat nahi ki mein ne aaj chalo call kar leta hun...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-212

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Part 2:No Choice AR ff

Hey guyes!

Thank u for lyking the previous part . Here comes d next one
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Part 2

Ridhhima walked down to her desk, which was conjoined in one big room with other workers, but her desk was right next to her bosses Office. This was because she was his personal secretary and like he said, he might need her or her help anytime; so she needs to be there in his presence at all working times.  She was getting on really well with her colleagues and everybody liked this new secretary. Finally Armaan Mallik had the sense to pick an applicant who had the brains to work, other than just flaunting around in a mini skirt like his previous secretary, who was caught making love in the store room with another colleague, and that was her last day at AM industries.

Part 1:Khatti meethi love story (Arsh ss)

How can life be so bitter with me 
God armaan you have been repeating the same line the whole's time to move on now buddy 

Armaan: how can i rahul...because of an unknown chudhail my love my maya left me...i want one more drink....order one the top of his voice and banging his hand on the club's bar table embarassing his friends harder

Rahul: okay atul get him one more drink i dont want him to shout again...all are looking at us like we are some weirdos who escaped from the mental asylum 

Part 16: sindoor


 And riddhima was still there in kitchen with tears swimming in her eyes she is thinking about what is happening here she is waiting for armaan too she tried to let go of these things thinking now she has to live with them only and have to deal about them only but off course it's not going to be very much easy it will be going to b so much difficult for her off course very very difficult, she is that kind of person who never faces any one's wrath in her 23 years old life, yes she has her own problems but

Part 181 & 182 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 181: 

Next day, Armaan first turned up in the locker room. It was empty. A little while later, Atul too entered the locker room. He was surprised to see Armaan and his clothes. Armaan was not wearing his glasses, designer black shirt, his black leather jacket and black trousers. But instead, Armaan was wearing the usual two shirts and his jeans. He had done away with the glasses. As soon as Atul came near him, staring at him in disbelief, Armaan leapt up from the bench where he had been sitting and hugged Atul tightly. Atul hugged him back.

Atul: Armaan...

Armaan: Atul...

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RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-211

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Part 38 :Beintehaan

"sir chain riddhima ko pasand ayegi nah"

Atul:annoyed)mujhey ye gifts wrap karney dogey ya nahi armaan ...kal princess ka bd hai mujhey aur bhi kaam hai subha ...abh jaov yeha sey mujhey jaldi kaam khatam karkey sona hai ...

Armaan: sir plzz last tme

Atul:abh tak tum 56 tmes puch chukey ho armaan ...aur mai 56 tmes bolchuka hun ki ye princess pey bohot pretty lageyga ...

Happy Birthday Riyanshi (29th may)

hey friends..aaj humare old  blog ki ek bahut hi pyari girl  riyanshi ka bd hai. she is a great siggy maker too. toh chalo uska bd celebrate karte hain.....

Wishing my friend a beautiful day
Hopes and dreams I’m sending your way
May all be good and all come true
On this very special day for you!

part 80 : Always With You

Next day armaan and ridhima went to hang out with their frnds and to tell them about their wedding too....

When they notice the tension between rahul and muskan... They exchange looks with eachother... And press eachother hands blinking their eyes that they will talk to muskan and rahul....

While everyone was little disturb... Due to little tension...
Nikki and abhi were to little awkward.. So AR decied to talk to their frnd when...

Armaan asked rahul to come with him he have some work... After sometime ridhima aasked muskan to come along her she wanna go restroom...

part 43 :vivah

Part 43

Months passed and with time the horrible incident was forgotten by everyone except Armaan and Shilpa.She still considers that unfortunate that fiasco the result of her weakness...if only she could have been more strong at that moment and had much belief in herself and her dignity..but now she was making herself more strong...and with her family's support and husband's love she was indeed getting better...

Padma and Armaan were in talking terms but not like before...maybe it would take years for him to forget how his mother turned selfish and created a huge chaos over a sensitive issue...less Padma was releived that her son is atleast not ignoring his mother...

Part 179 & 180 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 179:

Rahul: Kya hua?

Muskaan: Tu itni der se yahan kya kar raha hai?

Rahul: Baatein kar raha tha...

Muskaan: (whispering) Film ke baare me kuch poochha?

All heard it. Armaan smiled.

Rahul: (glaring at Muskaan) Mere pass aur koi important baat nahi hai karne ke liye? Tu kyun humesha mera sir khaati rehti hai?

Muskaan: Dekh... ab tu shuru mat ho warna main bhi peechhe hatne waalon me se nahi hoon...

Tamanna: Muskaan... kal Ammy ki film release ho rahi hai... uski kuch spare CDs Armaan ke ghar me rakhi hain. Wo kal tum sabke liye ek-ek le aayega.

Muskaan: (springing up excitedly) Sach?

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part 2:Best friends forever Arsh

Best friend forevers arsh

They were so drown in their conversation that they dint realize someone was listening to them...she ran out cryin her eyes out....she understood only two things armaan loves her and he is going away forever ....she wasnt able to decide her tears were of happiness or pain when she dailed armaan numb...

Shilpa: arm..maan

Just one word made his heart skip a beat

Intro & part 1:No Choice AR ff

Hey guyes !!
Me Aahana , I am a silent reader n also new to dis blog ...
Special thnks to Rihoo on behalf on my friend coz she has inpired her a lot in writing dis ff ... I am posting dis ff on behalf of my friend more thing dis ff was earliar posted to some where I don't remember now :p so pls let me know if u r already aware of dis ff.... Hope u guyes lyk it ... n give us a chance to be a part of this blog
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Here come d intro n 1st part

Armaan Mallik

The man of tomorrow, the man of today.  The business tycoon who has no place left to stack his awards and trophies for being the Business man of the year for the past 5 years. As well as being so successful, he was also known as an idol to many youngsters who dreamt to work with him or at least work under him. At the age of 28 years, he was known as a positive influence to the young generation who aspired to become as successful as him at such age.  He was the chairman of the world known company called AM industries that had its branches all over the world.


(PART 93)


It was middle of the night and Riddhima was awake due to the back pain... Its been a while and Riddhima didn't feel to wake up Armaan... A month ago, Ananya left saying to inform her if they need her help... She went to settle everything and to come back in another month... Ananya said she would be with Riddhima till her delivery and after that too... Armaan was so glad that his mother wants to be with them and her grandchild...
On the other side, Billy call everyday three times to check on his daughter in law and grandchild...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-210

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Part 177 & 178 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 177:

Ridhimaa was watching this scene out of the corner of her eyes. She was very happy for Tamanna that at least, she had got her true love. Her own dreams would never be fulfilled. Armaan was also eating the ice-cream from the same cup as Tamanna. Ridhimaa finished her food. She stood up to leave.

Armaan: (astonished) Ice-cream nahi khaogi?

Ridhimaa: (lying) Nahi... mera mann nahi kar raha...

Armaan was shocked to see Ridhimaa refusing her favourite ice-cream.

Tamanna: Ye kya baat hoti hai Ridz? Tumhare hisse ki ice-cream ka hoga kya? Tumhe khaani padegi... waise bhi Ammy treat de raha hai... apni nayi car ke liye...

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Happy Birthday ammy(27/5)

hi friends ,aaj humare blog ki ek bahut hi sweet member aur writer AMMY ka birthday hai....she is a great writer ,her "plz make me riddhima mallick"...and "life of a boxer" are very famous.toh chalo hum sab milkar ammy ka bd wish karen.........

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY  AMMY!!!!

part 1:Best friends forever Arsh

Part 1

Best friends forever arsh 

We say that every girl has a bestfriend, a boyfriend and a true love but she is really lucky if they are all the same person Armaaannnn....i need a beer 

He dint have to open his eyes to see who is brave enough to jump on his bed midnight shouting on the top of her voice.. While smiling and shaking his head he pulled her on him and continued his beauty sleep only to receive few punches on his chest ouch you jungli shilpa it hurts he opened his eyes knowing it was impossible for him to sleep now only to smile wider at his cute little jungli 

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-209

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anamika gaddam puran

The Right Choice

In the city of New York,a girl is walking on the snowy streets clutching her jacket close to her body.She keeps on walking till a Basketball court and sits on the snowy ground.She hugs her knees and keeps her head on her kness.Tears continuously flowing from her eyes,she is mumbling something,"Please come back,I miss you!"
She feels a hand on her shoulder.She looks back and finds a guy.

Riddhima's POV

I looked at him and cried"Rahul!"Rahul realised I was crying and sighed.Why wouldn't he?,I thought.He had seen me crying me for the past six months.He gave me a side-hug and then helped me get me up from the grounds."Stop crying Riddhima.It was your decision to leave him ",he said.

''I know,Rahul.But why does it always has to be us?Why does all problems find us?Why can't I lead a normal life?First the memory loss,then the attack and then Sid!Why me,Rahul!"I cried.I was tired after the emotional upheaval I had been facing for the last six months.Rahul looked at me with me with a sad look.I knew he had no answers to my questions.I felt guilty for taking out my frustration on him,as he was facing the same thing.Rahul had cancer and therefore he had left Muski.He had been trying for Muski to fight cancer,he looked so gullible now.The cancer was now almost cured but it had weared him out.He looked so weak.

Part 175 & 176 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 175:
Armaan stood up. He knew he had spoken more than he had intended to, actually more than what he really thought. Armaan had not seen Ridhimaa's face but he knew that at the moment, it would certainly be covered with tears. Nani entered inside. Armaan was not angry with nani. She had not rebuked him. Nani kept the tiffin on the table and came towards Armaan.

Nani: Kya hua? Mujhse bhi nafrat ho gayi hai tumhe? Kya main bhi tumhare pyar, tumhare vishwaas ke kaabil nahi?

Armaan: (hugging nani deeply and speaking in a voice full of emotions) Nahi nani... main aapse kaise nafrat kar sakta hoon?

Tears were running down Nani's cheeks. She had missed Armaan. He was just as dear to her as Anjali and Ridhimaa.

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RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-208

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

PART 4:U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! - AR FF

U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! AR FF

Intro of New Character


Part 4:Pyar Ka Ehsaas

Next day

muskan bed par leti hui thi,fever thoda kam hua tha,riddhima ne medicine de di thi aur ab uske liye kuch light food bana rahi thi tabhi muskan ka mobile baza. its rahul : "hi muskan ,kaisi ho?

muskan : '............................

rahul : "kya hua muskan?

muskan eyes started raining........wah kuch bhi bol nahi pa rahi thi.....uski khamosi sey rahul ko bechaini honey lagti hai ...



Armaan;hi champ mere bhai kaisa hai tu

ATUL; agai tujhe bhai ki yaad

Armaan;arre champ tujhe kaise bhool sakta hoon

Atul; haan haan 2 din ho gaye hain mujhe aye hue aur tu ab ye poch raha hai

Part 173 & 174 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 173:

Armaan dropped himself on a nearby bench. Tears had unknowingly came in his and were flowing down his cheeks.

Armaan: Br... Brain Cancer... last stage... Tamanna... Tamanna...

The last call was really heart wrenching. Ridhimaa had seen Armaan lose his poise very less. But now, he looked really heart broken. He was weeping his heart out. There was no stop to his cries. People had gathered around. Shubhankar too came out from a nearby ward. Ridhimaa sat down on the ground before Armaan.

Ridhimaa: (keeping her hand on his knees) Armaan...

Armaan looked up and saw tears pouring down from Ridhimaa's eyes too. She could not stop herself from crying, seeing Armaan's condition.

Armaan: Ridhimaa... Tammy...

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Part 37 :Beintehaan

She clapped n while sobbing said " i hate u i hate u bhaiyya i hate u"

Atul:bacha plz aise math bol .....mai marjaunga...

Hearing it tears rolled down her cheeks ...she cnt loose her bhaiyya ,she lost her mama already nw she cnt afford loosing her 2nd mother ....she luvs him beyond limits ...frm her childhood atul is her mama n papa both ...smetmes he pampers her lke mama n smetmes he becmes strict n gves punsihments lke papa fr her lil lil mischief ..all her childhood flashed  in her mind .... she remembered how atul struggled to pacify her wen zey lost zer mother ...atul himself ws in deep pain bt he controlled all his emotion ...he hide his pain deep inside jst to mke her laugh ...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-207

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran


'Permission lene ki kabse jarurat padne lagi aapko Di...
Aapko jo poochna hai pooch sakte ho...' Riddhima said giving a small smile to Anjali...
'Kiya tum hum sabse kuch chupa rahe ho...' Anjali asked...
Riddhima was shocked to hear this all of sudden... She wasn't expecting anyone to question her or Armaan like that after what happen the previous night...

Riddhima was so shocked not understanding what to say as she don't want to break the news in a situation like this... She wants everyone to be present the moment she tell them about the happiest news of her life...
'Ridzy.... Kiya huva...
Aisa koi baat hai jo tum hum sabko batana chaahte ho.... Bolo Ridzy what is it...' Anjali asked..
'Di, yeh aap... Achanak kyun pooch rahe ho...' Riddhima asked...
'Achanak nehi Ridzy.... Maine tab notice ki jab tum meri shaadi koh lekar busy ti...
Lekin baad main maine socha tum uske preparation ke wajahse stress ti...
Ridzy, koi bhi baat hai toh tum bata sakte ho... Mujhe aisa lag raha hai tum kuch chupa rahi ho...' Anjali said...
'Di, aisi koi baat nehi hai...
Aur main koansi baat aapse chupaenge...' Riddhima said...
'Pakka na...' Anjali asked...

Part 171 & 172 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 171:

Armaan: Tammy please...

Ridhimaa again stood up.

Tamanna: Ridz ruko... tum Armaan ka naya gaana nahi sunogi?

Armaan: Tumhe kaise pata chala ki maine gaana likha hai?

Tamanna: Tumhara laptop table par rakha hua hai. Aur mujhe ye bhi pata hai ki kal raat bhar baith kar tum gaana hi likhte rahe hoge. Likha liya?

Armaan: Haan likh liya.

Tamanna: To sunao...

Armaan: Abhi nahi... abhi main canteen ja raha hoon, coffee peene... tum kuch khaogi?

Tamanna: Nahi...