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Its was raining out heavily as the rains drop coming down from the sky in PARIS...
It was romantic atmosphere for couples, specially newly wedded as most of the people around the world choose PARIS as their honeymoon destination...
As some where enjoying their time with their respective partners in their room while others roam around outside hand in hand or hugging each other enjoying the heavily rain drops...
Some were sitting in garden holding each other hands while others were sitting under the tree as one lay down resting on other lap as they hold each other hand...

Part 5:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai

Part 5 

(class khatam hone ke baad abhi nikki aur armaan riddhima classroom se bahar aate hai..corridoors se girls jaa rhi hoti hai.....armaan unhe dekhkar whistle blow karta hai..aur vo girls armaan ko smile dekar chali jaati hai..riddhima yeh dekhti hai aur kehti hai..)

Riddhima- how cheap...

Armaan- sorry..tumne kuch kaha..

Part 205 & 206 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 205:

Tamanna: I didn't knew that Shahid likes Ridz...

Rahul: Lekin Ridhimaa to... I don't believe ki wo uske saath gayi hai...

Atul: Haan main bhi... usne to kahin bhi jaana hi chod diya tha aur aaj Shahid ke ek baar kehne par chali gayi...

Muskaan: Anjali... usne tujhe bataya ki wo bhi Shahid ko pasand karti hai?

Anjali: Usne directly mujhse ye to nahi kaha lekin Dad Shahid se bahut impress hue hain...

part 13 & 14:I will bring my basket back

Part 13

He with a veRy confused mind. He almost Ran out of the caR as soon as he Reached the place. He went in to see that the lights weRe out!
A: Riddhima……Riddhima kaha ho?? Anyone theR…… the lights tuRned on and he saw an aRRow made with Rose petals to the staiRs. He looked at it and went up following the aRRow. AfteR going up he found anotheR aRRow pointing towaRds theiR bedRoom. He went in and staRted calling heR out but stopped as he saw that the lights weRe dim; a beautiful fRagRance was spRead in the Room; theRe weRe candles all aRound; the bed was coveRed with white bedsheets and Red pillows; and was decoRated with Rose petals; he again staRted looking foR heR ignoRing all this when she came in thRough balcony dooR and he just stood Rooted to the spot foRgetting almost eveRything; that he was woRRied; what he had come foR;looking at the beauty standing in fRont of him! And she just looked up at him and gave a beautiful smile!



Hearing Rahul words, Armaan who open his mouth to cut him stood like a statue not understanding how to react to this news... Yes, He never like Siddhant for what he did for Riddhima and he had said several time he would kill him but when he was only angry... He never want anyone to die but...

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Part 9:U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! AR FF

As Riddhima was busy with Druv, one pair of eyes were admiring them... Smile was on his face as he was watching how Druv let Riddhima give him injection as he knows Druv wouldn't let anyone else inject him other them him not even other other Doctors... 
Armaan who was checking Minnie temperature look back towards Minnie as the time was up, saw that she was having little temperature...

part 62(B):Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

And then riddhima turned to armaan who is looking at her and before he can say anything they heard nikki's voice who comes and

Nikki:''bhabzz aapnein mera orange colour ka top dekha kya aur merii blue jeans maine saara room dhundh liyya mujhe kahin nahin mila''

She said and riddhima looked at him as she pouted in her soft voice riddhima shakes her head this is speaciality of all the Malliks and as

Part 4:Blind Date Mini FF

Blind Date Part 4.

Link to previous parts :- blind date 1-3

We both went upstairs…and rang the bell..

Anjali opened the door and was shocked to see us…first I was confused why is she so shocked but then I saw our clothes…they were muddy…like really muddy…

“oops” I said in my mind..

Part 16 : Hate Or Love .. AR ff

Ridhima fidgeted in her place .......... Armaan took steps towards her and stood infront of her with his hands in his jeans pockets "umm wo....... wo kal raat........... "he suddenly stopped hearing...


they both turned towards the door hearing a loud shriek of a girl wearing a pink sleeveless top and skinny jeans ...... the moment Armaan saw  the girl, he smiled widely " soniya???, omg its u" he ran towards her with the same excitement, Ridhima looked at the scene....only to find Armaan jump with joy and hug the stranger hard, as she hugged him back.....

Ridhima felt a strong surge of emotions rise within her chest, she could not define at that moment what, why or how that was happening....but as she continued seeing them hug, she felt some thing prick in her heart and looked away not liking the way they are holding eachother.....

Task 1:The DMG Contest by HUDA

Hiii guysssss….mein aa gayi mere dmg contest ke first task ke saath!!!

Excited to know the task…??? Ok here I go… but usse pehle mein humare final participants ke naam bata du…

1.Nikita mathur


3.Punam di

4. Shagun Bansal

5.little_angel(don’t know the name)

6.Riyanshi di

7.Juhi Goel

8.Anamika di.

9.Priyanka di

10.Roop Kotha

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Siggies of Arman-Riddhima (kash)

Viren's creation on kash only 

updates --2

Part 9:Tumse Milke - an AR SS -


As Armaan was busy kissing, he didn't reply Riddhima question as they were lost in each other... As Armaan found the soft place of Riddhima skin, Riddhima moan unknowingly with pleasure as she hide her face on Armaan neck...

Part 203 & 204 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 203:

Atul: Yes! Bahut din ho gaye Armaan aur Ridhimaa ka match dekhe hue... aur jab Armaan chala jaayega to hum ye kaise dekhenge... please Armaan...

Armaan: (to Shahrukh) Aapke pass itna time hai?

Shahrukh: Of course... main aaj free hoon... infact raat tak ruk sakta hoon...

Anjali: Great! Tab aap aaj ka dinner humare ghar par kijiyega. Shaam tak Dad bhi waapas aa jayenge...

Part 4:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai


(riddhima gate band kar kar apne bag se saari dresses almirah me arrange karte karte khud se hi bat karti hai...)

Riddhima- pta nhi koun tha.....aandhi ki tarha aaya aur tufaan ki tarah chala gya....khud ko boht smart samjhta hai...mera bas chalta to use is hostel se bahar fikwa deti huh...(phir kuch sochti hai..) lekin me us idiot ke baare me itna kyu soch rhi hu.....riddhima is ladke se door reh ...

part 83 : Always With You


We was AR have a  nok jhok at home about what arima should were.... when arima but in to sop their batter....

and then due to the morning nok jhok AR were making face to eachother and then They got seprate sits too in the plain and Armaan and ridhima flirting with their companion of the jorney.....

and anji and arima were sleeping peacefully.....


now the part


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Part 8:Tumse Milke - an AR SS -



Armaan and Riddhima were sitting in the hall with Riddhima's lawyer as he got the paper of Riddhima's land... Also got ready papers for the deal they will be going to follow to use the land and everything was ready and they just need to get sign from both sides... Karan was in room resting after breakfast and from past week Karan had been having lunch in his room as Armaan would be in office... Riddhima wouldn't let Karan move much but let him come down for breakfast and dinner which leads him to get recover more fast then they were expecting...

part 19:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

Announcement ….”now the next band is Raga so friends lets cheer them…”

Whole group got small heart attack hearing the announcement, now they have to perform or they will lose everything ……

Anji..” what the hell, we have just 5 min and these idiots r still busy cohicuing each other..”

She swore worriedly ….looking at rahul and mushkan…
 While rahul and mushkan standing in a corner holding each other..floating in the sea of love…

Muski…” mere khankhajure…  “

part 19:Arsh passionate love

armaan hugged shilpa and kissed shilpa on cheek shilpa shyed and shilpa said armaan arsh said muma papa ne kya kia?

shilpa said:
 kuch ni beta 

arsh said papa muma meko jyada pyal kalti hai .

he goes to shilpa nd cling to her legs and shilpa said awhhh mela baby 

and kissed him on cheek and hugged him armaan said haan haan bete ke ane k baad meri toh kadar ni na too bad tum dono ek din mujhe ghr se bahar nikal doge .

shilpa said: arsh beta daddy ko b toh pyar chahiye na jese apko chahiye arsh pouted nd said cheating muma cheating plz u love me more 

Last part:You Are Only Mine

Armaan- yaar... Kaise dost hai mere me me bed par laita hu..aur koi mujhse milna hi nhi aaya....aur riddhima ab to sasurji ki permission mil gyi hai..yeh kha..hai...kisi ko meri parwah hi nhi hai...
(tabhi riddhima enter hoti hai... Boht khush hokar kehti hai..)

Riddhima- armaan.....pta hai me tumhare liye ek surprise hai....(armaan naraaz jone ka natak karta hai riddhima notice karti hai aur kehti hai..)

Part 3:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai


(armaan delhi airport se bahar nikalta hai..)

Armaan- finally pohch gya delhi....thankgod...sabse pehle orphanage jaakar aunty se milta hu...

(armaan orphanage pohchta hai...aur dekhta hai..ek lady baccho ko padha rhi hoti hai...armaan use awaaz deta hai)

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Siggies of Arman-Riddhima (kash)

Viren's creation on kash only 

part 6:It's all planned..

She stepped inside her room closing the door behind her and rested her back on the closed door. Her breaths were uneven and her upper body moved up and down as a reflex of her encounter with Armaan. The scenes that occurred a moment ago flashed curving her lips in a shy smile while she looked down and tried to catch her breath.


“tumne ridzi ke saath phir se ladaai ki na.Dekho wo bhag gayi” muskaan said chirpily rotating her phone between her fingers.

Armaan was looking at ridzi’s retreating figure when he heard muskaan talking to him and replied “leave all that..You say sweetheart,kisse baat kar rhi thi itne der se when I was already here?”..Armaan asked not getting anything to ask and putting one arm around muskaan’s shoulder.

“arrey my ex boyfriend,Rahul.We are still friends na” muskaan said while both of them made their way to the sofa’s in the living room.


(PART 97)


Armaan sleep was disturb when he feel the sudden closeness... As the sun rays were coming inside from the window where the curtains were left open, Armaan try to adjust his eyes to the sudden light... Hiding his eyes with hand, Armaan try to understand why Riddhima was clicking to him so much... creation home

Hi frndz riya here maine bahut confuse thi ki bl8g par kya post so I thought ki accha toh maine likhti nahi toh kyu aapne writing se dusro ko Pakao......isse better toh siggies hi bana lo .......
Hope u like it......♥♥♥♥

Part 2:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai

Part 2

(shilpa yeh sunkar shock ho jaati hai..aur uske haath se mobile niche sofe par gir jaata hai... Sab shilpa ko aise dekhkr shock hote hai...aur puchte hai...)

Rahul- shilpa kya hua armaan ka phone tha.... Na kya kha usne.

(shilpa kuch jawaab nhi deti hai to rahul sofe par gira phone uthakar baat karta hai.aur dusri side se sunkar vo bhi shock ho jaata hai aur sabko batata hai...)

Rahul- armaan..vo...armaan .ka accident ho gya hai.....


Hey guys this is my first ff hope you will like it. pictures shayad 2 part kai baad mai post hongi bt haan pakka hondi.

character sketch

DR ARMAAN MALIK(have completed his studies and had finished 6 months of his internship at sanjeevni) a person with lots of dreams and aims. his biggest dream to have his dream girl to be his life partner. loves his mother very much. hearthrobe of all and is flourtarious with nature sometimes. he does not love his father and reason u will come to know after wards bt loves his dearest sister piya very much(piya of pkyek). oh oh forgot to tell he lives in mumbai.

RIDHIMA GUPTA(have completed her studies and will be joining sanjeevni) a heart opened girl. loves and respect all her dear and near ones. have a dark side for boys bt loves his brother abhay and some frnds very much(abhay or pkyek) why dark side for boys will get to know later in the story. loves her mother. have two sisters andaly elder and shilpa younger. ek dum bindaas type girls. guess what she lives in punjab and a punjabi. oh oh itna toh suspence rakh sakti hoon. so she wil be working in sanjeevni,punjab.

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Episode 1:Slam book - Dill ki Batein Doston Ke Sang

Here friends as you all asked and demanded and gives me permission to come back with Slam Book Choti Choti Batein Doston Ke Sang, so here it is is baar bhi yeh Slam Book Segment humein humare doston ke aur paas lekar jaayega humesha kii tarah is baar kuch dichasp bhi is baar kuch nayapan bhi hain ismein jaise ek pyaari sii game hain kuch ankahi doston kii taraf se ansooni batein hain jo humare dost humein batayenge khud aapni zubani Dill Mill Gayye kii yadein Armaan Riddhima ka pyaar batayenge Blog ke baare meiin oonke khathe meethe pal batayenge aur oonke doston ke saath hue kuch hansi ke pyaar ke dosti ke nagme sunayege so here i am hope aap sabko yeh sab khoobsoorat lage thanks again kii aapne mujhe yeh shuru karne kii izzazat den dii thanks

Part 41 :Beintehaan

Ridz opend her eyes n tears rolled down n in a vry sharp shrieking voice she shouted "i hate him bhaiyya ..i jst hate himm"

Atul sighed n said "oky ...toh tum khana kyun nahi kha rahi ho princess aur iss room mey kyun bhaiti huyi ho ....kyun uska intezaar kar rahi ho ...kyunn..."

Atul ws abt to ask anothr question bt ridz walked out of z room wizout answering atul ....atul followed her ...

Part 18:You Are Only Mine


(mandur se riddhima OT ke bahar pohchti hai aur use dr kirti milti hai...vo riddhima se kehti hai.....)

Kirti- riddhima... Armaan ko hosh aa gya hai...vo aap hi ka naam le rhe hai..jaiyye unse mil lijiye...

(riddhima.... Armaan ke ward ki taraf bhagti hai...aur dekhti hai.kii armaan ankhen kholkar use dekhta hai..aur kehta hai..)

part 6:Fought for ur soul

Boy : (in mind) goddd ye yahan bhi... Crap...

Sh : tummm tum yahan kya kr rabe ho...
Boy : tum kitna chilati ho..

Anji : kon hai shilpa

Puzzels n riddels..!!

heya people n welcome to another segmet of puzels n riddels
Hope u guys enjoyed round two..!!!

Happy Birthday Annie(16 June)

hi friends......aaj humari blog ki ek bahut hi pyari si sweet si ladki ,meri pyari sis annie ki bd hai..she is a great writer too. toh chalo usey bd wish karte hain...

"shona Sis, you have a bigger heart than anyone I know. It’s so big that you love me no matter what, despite my all-too-frequent not-so-nice side and few-and-far-between nice side. I love you for that. Happy birthday!"

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Prologue & Part 1:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai

this FF is specially for KaJen fanzz

AR FF Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai By Anika


Armaan - kisi ne kaha hai..hum jeete ek baar hai..marte bhi ek baar hai..aur PYAAR vo bhi ek baar hi hota hai...Aur yeh pyaar to mujhe tumse hogya hai shilpa ab yeh pyaar dobara kisise nhi ho sakta... ....i love you..Shilpa...

Shilpa - I love you 2 armaan. ..aaj hamara roka hai...aur aaj hum hamesha ke liye ek bandhan me band chuke hai....ab hume koi nhi juda kar sakta hai..koi bhi nhi....


Armaan- I LOVE YOU RIDDHIMA GUPTA....I LOVE tumse boht pyaar karta hu...boht zyada...

Riddhima- I love you 2 armaan... Pta nhi kab kaise...but I love you

Part 8:U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! - AR FF

U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! AR FF


Piya was running behind Armaan who got the ball with him... Rahul was covering Muskaan... Piya and Muskaan was wearing red tang tops n black track pants... Rahul was wearing black track suit with yellow t.shirt were else Armaan put black track suit only as he remove his jacket before starting the game...

Part 7:Tumse Milke - an AR SS -


'Dad, I was thinking kiya main kuch din tak chutti lekar Uncle ka dyan rakh sakti hoon...' Riddhima asked all of sudden making Shashank and Padma shocked where else Karan and Armaan froze hearing her unexpected question...

segment 46 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

Riddhima mumbled: “uff!yeh ladki bhi na!

Arman ,who was busy in kissing her neck,asked …”kya hua?”

Riddhima replied trying to move: “kehti hai kabab me haddi nahi banungi..usey pata bhi hai ki uski di tadap rahi hai usse baat karne ko….

Arman remove her hairs from her cheeks lovingly while uttered: “bachchi hai,chodo na..

Riddhima smiled : “hmmm..par tum bhi toh bachche ban rahe ho arman…dekho kitna late ho gaya…puja start ho jayegi…

Kitty Creation (Siggies of Armaan n Riddhima)

AR/Kajen Siggies by kriti
updated 2

The DMG Contest by Huda

Hiiii guysss!!!!

Guess whoooo???? .......................Nahi kar paare...

Ok so mein clue deti hu aap logo ko... "chota packet bada dhamaka"

Abhi bhi nahi samjhe...acha chalo mein hi aapko bata deti hu...

Mein hu Huda....!!! Aaplog mujhe bhul toh nahi gaye...waise aaplogo ki bhi galti nahi hai meine kaam hi aisa kara hai...eid ke chaand ki tarah aayi hu mein blog par...

so jo log mujhe jaante he unko.. "i missed you all a lot"

Part 5 & 6 : TUMSE MILKE - AR SS


Armaan and Riddhima share a beautiful eyelocked without blinking there eyes... Their trace were broken when someone enter the cafe ringing the small bell....
Riddhima took out her hand away from Armaan grip and Armaan chuckle seeing her shy face....
'So Riddhima... Will u be my fiance...???' Armaan asked...

Riddhima was shocked to hear his sudden propose as she wasn't really expecting him to propose her like that.... Seeing Riddhima shocked expression Armaan smile and to make the atmosphere friendly Armaan thought to make a joke...