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Happy Birthday Liza & Sadaf (28th June)

hi guys,aaj humare blog ki 2 pyari pyari members aur meri pyari sisters ki bd hai,they r lizaksk and sadaf..they r our blog's old members and great writer too..toh chalo unka bd celebrate karte hain.

A very very happy birthday liza shona...many many happy returns of the day...May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

A very very happy birthday sadaf sis ...many many happy returns of the day... I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

Siggies of Arman-Riddhima (kash)

Viren's creation on kash only 

updates --3

Part 1 & 2 :Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

Displaying dil mein ho tum.jpg
characters r same as dmg
guests are about to come n in ridhima's room anjali was helping her in getting ready...she instructed ridhima of what to say n what to not
anj- ridzi tum unkesaamne theek se baithna who jo puchenge uska sahi sahi jawaab dena unke saamne aisa waisa kuch matt bolna jo unhe confuse kardey n so on...she kept on instructing her n our ridhima is in her own world...
anj- ridzi tum sunrahi ho na

Part 63 (A):Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

After 45 days

There is something going in one of the bed rooms of Mallik Mansion and as there are some nosies there and just to see it's none other than Karan Mallik who is leaning towards his darling wifey's shoulder and then whispering in her ear softly while caressing her face

Karan:''Happy Birthay Nandu''

And that moment feeling his soft touch as well his soft kiss on her cheek and then she opened her eyes lightly and seeing the love of her life in front of her eyes as always she gives that bright smile of hers as usual after all he is the one the reason of her lie, her happiness and then she engulfed her arms around his neck and then as she thanked him while saying and kissing his forhead


Hey this is the first part of my ff. Thank u all for commenting on intro and relieved that all appreciated it. hope u will keep liking this ff as it continues.

in mumbai

boy 1- woohoo mom we won the basket ball match as before.

boy 2- yaa aunty aur ab toh aap ko humaari favorite naashta bannana padega aaj.

boy 3- maza aa gaya yaar.

girl 1 and 2 were frowning

girl1- maa bhai nai cheating ki

girl 2- saare ladke ek jaise hote hai cheaters. aunty they cheated with us.

boy 1- tum ladkiya kabhi bhi apni haar accept nahi karti naa. haari ho toh maan jao




Armaan and Riddhima were walking around the mall buying everything and anything that Riddhima wants... Armaan was tired running behind his wife but he knows there was no way that he could say no to his dearest wife... Armaan was already holding five bags on his each hand as Riddhima move in to another shop which was fill with soft toys...

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part 11 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

thanks a lot sadaf,anu and megha for ur sweet comments...thanks a lot to silent readers too....hope u will like this part too....

@ megha dear...i am punam,not anamika....arey yaar ff padhne ke baad naam toh dekh lo writer ka....waise a lot thanks  for ur comment....glad u like this ff.....

arman wiped tears ,looked at riddhima and uttered : “jab tum apne bhai ke bachche ki khushi mana rahi thi na,mai ander se tut raha tha. mujhe mere anmol ka haq chahiye tha.tum hi batao riddhima usne kya galti ki thi,mere di ne kya galti ki thi jo itni badi saza mill rahi thi un dono ko…..kya pyar karna gunah hai?

riddhima nodded while uttered in teary voice: “kabhi nahi arman,pyar toh duniya ki sabse khubsurat cheez hai,yeh maine tumse pyar hone ke baad samjhi.”

Part 6:Pyar Ka Ehsaas


riddhima : "muski mai di.........

muskan jumped with excitement and joy..."di!di ..aap kahan ho?di aapo kuch hua toh nahi? di aap thik ho toh?

riddhima : "arey saans toh le le...mai sab bataungi.

achanak muski jor jor se rone lagti hai.rahul dar jata hai aur puchta hai : "kya hua muski? riddhima thik hai na? "

muski kabhi haan me sir hilati hai kabhi na me...rahul ko kuch samajh nahi aata. wah muski ke hath se mobile leta hai aur worriedly puchta hai : "riddhima,r u ok? kahan ho? mujhe batao mai wahan aata hun."

Part 7:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai


In Delhi

(sun ki rays armaan par padti hai..vo apni ankhen kholta hai..aur uthkar bed par beth jata hai....pahle wah samajh nahi pata wah kahan hai....wo room ko ghurne lagta hai,yeh uska room nahi hai...phir wo yahan kya kar raha hai? achanak uski nazar uske paas soi riddhima par padta hai aur usey kal raat ki sari cheezen yaad aa jati hai....vo yeh sab dekhkar boht shock ho jaata hai..use paseena aane lagta hai..vo apna haath se paseena.. Saaf karta hai..aur ghabrate huye keha hai..)

Part 11:U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! - AR...

U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! AR FF
Part 11

Stars were shining in the sky; moon was hidden behind the clouds... Armaan was standing in the terrace looking up at the sky as a small smile was playing on his lips... After years, this was the firs time Armaan was smiling thinking about what had happen in the hospital early today...

Note:The DMG Contest

Hi guysss...m huda...

i just wanted to remind you all abt the task...hope you all have nt frgtten!

bcoz i hav jst gt 1 entry till now...


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Part 18: We Belong Together

The couple of days in the Hospital had been very tiring with back to back working hours with no time for the interns to even breathe. The Final reports submission had also been dealt with. And the senior Doctors was impressed by each one of them.

Riddhima nodded smiling at Abhimanyu. She stole a glance at Armaan and saw him looking highly disgruntled with the arrangements.

Riddhima bid goodbye to Abhimanyu as she stood at the main entrance. It had not been a very pleasant day without Armaan's presence and then whenever she saw him, he seemed in a very annoyed mood.

Part 11&12:Tumse Milke - an AR SS -


Armaan and Riddhima were standing outside the in the garden before they leave to their respective houses... Karan and Shashank were inside settling everything before they leave along with Padma... Abhi, Nikki, Muskaan and Rahul just left 2mins ago after teasing Armaan and Riddhima...

part 75 : saacha pyar

Hey Guys!
Thank you Punam Di, Sadaf, and Anu di for your comments <3
Glad you liked the part!
Aap sab ke liye maine ek aur part likha hai
Here it is:


part 84 : Always With You


armaan - billi ...!!!!
billi look up and saw armaan  his sunny boy and ridhima the love of his boy and anji.... and a little girl in armaan's arm.....

billi and ananya exchange look and then billi get up and welcom them....

ananya - armaann ridhima anji tum log aaj aachanak,.....

Armaan and ridhima were standing dumb found with arima unaware sleeping peacefull on her dadda's sholder in his arms....


now the part


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Part 11: You actually love me or ...

riddhima's cabin arman cme

armaan:''merii princess kiske khayalon meinn khoii hui hai?''

riddhima:''arman wht the helll u doing u heree?''(she is shocked to see him in hospital as he is not completely ok and she tell him to takee restt)

armaan:''riddhima merii bat to sunoo''

Part 10:U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! - AR FF

U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!! AR FF
Part 10

Piya and Gunjan enter Mallik Mansion laughing and talking about what happen in the Saloon with Samrat... They were lauhging remembering Samrat expression when he came to know that the guy in the Saloon was the Sandy who Piya and Gunjan arrange for his meeting with...

Part 61: Mad At Each Other

At Uni

peon :armaan apko principal  maddam bularahi hai ....

Armaan:mujhey ...kyun?

Poen:mujhey kya pata ...maddam ji bohot gussey mey hai apko jaldi aney keyliye kaha hai ...

Armaan:gussa ? kyun 

Part 207 & 208 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 207:

Shashank blinked. He didn't knew whether he was imagining things or not. He was dumbfounded. Armaan was a little puzzled.

Armaan: Sir... good morning sir...

Shashank: Good... good morning Dr.Armaan... aap... aap... yahan?

Armaan: Ji wo main...

He told Shashank everything.

Armaan: So Dr.Kirti ne mujhe aapko surgery me assist karne ke liye...

Note by sohah

hi guys,

me bck as in sohah
i was vanished from here becoz of my studies and all
but now me bck hehehhehe i hope u missed me as much as i did
just want to thank u all for appreciating my n rihoo di's work

love you all
~ Sohah ~

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Part 6:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai

Next morning

(shilpa flowershop pohchti hai.. Aur vha flower shop wale uncle se bolti hai...)

Shilpa- uncle...

Uncle- ha beta bolo kounse flowers chahiye?

Shilpa- nhi flowers nhi chahiye...vo ..mujhe aapse kuch puchna tha...


(PART 98)


After whole two weeks, Riddhima and Armaan were back in hospital... Dr.Kriti has relief Riddhima from most of the case saying her day was coming near so it would be better if she handle less cases in these few days... As Riddhima was going to be turn eight months pregnant, Dr.Kriti asked Armaan to give extra care to Riddhima...
Riddhima complain Armaan for being after her every 15mins asking her several questions and not let her do her work peacefully and ignoring his work as well... Riddhima knows it would affect his carrier but Armaan was not listening to her and always be by her side every 15 to 30mins...

Part 10:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take


MallikMansion Armaan was waiting for abhimanyu n nikkita n was about to call them when he heard nikki 's voice 

Nikki -hey buddy wassup???

 Armaan turned back n smiles seeing her after a long time.... He went forward n hugged her Muskaan ridhima saw that whereas Rahul n Atul were busy thinking about them (nikki n armaan) 

Rahul -(to Atul) abey yaar ye Koun hai ab 

Atul -friend hogi yaar armaan sir ki 

Muski -Oye friend hi hai armaan sir ki haan


Suddenly door bell rings Arman goes to the door and ask

Armaan; kaun?????????

Atul; khol bhai mein hoon

Armaan; (in a weird tone) is waqt…….. raat k do baj rahe hain Atul………. tu wapis kab aya ????

Part 17 : Hate Or Love .. AR ff

Armaan entered his room after having a long chat with soniya, he looked at the watch which showed 2'o'clock and then looked at Ridhima sleeping curled up on the bed like a baby with a book clapsped between her hands and chest, he shook his head as he saw the comfronter was on the other side...

He moved towards the bed, covered her with the comfronter and carefully took the book out of her grasp, keeping it on the side table he sat on the side of the bed, he saw he sleeping like an angel...

A smile played on his lips remembering the last night

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Episode 2:Slam book - Dill ki Batein Doston Ke Sang

Here friends as you all liked the slam book segment thanks so much for your all encouraging comments and support and yes aapke bina aap sab ke support ke bina slam book adhoora hain so main aapka tahe dill se shukriya karti hun for this thanks so much so chaliye aaj Slam Book Choti Choti Batein Doston Ke Sang, meiin aaj kii yadon ke doosre pane ko bharne aa rahii hain Megha Bansal ek cute sii nayii sii pyaari sii memeber hain humare is blog kii so here it is is baar bhi yeh Slam Book Segment 

part 74 : saacha pyar

Hey guys!  Surprised?
But I finally gave a couple of job interviews and am hoping I get hired.  So I had some time to spare; therefore giving me the time for this ff.
I'm planning to end this very soon.  I don't even know if you guys are interested, but for punam di, I will complete it
Thanks for understanding! <3
Love you all!

Part 74

RECAP – since it’s been a while since I last posted a part
Dr. Sashank finally forgave Anjali and Atul.  Riddhima is very happy with this, but she is even happier because Armaan told her that Dr. Sashank talked to him as if he were his son.  Sashank is worried but he knows that Armaan is the right one for Riddhima.  Riddhima is sitting in the canteen when someone comes to talk to her.



She ordered her coffee and sat at the table, looking through files when someone approached her

Person – Mind if I sit here?

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-224

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

part 10 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

sorry friends for late updating........hope u will like this part...thanks.

link of previous part ---Inteqaam (the unique revenge ) part 1- 9

recap ---

In a while arman’s face was on the monitor. Riddhima was stunned seeing his face. it was pale. On the monitor she got a devastated arman, a defeated arman, totally a broken arman,a ruined arman,a weak arman.

His trembling voice echoed: “alvida riddhima……….

Part 5:Pyar Ka Ehsaas

Riddhima ka sir bhari sa lagraha hai vo ankhey khol nahi parahi thi ....muskil sey vo ankhey kholti hai aur idhar udhar dekhti hai uska ghar nahi tha ....uskey haat paun bandhey huye they aur muh pey plaster ...vo bohot darjati hai usey kcuh samjh mey nahi araha tha

Part 17: sindoor

And armaan is surprised seeing her his eyes did not leave her sight for a minute even and riddhima just lowered her eye lids but she can feels his eyes boring upong him and then they just

Pandit:''bitiya aab aap pehle Ganpati Bappa ko tilak laga kar Chunar ke oopar se aapnein Patii ko bhi tilak lagao jis se ap oonka sawagat karen ghar''

part 2:Life out of control(season 2)

The alarm on her phone was ringing. Nooo…she had slept so late last night! Just a few more hours won’t hurt anyone. Finding her phone, she cut it, and turned her face into her fluffy pillow for more comfort.

Hey eyes suddenly snapped open. She didn’t remember keeping an alarm the previous night. Sitting upright, she checked her phone again. Sure enough, she had just cut someone’s call. And that person was none other than Armaan. Keeping the phone close to her heart, she smiled. This feeling was amazing. Her phone buzzed again and this time she picked it up.

“Armaan mujhe laga mera alarm hai! I’m so sorry!”

“Achcha…toh princess gyara baje tak so rahi thi?”

“Gyara baje?” her eyes flew to her bedside clock. It was 10:45.

“Koi jhoot bolna tum se seekhe Armaan!” She was slightly peeved off that she hadn’t woken up earlier.

“Agar main call nahin karta, toh tum bara baje tak so rahi hogi.”

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segment 47 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

thanks a lot priyu,deep ,anu,rihoo,sanju and shagun for commenting in last part..........hope u will like this part too....thanks a lot to silent readers too.

“dadi…dadi..meri pyari dadi….”manvi came to dadi like jumping and hugged her tightly.

Dadi : “arey ,bawri kyon hui ja rahi hai? koi khushkhabri hai kya?”

Manvi uttered showing  her 32 teeth : ‘khushkhabri nahi,good news…

Dadi smacked on her head…”pagli..wahi ek hi baat hai,bata kya good news hai..

Manvi nodded : “nai..pahle batao mujhe kya gift milega?

She heard from back : “jaan le lo…..

Part 42 :Beintehaan

Before armaan could understnd wat she said she ran away frm zer ....armaan stood up on his feet n smiled at her ritering figure n  while rubbing on his heart said "i luv u soniyo...."

He tuk a deep breathe n moved towrds his room ...aftr taking shower he laid down on bed n lost in his thoughts 

Happy Birthday Mandira (22nd june)

hi guys,aaj humare blog ki ek old member,meri bahut hi pyari friend aur ek great writer mandira..the writer of "world stopped that moment "  ka happy birthday hai. actually blog me sabhi members meri sis hai but mandira is my friend,my best bengali friend. love u mandira.

Fateful love in an arrange marriage

A girl  was sitting in the canteen of her college admiring the beautiful couple... She always admire that couple whenever she saw them together... She has a beautiful smile on her lips n she was admiring them for god knows how many times... A gang of three girls came n sat on the chairs... One girl who has curly hairs nudged the girl who was admiring the couple but the curly girl got no response so she looked at other girls who was smiling at her n saw the direction where the girl was looking... They understood n smiles looking at each other... The three of them suddenly shouts 

Girls -ridziii

The girl jerked from her thoughts n came back in the real world... She looked at her friends who were laughing at her Ridhima -kya guys tumloag kyun chilla rahe they... Main behri thodi naa hun... 

Yes she is none other than RIDHIMA GUPTA and the three girls were ANJALI. MUSKAAN. And. NIKKITA 

Muski -ab kya Karen tu Toh apni duniya mein mast thi Toh kaise sunpaati hamari awaaz

Anji -ridzi tu ek Baat. Bata. Hamey tu aisa kya dekhrahi thi NAVEEN SIR ko

Part 10:Tumse Milke - an AR SS -



Armaan was standing with Rahul and Abhi on the stage waiting for the girls to come with Riddhima... They had reach the venue about 30mins ago, Padma and Shashank lead them inside and to the stage where two chairs were kept decorated by different kinds of flowers...

Puzzels n riddels..!!

heya people n welcome to another segmet of puzels n riddels
Hope u guys enjoyed round three..!!!