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part 7 & 8 :Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

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part 7

armaan decided to take an off as he did not spend much time with ridhima last day...n he want to take her out for shopping later then they will have dinner out...

armaan calls ridhima to say her to get ready...
armaan - hello sweetheart...
ridz- ( blushes) hello ( in a sweet voice...
arm- ( smiles listening to her sweet voice) acha ridhima get ready aaj hum bahar jaarahe hain I will pick u up in half an hour theek hain...
ridz jumps from the bed n says

Siggies of Arman-Riddhima (kash)

Viren's creation on kash only 

updates --3

Part 13: You actually love me or ...

arman and riddhima bumps in eachother

ar:''itnii achii subhh meraa pyaar merii baahon meinn vah''

riddhima realize herselfand go towards her locker


Part 211 & 212 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 211:

Ridhimaa looked at Armaan.

Armaan: Matthew?

Tamanna was looking scared. Ridhimaa pressed her hand.

Tamanna: Ammy... wo American hai...

Armaan: (seriously) Wo to mujhe bhi pata chal gaya hai...

Tamanna: Ammy agar tumhe nahi pasand to main use mana kar dungi... tum gussa mat hona...

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Part 62: Mad At Each Other

Armaan cleaned z messy kitchen n moves towrds his room ....he ws damn tired feeling very sleepy ...he reached his room n tried to open his room door bt it ws nt opening ...he tried alot zen he tuk a deep breathe nthought its must be her darling wify's prank zen he  moved towrds ridz room ..while standing at z door shouted 

"basket dnt tell me abh tumney mera room lock kiya hai"

Riddhima replied back frm her room "okyy dino mai nahi kahungi ki maine room lock kiya hai"she giggled ...

After totally exhausted day armaan badly nids to sleep peacefully on his bed n hearing ridz giggling he lost his temper n wanna shout at ridz bt he has no enegry left  to shout at ridz ....feeling vry tired n sleepy..

Part 12 & 13:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai


(armaan notice board se saare photos hataakar apni pocket me rakh leta hai...aur hostel ke liye bhaagta hai..hostel me riddhima.zameen par bethi huyi ro rhi hoti..hai..)
Riddhima- kyu kiya..tumne aisa armaan...kyu..??
(armaan riddhima ke room ke bahar aata hai..vo dekhta door khula hota hai...vo andar chala jaata hai..aur dekhta hai ki riddhima zameen par bethkar ro rhi hoti hai....vo piche se hi riddhima ko kehta hai.)

Part 2 :A Tale of two Strangers- AR

Part 2

Armaan: Mai chah kar bhi usse nahi bhula pa raha hu, I…..I still…..I still miss her a lot….!

He said his last words in whisper so that it could be only audible to himself but Rahul heard him & gave him a smile.

Rahul: I knew it… tu sirf kehta hai ki tu usse nafrat karta hai but sach yeh hai ki you never hated her. You look always happy or rather you are happy but deep inside you there is sadness whose reason is …something is really missing in your life & that’s her. That is the person, your best friend Riddhima whom you are missing in all these years, in happiness or when you are sad or anything which relate you to her. It’s been 8 years but you still miss her.

part 5 & 6 : Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum,

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part 5

next day ridhima wokeup early but today armaan did not call her dat was making her restless she was praying to god dat please make armaan to call her... lol...
God listens her wish n armaan make a call...ridz phone rings she happily pick-up the phone...
ri- hello in a cheerfull voice...
ar- gud mrng princess...
ri- gud mrng armaan...aapne itna late call kyun kiya...

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part 12 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

thanks a lot aayu,shagun,sadaf,megha and anu for ur sweet comments..hope u will like this part too..thanks a lot silent readers too......

Riddhima’s sleep broke hearing a whispering voice .it was her maid ,who was trying to wake up her calling her name.riddhima tried to sit but heard maid’s voice: “nahi nahi ,leti raho riddhima..tum thik ho?

Riddhima asked in a low voice: “aaya kya?

Maid: “koun?

Riddhima lips trembled: “ar—m-an…arman aaya kya?

part 15 & 16:I will bring my basket back


          armaan’s sleep broke as he heard the chirping voice of the birds. he looked down as he felt shallow breathes of riddhima on his chest. she was sleeping in his arms looking like a small kid hugging her teddy bear and sleeping wearing that long shirt of his. he smiled remembering their last night. he detangled her and removed ther fringes from her face to have a better look. that is when he saw her state; her dishieveled hair; her vermillion spread on her forehead; her dried tears at the corner of her eyes and a small satisfying smile on her face. his gaze fell on the bedsheet which was completely misplaced; her sheet that was wrapped around her was still under both of them; some of her broken bangles on the bed. he saw that there was a lil mark on her hand as she must have got hurt when the bangle brokr. he held her hand and kissed it. she woke up and saw armaan gazing down at her. she smiled at him as she saw him holding her hand and seeing the bruise on her hand;she understood what he must be doing. he kissed her forehead and lightly kissing her lips said; good morning basket!! he kissed her hand again and muttered a sorry.

Part 1:Anjaane deewane

2 best friends & their complicate love story.. Confused? Well when it started they were confused too.. Its a real story, but not using real names & instead of that I'll be using our very own DMG stars.. Armaan riddhima & Rahul muskaan.

Riddhima and Muskaan were the only two friends, thou they had many friends but these two were like sisters or more than sisters. No dark & deep secrets. Two school best buddies.. Now all grown up with those smart and beautiful looks..

When riddhima was in 11th she realised that she has this soft corner for her fiend from childhood Armaan.. She hadn't met him in last 15 years but she used to talk to him every day. Both took almost 9 years to realise this that they were in love..

part 85 : Always With You


and then both moved in the room while hugging eachother close to them self..... and then sliped in the bed while armaan made arima on one side but away from the cornor... and then kept pillow on bed cornor so arima don't fall and then lying down with ridhima in his arms and on arm of his holding arima protecting hr from fall.... and ridhima smile at this....

Part 16:Super model

Late at nite..

Ridhima's place..
Armaan entera ridhima's rum via pipe..

R : aahhh... Kon hai..

Armaan switches on the lite..

R : armaan tum.. Wat are u doing here.. Is waqt.. 

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segment 48 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

thanks a lot priyu, ,anu,rihoo, and shagun for commenting in last part..........hope u will like this part too....thanks a lot to silent readers too.

Arman and riddhima returned their sweet home. Manvi,dadi and virat was waiting for them. As doorbell rang,manvi ran to the door and opened …….and seeing riddhima clinging to her like a kid.virat heard arman’s voice from back : “achcha!toh di mill gayi toh ab jiju ko pahchanti hi nahi,kyon mannu?

Virat was surprised  getting arman like this. he smiled in heart .manvi left riddhima and replied arman holding his hand….”nahi jiju…ab toh shona di se jyada aap pyare ho mujhe…..welcome back to home jiju…

Part 44 :Beintehaan

Riddhima:stubborn) nahi ,aap meko chokdey kahin nahi jaovgey bas meko aur kuch nahi sunah ... u jst cnt bhaiyya ....

Atul:princess samjha karo ....har saal mai iss meetings keyliye jata hun tumhey pata haina.... mera jana kitna jaruri hai ...agar ye meetings imp nahi hoti toh kya mai jata tumhey chodkey bolo ...

Ridz noded her head as no n  said "aap kehtey honah iss duniya mey sabsey jayda imp sirf mai hun zen how could u leave me alone bhaiyya.....har saal koi nah koi hota tha mere saat par iss saal sab plan karkey mujhey akela chod rahey honah...abh bohot hogaya meko kuch nahi sunah abh"

Part 18 : Hate Or Love .. AR ff

i hate u... and then i love you...
its like i wnt to throw u off a cliff...
then rush to the bottom to catch you...
                                               ... ridhima

Ridhima entered the cafateria to join muskaan , she threw her lab coat furiously ordereing herself a coffee and sat infront of muskaan muttering  curses for armaan under her breath

muskaan looked at her amused as if she's lost or gone mad  "' ridzy teri tabiyat toh theek hai na"?
she asked checking her forehead...ridhima shot muskaan an angry glare...

''are kisi aur ka gussa mujh per kyu nikaal rahi hai..''?

''mai  kisi par bhi gussa nahi hoon'' ridhima said crossing her arms...

''haan haan wo  to dikh raha hai, chal bata aaj kya kiya tere armaan ne''?

Part 12: You actually love me or ...

armaan:''vaise riddhima iskee bad na mujhe tumhara vaala special milkk chahiye''

ridzz blushes after hearing tht

armaan:''oye hoyye''

riddhima:''mainn abhie ati hun arman''

and without given a single chance to speak she ran frm there.....after sme timee  ridzz reached in arman's rooom



All went to nurse station

Dr kirti- welcome new interns and good morning interns. Interns aaj humare ko kuch nai interns nai join kiya hai. Interns introduce ur selves.

Dr nikki- I am nikkita malohtra from mumbai

Dr piya- myself piya malik from mumbai.

Dr kirti- interns take ur pagers and remind mere ko late comers sai nafrat hai , jaise hi yeh pager beep hoga aapko uss duty par report karna hoga nahi toh rctal exams kai liye ready rehna nd pagers ki battery check karte rahiyega agar iski battery khatam hogayi vaise hi samajh lijiyega ki aap ka courier bhi khatam.

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RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-225

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

part 3 & 4 :Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum,

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part 3

after coming back from gupta's house armaan was in thoughts of ridhima... he took his photo frame which was beside his bed table n started talking to it...
ar- baby stop looking so cute...I can't wait more...god hamari shaadi kab hogi...not that he is despo for SR but he wants to embrace her in his arms for the rest of his life...
ar- love u alottt my angel...n kisses her photo...
on the other side


“tum kisi k bharose aur dosti k qabil he nahi ho”

Rids words are sounding in Armaan`s ears 

Armaan; tum bhi mujhe nahi samjh pae Rids mein ne um se ye expect nahi kia tha sahi kaha tum ne mein kisi ki dosti aur bharoose k qabil he nahi (closes his eyes n tears flow down)

Part 1:A Tale of two Strangers- AR


It was a fine morning, sun spreading his bright & warm rays all over to let people know that it’s another beautiful day after the dark night. There was a big white bungalow near beach. As the sun rays enter into a room, a girl almost in her mid- twenties, sleep was disturbed & a frown crept on her face which is no less than an angel. Suddenly an alarm clock noise disturbed her sleep. She shut the alarm clock off. She jumped out of her bed to freshen up. Soon she was wearing her jogging suit & made her way out of the house for a morning walk.

Part 209 & 210 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 209:

Ridhimaa: Wo main...

Tamanna: Haan Ridz tum... mujhe pata tha ki tumhe mujhpar poora bharosa hoga...

Ridhimaa's cries increased. Armaan glanced at her and found that she was looking guilty. In an instant he understood that like the others, she too had doubted him.

Ridhimaa: Tamanna... main...

Tamanna: Kya hua Ridz?

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Episode 3:Slam book - Dill ki Batein Doston Ke Sang

Here friends hey i am back again having a rocking segment of slam book aap sab ke beinteha pyaar ke kaaran hum aapnein doston ke kaareb ate jaa rahein hain so thanks so much again aur is pyaar aur apnepan ke liyye so main aapka tahe dill se shukriya karti hun for this thanks so much so chaliye aaj Slam Book Choti Choti Batein Doston Ke Sang, meiin aaj kii yadon ke teesre pane ko bharne aa rahii hain Rihoo Hawas bahut poorani aur romantic ffs likhne vaali memeber hain jo sabko bahut pyaar karti hain humare is blog kii so here it is is baar bhi yeh Slam Book Segment

prologue : “Mujhe teri jarurat hai”

“har love story me ek hero hota hai,ek heroine aur ek villain ,par yeh love story hai ek villain ki ..ek villain ki love story “( dialogue is taken from ek villain)

“Mujhe teri jarurat hai”
(the love  story of a villain)

“toh tumne kya faisla kiya basket?

“kis baat ka faisla? Aur mai keh chuki hun mai tumhari basket nahi hun,mai riddhima hun,riddhima siddhant modi….”

Part 18: sindoor


(PART 99)

Armaan and Riddhima reach to see Sonam and Amita sitting on the floor bending towards their coloring books... Sapna and Ananya weren't to be seen but they can hear noises coming from kitchen... When they saw Armaan and Riddhima coming, they came towards them... Sonam was the first one to reach as Amita took her little baby steps slowly towards them...

Part 10 & 11:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai


(riddhima Ko 1 ghante baad hosh aata use dekhte hai..aur kehte..)
Doctor- aap thik hai na...
Riddhima- thik

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Happy Birthday Faiza Jahangir (29th June)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ke member faiza ka bd hai...toh chalo usey sab milkar wish karein....

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Part 43 :Beintehaan

Ridz:angrily)shut upp bhoot aur hasna band karo tum warna sir phod dungi 

Armaan:trying to contrl)no i ll nt laugh mre now bt hahahhaha ...he again burst into laughter 

Riddhima:argggg .....she  turned around n stomped her feet on ground ....zen she tried to leave frm here bt coz of her saree she lost balance n slipped on floor ....wen she fell on floor armaan stopped laughing n quickly moved near her ......n helped her in getting up by holding her hand ...ridz ws feeling severe pain in her ankle while walking n shouted 


Part 8 & 9:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai

 part 8

(armaan riddhima ek dusre ko dekh hi rhe hote riddhima dream bahar aa jaati hai.aur nervous hokar kehti hai....)
Riddhima - I think class shuru.hone waali.hogi.hume.chalan.chahiye... Chale
Armaan- ha..chalo...

prologue:A Tale of two Strangers- AR

Hello everyone...!!! My name is Nikita...I like reading ff's so much that I have tried to write my own fan fiction...!! It's a KASH fanfic...!! But you can assume shilpa/ sukirti/Jennifer as you all like...!!
I want to thanks anika for unique plot...& thanku sooo much punam di...!! Apko toh mai mai waise bhi bohot pareshan karti hu ...hope aage bhi karti rahugi ..:P hehehheh sorry..!!

So here is the prologue of my first ever fanfic on AR :

Part 15:Super model

Heya people..
Sabse pehle toh im reallyy soorryy for such a long gap..!! Examz ke bad mere schedule was bit tight..

Puzzels n riddels..!!

heya people n welcome to another segmet of puzels n riddels
Hope u guys enjoyed round four..!!!