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Part-5:~And she left me actually~


Armaan clearly remembered the day he n riddhima tied the nuptial knot. The day god blessed him with an angel in his life. How tremendously gorgeous she was looking when he took her in his arms n watched her face so close to him. The princess dressed elegantly in wedding dress. He took her those rosy lips in their first kiss claiming her his completely.

Armaan admit the fact that marriage changes life drastically but changes in his life was that he loved heartily. His Ladylove was like a magician who took every body in her love spell. Every single person who knows her always praising her that makes armaan go crazy as whenever he wants to b with his love ...somebody use to come n disturb them n goes away handling riddhima some work.

Part 63 (B):Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

Rahul:''vaoww khana aab tou mujhe aur bhi bhookh lag gayyi hain yaar''

He said and then moved towards the table where riddhima placed the basket which contains lunch boxes and

Riddhima:''jii bhayiya main bas abhie laga detii hun aap aayeiye naa''

She said and rahul nodded and then he speaks and

Rahul:''yea main bas 2 minutes meiin aya fresh hokar ok''

part 3:Maybe someday


on the way home ,after dropping nikkie , abhi asked muskaan ..are you alright?? still pissed off at rahul?? to this muskaan replies calmly no yaar uss macchar ko mein kabse itna bhaav dene lagi??
abhi smirks a little at muskaans childishness and says..common muskaan abh you can't atleast lie to me ... muskaans eyes brim with tears as she recalls her past with rahul


it was the day before prom and rahul was running behind muskaan.... areh aye chipkalli sun na ..oye ...aye muskaan... while muskaan was arranging all the decorations for the day to come.. she was one of the few volunteers who were working together to make the prom a hit...she turned towards him and shouted shrillingly kya he be kan khajude?? jaldi bol time nai he mere pass.. dikhta nai kitna kaam pada he?? thodi aake madat kar deta!! par nahi!! peeche peeche ghumne me jyada maza araha he ..rahul got irritated and held her haand by her wrist and jerked her a little towards him.. oye chup baithegi!!?? ek baar tera taperecorder chalu hogaya toh band hone ka naam hi nai leta!! abh sunegi mujhe tujhse kuch important baat karni he ...

Part 223 & 224 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 223:

Ridhimaa looked up. Armaan could not keep quiet now.

Tamanna: Haan bolo Armaan...

Armaan opened his mouth to speak.

Armaan: Tammy...

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Part 2:Dard E Dil


Malik mansion

(trishna andar aati dekhti armaan aur riddhima hall me pareshaan hote hai..armaan trishna ko dekhkar kehta hai..)

harshita creation ♥



Riddhima eyes were watching Armaan every move but her mind was thinking about the day she gave birth to RAY... Past three months was not the happiest months of her life but she felt that somehow RAY has given her a reason to live and she wants to fight for her son, their son...
Armaan who was trying to stop Ray as he saw Riddhima was sleeping and her sleep would get disturb turn around to check if his crying has waken her up to not saw that she was looking towards them... Armaan smile but when Riddhima didn't smile back, Armaan understood she must be lost in her thought...

Character Sketch - Sath Nibhana Sathiya AR FF

character sketch...

Armaan Malik(28) :

elder son of Malik Family,chairman of Malik Empire after his Father retirement..sweet in nature but sometimes naughty...mascular body...girls drool over him but he don't paid any attention because of the morals and values teach by his mother never nay no to his mother never ever argue with his mother...his mother words is god's words...

Thursday, 17 July 2014



Atmosphere was cold and romantic because of the raining, it was still raining slowly keeping the atmosphere cold... Silent were around the place as the only sound was of the 'tip tip' of the rain drops which was falling on the roof... Armaan and Riddhima were sleeping in same blanket ... Riddhima was sleeping on her stomach while her face were hidden in her hair which was spread around as it was left open... Riddhima was holding the blanket close to her body as Armaan hand was around her waist pulling her close to him...

Part 4:A Tale of two Strangers- AR

Armaan came to mumbai & met Bi. Sid Throws a party & sings for Rddhima. Armaan went for morning walk where he see basket ball court & move down through his memory lane remembering his first meet with Riddhima, his best friend.

Part 4

Part 2:Maybe someday


Anjali: Guys yar chalo, results toh kal hai. Abhi mujhe bhook lagi hai aur itne ache performance ke baad celebration toh banta hai.
Rahul: Ya Angie, celebration toh banta hai.Aaj tere aur Armaan ki treat kal ki jeet ke naam kyu Armaan??

But Armaan's isn't paying attention. He is more intersted in the girls surrounding him ,twirling around him and praising him ( Yes indeed! ARMAAN can never be left alone)
Rahul ..a liitle more loudly.. KYU ARMAAN???
Armaan without paying attention says..Yes of course!
smirking Rahul announces to the entire crowd backstage: LISTEN UP GUYS!! AAJ BUNS & ROSES MEIN ARMAAN KI TARAF SE PARTY HAI. kyu ki itni superb performance ke baad PARY TOH BANTI HAI!! rahul says in a sing song voice.

part 87 : Always With You


in Last part We all saw... armaan and ridhima dreaming.....

armaan was questioning himself in dream about him bein wounded arima
crying and ridhima being in OT....

Ridhima saw she and armaan went to Have ice cream and then while
returning she screamed armaan's name on high pitch....


aab aage.....


Next Morning...

armaan was all smiling from ears to ears... and when He wake up he saw
his basket.. smiling in her sleep.... He knew his basket is seeing and
dreaming about him....
He Raise his upper boddy on his elbow and watched ridhima then seeing
her he kept adoring her... and then bend down and place a lovingly and
longing kiss on her forhead... and let his lips keep touching her

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They say that life partners are best friends of each others...they share their pain, grief, happiness, tears with each other. But what happens when once best friends turn into life partners. The same happens to our dear couple Armaan n Riddhima.
They both were childhood neighbour friends...studied in same school nd same college...but fields different...riddhima always wanted to be a doctor like her dad dr. shashank the dean of sanjeevani mumbai and mom dr. padma gupta,  and armaan always wanted to do MBA n wanted to handel his dad karan mallik's  business. Armaan n riddhima's parents were friends isnce college time...and always wanted to stay together. So after completing studies they bought two houses next to each other...n started living dere...latter on shashank got married to padma n kaaran got married to nandini...shashank n padma were both were doctors in sanjeevani and latter on shashank became dean of sanjeevani...he has two daughters Anjili n Riddhima ...whereas karan nandini also has two kids Armaan n Nikita ...and since childhood armaan riddhima were inseperable...they have special place in dere hearts 4 eachother...but both arre unaware of they always take each other as best friends...

making siggy in photoscape

hi friends ,i know most of the  members know to make siggy in photoscape ,but for some new members i am posting its tutorial,hope it will be helpful to them.

1)download photoscape free software....photoscape free software

2)open will look like this......

Intro & Part 1:Dard E Dil


Armaan- mujhe to hi pta tha ki meri wife meri riddhima jitni baahar se khoobsurat hai...utni hi andar se bhi khoobsurat tumse itna pyaar karta hun..

Riddhima- me bhi armaan... is duniya me tumhare siva mera koi nhi...isiliye me apna pyaar aur kisi ko de bhi nhi sakti hu.....mera saara pyaar mera sab kuch sirf aur sirf tum ho...i love you....

part 17 & 18: Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai.


(armaan riddhima ko dekhta hi reh jaata hai..sab log andar party me chale jaate hai...but armaan riddhima ek dusre ko vhi khade dekhte rehte hai...armaan ko subha basketball wala match yaad aata hai...vo riddhima ke paas jaata hai..)

Armaan- riddhima mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai..

siggies on AR/kash

 Anshu's creation

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Happy Birthday anu(15th july)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki sabse saitan but sweet ladki anu aka anamika ka birthday hai. kya aap unhe jante ho? mujhe lagta hai sari duniya is saitan ko janti hai phir bhi mai batati hun...she is a great writer,siggy maker and vm maker. lekin yeh  toh blog ki baat hai,real life me wah bahut hi achchi,sabko pyar karne wali,dill ki ekdam pure...dusron ko sahara ,support dene wali aur mera dimag khane wali ladki hai hehe...toh chalo uska bd celebrate karein....

 Happy Birthday annu...many many happy returns of the day.I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

Epilogue & Part 1:Maybe Someday

ARMAAN MALLIK:- (KARAN SINGH GROVER) hot,handsome,charming,basketball player, sabke dillon ka ARMAAN,and awesome SINGER,cute,friendly,ROMANTIC.
RIDDHIMA GUPTA:-(SHILPA ANAND/JENNIFER WINGET, whichever you prefer to imagine).BEAUTIFUL,DROPDEAD GORGEOUS,DANCER,sweet,simple,loving,caring,basket ball player.
RAHUL GAREWAAL:-(MAYANK ANAND)cool,sweet,a good friend,loyal , helpfuL.
NIKITA CHAWLA:-(SHWETA GULATI) SWEET,charming,smart,lovable,short

jaanam samja karo(AR os for Bachcha)

''jaanam samjha karo na...say yes''

''no no and no'' she shouted and glared at him with her hands on her hips making him raise his eyebrows at her
''hawww...armaan tum mujhe darane ki koshish kar rahe ho''

armaan(while slapping his forehead): areh tumhe darane ki koshish karke marna hain mujhe 
chucking at his face expression... look armaan..i told you earlier..when you proposed me...hum shadi karenge toh sirf papa mumma and bhai ki permision ke saat hi karenge...else there's no way for our wedding
armaan(with fears to loose her in his eyes): what if they never say yes 

Prologue: Sath Nibhana Sathiya - AR FF

ye kahani hai do ajnabiyo ki jo ek atoot bandhan main bandhane ja rhe hai...lekin ye faisla unka nhi...unke parivar walo ka tha...wo kya chahte hai ye toh unke parivarwalo ne kabhi unse pucha bhi nhi...ab dono apni puri zindagi ek doosre k sath bitane ja rhe hai dono ek dusre k naam aur chere k ilawa ek dusre k baare main kuch nhi jaante...sirf dono yahi umeed rakh kar apni nyi zindagi main kadam rakh rhe hai..."sukh main dukh main Saath Nibhana Sathiya"

kya dono ne jo ek dusre par umeed rakhi hai kya dono ek dusre ki umeed par kadhhe ho payenge

Our sweet little momments (BD gift to cheeku)

The screen open with a handsom man sitting on his chair in an office of his own company .... Which have reached to it high peak.....

The CEO of the company have won no of awards for YOUNGEST ACHIEVER  in "Technology world"

But as his company stands proud and strict he was is and can never be like that he is sooo gentle, humble, caring person....  He provide a no off leaves to the people without pay cutting.... All the works in his company always praise him and elder employees of his company keep their boss in their prayers every single min.

But their boss he is mad.... Totally mad in love.... Love with his wify.... Love with the love of his life.....

Sometimes he wonder if they really had arrange marriage... Wheather his wify was the same person in schooling .in college he use to get irritated by.....

Happy Birthday Anamika

Happy Birthday Anamika Gaddam Puran 

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RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-226

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

part 7: pyar ke ehsaas

rahul muskan ko riddhima khushi khushi vida karti hai .unke jate hi wah jaldi se taiyar hoti hai aur apne gaum ko nikal padti hai. usey pata hai arman ko sab kuch jaldi hi pata chal jayega aur tab na jane wo kya kayamat laye!....usey kisi tarah apne ghar ko bachana hoga ,mumma papa ki akhiri nishani hai yeh ghar jahan riddhima ko sabse jyada khushi milti hai,wah isey nillam hote nahi dekh sakti.

part 3:Life out of control(season 2)

“Shashank bhi. Tujhe pata nahin kahan kahan bhej deta hai.” Padma said in a irritated while she helped Riddhima pack.

“Mumma sirf Lonavla hai! Maximum do ghante lagenge pohonchne main. Aur phir unn sab ko humari zaroorat hai na?”

“Haan, lekin mujhe nahin hai kya? Shashank khud aadhi raat ko ghar aata hai, aur kabhi kabhi phir wapas hospital chala jaata hai! Iss poore ghar main main akeli kya karungi?”

“Meri nautanki mumma! Sirf ek hafte ki toh baat hai. Phir aate waqt main dadiji ko zaroor leaungi!” Riddhima promised.

“Padma khaana hai kya? Mujhe wapas hospital jald pohonchna hai.” Shashank called from downstairs.

“Dono betiyaan baap pe gayyi hai.” Riddhima heard Padma mutter as she went down to see to the food.

“Hi Sapna! Papa kaise hain?” Riddhima talked over the phone. Sapna had taken urgent leave because her father had just had a stroke, minor be it, and she wouldn’t return for 2 weeks.



Armaan was sitting on the bed watching his baby laying on the bed playing with his soft toys... Its been three months and Armaan was happy that he was bless with a baby boy... But somewhere, the happiness has been hidden as he remember the moment their baby came to the world changing everything...
As Armaan was lost in his thought, he felt someone gaze on him... He look at his baby as he held out his hand towards him putting his thumb on his small hand... Without a second, baby hold his thumb and Armaan felt tears fall from his eyes... That moment he wish that everything was just like before that he wouldn't be needing to sit there crying remembering the moment their love bug came to this world but would be sharing beautiful moments with his Basket without trying to hide those tears...

Part 1:Zehnaseeb (arsh)

Waking up...he smiled seeing his wife next to him wraping her arms around his waist holding him tight as if he is going to run away..he carefully massaged her hairs leaving a loving peck on her forehead removing all the fears in her mind and his mind drifted to last night event when she came to know the truth behind of their wedding
she was the youngest daughter of a middle class family while he was the only son of a wealthy business tycoon...they do say jinka ghar bada hota hain kabhi kabhi dil utna hi chota same happened in his case...while she struggled her entire life to support herself and her family he got all without making any efforts...but how could he keep quiet when he came to know the life he was actually living belonged to her...his father and her father was business partners and his cheated cheated him throwing him and his family on road..he was oblivious to all....untill he found her it was his first day at his office when he friends barged into his office 

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Part 19 : Tu zindagi

Next day shilpa bunk college to spend time with mumma. Whole day they were busy in talking,shilpa wanted to know about each and every things which happened in shirdi in her absent. She was  missed her home badly. padma asked about college,her study and about her friends. Shilpa told about tamanna,sapna and muskan.afternoon padma wished to go for shopping so shilpa called aunty.aunty assured her that sid will take them after his college.  shilpa and padma was waiting for sid but no sign for his coming. When shilpa phoned him got it was switched off. She was thinking what to do just then heard car’s horn,it was arman. shilpa knew his car’s horn.but she wanted to go market with sid not with arman .she came down and saw that arman was talking with her mumma.seeing shilpa ,padma uttered happily : “shona,sid ne arman ko bheja hai,wo kisi important kaam me fans gaya hai.”

Part 46 :Beintehaan

Armaan ws waiting fr riddhima at z table ....zen he heard  payal sound n luked towrds z stairs ...ridz wore white colr chudidar ...luking lke an angel coming down frm heaven for him only ...a dreamy smile formed on his lips....armaan stood up frm his chair n lost in her beauty admiring her lke he ws seeing her fr z frst time...ridz noticed his intense gaze on her .....she tuk a deep breathe n adjusted her dupatta properly ...... cme near table n shouted loudly while snapping her fingers at his face 

"ghur nah khatam hogaya toh breakfast karlen bhoot?"

Armaan cme bck to z world n while stammering "ya..yeah ..lets ...ummm ... tum bhaito ..."

Part-4:~And she left me actually~


Suddenly armaan's relaxing chest got to work lil more as he felt some weight on it. He opened his eyes from sleep fluttering eyelids for making the picture clear for recognition. A cute smile face came in the vision to armaan.

'dood molning papa' armaan got to know it vinika resting her head on his chest smile at him hugging him.....while still her half body hanging on the bed side. Armaan's genuine smile formed on his face.

Gd mrng baby......mela vini uth gaya....armaan hold her lil body tenderly making her n himself sit properly on bed. Vini sat on his abdomen with her legs hanging on either side.

Vi: papa.......vini asked him while leaning on his 

Ar: yes baby....while putting his arms around her lil body.

Vi: kisshi.....

Armaan smiled n forwarded his cheek to her n vini pecked his cheek quickly. Then vini forwarded her cheek n armaan kissed it. Its their daily routine.

But today something is there thats unusually. Normally vini kisses him n went back quickly out from his room even if armaan wants her to stop.

Part 2 :Anjaane deewane

Part 2

I know all of u want to know who I am but let's remain it as a secret.. I'm sorry.. & @sanju: it depends on how old ur.. If ur above 19 thn I'll be calling u di :p
I will be finishing this story in maximum 3 parts.

Few months later:

Riddhima is going to the country where she was born after whole 5 years.. She was happy excited & nervous cause she knew she will meet him. 

(Riddhima was born in mumbai but brought up in delhi & armaan was born & brought up in mumbai.. When they were kids riddhima's parents moved to delhi & from delhi they went to start new life in London. that is why AR hasnt met in long time)

Riddhima's cousin was getting married. Her main reason to come to India. But only she knew that her armaan will be there in that wedding as her cousins being into same field as armaan, they knew him. (Only if they knew that his their darling sister's boyfriend)

part 21:passionate love arsh

punam di u r the best u always inspires me to write more ab jitna manage ho pata hai. i try to write sorry agr part chota hai toh plz maf kar dena apni choti behan ko and anamika shweetu missh u alot thank u both for commenting on last part and thanks to all silent readers

here is the part 21

Shilpa: mr. Armaan malik m nt a weak girl ohk jo mujhe tumhri protection chahiye but andhera bahut hai :(
Kya kru oh god ye kis chiz ki awaj hai? Did i wrong akele ake ufff

 armaan: sirfiri ladki pta ni kahan chali gyi agr ise kuch hogya toh faltu me mere name pe bill phatega :/ he pushed the car door and came outside nd shouted shilpaaaaA .

shilpa was horrified with various sounds