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Happy Birthday Sneha (26th july)

hi guys aaj humare blog ki ek bahut hi pyari member...great writer sneha ka Happy Birthday hai. toh chalo hum sab milkar usey bd wish karein.

Happy Birthday Sneha Dear.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Anshu's creation

siggies on AR/kash

Hope u like it 

harshita creation ♥

Thanks everyone for appreciating......

part 11 & 12 :Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

part 11


next morning armaan n ridhima was sleeping peacefully in eachother arms...when sun rays slowly peeped in their room through. the windows...ridhima sleep got disturbed she digged her head in armaans chest more n more n was murmuring

Part 20: We Belong Together

Riddhima stretched in her sleep and was awakened by a shooting pain up her leg. She winced and frowned, opening her eyes slowly, blinking against the bright sunlight. For a moment, she didn't know where she was, but before panic could set in, the memories of the previous night came rushing back. Now fully awake she realized that she was sleeping on Armaan's shoulder with his arm around her. Her legs were cramped by the side of the couch and that explained the pain. Smiling slightly, she carefully sat up straight trying her best not to disturb Armaan but he frowned in his sleep as soon as she moved. He however didn't wake up. He shifted in his sleep, trying to find a more comfortable spot but the effort being futile he just ended up sleeping with his head in a very weird angle. Riddhima giggled and reached out to fix his head into a more comfortable posture but Armaan opened his eyes immediately. He stared at her blankly for a couple of seconds and then smiled. He closed his eyes muttering, "Riddhima," and attempted to drift back into sleep.

part 17 & 18:I will bring my basket back

Part 17


           Riddhima wakes up in the moRning to see him sleeping with his head on heR chest hugging heR by heR waist. She shiveRed as she felt his shallow bReathe on heR neck. She moved and made him sleep on his back to see his face cleaRly. She moved his haiR fRom his foRehead and caRessing his cheeks admiRed him. She was RemembeRing all those beautiful moments she shaRed with him. He had given heR so much and neveR expected anything in RetuRn; he did not even eveR ask foR the things he had whole Right to ask. She Really deseRved eveRy happiness in the woRld. And if she had the Reasons to make him happy she would utilize all of them. This man heR husband was something gReat and as they said that husband is to be woRshipped by his wife; she was just wondeRing; that if this is how eveRy husband is then that is so coRRectly said. He was eveRything foR heR; heR life; heR happiness; heR soul; and foR that matteR heR god too!! She bent down and kissed his foRehead letting heR lips lingeR theRe foR a while. He smiled as he was wide awake but opened his eyes the next moment as he felt something wet on his cheek.

Part 229 & 230 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 229:

Armaan: Haan...

Ridhimaa: Lekin tum to doodh nahi peete... I mean nahi peete the... ab peene lage ho kya?

Armaan: Nahi... wo Tammy... wo raat me sone se pehle doodh peeti hai...

Ridhimaa: Oh!

Ridhimaa gets up and goes in the kitchen. Armaan follows her there.

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part 15 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

to the this time a long part.please don't be angry on me for sid's entry...its a part of AR  love story. hope u will like it.thanks.

He came in the hospital like running. Sukanya was standing outside of the hospital.seeing bhai,she ran to him and hugged tightly and started crying. He caressed her hairs and uttered worriedly : “mumma kahan hai? kaisi hai wo ladki?’

Sukanya replied wiping her tears..:’mumma tab se roye ja rahi hai bhai….

 Sid : “who was driving the car?

Sukanya replied scaredly : “mumma, par god promise bhai,mumma ne  kuch nahi kiya,wo ladki achanak samne aa gayi thi.

Short Story Competition{updated}

                       SALAM NAMASTEY GUYS

Hello friends as the previous post has some issues so i though to makes the another post for it so here you go

Plot 1

You have to right on Dill Mill Gayye yes you heard it right you have to start from the point where the snap incidence happened and shashank forced riddhima to marry to sid because of his reputation now its upto you how you showed this?

Part 227 & 228 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 227:

Ridhimaa: Main? Paagal ho gayi ho kya?

Tamanna: Nahi... I'm serious... mujhe bhi sunna hai tum kaisa gaati ho...

Anjali: Ridz kahan gaati hai?

Padma: Haan Tamanna... Ridhimaa ko gaana nahi aata...

Part 14 & 15: You actually love me or ...

Part 14

ar:''ab ap chupchap ek break le lo''
whn he glares at her
ar:"chaloo pehle cafeteria kch kha lo''
thy reached cafeteria


Arman is sleeping near Atul having his head on Atul`s bed He wakes up and looks at Atul he is still in coma state Arman is remebring something about the wohle accident he gets a clue about the accident he comes out of Atul`s room and goes to Anji


Ammaan; hi Armaan ab tum kaise ho 

Armaan; yeh thanx I am fine 

Ammaan; mujhe tu us waqt pata he nahi chala……. kuch pata laga driver ka

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Short Story Competition

                                          Hello friends as i asked you to have an ss competition here on the blog now i am back with the plots of ss competition and i did not start immediately because at that time many of blog members having exams so anyways enough of my chapad chapad

First there are plots of SS

Plot 1

You have to write on DMG yes you heard it right you have to start from the point where the snaps incident happened where shashank for his reputation forced riddhima to marry armaan now its up to you how you showed this?

Part 23 & 24 :Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai


In Night
Gupta house
(shilpa aur riddhima ghar me enter hote hai..shilpa aur padma dinning table par bethe dinner kar rhe hote hai)
Padma- are lo aa gyi dono..chalo bacho aa jao..khana khalo...

Part 6-8:Dard E Dil



(armaan aur riddhima hug kare huye hote hai riddhima ko vomit aati hai..vo bhaagkar baathroom me chali jaati hai..phir vo thodi der baad bathroom se bahar nikalti dekhti hai. Ki armaan pareshaan vhi khada hota hai...aur kehta hai..)

Task 2:The DMG Contest

Hi guysss…so welcum to the DMG Contest…sorry guys fr being late as I did nt get time because of my tests..anyways so excited for task 2??? I know last one was this time its easy..but before I tell you’ll the next task what about the scores after the first round????

Here are they..

1.Nikita mathur-0 points

2.Sanju- 0 points

3.Punam di- 25 points

4. Shagun Bansal- 0 points

5.Diksha-20 points


thank u all for commenting in previous parts
part 4

sanjeevni mumbai
day finished bt was very hectic as every one has to make sure when they will be not there who will take care of the patients.

armaan to patient- aapnki pls rate normal hai par aap ko araam ki zaroorat hai.


Two agents were out on their duty talking to their team through bluetooth, standing on terrace listening to the orders their head was telling them.
K: armaan and raj this operation is being covered by the president's staff , don't u both dare to make any mistake i am not going to spare you this time. Hope u get that.
after this speech both of them entered the party venue to finish the criminals the singhania brothers.
R: Armaan yaar sun tu pehle andar ja main back venue check kar ke aata hun.
A: Raj tu tension mat le main abhi jata hun aur apne charm se ladkiyon ko pagal karta hun.

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Part 20 : Tu zindagi

Match was started. In first half boys scored 12 points and girls only girls had to do 7 points more to win and not to let the boys to do one point extra.tam was watching from first and very sad  for not playing .she  too was  a good player. In break ,she came to girls team and uttered : “listen,tum log is tarah kabhi nahi jeet sakti,first see yahan strong players koun hain? I mean boys team me.”

Part 63: Mad At Each Other

Armaan:itna possesseive kyun ho basket tum ...u hate me right atleast sapney mey bhi luv u nahi kehti tum ...abhi abhi mai ek sundar sapna dekhraha tha aur usmey bhi tum hate u bol rahi thi ....itna pyar hai toh kehti kyun nahi ho basket har pal jaban pey hate u kyun hota hai...he asked while luking in her eyes

Ridz ws jst staring in his eyes ....nt saying anything ....armaan jerked her n shouted 

"jawab do damn it ......tum mujhsey pyar  karti ho toh kehti kyun nahi ho"

part 9 & 10: Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

Displaying dil mein ho tum.jpg

part 9

AR wedding preparations r still going on as they only have one day to complete all the preparations...both the families r dng their every1 is busy with lots of work where theGROOM n BRIDE r busy in their thoughts...

ar- sirf ek din aur ridhima uske baad sirf tum aur main hamesha ke liye ek hojayengey...( talking to her photo) ...yaar ab toh hamari shaadi horahi hain aap badey hone ka naam logey bhi ya phir aisehi cute sey rahogey?...( smiles) aise hi raho baby cute sey innocent sey... mujhe aap aisehi ache lagtey ho( mujhe bhi guys) ...kisses her photo...

Part 20: sindoor

And armaan looked at her as she speaks his name and riddhima's heart just broken into pieces seeing him in such a state and the words of his calling himself a beast makes her heart bleed more she did not wants him to think like that she knows he is hurt too that's why taking all his pain over her and she knows that very well but she never ever in her dreams even thinks about him like that a beast true she is hurt by his behave with her but still she did not think about him like that she knows he is good person by his heart and soul that showed in his actions too and she believed him all that as she never thinks about him like that way and now

Part 225 & 226:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 225:

Ridhimaa: Armaan... Tamanna sach keh rahi hai... tumhare jaane ke baad usne khud mujhe chup karaaya tha... aur mujhe hug kiya tha... wo sab to bas usne...

Arman: Mujhse sach ugalwaane ke liye kiya tha mujhe pata hai... tumhe uski tarafdaari karne ki zaroorat nahi hai... wo meri behen hai, mujhe pata hai ki wo kab mujhse jhooth bol rahi hai...

Ridhimaa remained quiet.

Tamanna: Use kyun daant rahe ho? Jo bolna hai, mujhse bolo... Ridz ko beech me mat lao... waise hi itni der lagti hai use chup karaane me... agar ab rona shuru karegi to subah jaakar chup hogi...

Armaan: Royegi bhi to tumhari wajah se...

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Part 5 B:A Tale of two Strangers- AR


Riddhima came out of her thoughts when her cell started ringing it was from Anjali. She picked up the call and said

Riddhima: Haan di ..Kya hua..!!

Anjali: Ridzy tu kahaan hai...bhul gayi kya….class start hone mein sirf 5 minutes hai..!! Come fast...Aur hai kaha tu waise..!!

Riddhima: Wo mai garden mein thi..!! Bas abi aa rahi hu ..!!

Part 4 & 5:Dard E Dil


Riddhima- kaise keh sakte ho yeh sab armaan tum mujhse....
(riddhima bed par bethkar rone lagti hai....boht time ho jaata hai.par armaan room ne nhi aata hai...pareshaan hokar riddhima niche use dhoondne jaati dekhti armaan study room me so rha hota hain.....riddhima upar jaakar blanket lekar aati hai..aur armaan ko uda deti hai....aur vapas upar akar so jati hai...)

Part 21 & 22:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai



(armaan locker room me riddhima ka wait kar rha hota hai..uske haath me ek card hota hai....)
Armaan- yaar yeh kha reh gyi abhi to break hai....kha reh gyu riddhima..
(tabhi armaan dekhta riddhima locker room ki taraf hi aa rhi hoti hai..vo card rakhkar andar changing room me chala jaata hai....par bahar riddhima ko koi ward boy bula leta vo uske saath chali jaati hai..aur shilpa locker room ne enter hoti hai..aur vha card dekhkar utha leti hai..aur padti hai..)

Part 15:Tumse Milke - an AR SS -


Muskaan and Riddhima hold their breaths as two wardboys got inside to help the person to take out from the lift... Muskaan and Riddhima eyes were fixed on the lift door and slowly two wardboys make their way out holding a body...
For a minute, Riddhima close her eyes not able to see the person who was carried out... Muskaan who was looking close to the person, hold Riddhima tight whipering her softly... Riddhima open her eyes and Riddhima eyes move to the person who was now laid on the stretcher...


The story revolves around three characters who are trying to understand love or you can
Say find love in their lives.. The first character is

He is a flirtatious guy , hook up with girls until he is bored. But he is an undercover agent and never lets his country down. He covers up his profession by saying he is a crewship captain.

He is also a devoted officer of the country. Raj is a divorcee and has a son named JOEY who lives with his mum. He is very smart and covers up his profession by pretending to be a travel agent. 

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Episode 4:Slam book - Dill ki Batein Doston Ke Sang

Here friends hey i am back again having a rocking segment of slam book aap sab ke beinteha pyaar ke kaaran hum aapnein doston ke kaareb ate jaa rahein hain so thanks so much again aur is pyaar aur apnepan ke liyye so main aapka tahe dill se shukriya karti hun for this thanks so much so chaliye aaj Slam Book Choti Choti Batein Doston Ke Sang, meiin aaj kii yadon ke chaude pane ko bharne aa rahii hain ROOPKOTHA jo blog ki new member hai aur bohot pyari pyari comments deyti hai  toh chaliye jantey hai humari new family member ko so here it is is baar ki yeh Slam Book Segment

part 14 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

The train started running. Riddhima  saw  that aunty was waving her hand with teary train was increasing  speed but riddhima felt that again her life stopped in an unknown place.  She looked around her . all were busy with their family,friends ….only she was alone …….alone in her life too. she wiped her tears secretly and looked away through the window. Her mind warned: “kahan ja rahi hai riddhima,ek anjaan sehar me anjaan logon ke paas? Tumhare apne bhai aur pati ne hi tumhe sahara nahi diya,tumhare dill ke dard ko nahi samjha toh dusre kya samjhenge? yeh mat bhul ki tu ek ladki hai,aur wo bhi young….koi bhi teri mazburi ka faida utha sakta hai. apno se tu lad sakti hai,apni baten manva sakti hai par gair log toh teri bebasi ka maza lenge…lout ja riddhima,apne bhai ke paas..pair pakad le unka….unse bheekh mang apne bachche ke jaan ki,kuch bhi ho wo tujhse pyar karte hain,maaf kar denge…shayad ….

Part 5 A:A Tale of two Strangers- AR


She reached home and move to her room. She locked the door and cried her heart out. Then she move towards the side table of her bed and took out a photo frame. It was hers and Armaan’s pic when they both have won in the class in a competition holding a trophy in their hands and have a big smile adoring their faces. She said to herself

‘Kaha ho Armaan..please wapus aa jao na... !! ‘



Riddhima wake up early in the morning after she had been slept later the night as Armaan had waken up in the middle of the night to get his dinner... So after spending sometimes with each other, as they had taken off from work, still Riddhima manage to wake up by 8am, knowing that she needs to do so many things around the house before Nikki come...

After 5whole months of being away, Nikki was coming for a month on her holiday... Everyone decide that they would be giving as much time as they could for Nikki as they had miss her so much... However they skype her every night, but Nikki not being around them make them feel that something was missing from their life... True was she is the angel of them and she was the one missing in the house which brings happiness after Riddhima...

Part 3 : ArSh FanFic ~ 3 Idiots

                                                      An Eventful Dinner

"What happened?" Abhimaan asked as he looked at Armaan's pensive face. Armaan had his hands folded and was looking outside his room's window.

"I don't know Abhi, but aisa lag raha hai, jaise..jaise something is surely gonna haapen.." replied Armaan.

"Of-course something's gonna happen, you are marrying my boy, bakra bali chadhne jaa raha hai after-all.." joked Abhi, but Armaan didn't chuckled, he just stood up and walked towards his closet, taking out his night clothes.

Part 4:Maybe someday


Armaan and anjali enter the audi and are welcomed by hugs and high fives from their friends
Rahul: Kyu mallik sahab kaha tha tum log hi jeetoge!!
Atul: Meri bhavishya vani sach nikli. Main popular ho gaya..
Armaan:Atuleshwar baba ki jai!! aapke bina hamara kya hota
Atul: Chinta mat karo balak!! Baba Atuleshwar hamesha aapke saath hai..
Anjali: Shut up guys.. to armaan ... Armaaaaannn!!! party chahiye.. the whole audi starts chanting PARTY!! PARTY!!!
Nikki muskaan and abhi enter the audi just when Atul announces: Shanti balako shanti.. balak armaaan aap sab ko zaroor party denge.. baba Atuleshwar ka ashirwad hamesha aapke saath hai..hearing this everyone erupted in howls..wohhhhhhooooooooo whuuuuhhhhuuuuuu...

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segment 49 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

After riddhima and arman back,virat went to his home. Riddhima and dadi requested him to stay there but he said that papa was alone so he should stay with him. manvi was so busy with her shona di ,forgot totally about virat. After breakfast she dragged riddhima in her room and started to narrate about the whole which was happened in her absence .she was blabbering and riddhima was listening attentively. In between  riddhima’s mobile was ringing in every 5 min but riddhima didn’t pick the call,she cut it and messaged something.after half an hour manvi uttered : “shona di,jiju ka call hai na? aap jao,hum baad me baat karenge.”

Part 47 :Beintehaan

Riddhima turned around n asked confusingly "ghumney?

Armaan:haan jab sey shadi huyi hai hum dono akele kahin nahi gaye hain ....har waqt tumhara koi nah koi bhaiyya saat mey rehta they let go out today ...just u n me

Riddhima:frown)mai atul bhai ya mere koi bhaiyya key bina kahin bahar nahi jatti....tumney socha bhi kaise i ll come out wiz u ...tum ho kaun ...she asked while fuming wiz anger

Armaan:sternly n while luking straight in her eyes)i am ur husband ridhiima ...

siggies on AR/kash

 Anshu's creation

Part 3:Dard E Dil


Sia- ha aunty aaj singhania's ki party hai jha hum to jaa hi rhe hai....par ab vha armaan aur riddhima bhi jayenge....aur vhi inke rishte me....pehli chingari lagegi....

Trishna- intresting.....aisa kya karne wali ho....

Sia- vo to aapko party me hi pta chal jayega...filhaal aap itna kijiye..kisi tarha armaan aur riddhima ko party me bula lijiye...

Trishna- ho jayega..vo zarur ayenge..
(tabhi piche se awaaz aati hai..)

part 19 & 20:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai


After 8 months

(Armaan riddhima ke room me enter hota hai riddhima bathroom se change karkar nikli hoti hai....)
Armaan- kya....yaar abhi tak tayyar nhi hui pta sanjeevni ka pehla din hai..aur tum aaj ke din hi late hona chahti ho.....pehla din hai yaar aaj...
Riddhima- are bas do mint bas ...