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part 19 A:I will bring my basket back


                   Riddhima woke due to the bright sunlight that wasflashing on her face. She opened her eyes and shut it again because ofthe bright sunlight. She sat up on the bed and held her head tightly as she felt a shooting pain suddenly.
R: Ouch mera sir. Aggh………ye mere sir main itna dard kyu ho raha hai??She looked up and saw Armaan standing near the window adjusting the curtains and giving a sly smile to her.
A: Good morning Mrs. Basket Mallik.
R: Armaaaaan yaha mera sir dard se fata jaa raha hai aur tum muskurarahe ho?? Aur 1 min kal toh hum vo party main the toh phir hum ghar kab……..she looked down and found herself in her night dress………maine change kab….aur??????She was getting soo confused about what was happening. She couldn’t remember anything about how she reached the hotel room and landed up on the bed.

Part 64 :Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

And seeing them like that riddhima thinks to interrupted them as she knows her loving family well as surely they now start arguing over it and she surely dont need this right now its mom's birthday so she just

Ri:"ok ok fine aab please rahul bhayiya maine hii mana kiyya tha papa aur mom kii vo aap logon ko kuch na bataye so please aab hum iss baare meiin baad meiin bat karenge abhie mom ka birthday hain pooja kar len please"


next day

all the girls decided to go to jog.

they were just jogging when boys came..they didn't know.
abhi- kuch masti karte hai chalo girls kon darate hai mai side mai sai daraunga aur tum vaha peeche khade hona.
abhi girls ko side mai aakar ek dam dara deta hai...bowww....
girls- aaaahhh!!!!
aur phir piche mud ti toh...
ridhima facing armaan. .raj shilpa. ..abhay piya and atul lost in anji...rahul muskaan. they all were lost into eachother when their trance was broken by muskaan as she burst on abhi

Part 17 & 18 :Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum,

part 17

Everybody have decided to return back to their home's as dey have their respected works to do in scheduled manner...

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RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-227

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

Part 21 : Tu zindagi

Arman dropped shilpa in her home. Shilpa was very happy today. At first she was  hesitated but then  enjoyed the match a lot. On the way she talked a lot to arman ….about shirdi,about her school,about the trophy which she got winning the bb match .she was blabbering and arman was lost himself in her talk,in her beauty. Shilpa moved down from the car ,bid bye to him and about  to press the doorbell but saw that it was opened a little. She pushed the door and came inside without making noise to give a surprise  to mumma as she came early at home.but stopped hearing the discussion about her. It was mumma ,who was saying to asha aunty…”asha,mai toh khud ko khuskismat samjhungi agar shona teri bahu bane.”

Part 17: You actually love me or ...

armaan is reading riddhima's letter and he has a smile on his facee after reading it,thn he places the picture inside his locker aftergently kissing it.
ann:''all the resident doctors report in dr.kirti's cabin''
armaan reached there riddhima,anjii and atul alsoo present there
armaan go and stand beside riddhima 

Part 22: We Belong Together

Armaan was driving back home. He recalled every moment spent with Riddhima. Their first meet, Their first talk, Their first fight, Their First Hug, First Kiss, when Riddhima said ‘I love you’ to him, Hearing those words echo in his ears. Armaan kept thinking to himself as he recalled his moments with her. Trying hard to concentrate on his driving, he felt those words disturb him all over again leaving him with nothing but smiling at himself. Armaan took his cell smiling as he flipped open his cell to see a picture of hers set as the wallpaper..... He kissed her photo lightly a murmured a quick 'I love you' . Armaan reached the Mallik Mansion and sinking into his bed thinking of the events of the day and he slept soundly very soon.

Part 241 & 242 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 241:

Next morning, all woke up. Though, nobody was in a mood to enjoy the celebrations, all pasted a smile on their face to make Ridhimaa feel happy. They all started dressing up for the wedding. Armaan was the first one to get ready and he started making them all hurry up, lest they should get late. At last, only Ridhimaa and Tamanna were left, dressing up in the guest room.

Tamanna: (from the washroom) Ridz... tum tayyar ho gayi?

Ridhimaa: Haan Tamanna... jaldi karo... sab wait kar rahe hain...

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Happy Birthday Sanjula (31 July)

hi friends...aaj humare blog ki ek chottu si member...the writer of khatti meethi love story ,sanjula maheswari urf sanju dmgian ka happy birthday hai. toh chalo uska bd celebreate karein...

A very very happy Birthday meri chottu wali sis... On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Part 11 & 12:Dard E Dil

AR Dard E Dil By Anika
Part 11

(riddhima se bhaagkar bathroom me chali jaati hai..aur vha vo khud ko rok nhi paati hai..aur rone lagti hai..)

Part 1:Mini AR FF: Cross connection

Part 1

Zzzzz zzzzzz


She was frustrated now. She was about to curse the person when she realized her surroundings and kept quite. She looked around and saw her friends raising their eyebrows.

She smiled sheepishly and indicated that she would tell them later.

She was in the middle of a lecture.

Part 15 & 16:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum,

part 15

next day all decided to stay in home as it is raining heavily outside...but they also decided to watch a movie...(no guys horror movie nahi romantic movie...arey itney ache mausam mein koi horror movie dekhkar apne romance ka temperature kyun down karega...)


Arman is so keen to catch the driver who did the accidwent that day he cant forget what happened and after that the consequences of that on Atul`s by making his laft han d paralyzed he is investigating at his own Armaan has gone to know what happened that night

Arman; hi ji aap yahan per night duty karte hain 

Watchman; ji sahib kia hua

Arman; who mujhe kuch information chahiye thi

Part 239 & 240 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 239:

Armaan: Ridhimaa... pata nahi unhone mujhse jhooth kyun kaha?

Ridhimaa heaved a sigh of relief.

Ridhimaa: (turning to face Armaan, smiling) Haan... wo bhi itna bada jhooth... ek doctor HOTE hue... unhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha... hai na?

Armaan: (still in that odd tone) Shayad mujhe pata hai ki unhone aisa kyun kaha?

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Part 6:A Tale of two Strangers- AR


Anjali: Shut up u too...dono jab dekho bakwaas baatein karke irritate karte rehte ho…Aur Atul mujhe ek minute ke liye laga ki finally you used your mind and said something sensible...But see you again disappointed me with your silly bakwas...and wait tumne meri behan ko Tom kaha……..

Part 64: Mad At Each Other

"Aaj mai bohott bohot bohottt khus hun dino ...kitna mazza aya humarey doston ki shadi mey ....rahul n muskan ki shadi mey koi problem nahi tha dono taraf key parents sey atul ney baat karlii sab kuch kitna happily hogaya ...aur atul n anji ki baprey anji mama toh maan hi nahi rahi thi par atul ney bade hi pyar sey unhey convince karliye ....finallyyy un charon ki shadi hogayii .. i m soo soo happy dino"

Armaan while driving z bike "hmmm"

Riddhima puched him wiz her fist on his back while saying "kya hmmmm ..kab sey dekh rahi hun mai hi bak bak kar rahi hun tum itney khamosh kyun ho dino ..."

Part 16: You actually love me or ...

next day in sanjeevani as there is lots of work armaan and riddhima could not MET each-other not even in lunch time.they both were missing each-other terribly.

Part 21: We Belong Together

Anjali: You know what Ridzie, you should find someone like Armaan, he is perfect for you ! Anjali finished, Riddhima jerked her head up to look at Anjali.

Riddhima: Di, Aap ? she tried to make sense. Anjali grinned and tried to be normal.

Anjali: Yeah Armaan’s a good guy isn’t it. Riddhima Merely nodded her head .

Riddhima: Di, chalo, lets get going warna aaj hum sab late hojayenge. She said and rushed to her room. Anjali smirked and got ready.

Part 237 & 238 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 237:

Armaan was finding it difficult to concentrate with so many eyes upon him.

Muskaan: Oye Rahul ke bachhe... thoda shift ho na... mujhe kuch dikh nahi raha...

Rahul: Atul... shift ho... mujhe bhi kuch dikh nahi raha...

Armaan could not tolerate anymore. He closed his laptop and looked up. The others, who were pushing each other a second before, tried hard to look innocent.

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Happy Birthday to Aparnaa Bommala & Karan(29th july)

hi guys,aaj humare blog ki 2 old members Aparnaa Bommala and Karan ka happy birthday hai,toh chalo hum sab milkar unhe wish karein.

A very very Happy Birthday Aparnaa and Karan... May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Step by step the journey goes on,
Little by little it may seem so long.
Forget about your past,you can’t change it,
Forget about your future,you cant predict it.
Just think about present,you can handle it.
Enjoy presents every moment & be happy….

part 16 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)


after 2 years ........


Dr. kirti paused a while and called : “dr. riddhima modi…

He jerked hearing this name…turned that side and stunned!!!

She was there!!..with a sweet smile in her lips…her honeyed voice echoed: “yes ma’m riddhima modi  here!!!!!

part 7:Its all planned...

Armaan stretched his hands wide as his spine supported his body to sit erect.His one hand ran through his hairs and the other was kept on his eyes as an obstruction to the sunrays that were entering via the open window.As his pupil adjusted to the bright light,he heard someone knocking on the door
"ajaiye aunty" armaan said thinking it to be his maid who has come to mop and clean the room.
"how dare you call me aunty haan?i am just 22"
"wwooohhoo sissy wat a surprise!!you are all back..where is mum and dad?" armaan said getting up at once and welcoming her sis with a warm hug.

Part 21: sindoor

part 4:Life out of control(season 2)

They were all sat in the living room after dinner doing their own thing. Some were sitting on the carpet, while others on the huge sofa. Muskaan and Nikki were gossiping and going through magazines which were sprawled on the carpet, while Riddhima was reading Jane Eyre, curled up on the sofa. She was smitten by love stories with symbolism. This book particularly turned out to be one which was packed with it. Anjali was with Atul discussing a case, and both were on the big couch, which left Rahul messing with Abhi on the floor, and Armaan on his PSP walking around tripping over people! Armaan’s phone beeped and he checked it.

“Guys guys guys…” he called and everyone including the girls kept quiet. “Ladkiyan, kaan band karlo!”

“Shut up!” they all shouted at him.

“Theek hai. Aap ki marzi…” he continued,

Part 235 & 236:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 235:

Armaan: (shaking himself up) Kya poochh rahi thi?

Tamanna: (furiously) Ammy...

Armaan: Kya? Kya poochh rahi thi tum? Main kuch aur soch raha tha...

Tamanna: Soch rahe hoge ki mujhse aur kaun kaun se jhooth bole jaayein...

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Episode 5:Slam book - Dill ki Batein Doston Ke Sang

And now jaise hii hum char pane palat chuke hain slam book choti choti batein doston ke sang meiin aab baari hain panchve panne kii aur yeh panna bharne aa rahii hain koi aur nahiin ‘’Humera’’ yes you heard it right yeh i’ll be your destiny at every step you take jaise beautiful ffs ki writer hain yeh and ek bahut pyaari sii ladki so here Humera here is your pen let us know you better

segment 50 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

Dr. billy turned to her with a jerk and got that riddhima was staring him with full teary eyes. He uttered slowly : “yeh kya keh rahi ho beta…aisa kuch nahi..

But riddhima cut his words :”papa ,mujhe sab pata chal gaya hai……arman kyon aapse nafrat karta hai ,kyon wah itna upset rehta hai.sab kuch… wo batata raha aur mere dill me kuch aur chalta raha..khud se nafrat hone lagi hai papa…”saying it she sat on the chair hiding her face in her palm.

Dr. billy came to her,caressed her hairs and spoke : “isme aapki kay galti hai?decision toh mera tha..
But riddhima did not respond.

Anshu 's creation

siggies on AR/kash

Part 13 & 14 :Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum,

part 13

same day in shimla in evening. everyone was still sleeping in their rooms where ridhima got disturbed in her sleep...she saw that armaan was still sleeping holding her protectively in his arms she smiled at her caring husband n slowly got down from the bed without disturbing armaan...she went in the balcony of their room n saw the beauty of shimla... it was so cool n beautiful... she was rubbing her arms to get some warmth...when from back armaan wrapped her with the shawl n hugged her from back...


Character Sketch

ARMAAN MALLIK: Hero of the story; our very own handsome and dashing Mallik; CEO of Mallik Empires. Can make any girl go weak in her knees! King of Pranks; adorable; charming; focused and owner of the word workaholism! But when it comes to professional attitude short tempered angry young man also would be an understatement to define him!

AARAV MALLIK: Armaan’s younger brother and Apple of Armaan’s eye. A very hardworking; yet carefree about life, prankster; exactly like elder brother. Can do anything Armaan says without even thinking once!

BALVINDER MALLIK(BILLY): Head of the family; Father of Armaan and Aarav Mallik. Owns the Mallik Empires. One of the top business tycoons very well known for his kindness and honesty in work.

Part 233 & 234 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 233:

Tamanna: (to Armaan and Ridhimaa) Tum... tum... tum dono ki engagement...

Armaan and Ridhimaa both shook their faces.

Anjali: Tamanna... this is not the place to talk about it...

Tamanna: Mr.Mittal... kya aap kuch der ke liye hum logon ko apni shop me privacy denge? Please?

Mittal: Of course...

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part 2: “Mujhe teri jarurat hai”

“har love story me ek hero hota hai,ek heroine aur ek villain ,par yeh love story hai ek villain ki ..ek villain ki love story “( dialogue is taken from ek villain)

“kya har pyar ka aisa hi anjaam  hota hai? Kya pyar karne wale aise jalim bhi ban jate hain ki apne hi pyar ko mita dene ki koshish karein? Can’t believe it..” atul heaved a long breathe while uttered those words.

Part 48 :Beintehaan

Thank u soo much for all z support n luv guyss n i m soo soo sorryy pehley mai weekly twice update karti thi bt now  i m kind of soo busy in my personal life ...sooo nt gtting enough time issiliye mere baki key do ffs bhi hang mey hai ...hope u all ll understand ..luv uu muahh
Raj moved lil close to her ...ridz moved  back bt he stepped forwrd while saying"u r a milky beauty...aap top most model bansakti ho " n at z sme time he tuk out mobile frm his pocket n tried to click her snap ...riddhima covered her face behind her palms ...shivering frm tip to toe ....person goes mre near n tried to take her hands off frm her face while saying "i m z best photographer ..har khubsurat cheez ki pic leyta hun ...plzz let me tke one snap of urs" ... bt before he could touch her he felt a strong hand on his shoulder ... he turned around to see who ws zat ....

Part 9-10:Dard E Dil

AR Dard E Dil By Anika

In Jiya's house

(riddhima aur jiya table par bethkar bate kar rhe hote hai..)

Piya- tujhe aana hi hoga..aur mere saath chalegi tu...agar

Part 25 - 27 :Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai

Part 25

(yeh sunkar shilpa riddhima ko.hug kar leti hai..aur kehti hai..)
Shilpa- thank you so much riddhima...thank you so much..and I am sorry.. Mujhe pta hai. Me galat kar rahi hu...par me armaan se boht pyaar karti usse boht pyaar karti hu me use nhi kho sakti...
Riddhima- me samjhti hu di...

Part 231 & 232 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 231:

Ridhimaa: Lekin...

But she and Armaan had to relent on continuous insistance. Armaan scored twice very easily. He was surprised himself. But then Ridhimaa went seriously into the game with all her concentration power. She levelled the scores and then, when she was scoring the third basket, the world went black for her. She swayed on the spot and fell backwards into Armaan's arms, who had come there to prevent her from scoring. The ball went through the basket.

Armaan: Ridhimaa...