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Part 23: sindoor

Riddhima thinking about the party suddenly gets nervous its already Thursday and she has just three days for getting ready or to say for preparing herself as Sunday itself is the party and she not in any manner let armaan falls because of her she wants to make each and every thing perfect from her side but she dont  knows how to do and what to do as not from the doctor back ground and as per she heard military plus doctor back  ground parties have their own culture but she did not knows anything about them  she needs help of somebody but whom then suddenly it clicked to her that

part 7:Fought for ur soul

Anji 's story continue..

The whole clan was celebrating n wholehearted welcome 2 new Kongelig (royal) members of their clan..
Tumhe ye toh pta hoga that after 61 days of birth of a child.. We organise a cermony.. Jismain child ka name rakha jta hai n the raj gurus tel the fortune of child..!! N the same words were  incripted on a wall... Bt after that event this tridition was changed..

part 20:I will bring my basket back

You mean everything to me.

                   After their long romantic session and finally having a bath at around 12 in the noon they both decided to directly have their lunch. They ordered the food and Armaan was busy reading some comic lying on their table. As soon as the food came Armaan received it and Riddhima removed it in a plate neatly and kept it on the table and sat beside him on the couch. As Armaan was about to take the plate she held his wrist and stopped him;
A: Kya hua Basket?? Aur tumne 1 hi plate kyun banai hai. Jaldi karo na mujhe bohoooot bhuk lag rahi hai!!
R: Haan toh khana khao na maine kaha mana kiya hai tumhe.
A: Arey toh hath kyun pakad rakha hai!
R: Kyunki hubby dearest; tumhare haath main chot lagi hai; taking the plate in her hands she continued; Is liye aaj main aapko khana khilaungi;tum apne haath ko itna stress mat karo tumhara cut vaise bhi bohoot deep hai.

Part 3:Dmg ek bar do bara

Hello and thanks everyone for good comments

after sometimes Suhail,armaan,Ridhima and jiya and Angelina went out of locker room
And went to payal
Payal: Interns ab mein apko apki duties Assign karungi
DR. Ridhima and dr Suhail general ward
R & S: yes maam
Dr.angelina ap dr.Jasmine ko assist karengi
Ang:yes maam
Dr jiya app children's ward attend karengi
J:yes maam
Aur dr armaan app Emergency ward
Ar:yes maam
And everyone went to work

Part 2:Sath Nibhana Sathiya

Armaan is sitting in the mandap and pandit chating the mantras...and then he anounce...
Pandit :kanya ko bulaiye...
(and then padma signals muskaan to bring riddhima dowm)
In Riddhima's room...
After anjali doing her make up goes towards riddhima and lifts her veil...and found riddhima in watery eyes...

Anjali   :heyy tujhe kya hua...

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part 3: “Mujhe teri jarurat hai”

“har love story me ek hero hota hai,ek heroine aur ek villain ,par yeh love story hai ek villain ki ..ek villain ki love story “( dialogue is taken from ek villain)

It was midnight. All were sleeping peacefully.mostly were lost in their sweet dreams  but  someone was awakening. He was waiting for his basket . he knew that basket was angry on him but also knew that she could not stay mad on him for long.arman took out a pic of riddhima which he had kept secretly under the pillow. today morning when his friends came to see him,he asked muski for a pic of riddhima  .when muski wanted to know why he wanted it,arman  answered : “’u know na muski basket  ke bina na meri na subah hoti hai na sham…kuch achcha hi nahi lagta. Wo mujhse naraj hai isliye mere paas nahi aa rahi par mai kaise rahun uske least ek photo mill jaye toh usse hi uski kami dur karne ki koshish karunga jab tak wo nahi aati.


Like every other day Armaan walked down and heard Aarav and Riddhima talking and giggling about something. The moment Armaan greeted everyone and was about to sit on the sofa everyone stared at him for a minute and next moment burst into fits of laughter. He stared at them unable to understand the reason behind their laughter. Finally somehow controlling his laughter Aarav got up from his place and continued his laughter handing over a steel plate to him. Armaan still stood unaware about their laughter and looked down at the plate. A loud shriek escaped his mouth as he saw his reflection in the plate. His face was colouled with different patterns of different colour making him look no less than a joker! He was busy clearing the stains over his face when he heard someone murmur ;


Arman is still in her trance he is thinking about her every second and getting confused that why is he doing so

Armaan; basket tum kia ho har waqt mere gdimag pe sawar ho aesa kia hai tum mein??????


Arman; hello sister …

Sisiter; hello doctor


Happy Birthday Piya (15th August)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki sweet si pyari si member piya ka bd hai,toh chalo hum celebrate karein..

May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

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Part 23 : Tu zindagi

Vacation was over ,shilpa was back  and arman got his life back. Classes started and now the students were busy for their annual programme. Sapna group wanted to perform a play . after a lot discussion they decided to do 3 short play in 1,its heer-ranjha,romio juliet and sohni mahival. Muskan –rahul were ready for sohni mahival  as they both were punjabi, could play sohni mahival’s role easily,amit and sapna were for romio and juliet and now heer ranjha,for heer they chose shilpa but when they offer arman’s name,shilpa opposed. Actually she wanted sid for it. As tam was the director of this play she asked sid but sid was so “nakhrebaaz”…..he replied: “pooh!…mai in bachchon ke sath play nahi karta.”

part 88 : Always With You


In last part we came to know armaan's dream ....  and the flashback in his dream... The way armaan became and reacted seing the little angle in his dream......


Aab aage....


Part 21: You actually love me or ...

armaan hug bth of thm and finally hug riddhima and places a gentle kiss on her forhead and leave.
riddhima also leave to her house
midnight 2.p.m.riddhima's rooom
her cell buzzed

Part 251 & 252 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 251:

Shashank: What?

John moved towards Ridhimaa.

John: Hye... I'm Dr.John Gloster... I've came here for your surgery. Are you ready for it?

Ridhimaa: Surgery?

John: Yes... surgery... hasn't Dr.Mallik told you about it?

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Part 1 & 2:Dmg ek bar do bara

Guys this is my first ff i know the intro was boring coz I was in hurry and my name is....... It's a mystery srry but I am sure Ridhima's past will shake the ground(oops too much dramatic)

A beautifull young girl is playing basket ball in bb court and is watched by her parents Who Arre looking like there in there 40s and are watching their daughter through the window Yes the girl is Ridhima Modi and the parents are sid and Tamanna

SID:Dekho Tamanna wohi chehra wohi naam wohi habbits ore wohi pehchaan
Tamana:bilkul apni maa pe gai hai itni choti si thi ore Dekho ab doctor banne wali hai
Sid:hmmm waqt ka kuch pata nahi hota kitne jaldi guzar jata hai Acha hamari barri beti Angelina kahan hein
Tammana:Woh Woh Shayad ready horahi hai hospital ke liye oops hospital ke liye tayyar nahi hona Sidhant aj to Ridhima ore Angelina ki internship shuru hogi
Sid:haan chalo
Tamanna:mein Riddhima ko bula kar lati Hun
Sid:nahi Ridhima ka stress kaam hota hai basket ball khelne se to thori der usse ore khelne do
Tamanna:okay chalo
And both went to have the breakfast

Epilogue: Mad At Each Other

After 3 yrs

"Dinooooooo ...dinooooooooo"ridz ws shouting on z top of her lungs .....

Armaan replied back frm z hall "kya huva kyun chila rahi ho ..."

Riddhima :angrily shouted)ek bar bed room mey avo tum ....

Armaan qiuckly cme to z bed room while saying naughtily  "aaj subha subha maddam romantic kaise hogayi "

Anshu's creation

siggies on AR/kash N Kasu

hope u like it.... 

part 5:Life out of control(season 2)

“Ridzy…tujhe na…Armaan ko… propose karna hoga!” Atul said. “Payback…meri pyaari saaliji!”

Riddhima’s mouth dropped low at the thought. How was SHE going to propose to Armaan??

“Kya champ? Yeh mere liye chod dete..” Armaan complained to Atul. “But on second thoughts,” he got up and smiled mischievously, “cummon basket. Main bhi dekhna chahta hoon tum kaise propose karogi.”

Riddhima looked up at him.


“Kyun meri sweet si saali…” Atul taunted. “Nahin kar paayegi?”

Riddhima got up. She couldn’t back down now.

“Aur haan. Armaan has to say yes.” Rahul added, and Riddhima sat down again, or rather fell down.
“Kya?!” She looked at Anji for help.

“Go for it Ridzy. Aaj kal ladkiyan bhi propose karti hain.”

Part 8:A Tale of two Strangers- AR


Riddhima suddenly realised their position and try to straighten herself. When Armaan realised Riddhima’s movements he too came out of his trance and made her stood on her legs. They both were feeling nervous. So not saying a word Riddhima moved towards a table where as Armaan too moves towards the table opposite to her.

Part 18-19:Dard E Dil

AR FF Dard E Dil By Anika


(riddhima aur armaan OT ke bahar wait kar rhe hote hai....riddhima boht dari huyi.hoti.hai..aur baar baar pray kar rahi.hoti hai..armaan riddhima ko dekhkar uske paas akar beth jaata hai...aur use dekhkar kehta hai..)

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Part 4 : ArSh FanFic ~ 3 Idiots

*~*Meeting the 3 Idiots*~*

"Ab aap humme batayengi bhi ki yeh sab chal kya raha hai?" asked Armaan's father. Everybody was sitting together and drinking milkshakes.

"Yeah bhabhi, why Armaan, Sid and Abhi acted like this? We don't even know where they are going!" added Sid's father.

Part 20: You actually love me or ...

ar:i love u riddhima i love u''
and he hug her tightly
riddhima hug him bck and
ri:''i love u too armaan''
after tht riddhima let go of armaan

Part 24: We Belong Together




part 1:Sath Nibhana Sathiya

Its AR wedding day 


all are busy in the last minute preparation...and in any minute barat will be arrived...
In one of the room...
A girl sitting in her wedding attire and her face colour shows her shyness and nervousness for future and then the girl come in saree and her head is covered with pallu...

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Episode 7:Slam book - Dill ki Batein Doston Ke Sang

Hello friends here i am back with another segment of Slam Book Choti Choti Batein Doston Ke Sang aaj humare is slam book ke satve ppane ko aapni zindagi ke rangon se bhrane aa rahii hain Nikita Mathur jo humare blog kii pyaari si memeber hain aur almost har ff par comment karti hain so here you go and here is the pen lets give us the pleasure to let you know better

part 18 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

After a week arman returned back in his he had prepared himself to face the situation ,he was ready to face riddhima modi. Dr. kirti was on leave for some days so arman had to give duty to all interns. He gave riddhima, muskan of children wards duty for one week and rahul ,abhi of OPD and kept nikita with him .nikita loved to assist in surgery so she was very happy. Riddhima knew that why arman posted her in children ward was in other building of sanjivani ,so it will be helpful for  him maintaining  distance with her.while giving duty,arman looked at riddhima through the corner of eyes but she was seemed lost in a file.arman gave them duty and went from there but he was curious about what was cooking in riddhima’s mind. He knew she was trying to show that she had no any interest in arman but it was not true.


He came out of his thoughts as she hiccuped and made her sit down on the bed. As he gave her water and sat holding her hand in his she relaxed after a while.
A: Maine kaha tha tumse don’t bother with the interviews. Tum humari company main join ho jao but………… now calm down; paani peeo. Dekho shaant ho jao main……..

part 23 & 24 : Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum,


part 23


armaan took ridz in his arms as she slept in the car...he was gng to their room
ar- thank god mom dad pune gaye hain bua se milne warna yahan woh iss waqt hotey aur ridhima ko iss haalat mein dekhte toh pata nahi kya hota...
he slowly placed ridhima on the bed removes her sandals n pull a. comforter on her...he bends down smiled seeing her sleeping with a pout on her face kissed her forehead n admired her for sometime n went into bathroom to change in his night tracks...

Madiha's Creations

Happy Birthday Jiya (11th august)

hi guys aaj humare old blog ki ek sweet member jiya ka bd ahi ,toh chalo usey wish karein.

Happy Birthday Jiya,May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

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Part 50 :Beintehaan

Note:itna long part pehli barrr likha hai maineee ....hayeee inna lamba os bhi nahi likha kabhi bt dnt knw ye part itna lamba kaise hogaya u knw i wnna wrte mree bt nahh abh aur lamba hogaya tohh mere pyaley payley readerss bhagjayengey hahahha
whole night ridz could nt able to sleep ...sooo nervous to go out wiz him to unknown place ...dnt knw wat ll happen zer home he crosses his limits alwys zen how would he behave zerr ...vry much scaredd bt wat could she doo now ....cursing herself fr saying yes too him ....

Part 15-17:Dard E Dil

AR Dard E Dil By Anika

(armaan aur antara ek dusre ke saath khel rhe hote armaan ka phone ring hota hai...aur vo antara ko ball dekar baat karte lagta hain...)

Part 28-30:Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai


In Night
(armaan apne bed par betha hua so rha hota hai...armaan apne ansoo saaf karta hai..aur kehta hai..)
Armaan- nhi... Me us ladki ke liye ab ansoo nhi bahaunga.....use kya lagta hai..vo mujhe dhoka degi...aur me devdas ki tarha betha rahunga...nhi dr riddhima me tumhe kabhi feel nhi hone dunga ki tum jeet gyi tumhe tumhare bina khush rehkar tumhe kabhi maaf nhi karunga..kabhi nhi...

Introduction:Dmg ek bar do bara

The Modi family

Ridhima Modi(Jennifer,sukku or shilpa)
She is just like dmg Ridhima but she has a strange past hidden from her

Ridhima's elder sister(imagine her as Anjali) she Is just like Anjali from dmg

Siddhant Modi is Ridhima's and Angelina's father (lol)

Tamana Modi
She is Ridhima's and Angelina's mom

Part 249 & 250 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 249:

Ridhimaa: Armaan... ab main tumhe kaise samjhaun...

Armaan: Please... meherbaani karke mujhe kuch mat samjhao... mere pass apni akal hai...

Ridhimaa: (desperately) To uska istemaal karo na... tumhe kya lagta hai? Is tarah... ye medicines... ye injections mujhe theek kar denge? Ye sab mujhe kewal kuch saansein... kuch pal aur de sakte hain... mar to main jaungi hi... aaj nahi to kal...