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PART 1:Friends

This is the story of 2 frnds armaan and ridhima. They love each other but didnot confessed yet. They think that others care and love for each other is just frndshp vala love. Arman has fear that if ridhima does not love him, then it will affect thier frndshp and he doesnot want to lose her at any cost. Ridhima bcoz of her shy nature and having same fear of not losing her frnd didnot confess.

One night, ridhima was not able to sleep. Sudenly her phone vibrate. A smile came to her face as she saw a message from arman-"hey !! U awake?? M not able to sleep".
Ridhima replied-"yup.. m there !! Kya huya is time knsi ldki k yaad sata ri h tmhe :P "
Arman replied-" shayad meri kismat me koi likhi hi ni".


Mrs.Patel left after a while though disappointed with Armaan but she didn?t dare say anything more after seeing his anger. Still Riddhima apologized again as she left. Ananya and Billy consoled Riddhima and Ananya apologized as she knew Mrs.Patel had gone a little overboard but Riddhima said that she was all fine and understood and she surely didn?t need to apologize as she was her mother so it was wrong if she apologized. But Aarav who also had always disliked Mrs.Patel tried to cheer Riddhima as he knew whatever she said but still she was upset. After a while she went with a plate full of food.

part 3:Love binds our destiny ar ff

Every body shocked no shocked is understatement they all are numb happenings of events armaan proposed to get married to riddhima and riddhima shouted and run away from there and samriti comes back to reality as the reality sank to her and she thinks about her daughter and then

Part 1:The game ended my life

Hey Guyz it's me again mystery i knw my one story dmg ek bar do bara is on progress but I would like to write a mini ff and yes it's a horror story (creepy smile)

To the story

A beautiful girl is sleeping on her bed but is disturbed by the sun rays. She is frowning but suddenly like she got an electric shock she sat on the bed
Girl:oh god aj meri ore ammy meeting anniversary thi oh shit mein tou gift Lena hi bhulgai yes the girl is ridz
Anjali:Sis don't u fear wen am here tu apne saare frendz ore apne dil ke armaan ko (lol) apne Lonavla wale farmhouse mein jo dad ne abhie khareeda hai wahan Leja
Ridz:thnks di luv u but di mujhe yaqeen nahi araha hai ke dad ko Woh farmhouse itne kam price mein kese mila
Anjali:hmmm Shayad Wo haunted hai
And both of them started laughing

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-230

Friday, 22 August 2014

part 19 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

Next day arman noticed that riddhima didn’t come in sanjivani. He wanted to ask what happened to her but couldn’t cause it was not suited him have a curiosity about an intern. He tried to busy himself in work but whole day he was feeling an emptiness …he knew that now riddhima was sid’s wife and came here only to take revenge as riddhima was behaving like that ,arman was sure that she came here with a motive,what…he couldn’t guess..may be she wanted to disclose the truth in front of sanjivani staff or in front of her anji di to make him down.whole day arman tried to divert his mind. Afternoon he was busy in an emergency case and those thought gone from his mind.

Part 2: You and Me

Part 2
At Shilpa, s House

In the morning she was getting ready to go hospital, she was looking to herself in the mirror and she sat on a stool, she was combing her when, suddenly her thought went to her first day incident, when Armaan pulled her in the fire escape and kissed her hard, she came out from her thought with a jerk, how can she think about him that stupid Armaan Malik blocking her thoughts, she stood up from the stool and went downstairs happily, she peeped inside the kitchen and saw her dad was cooking, she took deep breath from her nose to smell delicious food, she spoke licking her lips: good morning dad what's cooking on he turned to face her and spoke, your favorite chocolate cake, she was so much eager to eat her favorite cake after so long time she missed her dad's cooking so much in abroad, since her mom died, Shashank was always cooking lots of yummy dishes for her, she spoke to him softly: dad I want to talk with you something very important, Shashank stopped cooking and walked towards her,

Happy Birthday DMG- One Shot

Happy Birthday DMG......

On this special day coming here brings back such beautiful memories of a loving second home 'our dear old BLOG'.... That I write this with nostalgic memories....

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-229

Part 259 & 260 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 259:

Armaan: Kya hua?

Ridhimaa: Mujhse baat mat karo... jao yahaan se...

Armaan: Kyun?

Ridhimaa: Mujhe Shahrukh se baat kyun nahi karne di? Mujhe bhi baat karni thi...

Armaan: Ridhimaa... Shahrukh bahut busy rehta hai...

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segment 51: Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

At first She was surprised to see the scene in front of her and then overwhelmed.  the whole place was decorated with flowers,ballons and coloured ribbons. Kids of orphanage welcomed her  by singing a  welcome song in their sweet voice. They were singing ,chirping as they got a precious thing. Riddhima was lost in it and arman was lost in his beautiful wife.

Riddhima : “arman…yeh..yeh sab tumne kiya?

Arman smiled and nodded in yes.

Part 26: We Belong Together

The day was shining in through a bedroom window. Birds were chirping their sweet unknown songs outside. With a dreamy smile Riddhima opened her eyes, She sat on the bed, still covering the duvet, Riddhima recalled about the evening spent with Armaan. She remembered the romantic dance they danced to and instantly she could feel her cheeks warming up. She felt her life was Perfect having Armaan with him. He had become the most important part of her life, her life now Belonged to him. Smilingly she rushed to the get ready, Walking down the stairs, she smelled the food. It was her favorite aloo-paratha's smell. She saw her family already having their breakfast, She was late today, biting her lower lips Riddhima sat with them.

Part 23: You actually love me or ...

armaan and riddhima spends sometime and thn armaan leaves.
in cafeteria
ri,at and an was there
at:''yar ye armaan pta nai kahan reh gayya mujhe to bahut bhookh laggi hai''

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-228

Part 257 & 258 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 257:

Armaan: Nahi hota mujhse control...

Muskaan: Armaan... tujhe gussa kis baat par aa raha hai?

Armaan: (bellowing at Muskaan) Don't pretend ki tum logon ko nahi pata... aur Muskaan... tumne hi to wahaan kaha tha... ki achha hai ki main Ridhimaa ka best friend ban gaya warna saiyyan ki jagah bhaiyya... didn't you say that?

Muskaan was afraid of Armaan's anger. Rahul sensed this.

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Finally the D-day has arrived. August 20th holds a special place in our hearts. It's that time of the year when DMG came into existence!! Can't believe it finished too and here we are celebrating its 7 ANNIVERSARY. We cried together, laughed together and got angry when the storyline didn't live up to the expectations. But no matter what DMG kept us glued to the show and we are thankful to whole DMG cast, creatives and people who work off-screen to bring us the best show ever. So, friends put your hands together and let's celebrate the wonderful occasion!!


Baar baar din yeh aaye
Baar baar dil yeh gaaye
Tum jiyo hazaaro saal
Yeh hamari hai aarzo
Happy Birthday to DMG

Anshu's Creation

Siggies on AR kash n kasu

Part 52 :Beintehaan

"Atul do din hogaye hai ....princess ko hosh kyun nahi araha hai .....tests key reports mey kya hai atul"

Atul tuk ridz hand in his hand n kissed her hand n said wiz wet voice "mujhey kuch smajhmey nahi araha hai arnav...abhi kuch tests key reports nahi aye hai ...aney do phir dekhtey hai "

Madiha's Creations

Intro & Part 1:AR FF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika

(operation theatre me ek ladki leti hui apni aakhri saanse le rhi hoti.hai..aur armaan uske paas uska haath pakadkar betha hota hai..)

Part 20-22 :Dard E Dil

AR FF Dard E Dil By Anika

(armaan jab rohan ko apni ankhon ke saamne khada dekhta use boht gussa aa jaata hai..aur use vo din yaad aata hai..jab usne riddhima aur rohan ko ek saath dekha tha....armaan rohan ka collar pakadkar gusse me usse kehta hai...)

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Anshu's Creation

Siggies on Ridhima

Part 25: We Belong Together

Gupta house.

Armaan reached the Gupta’s house, he was standing before the door and rang the bell. Knowing very well that it was Armaan on the other side, Riddhima rushed to unbolt it. She opened the door with a beautiful smile playing around her lips, Armaan smiled back, but was taken aback when he noticed that Riddhima wasn’t ready yet.Armaan, Hey beautifull, he said winking at her. Riddhima smiled back

Character Sketch & part 1 : You and Me


Hello, I am Shilpa Malhotra 22 years old, a beautiful, gorgeous and attractive girl I just don't have words to describe myself but I can say in just one word I am (Miss. Perfect) that surely I am, many people become confused by my dressing style, but I don't care because its depend on my mood, which cloths I have to wear Salwar suits or Jeans top why do they care how can they judge me by my cloths, this is the problem with many people but I don't care. Anyways coming to my big problem which is soon going to burn my life, I have been studying in abroad since 5 years but now my dad wants that I should come back to India and do my internship in Sanjeevani Hospital, well for that I don't mind I know Sanjeevani Hospital is great  and Dr. Shashank Malhotra my dad is head of the hospital I will surely love to work there, but my dad also has different plans for me he wants me to get married with some stupid Indian guy Armaan Malik how can I marry him, I don't even know him I don't love him how can I live my whole life with him my dad says he is nice guy then what should I do I don't want nice guy I want the guy who will love me more than his life, but for now surely I know one thing that my dad is soon going to create a big problem in my life and his name is that stupid Armaan Malik.

Part 22: You actually love me or ...

ri:''armaan tum sch keh rahee ho na tumhe lagii to nai na?''
ar:''han dekho na mai bilkul theek hun''
ri:''armaan ye blood?''
ar:''riddhima ye tumhara hai jaaan''
an:''ridzi ab chl kch kha le dekhh teraa dr.bilkul theek hai''

Part 255 & 256:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 255:

They came towards her.

Padma: (to Ridhimaa) Kya kaha tumne?

Ridhimaa: Mom... Papa... mujhe meri nayi mom pasand hain... ab aap inhe ghar le aayenge na?

Shashank, Padma and Nani looked at Armaan who smiled.

Ridhimaa: Papa... boliye na... Padma Aunty... aap meri aur Di ki mom banengi na?

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siggies on DMG

hi friends now came a few siggies of my fav...KASH,RM & Dr.Sashank and his beloved daughter riddhima.

Part 9: A Tale of two Strangers- AR

Suddenly a voice came from behind startling her

Voice: Muskaan…!

Muskaan turned around

Muskaan: Rahul…tu yaha kyu aaya hai…dekh mujhe tujhse koi baat nahi karni hai….toh chala ja yaha se..

Rahul: Muskaan bas ek baar baat toh sun le meri.. Muskaan: jaha tak mujhe yaad hai tune apne uss aakhri letter mein sab saaf saaf likh diya tha….. Rahul: Ek baar sun toh.. Muskaan: Bas Rahul..please...mai wo sab bhul chuki hu…


Mrs.Patel left after a while though disappointed with Armaan but she didn’t dare say anything more after seeing his anger. Still Riddhima apologized again as she left. Ananya and Billy consoled Riddhima and Ananya apologized as she knew Mrs.Patel had gone a little overboard but Riddhima said that she was all fine and understood and she surely didn’t need to apologize as she was her mother so it was wrong if she apologized. But Aarav who also had always disliked Mrs.Patel tried to cheer Riddhima as he knew whatever she said but still she was upset. After a while she went with a plate full of food.

part 25 & 26 : Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

part 25 


AR was sleeping hugging each other. ...n the sun played it's part peeped through the window n the sun rays hits armaan face...
he slowly opened his eyes n looked at ridhima who was sleeping peacefully in his arms with a lil pout makes her look like a baby...

My Innocent Love - AR OS

Armaan The hero of the Story came from a very lonely childhood... He never had see parents love since childhood as his parents are always busy making money... To them the love they showered on their Son was sending money to him every month... But All Armaan wanted in his childhood was the affection care and love from his parents not the money......

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Gandi Baat (Arsh os)

         hi guys,after a long time,tried for an ARSH os. its a bd gift to my sweet sis priya shonalic...hope u will like it.thanks.

@priya..sorry so sorry..i know i am late but bas 2 din ka delay hua ,actually 15th august tumhara bd hai mujhe pata hi nahi tha. hope tumhe pasans u.

"mai moti lag rahi hun na arman?"shilpa asked while staring herself in the mirror.

"aan..haan"..arman gave a quick answer while watching TV.

arman's answer hurt shilpa...she glanced at her figure and asked sighly : "ab toh mai bilkul achchi nahi dikhti.hai na jaanu"

"hmmm"...arman made a sound and again engrossed in watching tv.

Part 51 :Beintehaan

NOTE :i m taking 2 months leap in zis ff... aftr few parts i ll show wat had happened in flash back ...n mai ye ff wednesdat bhi post karungi on request of few frndss .
After 2 months

Armaan wiz choking voice "hello dr. keerti  mai armaan malik ...."

Keerti:hello armaan ...gud morning ...riddhima kaisi hai 

Armaan :shivering voice)ma'am aap plzz ghar avogey ...

Keerti:ghar ?kyun ?meri ek meeting hai armaan ...mai sham ko avungi ....

Happy Birthday Manali (17th august)

hi guys,aaj humare blog ki ek bahut hi pyari member...silent reader and of course writer..manali ka happy birthday hai.toh chalo usey wish karein.

Happy Birthday Dear Manali...many many happy returns of the day...I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

Anshu's Creation

Siggies on AR kash

part 6:Life out of control(season 2)

Riddhima woke up the next morning thanks to Nikki and Muskaan throwing their pillows on her.

“Kya hai yaar?” she grumbled, as she finally got up.

“Oye! Uth! 7:15 baj gayye hain. Hospital nahin jaana?” Muskaan demanded.

“Oh CRAP!” Riddhima sprang out of the bed and hit the bathroom without another word.

“Arre…abhi toh she just woke up…” Muskaan looked at Nikki confused. “Khair, lets go get breakfast. Mainu bohot bhook lag rahi hai!”

Part 253 & 254 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 253:

Anjali: Armaan... Ridz... theek to hai na?

Armaan: Ab wo out of danger hai... lekin isse zyada na mujhe pata hai aur na hi Dr.Gloster ko. Hume poori situation tabhi pata chalegi jab Ridhimaa ko hosh aayega...

Atul: Ridz... ab wo Coma me...

Armaan: Nahi...

Rahul: Thank God...