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siggies on AR

hi a few siggies of AR from my collection. hope u will like it.thanks.


Riddhima held her clothes and walked out of the room as she no more wished to see him.
He thanked Mrs. Mrvl once again and both of them returned to the hotel. The moment she was out of the car she strode towards her room without once looking at him.

Part 5: You and Me

Part 5

Shilpa was screaming in his arms and hitting on his chest with her small fist finally Armaan landed her on floor, and loosen up her hands which were tied.
Shilpa started to remove cloth from her eyes in hurry and finally she opened her eyes, she saw Armaan was standing in front of her she was going to shout at him when she glanced around and saw that she was in the house which was surely very beautiful.

part 9:Life out of control(season 2)

Riddhima sat at home, remembering every detail of her trip in Goa. Well, every detail of her trip to Lonavla with Armaan. Unknowingly, he made her feel so special. She looked through her window, at the moon. It was back to work the next day, and her dad was out of town again, for an emergency at Pune. Thankfully, Dadi had arrived and was keeping her mom company and for a change, both had ignored Riddhima completely. But this didn’t bother her in the slightest. She wanted to sit and re-live those moments with Armaan. They had spent the free day lazing in the hotel, going shopping (Well the girls went, and when the boys couldn’t stay another minute without them, they went to look for them, only to be dragged through various shopping malls, and small shops to empty their pockets.) Hearing the doorbell ring, she ran downstairs wondering who it was at 8. Anjali maybe. But she had promised to bring Atul over the next day, as they had taken an extra day off.

Part 277 & 278 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 277:

Armaan: Ab kyun ro rahi ho Ridhimaa? Tumhe bhi to lagta hai ki jo main kar raha hoon wo theek hai... waise bhi hume risk nahi lena chahiye...

Ridhimaa: Haan...

Friday, 5 September 2014

segment 5 & 6 : A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

segment 5

Arman was standing  in the balcony from a long time. he was scared to go to the room .today is  his 1st night but  kaisi 1st night ? jis ladki ko wo pehchanta tak nahi wo aaj uski dulhan hai..uske sath usey sari jindagi bitani hai. why did he marry  her?  only to take revenge? but  in his anger ,he spoiled his own life and that girl's too. how could he spend his whole life with this unknown girl? surely he  had taken a wrong step in his life but  his anger makes him always to do anything like an idiot. today ,after their  wedding ceremony,when all guests gone,riddhima's friends came to meet with him. they told him about riddhima's life and requested to take care of her. now he understud that he did wrong because of his stubborn nature.

Part 10:A Tale of two Strangers- AR

Mrs. Sharma left from their after saying all that when Riddhima shouts in excitement and turned around and gave a hug to Armaan. Riddhima was so excited that she dind’t know when in her excitement she hugged Armaan tightly and said

part 8:Fought for ur soul

Next morning..
R : shipliii... Get up we afe geting late.
Sh : let me sleep yaar...
R : puri raat kya jagran kr rahi thi... Get up nahi toh main akeli chali jaungi...

Part 28: You actually love me or ...

Sh:”hey young man’’
He sais and armaan also stand up to greet him and they come face to face

Part 19:super model

Thursday, 4 September 2014

segment 52 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

Arman and riddhima  had spent a beautiful time together and returned next day. Riddhima promised the kids to come again and she also told them about manvi. They were very excited to meet with manvi.dadi was very happy to see arman’s face,it was glowing like he got the world. Virat was back to his home with the promise that manvi will surely come in his competition to cheer him and manvi took a promise that he will win the first prize.


Part 30: We Belong Together

Riddhima: Armaan, I missed you so much... Riddhima said hugging Armaan tight.

Armaan moved closer to her and bending near her ear whispered 

Armaan: I love you Riddhima tumse dur reh kar pata chala, Main tumhare bagar ek pal bhi nahi reh sakta...

part 31& 32 : Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

Part 31

armaan is in his office n was in a totally irritated mood as he came early in the office n everything was just not going upto the was just a bad day for everyone in the office...

Part 275 & 276 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 275:

Ridhimaa looked up and saw Armaan.

Armaan: Main yahaan baith jaun?

Ridhimaa: (turning her face away and wiping her tears) Haan... baith jao... main bas ja hi rahi thi...
 She stood up.

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asmani rang ho female

Asmani rang ho (female version) with lyrics

hi friends, after a long time,came with my favorite song...."Asmani rang ho..."

Part 56 :Beintehaan

At night in ridz room

"not bad riddhima ...subha ka breakfast khakey toh laga tum dinner mey kya bhayanak dishes banaovgi...oky oky dnt luk lke zat breakfast tasty tha n dinner delicious ...very  impressive umm ....ek din mey tumney itna kuch sikhliya ...aise banati rahi toh tum bohot hi achi cook banjaovgi "

Riddhima:hahahaha mai bohot achi cook nahi ...bohot achi actor banungi hahaha ..oscar wali haha

Part 4: You and Me

Part 4

At Sanjeevani

Armaan spoke in gentle voice: Dr. Anjali and Dr. Rahul, children ward, Dr. Atul and Dr. Muskaan general ward, Armaan glanced up and spoke: Where is Dr. Shilpa, when Shilpa came there, he was looking at her and waited for her to say something, but she was lost in her thoughts, when Armaan spoke loudly: Dr. Shilpa Malhotra don't you even care to say sorry cause you are late, Shilpa looked at Armaan and tried to speak, when Armaan interrupt her and spoke: Anyways leave it, Dr. Shilpa today you are going to assist me in the OT, Shilpa was firming in anger the way he spoke, he didn't even gave her chance to speak anything, and he left from there.


Part 27: You actually love me or ...

riddhima ran to her room
when she heared her cell buzzed and the caller was armaan,she picked the call
at the moment she picked the call

Part 273 & 274 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 273:

There was something much more than truth there, something divine, something pure, something so enchanting that she could not look away from those eyes.

Armaan: Bolo... tumhe kya dikha? Maine tumhe maaf kiya ya nahi?

Ridhimaa: Tum... tumne sach me mujhe maaf kar diya?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Part 24 : Tu zindagi

Next day sid was back but whole group was so angry on him ,tried to ignore.when sid went to talk to sapna,muski or anyone of tam’s group,they glared him angrily and went from there.sid noticed that shilpa too was trying to overlook him. then sid came to arman and asked : “oye hero!kuch puchna tha.”

Arman replied staring him : “mera naam arman hai.”

Sid : “arey yaar pata hai,bas ek cheez bata ,yeh teri pyari behen ki puri group mujhe aise stare kyon de rahi hai? tune sambhal liya tha na kal? Jute ,sade ande khane pade kya play me?

Arman nodded while uttered : “nahi,play toh bahut achcha hua.sabko pasand aayi.

Sid : “toh?yeh sab angry bird kyon bane hue hain?

part 9: pyar ka ehsaas


billy msllik ko yeh baat samajh nahi aati ki akhir us sweet si ladki me kya burai hai jo arman usey pasand nahi karta. wo bahut sochte hain aur is faisle par pahunchte hain ki riddhima middle class ki ladki hai isliye shayad arman usey pasand nahi karta.par ananya ko bhi toh wo middle class family se shadi karke laye they par wo kitni achchi thi.billy ne ananya ko kabhi gussa karte ,fight karte nahi dekha aur billy ke parents ko bhi wo kitna respect karti thi,unki seva karti thi.aur uski cooking jo ek baar taste kar le,bas uska diwana ho jata tha. billy toh usey chidhata tha..."lagta hai banane wali ke hath ko kiss kar lun.."

Part 29: We Belong Together

Riddhima: Armaan? Tum jaa rahe ho? she said with tears in her eyes, though she tried her best not to let him see.

Armaan: Riddhima...Tumhe kaise pata chala ? Maine, tumhe bataya hi nahi tha... Armaan said 

part 8:Life out of control(season 2)

Kripa and Riddhima became firm friends as did Angad and Armaan. The four loved each other's company for the following week. Sometimes some of their gang would join them at lunch time. No one could dislike the sweet, charming girl, and the boisterous, happy-go-lucky guy.

It had been almost 3 days, and Riddhima and Armaan had another small fight.
"Armaan! Kaam karne ke waqt mujhe matt sataya karo na!" Riddhima pouted.
"Lekin Riddhima tum kaam pe itna stress le rahi ho!"

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-239

Monday, 1 September 2014

part 20 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

Next day riddhima came hospital but arman tried to avoid her.actually he tried to not to come in front of her. he took the responsiblties of another block of sanjivani . from now muskan was with arman as his intern for 1 month,and it made rahul angry..he was roaming in the locker room restlessly while blabbering something.

Part 26: You actually love me or ...

Riddhima and Armaan having an eye-lock session when others start clapping
And they come out from their world armaan makes stand riddhima on her feet
An:’’yar riddhima tu aur sabke saamne dance?’’


Rids gives a cup of coffee to Armaan and ….just then Armaan gets a call he gives back the cup of coffee to Rids and starts talking on the phone……ARMAAN GETS A CALL AGAIN A THREAT HE IS SO worried ABOUT RIDS , First ATUL got hurt then Anji got a threat and now its  RIDS and this matter ,ARMAN IS TRYING HIS LEVEL BEST TO GET THIS issue SOLVED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE………..

Part 271 & 272 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 271:
All looked at Armaan who was looking utterly shocked.

Armaan: Award! Kisliye? Maine kuch nahi kiya... mujhe koi award nahi chahiye...

Tiwari: (incredulously) Aapne kuch nahi kiya? Aapne itne bade terrorist gang ke right-hand man ko pakadwaaya hai... apne Dr.Ridhimaa ki jaan bachaayi hai...

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-238

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Part 55 :Beintehaan

Flash back 

After coming back frm z beech

Armaan goes to his room angrily ....riddhima saw his rude attitude .....she sighed n lowered her head n sat on z couch n thought

Anshu's creation

siggies on AR/kash

Part 269 & 270 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 269:

Anjali: Ye Ridz par itni mehehrbaani kyun?

Armaan glared at Anjali.

Armaan: Doodh peene se Ridhimaa ki tabiyat kharaab ho jaati hai... pichhli baar jab usne doodh piya tha to vomitting shuru ho gayi thi...

My Teen Love (one shot)

As we enter the park... We saw a couple very much alike our own Armaan and Riddhima.... and as we moved in towards their direction we saw they were non other then Armaan and Riddhima.....

Riddhima Was In Armaan's arms... lying peacefully in a park under a tree... Armaan's back was resting on the tree's trunk and Riddhima lying on grass and her head resting in his laps....
and Armaan caring her hairs... his one hand lost in Riddhima's long hair.. and other hand Riddhima was holding with her both hands and playing with his fingure.......

RE- LIVE Dill Mill Gayee :Episode-237