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R: Par………
A: And I am not letting you go! Mujhe aur kisi baat se farak nahi padta sivaai……
R: Agar tumne contract follow nahi kiya toh vo tumhe chain se nahi jeene denge; yaha tak ki Dad pe bhi case kar denge! Un papers par tumhari signature hai Armaan try to…………


Hey guys..guess who I am? I am all urs chotu sis sanju.
I am starting my new ff.. I know my previous ff is still running and I am starting this too. This ff is really special for me. I ss mai mere saare favourite star casting hai with their mine fav roles.
I had written this after I got inspiration from all AR FF AND OS in which AR are childhood frnds. Mujhe aise ff bohut pasand hai.
I wish all will like it. This I dedicate specially too all AR ff os writers who showed them as friends and all.
special thanks to the writer of pyaar dosti hai and writer of friendship a phase of love (its incompleted aur mujhe yeh ff bohut acha lagta hai bt its incomplete soo maine soch why not start a ff based on friendship of theirs.) cause I got an inspiration from these ff .
thank u hope all will like it.


this is the longest ud.

part 6

nikki- abhay yaar tu utna hi cute hai jitna pehle tha..
armaan intruped between
armaan- nikku tu in sabko jaanti hai?
rahul- haa yaar yeh sab tujhe kaise jaante hai?
atul- aur haa tu roo rahi hai? kyu?
piya- the nikki malohtra roti bhi hai. mujhe aaj pata chala.
raj- nikki aur tune aur kisi ko I mean gupta kai ilawa kissi ko hug nahi kiya?


- My Hero - An AR OS

Girl was staring a man who was playing with two kids... He is the superhero of her who has given unconditional love to her from the day she understand what love means... Not only him but her mother also love her to the core, being the only kid... They always try give all the happiness to her from the day she was born and till today...

Part 291 & 292 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 291:

Armaan: (running towards Rahul) Nahi...

But a terrorist stopped him. Armaan struggled against him.

Armaan: Usey mat maaro... mujhe... mujhe uski jagah...

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Part 7: You and Me

Armaan and Shilpa were welcomed in their new house by Anny and some guest and close friends were in the house

Shilpa was feeling very thirsty when she went in kitchen to have cold drink she saw the bottle on the kitchen counter which was filled with cold drink she took and drank it full bottle but the taste of cold drink was different she thought never in life she had tasted so bad cold drink she kept the empty bottle on counter and walked away

part 33 & 34 : Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

part 33

Armaan is coming to india after a successful tripin the japan...
But with a little surprise...he took the help from anjali to make ridhima surprise...

part 10:Life out of control(season 2)

To say Riddhima was busy was an understatement. She was up to her neck with work. And what work? Well to begin with, she and Armaan had hatched together a Rahul Muskaan milao plan, after Muskaan confessed her feelings for Rahul to Riddhima. Then, her father had left her and Anjali to prepare a Diwali party for Sanjeevani at their house. Of course, while he went for his conference that was. Then there was obviously hospital work which could not be ignored, else Keerti will personally murder her.

Riddhima was busy in the locker room thinking through everything. So Rahul and Muskaan milao mission was to be conducted at the party. On top of that, Anjali had left to go to Pune for two days, with Atul. Well, the stuff was organized, but what Riddhima missed a lot was time for herself, and time for Armaan. He had not complained a single bit, when she left hospital late, or with Anjali. Infact, he used the time available, i.e. lunchtime to talk to her.

Part 33: We Belong Together

Tanya.. Lets go.... and lets execute our plan..... (looking forward tanya spoke) Armaan here i come... to make you all mine...

Part 289 & 290 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 289:

Armaan: I am an Indian...

Priti: (smiling) Wo to hum sab jaante hain Dr.Armaan... lekin main aapke religion ke baare me pooch rahi thi...

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happy birthday Cathy (11th sep)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki ek old member cathy ki happy birthday hai ,toh chalo hum sab milkar wish karte hain.

happy birthday cathy..May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

segment 9 & 10 : A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)


they couldn't able to  understand what happened suddenly..which thing made them so close ...riddhima thought that it was surely arman's mischievousness  but  arman was not in sense ,he was totally intoxicated with riddhima's fragrance.

Riddhima  again tried to get up but in the process she fell on arman again with  a jerk and  hit his nose with her lips...arman moaned in pain.."aah!!

Riddhima : "sorry.....'.

Arman uttered winking at her : “ I think,honthon ko honthon se takrana chahiye..

Arman's words  made riddhima beet root red..she tried to free herself while closing her eyes cause she couldn't  look at his blue eyes..

Arman : "impossible...'tum uth nahi sakti....'.maine koi sararat nahi ki....'.tumhara mangal sutra ko mere kurte ke button se pyar ho gaya hai....'.dekho kaise apni baahein uske gale mein daal rakhi hai...''..

Riddhima  got that her mangal sutra stuck with arman's kurta... she was feeling  like  cry ..

Arman :" dekho ...'.plz.rona mat....'mai ishe nikalta hun....but don't move okay?"


part 2:Tumhe Khone Se Darta Hun(Two shot)

Link of the first part

Tumhe Khone se darta hun part 1

While running towards Armaan to call him back to life to make sure he survive for her for her survival his living is needed.... he is the person for whom knowingly or unknowingly Riddhima was living even with all the loneliness in her life. and when she got some ray of hope some ray for better survival she can't let god tke that way... god can't take her Armaan away from her......

Part 30: You actually love me or ...

Its 10:00 p.m. armaan and riddhima were still in blue paradise restaurant for armaan’s birthday and enjoying but now armaan was feeling very restless as he wants to spend sometime with his jaan so he was thinking for something and suddenly he pulled rahul with him and

Part 287 & 288 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 287:

Armaan: Aise kya dekh rahi ho? Tum to jaanti ho main God, allah, bhagwaan me believe nahi karta.

Ridhimaa: Haan... lekin yahaan to tumhari ma ki grave hai...

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siggies on AR/KASH

hi guys...a few siggies of AR/ kash from my creation home...hope u will like it.

Part 58 :Beintehaan

Next day evening

"awww mera beta agaya tuh ...abh tabhiyat kaise hai ...chuti leynah cahiye tha nah beta ...kal itna beemar tha aaj kaam pey nahi jata toh kya hojata?"dadi asked lovingly

While sitting on floor n resting his head in dadi's lap while keeping his bag on z couch armaan said "mai thik hun dadi bas thodi si  thakan  hai .."

Part 32: We Belong Together


Tanya cheered it with a guy, she was sitting in the hall, holding a glass of Red wine. The guy seemed to smile at her. Smiling back Tanya stood up and spoke.

Part 285 & 286 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 285:

That day, after her duty was over, Ridhimaa went to the canteen and sat down on a table. Armaan too entered and made his way towards her and sat in the chair near her. Ridhimaa did not know how to talk to him, how to get her question answered. She was afraid lest Armaan should get her wrong. Till then, Armaan had ordered for a coffee for her and him. The coffee arrived. Armaan started sipping. Ridhimaa did not touch her mug.


Armaan and Riddhima keep staring at each other as sweat beans started to form on their forehead making their heart beat fast again but this time it was because of fear, thinking what Padma would think if she come to know what Armaan and Riddhima were doing before marriage...
'Riddhi, tu kar kiya rahe ho...' Padma asked...

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part 21 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

Riddhima was jerked recognizing that person. He was raghav bahi’s childhood friend atul joshi.
Atul : “what a surprise!ridhzi tu yahan kaise?

Riddhima gulped hard while uttered : “ji mai yahan intern hun,aap yahan?

Atul uttered smilingly: “mai yahan senior doctor hun..i am psychiatrist here..anjali I mean dr. anjali told me that dr. riddhima needs  my help to treat a patient so I came and its u..tu yahan kaise? I mean tera wo khadus bhai tujhe mbbs padhna allow kiya? Khud toh har class me back lata tha..

part 1 : My hearty found love

it will be in two parts..!!
Here is part one..!!
A girl in her late 20's is running here n there in the whole house ordering her servants...
Anjali : ramu ye vase wahan us table pr.. N only fresh flowers.
Kaka ye ab kya kar rahe ho maine bola tha na uski fav crockey nikle gi... Change karo dining table ki setting...
Guy (in early 20) : anji.di relax kya hua...
( anjali joshi elder daughter of gupta's a sucesful business women happily married to one of business tycoon atul joshi..)

Part 29: You actually love me or ...

Next day
Armaan was in his cabin,he is in deep thoughts

Part 283 & 284 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 283:

Armaan: (still crying) Lekin... lekin main kisiko nahi bhula paaya... kisiko nahi... main bahut akela tha nani... mujhe sabki bahut yaad aati thi... Champ ki... Anjali ki... Muskaan aur Rahul ki ladaayi ki... Bi aur aapke pyar ki... Padma aunty ke khaane ki... sir, Kirti mam ki daant ki... Sanjeevani ki...

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Episode 8:Slam book - Dill ki Batein Doston Ke Sang

Hey friends nikita here pehle tou kan pakad ke sorry itnein time bad next segment lekar ayi hun Slam Book ka kya karun thodi busy thi anyways chodiye mujhe chaliye aaj main aapko Slam Book Choti Choti Batein Doston Ke Sang meiin aathve panein par lekar calti hun jise bharne aa rahii hain Diksha yes the famous writer of super model, friends or rivals and fought for your soul and many more , she is truly a great and very talented writer and  a nice human being so Diksha here is your pen so lets give us the pleasure to knows you bettter

my creation home♡♡

Part 6: You and Me

Wedding Day

Shilpa woke up welcoming beautiful day of her life she walked downstairs and saw the completed arrangements of house for her wedding she walked towards Shashank's room
She glanced at her dad who was glancing at Shilpa's childhood pictures and remembering the beautiful days slowly she walked inside and sat on a bed next to him, Shashank looked at her with misty eyes.

Siggies on KaSh/AR

heyy Guys this is my first edit on AR/KaSh..!! 

Part 281 & 282 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 281:

Ridhimaa looked at Armaan.

Ridhimaa: Kitna cute baby hai...

Armaan: Really? Tumhe chahiye ye cute baby?



Everything was going better from the day Riddhima break her wall which she had build around her, she had been talking to everyone like she do before... Everyone was very happy that Riddhima trying to live her life the way it is now, specially Armaan was the happiest person from all..

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FALL FOR YOU (one shot)

This is a small story of a couple Armaan n Riddhima who has 4 years age difference between them and marriage was fixed by their family as the consent was send by Armaan's family on armaan's insistence as he was head over heels in love with Riddhima when his eyes led on her for the very first time.  Armaan had seen Riddhima in the mall with her two friends Nikita and Muskaan. Armaan was their for a meeting with one of his clients in the restaurant of a mall when riddima had entered in their with her two best friends. She wore simple red suit wid her long hairs left open. Whereas armaan was in his three piece office suit. When armaan saw her for the first time in restaurant he was left spell bound by her beauty...he couldn't took his eyes of her for a single second. And when he reached home he was not able to forget her face even for once as her face was driving him crazy every second of his life. So after full one week he concluded that he was head over heels in love with ridhima.

segment 7 & 8 : A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

riddhima was shivering got the meaning of arman's words. she saw arman's blue eyes were burning with anger. now he was a inch away from her...he smiled sarcastically like now no one here to save this arrogant girl ,she was totally in arman's trap....riddhima   closed her eyes  with fear but her eyes started raining already. arman lost his sense feeling the fragrance of her ..he traced his lips on her soft cheeks   but  he tasted salty water which was flowing from her eyes and arman's anger was vanished  in a while...he jerked his head and thought .."kya karne ja raha tha wo!ek majbur ladki ka faida uthane! itna kab geer gaya wo ki sahi galat ka bhi pehchan an ho..mana isne badtamiji ki hai but he had no right to assult her like this...

Part 57 :Beintehaan

"gudnt dadi..."armaan gt up frm z couch n moved towrds his room .....ridz felt something weird in his behaviour ....

"bhoot aaj kuch jayda hi khamosh hai ...thak gaya hai kya bt aaj toh bhoot jaldi agaya hospital sey phir kyun ...ek bar bhi mujhsey flirt nahi ki ..aise kaise bina saas liye bhoot rehsakta hai bt wiz out flirting hmmm ummm ...kuch toh huva hai issey ...par kya "

Part 31: We Belong Together

As the Sun shone through the window, she turned to the other, only to find more light there. Suddenly, the alarm rang, waking her up. Riddhima sat up, and dismissed the alarm, and jerked her eyes open, but quickly put her hand up in front of her eyes, as to protect those. She again slowly opened her eyes, revealing those beautiful eyes of her. She quickly looked at the clock. Her lips formed into a smile.

Part 279 & 280 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 279:

All smiled except Ridhimaa.

Shahrukh: Because... it's your day!

Armaan: Lekin...