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Part 31: You actually love me or ...

Hearing this riddhima ran from there with tears bleeming in her eyes.
Ar:’’oh crap armaan’’

part 1:Ye ishq nahi aasan

Outside Canada Airport....
An Old lady to a girl in her late tweenties: Dear are you sure you want to do this? Afterall yahan tumhe kya takleef hai ki tum hum sabko chod ke jaa rahi ho? Girl: O bua, u know what you are the best bua in the world. Thanks for everything but abhi mujhe jaana hai. The girl trying to put up a very brave face but tears were about to flow from her eyes. The old lady understood and just nods her head and asks her to call her once she reaches her destination.

Cut to Sanjeevani hospital Announcement: Dr. Keerti pl report to Dr. Shashank immedieatly. Some mins later Dr. Keerti knocks at the door. Dr. Shashank: Ah Dr. Keerti please come in come in. Umn.. 2 imp baatein hai jo main kehna chahta tha aapse. Ek toh my daughter Ridhima will be joining Sanjeevani in a day or two. Dr. Keerti: So sir, she will be joining us as a senior doctor. Shashank: she will complete her probation and then if the

Part 293 & 294 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 293:

Armaan: Rid... Ridhimaa...

Ridhimaa: Armaan...

Shashank: (sternly) Dr.Armaan... agar Dr.Ridhimaa ke yahaan rehne par aap stress lenge... to I am sorry... hume Dr.Gupta ko baahar bhejna padega... Dr.Ridhimaa... aap please baahar wait kijiye...

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segment 11 : A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)



arman was sitting in his room and playing computer game when kaki came to call him for having dinner.

kaki : "beta chalo khana kha lo''.
Arman : "papa aa gaye?
Kaki : "nahi beta unhe thodi late hogi'..
Arman : "aur wo aapki ladli ?''
Kaki smiled hearing this remarks ,she replied : "uske frnds ne party diye hain'.'.kya usne aapko nahi bataya?


2 installment

1 (e) abhi and nikki- childhood best friends. part ir armaan's gang. abhi being sensible and us also intelligent. checking wheather the projects are complete or not along with armaan ,reports explaining and everything to the gang is his responsibility. nikki along with kripa make sure that they dont over use expensive of theirs and also modifies the projects . she pretty hotie bt she does not even look at other guys.
both sings and are BB player too. doesnt know about the total gang before or armaan's.

Part 10 : You and Me

Part 10

Armaan was back in morning at 5 am he was very tired and was rubbing his neck he walked in room and saw beautiful face of her wife who was sleeping peacefully his tiredness was vanished after seeing her angelic face he walked towards bed and sat on it


As Armaan and Riddhima expected, boys and girls had bang in to their room shouting from their loud voice making them startled to the death with the sudden scream... Muskaan and Nikki have attach to Riddhima as she try hiding herself under the comforter where else Rahul and Abhi pour cold water on Armaan head making his jerk opening his eyes wild...
Making them get ready, they move towards the top floor as they had order breakfast there already... Shashank, Padma and Karan were enjoying their time with friends and other well known people... It was like a holiday for everyone as they would spend another three days in the cruise...

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Part 2:Ankahi Daastan Mohaabat-Entry 8

After 2 months
He is driving towards home after his hectic day at the office it’s off course good as he is managed to grab a big deal and he is happy about that and suddenly he finds a car parked on the side of the road it’s not the car that takes his attention it’s the owner of the car that grabbed his attention as he saw a young lad standing there in his business shirt and pants sleeves turned to his elbows and tie loosely hanging and he immediately puts the

Part 2:Dill Mill Gayye-Entry 7

And shashank's voice brings armaan back to reality from his basket's face and then he laughed sarcastically and replied that

Part 2:Unwanted Marriage-Entry 6

As they reached mallik mansion kashish welcomed them with the thall of Aarti and riddhima kicked the jar filled of rice and dipping her feet in red water she entered in the Mallik Mansion as Riddhima Armaan Mallik holding armaan’s hand and as they imprinted their hands on the wall dipping in yellow water armaan looked at riddhima she looked so serene with that enchanting beauty of hers and as riddhima feels him gazing at herself she too looked at him and then she gives him a smile and armaan returned that smile after few more rituals riddhima send to the big guest room as she can’t allow to share the room with armaan as till the time they offered their Pooja in their Kul Devi’s temple in morning so riddhima moved to guest room as per kashish maa’s instruction and as she entered she

Part 2:It's A Love Story-Entry 5


Next few days Riddhima was behaving normal and was trying hard not to fight or not to react on any of the comments passed by Armaan. She just gave him a smile in response to his any of the rubbish talks which before can lead to a big fight but now ended with Armaan’s confused face and Riddhima’s fake smile. But one thing was surely changed and was different. Riddhima’s behavior towards Armaan was changing in good. She has started liking Armaan as a person as she slowly came to know his inside outs.

Part 2:Will Love You Till Eternity - Entry 4

All This Was Going On And Dr.S Treating Their Patient... When I Was An Noon Time And All The Doctor's Went To Cafeteria To Have Their Lunch ..... And Many Of Them Were Sitting An D Having Their Lunch When Riddhima Enter All Look Up At Her And Disapproved Her With Their Eyes And Expression And Only Keerti Who Was Sitting With Shubhankar And Having Lunch Saw All This And Pain On Riddhima's Face And Called Her....When Riddhima Was About To Turn And Leave After All The Looks She Got....

Part 2:A Deal-Entry 3

part 2

after 8 years

college life was ended. today the whole class got their farewell party and now they have to return to their respective home. arman was sitting while surrounding his friends. he was the most handsome hunk in his college. he was the basketball champion,guitarist and the most popular guy in his college but he was more popular for one reason was he was a play boy..he used to change girls like clothes.any girl was not with him more than 1 week and the girls couldn't resist them to fall in love with him,but after spending 2-3 nights ,he was turned to another one.

Part 2:JEENE LAGA HOON -Entry 2

Part 2

'Woh meri koi nehi hai Armaan....Woh insaan meri koi nehi hai....' Riddhima suddenly shouted pushing Armaan hand away from her... 
'Basket, shaant hojao...' Armaan said... 

Part 2:Bepanaha Pyaar Hai -Entry 1


All were buzy in for the big day in farmhouse and riddhima was just counting hours on her fingers of her life left. Whereas armaan woke up early in morning got ready and after eating breakfast nd taking blessings of his parents he left to get the love of his life. With full joy nd happily.

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yadein (old blog remembrance)

hi friends...mai aa gayi kuch kehne ,kyon? ummm...actually aaj old blog ki,apne friends ki,apni sisiters ki bahut yaad aa rahi hai. i know kuch toh is blog me bhi hain aur kuch new members bahut hi pyari hai,ab toh mere dill ke karib hain wo ..but phir bhi,"jo paya wo anmol hai hi,par jo khoya uska koi mol nahi tha.."

don't worry ,mai apni baton se aapko sad nahi karungi aur aap sab sad ho toh mujhe bilkul achcha nahi mai sirf kuch yaden post karungi jo old blog ke kho jane ke baad maine prtsc lekar apne lapi me save karke akh diye they ki jab bhi unki yaad aaye...mai unhe dekh sakun..

kya bhulun ,kise bhulun ...sarey riste dill se jude they ..missing u my old blog...

17/9/13 (one shot)

hi friends,aaj humare old blog ko khoye hue 1 year hue..isi manhus din ko kinhi saitan ,sirfirey logon ke karan humne apna blog khoya,apna second home khoya. thanks to all readers,writers,commenters and my aaj bhi humse judey hain aur is blog ko utna hi pyar dete hain...phir bhi...."yaaden yaad aati hai...miss my second home,my old blog badly...usiki yaad me yeh oneshot...."

"Sham hote hi chirgon ko bujha deta hu,
Ye Dil h kafi hai Teri yaad me jalne ke Liye ... "

17/9/2013  ----- its only  a few numbers or a date  .yes..u can ask me what is the specialty of this number. i will reply you...nothing...tumhare liye kuch bhi nahi. par mere liye bahut kuch hai...yeh numbers nahi meri jindagi ka ek hissa hai,kuch pal hain,jab maine apni jindagi ko khoya,apna pyar khoya,apni pehchan khoyi...

MISS U old blog

                         Namestey everybody aaj mai aap sabkey saat kuch baate shre karna cahti hun ..mai hamesha birthdays apni fingers tips pey rakhti hun kisi bi waqt mujhsey pucho jhat sey boldungi bt pehli bar maine ek sad date ko dill sey lagaye rakha hai aur sayad hamesha rakhungi its vry vry vry special to me ....bohot log sayad bhulgaye hongey bt i wish kuch ko toh ye din yaad ho ....aaj ji key din humney humara pyara blog jo ek ghar tha bohoton ka ....ek sahara tha ....ek jariya tha sari takleefon ko bhulney ka jo bohoton ka 2nd home tha usey khodiya .......aaj bhi yakin nahi hota ki maine apna 2nd home khodiya ....mujhey lagta tha ki mai iss duniya mey nahi rahungi bt blog raheyga aur sochti thi ki mere jane key badh blog ko active rakhney wala koi ajaye toh acha hoga hahahah bt kabhi sapney mey bhi nahi sochta tha ki mere hi ankhonkey samney ek chutki mey blog delete hojayega thik ek saal pehley 2013 sep 17 ko maine apni family khodiya aur mai kuch nahi karpayi except crying hahahaha

Madiha's Creations

part 2 : my hearty found love

A : ridhima ridhima suno toh..
R : mujhe neend ari hai armaan let me slep..
Ridhima lies down on bed turns her face away from armaan..
After an hr..
Ridhima was nt able to sleep n was just turning sides..!!
Armaan was sitting on couch n watching ridhima..
Armaan leaves the rum.. N comes back with ridhima's fav pizza sply made by armaan...
A : Ridhima...
No responce..

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part 21:Ajab Armaan ki gazab kahani

Nanda parinde ghar aja ...

Part 9: You and Me

Part 9

Shilpa walked in cafe and sat on a chair she was remembering the moment which she spent in Armaan's arms few minutes before

She smiled to herself by thinking his words "I don't like crying babies" she was lost in her thoughts
When Muskaan and Rahul came there and sat next to her Rahul and Muskaan looked at each other and shook their head

Muskaan tugged Shilpa on her shoulder she came back from her thoughts

Rahul was not stopping his smile
Shilpa raised her eyebrows and spoke: what, why are you smiling Rahul

Rahul stopped his smile and spoke: no I am not; anyways don't you think Shilpa now days you are dreaming in day about Armaan

Shilpa hit him on his arm and spoke: shut up

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Episode 9:Slam book - Dill ki Batein Doston Ke Sang

Hey friends nikita here chaliye here i am with another rocking segement of Slam Book Choti Choti Batein Doston Ke Sang meiin nauve panein par lekar calti hun jise bharne aa rahii hain chaliye guess kijiye yeh hum sabki pyaari sii dost hain jo sabse khoob saari batein karti hain sabke saath milkar ffs likhti hain ''always with you'' adha adhoora tere bin'' jaise pyaare ffs likhti hain sabke bdys par os likhtti hain yes aap sabne sahi pechhana she is none other than Ayushi Gupta so here ayu is the pen please fill the slam book

siggies on AR/KASH

hi friends..a few siggies from my  kash collection..hope u will like it.thanks.

Part 59 :Beintehaan

"kya huva princess ...kyun rorahi ho.."

She did nt say anything ...zen arnav asked maid to go out through his eyes ...maid kept z meds on z table n moved out ....zen anav brought ridz near z bed n made her sit down n sat beside her while encircling his one hand around her shoulder n wiping tears wiz other hand asked "kya huva princess ...."

Part 8: You and Me

Part 8

At Sanjeevani

Shilpa entered in and was walking in corridor she was not feeling well at all her hangover was still not over she decided that she will soon take a leave and go home

She was going to enter in locker room when she stopped and heard Rahul's words: hey Atul dude I don't even know who drank that alcohol I had kept there for myself.

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Madiha's Creations

Part 1:Ankahi Daastan Mohaabat-Entry 8

Short story competition - SS based on plot No 2
Character Sketch

Riddhima Gupta-25 years old successful Fashion Designer owner of ARG chain of her clothes settled in Mumbai base from Delhi daughter of Shashank And Samriti Gupta the big business tycoon in India settled in Delhi handled his business from there give all the freedom to her daughter she is apple of her parents eyes and deeply in love with ARMAAN MALLIK her school classmate who she knows where he is.

Part 1:Dill Mill Gayye-Entry 7

Short story competition - SS BASED ON PLOT 1

She is not crying not at all she is just looking in emptiness not blinking her eyes not a single tear is in her beautiful green almond eyes maybe her tears to gets soaked after bearing all this she could not able to

Part 1:Unwanted Marriage-Entry 6

Short story competition - SS BASED ON PLOT 2
part 1

She is sitting in lawyer’s cabin with her best friend Armaan Mallik and as she looked at him as he too looks at her and then their eye lock break with their friend and lawyer’s voice as

Part 1:It's A Love Story-Entry 5

Short story competition - SS BASED ON PLOT 4 


It was a very sunny morning; birds were chirping; hustle-bustle atmosphere was everywhere in the college as everyone was ready to go to their classes for their lectures.

Part 1:Will Love You Till Eternity - Entry 4

Short story competition - SS BASED ON PLOT 1
Character Sketch....

Armaan - As U All Now His Character...A Charmer.A Heart-Robber. A Lucky Go Man Yet Concerned Most. A Sensitive Yet Careless On Front..... A Romeo Yet A Playboy To Others..... A Super doctor And Also A Patient Too.... That Caused Him To Leave His Riddhima..... His Everything Behind.... But No.One Knows Where He Is....

Part 1:A Deal-Entry 3

Short story competition - SS BASED ON Plot 3

 Part 1

"aaj tumne apni jo haalat ki hai na arman,wo tumhara hi banaya hua family se belong kiya means yeh nahi ki sab kuch ke soudebazi kar sako..souda hi kiya tha na tumne riddhima ke sath ...but usne tumhe pyar kiya tha arman..sirf pyar ..aur pyar sacrifice mangta hai so usne diya...usne apni jindagi ki sari khushi tumhe de di.tumhari sari doulat tumhe wapas kar di aur bina kuch kahe,kuch liye chupchap us masum bachche aur kokh me tumhari nshani lekar ghar se chali gayi.....ab uske paas kuch bhi nahi except dua ke......."

Part 1:JEENE LAGA HOON -Entry 2

Short story competition - SS BASED ON PLOT NO 1

part 1

'Basket...' Guy enter with a bag hanging on his one shoulder, big bright smile was on his face while it shows the dimples on either of his cheeks...
The moment he enter the house, his smile got even bigger but was surprise as well seeing the people running here n there busy with work... House was decorated as if someone marriage was going to take place...

Hearing his voice, several head turn towards him with shocked expression in their face, but soon it turn to beautiful smiles as two girls run towards him with small tears in their eyes...

Part 1:Bepanaha Pyaar Hai -Entry 1

Short story competition -SS BASED ON Plot 1

Part 1

After snaps incident and riddhima’s fake accusation on sid to rape her shashank ‘s reputation and riddhima’s reputation on stake. Shashank tries to talk to riddhima to make her agree to marry sidhant.

In shashank’s cabin

‘riddhima try nd understand beta………..tumhaari izzat aur meri reputation dono satke pe hai. Plz sid se shaadi karne k liye maan jao….’ Shashank said ‘papa aap samjhne ki koshish kijiye na… main armaan k alaawa kisi aur se shaadi karne k bare mein soch bhi ni sakti……aur sid se toh bilkul bhi ni…….’ Riddhima said while crying. ‘oh for godsake riddhima tumhaare un snaps aur jhoothe rape ki lzaaam ki wajah se meri reputation stake hai………nd I won’t tolerate that..’ shashank said angrily. ‘toh aap yeh kahiye na papa k aapko meri nahi apni reputation ki chinta hai. Meri zindagi barbaad ho ya na ho aapko koi fark nahi padta right. …’ riddhima replied angrily and looking at him accusingly. ‘enough riddhima mene decision le liya hai. Tum sid se shaadi karogi nd dats final…..’ shashank said in angry tone. ‘papa agar aapne faisla kar liya hai toh mene bhi kar liya hai k main sid se shssdi nahi karungi. Samjhe aap….’ Riddhima after saying this was about to go when shashank said ‘riddhima agar tumhaare dill me mere liye aur is hospital k liye thodi sib hi izzat bachi hai toh tum sid se sahadi k liye haan karogi nahi toh main samjhunga k riddhima naam ki meri koi beti thi hi nahi…’ shashank saying this move out of the cabin living a shock nd crying riddhima there.