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part 1

a girl is jogging- aaj mere life hi ahhi balki mere friends ki bui life ka important din hai aaj humare 2 year ka result aane vala hai. har 2 year kai kuch students ko kisi aur clg mai tranfer kiya jata hai. I just wish ki jaha bhi jau mere saare frnds mere saath ho.
then suddenly a voice came from behind..
g1- ridhima ruk. (yes she is ridhima)
g2 -haan yaar kabse bula rahen hai.
g3- haa di kha khi gayi ho.
g4- ridzi kuch bol bhi!

Part 37: We Belong Together

Riddhima: Mujhe manzoor hai.. Main Vivek se shaadi karne keliye tayaar hu... Riddhima blurred, She said it coldly and lost..... shocking and suprising both the families.

Anurag: Riddhima, tum Vivek se shaadi karne ke liye tayaad ho ? Anurag spoke while holding Riddhima through her shoulder when Riddhima nodded her head, She looked blank and lost.

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Aayushi Creation

Introduction : Sapney


This story is inspired from the life of a beautiful girl I met, who made me realize how blessed we are and how much life can offer and take back.
I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations, places of residence and certain parts of the story.

Part 3:Ye ishq nahi aasan

Its a new day: Ridhima gets up all refreshed and ready for the new day & a new challenge (life afterall is a challenge). She looks at herself in the mirror & sees a upset Ridhima staring back at her. She quickly shakes her head and tells herself that its better to be on the move rather than keep thinking. She gets ready & then wants to leaves for Sanjeevani along with Shashank. However he tells her that he has some other engagement and she will have to reach Sanjeevani on her own. But he assures her that she will enjoy working in Sanjeevani as the staff over there is very nice & friendly.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Happy Birthday Anshu (25th sep)

hi friends...sorry for delay...sabse pahle toh mujhe anshu se sorry kehna chahiye mai bd post me late hui.actually i am sick anshu so forgot baar maaf kar dena..par bd toh khushi ka din hota hai na aur usey kabhi bhi celebrate kar sakte

happy birthday anshu dear...many many happy returns of the day..May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

part 22 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

Arman came in the nurse station with the kid in his arm and asked the nurse if she knew whom baby he was but nurse didn’t know . arman asked the ward boys but they too was unable to say  ,just then a sister said that she had seen a while ago that baby with sid. Arman wondered realizing it was sid and riddhima’s son..he looked at the baby boy who was wrapping his tiny arms around his neck. He felt an unknown pleasent while carrying the baby in his arm.

Sister : “laiye dr. arman,mai bachche ko dr. sid ke paas chod aati hun.” Saying it she tried to take the baby but he refused  to go to the sister while uttered : “…nanna…

Arman : “aap jao sister,bas itna batao ki dr. sid kahan milenge…

part 36 : Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

Part 36
Gupta house

Everyone was busy in getting ready for ridhima's bday party held in the mallik mansion...

Part 34: You actually love me or ...

Ve:’’sister please o.t readt karvaiye emergency hai’’
S.l:’’oh jii yeh dr. armaan ji ko kya hua’’

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Aayushi creation

Part 299 & 300 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 299:

That evening, at Ridhimaa's house, in the living room. Ridhimaa was moving up and down the room, anxiously. The others were watching her.

Padma: Ridhimaa... kya baat hai?

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Part 13 : You and Me

Part 13

Shilpa slowly opened her eyes when she felt sun rays on her eyes it was coming through window she rubbed her eyes and glanced at her husband her head was placed on his chest and he had gripped her from her back she smiled moving on his face level and she gave soft kiss on his cheek

Slowly she removed his hand from her back and stoop up she wrapped her body with blanket and walked in washroom

Pyar Dosti Hai - Rest of the Story (Summarized Version)

Riddhima and Rahul's whole family were busy in planning surprise birthday party for Armaan. All was done nd now they were just waiting in the drawing room for the guest of honor. But still there's no sign of armaan.

Part 36: We Belong Together

Riddhima was walking in the garden of her house, She moved to and fro..Her eyes filled with water, one slow painful tear slipped out running down her cheek. She had decided that she wouldn't turn back, She never wanted to see Armaan again. She would just be happy for her family who loved her unconditionally, though her heart longed for Armaan. From the time Riddhima had split from Armaan, she had cried almost all night. She just couldn't get over with his betrayal. Hollow, pained, trying to keep her head high but dying inside whenever something reminds her of Armaan. Every day she puts on a fake face so people won't worry about her and tried her best to be happy, for she couldn't see her family in pain. She heard someone walking towards her... She tried to wipe it away as quickly as possible. Her eyebrows crinkled causing her forehead to wrinkle.

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Aayushi creation

Part 297 & 298 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 297:

Armaan: Haan... pehle to wo gussa hui... lekin ye jaankar ki main ye sab kis cause ke liye kar raha hoon... ab use koi problem nahi hai...

Shashank: (unbelievingly) Really? Chalo usi se pooch lete hain... jo wo kahegi... hum wahi karenge...

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

segment 13: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)


arman was wandering here and there  .he was searching his destination but no any destination for him or no one was  waiting for him. Suddenly he saw an angel was standing in a beautiful white dress ,she smiled looking at him and stretched her arms towards him. He was astonished to see her..mesmerized to see her angelic beauty..her captivating smile was making him crazy for her…he stepped towards her silently…as he came near to her…jerked to see her..she was riddhima…his wife…he asked in a lost voice : “tum koun ho angel?

Part 61 :Beintehaan

Armaan woke up very late while holding his head which ws aching lke hell coz of hang over ....he winched wiz pain zen his eyes fell on z lemon juice glass on z side table ...zen last night incidents flashed infrnt of his eyes n thought  

Part 33: You actually love me or ...

Armaan said scarastically and riddhima looked at her and she ran from there with lots of pain in her heart and lots of tears in her eyes leaving a heart broken and furious armaan behind who fell on his knees and cried tht his life his luv was not there for him.

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hi guys...a few siggies from my kasu collection..hope u will like it.thanks.

part 11:Life out of control(season 2)

Riddhima touched the pendant on her neck. It felt so special there. Pulling it up, she kissed it once and let her lips linger there. Her eyes closed as she felt his heavenly touch on her neck. Well, remembered it. She looked back in the mirror at the blue and silver elegant trouser suit she was wearing. The top was slightly longer than usual, but showed her shape perfectly. She hoped it looked good on her, though she already knew she was no match for some of the women downstairs who were wearing ‘traditional’ lehengas, exposing as much skin as they could. She thought back to the previous morning, when Armaan dropped her home.


“Aunty aap pakka aayenge kal shaam ko na? Aur Uncle aap bhi?” Riddhima was inviting them, or rather forcing them to come over for the Diwali party.

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Part 12 : You and Me

Part 12

Armaan and Shilpa were arrived at Switzerland's famous hotel
Armaan: Shilpa you just wait here I will collect the keys from reception, she nodded and glanced around and thought hotel was very beautiful and definitely Armaan has very good choice. Armaan was back and they both went towards their room
Armaan opened the door and Shilpa was delightful seeing so beautiful room she entered in and roamed around
Shilpa: Armaan room is so beautiful
Armaan smiled and spoke: do you like it

Siggie Making Competition-By Huda

Hi everyone...sorry for again being inactive on the blog..but trust me I read a lot of stuff here...just time nahi milta so i read on d mobile and disqus does nt work there...

I know previous blog pe rajani di hi siggie competition karti thi..but a woh blog par nahi hai so I thought ki its been days koi siggie competition nahi hua hai...isliye...

So I am not keeping it too complicated...there will be few categories ..


1.Armaan Riddhima(Any of the 3..combined also allowed)
2.Abhi Nikki
3.Rahul Muskaan
4.Atul Anjali..
5.Sid Tamanna
6. Yuvi Naina..
7.Full Cast..

Part 35: We Belong Together

Riddhima looked away to the other side, She didn't wanted to see or talk to Armaan. Armaan was shocked to see Riddhima's behaviour, He didn't know why she looked away...

Part 295 & 296 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 295:

Ridhimaa: (weeping) Haan... tumne kuch nahi kiya... galti to meri hi hai...

Armaan: Ridhimaa... please ro mat...

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Happy Birthday Ashi(22nd sep)

hi friends,do you know aaj kiska bd hai? its my golu sis ashi urf ashima sharma means ek bahut hi pyari ladki ,shona wali sis aur the writer of "u r  my heartbeat " wali sis  ..ka happy birthday hai...toh chalo usey wish karein...

May you have:
All the joy your heart can hold;
All the smiles a day can bring;
All the blessings a life can unfold;
May you get the world's best in everything.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday sis!

segment 12: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)


Arman  thought that may be riddhima didn't agree to go to party with him and  will refuse to wear the dress which he brought for her .actually he wanted it..''.wo yahi chahta tha ki riddhima usse tang aakar khud hi naraj hoker chali jaaye,but wah samajh nahi pa raha tha....'.wo jaisa sochta aisa kabhi bhi kyon nahi hota....''.riddhima was ready to go with him and when she came downstairs wearing the dress which arman had brought for her..arman was mesmerized to see her.she was looking so beautiful in the red dress. arman's heart uttered : "wow!yaar,she has stunning beauty! u r lucky yaar getting this girl."

Part 32: You actually love me or ...

Sanjeevani Hospital

part 35: Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

Part 35

ridhima receives a bouquet of red roses n a box of her favourite chocklates with a note...she. smiled widely n runs in her room with. them...

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hi guys ,now a few siggies from my kasu collection..hope u will like it.thanks.

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ishq leta hai kaise Imtehaan

now my favorite song ....hope u will like it. thanks.

Part 60 :Beintehaan

Its been 10 days ridz hadnt talked wiz armaan ...armaan tried every possible way to talk wiz her bt no use ....she does his every lil work n take care of his every lill nid bt hadnt talk a single word nt even met her gaze wiz him ....ridz silence making him very restless n he cnt take mre n out of frustration he started drinking n in drunken state he went to ridz room n knocked at z door ....

Part 34: We Belong Together

Part 11: You and Me

Part 11

Armaan woke up annoyingly because water droplets were coming on his face he opened his eyes and saw his gorgeous wife who was drying her hairs with towel straight looking at mirror he traveled his eyes on her body and saw she was wearing very beautiful violet saree, he thought she looks so hot in saree he had saw her first time in saree and she just look temping her body curves were visible perfectly in shape

part 2:Ye ishq nahi aasan

Ridhima's house: Anjali enters the room and finds Ridhima lost in her own thoughts. Anjali : o ho ridzi yeh kya hai... tu abhi tak fresh bahi nai hui.. come'on tu itne din baad waapis aayi hai. Nani aur maine itni mehnat se dinner banaya n tum ho ki abhi tak change bhi nai kiya. Ridhima : Nai di... bas aati hoon, aap chaliye. Anjali :ok but make it quick, dad bhi bass aane waale hai... unka call aaya tha... Ridhima : Haan di, bas aati hoon. Anjali while leaving the room: Kitna badal gayi hai Ridz pehle jab main kehti thi ki khana maine banaya hai toh kaise react karti thi... cut to flashback scene. Anjali: Ridzi aaj nani nai hai ghar pe, khana maine banaya hai.... Ridhima : oh no matlab, aaj diet food.... and then Anjali wud run after her...and both would hug each other at the end... Flashback ends.... Anjali talking to herself: Lagta hai Ridz abhi bhi use bhool nai paayi hai.... In the washroom Ridhima splashing water on her face... looks up at the mirror and talking to herself : Mai yahan aa toh gayi hoon but kya maine theekh kiya? Atleast Canada mein I was on my own... bua bhi cool thi...she wud leave me to myself but yahan toh sab log hai. Nani, Dad, di.. kaise manage karungi main? But yehi toh tu chahti thi Ridhima, akele mein toh tujhe suffocation hota tha wahan... tu hee toh bheed mein kho jaana chahti thi...Just then she hears Shashank calling her for dinner. She quickly wipes her face and tells him that she will be down in a minute.