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happy birthday Sanzie(4th oct.)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki ek pyari ,old member Sanzie ka happy birthday hai..toh chalo usey wish karein...

Happy Birthday dear Sanzie,many many happy returns of the day.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Part 4:ye ishq nahi aasan

The driver is still in a state of non-belief. He says: Well agar tum doctor ho toh main... umm.,. Prime Minister hoon. Ridhima starts loosing her patience which is evident on her face. She turns around and tells the driver: Dekiye Mr.... ab aap treatment mein delay kar rahe hai. Agar us patient ko kuch ho gaya toh uski zimidari aapke hogi. The driver on hearing this becomes clearly furious. The driver is about to protest when a nurse comes and tells Ridhima: Dr. Ridhima, OT ready hai. Ridhima looks at the driver with a questionable look as if asking if he is satisfied now, the driver just nods his head and says : ok. They both walk towards towards different directions.

The driver is now seen walking towards his car. He asks the parking attendent: Yeh Sanjeevani hospital, yahan se kitna door hai. The attendent replies: Yeda ho gya hai kya? Yeh Sanjeevani hee toh hai. The driver raises his eyebrow and then exclaims of course yeh Sanjeevani hee toh hai. How stupid of me. Thank You mujhe yaad dilaane ke liye ki main Sanjeevani mein hee khada hu. He straightens his hair, takes the file from his car and walks towards Sanjeevani reception. 

Madiha's Creations

Part 6: May be someday


He couldnt believe what he was seeing.. He had totally mistaken the girl to be nervous. the music changed to Zara zara touch me (listen to the song while reading)

All I Seee
In Hersszzz Touch

Wats D Fun ? Ah Ah
Do U Know Wht I Mean It Isz ?
Sup Sup
Can I Get Ya
Can I Touch Ya
Can I Get Ya

Part 38: We Belong Together

Armaan felt a sickening feeling, of self blame, hatred, regret, sadness, constantly in the back of his mind watching Riddhima cry, It was almost crushing Armaan slowly.Ashamed and filled with regret, his eyes burned as sudden realization of the terrible event that had just occurred. Helpless, hopeless tears began to fall freely while his entire face scrunched up with pain and anguish. Gathering himself he softly spoke

Part 307 & 308 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 307:

That evening, at 8:30 p.m. at Armaan's house. Someone rang the doorbell. Armaan opened the door to find Atul, Shubhankar, Rahul, Kirti and Muskaan standing there.

Atul: Hye Armaan... Dr.Shubhankar ne mujhe lift de di...

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Part 63 :Beintehaan

Next day

"Bhoot ....bhooottttt .....aur kitni der lagaov gey "ridz shouted from downstairs....

Armaan:replied frm his room)2 mins ...coming riddhima....

Part 14 : You and Me


Armaan and Shilpa entered in house finally they both were back at Mumbai in midnight
Armaan: Shilpa I am going at hospital
                Shilpa: but Armaan at least eat something and go              
He came close and kissed on her forehead
Armaan: don't worry about me you take your meal and I will eat something at hospital ok.
She nodded her head and Armaan left the place
Shilpa walked towards room and sat on bed she didn't knew what was happening to her she remembered his words what he said that he doesn't believe in love she thought is likeness is enough to live whole life with him she didn't even know what she feels about him she closed her eyes and finally took the decision that no matter if he believes in love or not but now I should buried my feeling inside and act with him normally the way I always does let's see how this relationship go forward

Part 5:Maybe someday

As if coming out of trance, Armaan saw Vivek going to the group of girls and introducing himself to the beautiful girl. As if peices of a puzzle coming together Armaan came to know that the girl was a friend of Vivek's cousin who vivek had mentioned to him earlier. 3 pair of eyes followed each and every moment of the new girl. Abhi's Vivek's and Armaan's
People came to congratulate Armaan for his performance but they were greeted by silence as Armaan's eyes never left the new girl . He was afraid that if looked at someone else or even blinked his eyes the girl would disappear and he could not afford that. But then to his disappointment then the host announced a Dance competition. According to the rules, everyone was instruced to stand in a circle. Then a spot light would roam aroun them and may come to a halt on any 2 people. those two people would compete each other in a dance competition. Not really wanting to, Armaan turn his eyes away from the girl and went to stand in the circle with his friends.

Part 36: You actually love me or ...

Armaan wakes up after having a peaceful sleep and he wakes up just to saw the most beautiful sight in front of his eyes,his angel,his jaan,his princess was sleeping her head was next to his pillow and her hand is clasped with his and she is having a cute smile on her face and he adored her how cute she looked while sleeping, he forwarded his hands and caressed her cheeks with his knuckles and slowly he tried to free his hand from her grip but he was unsuccessful, infact riddhima griped his hand more tightly and armaan first surprised seeing her reaction and next moment he smiled seeing her possessiveness though she is in her deep sluber still she wants to get closer to him and armaan simply kissed her on her hair

Part 305 & 306 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 305:

Armaan separated Atul from him and smiled slightly.

Armaan: Thanks...

Atul: Oye... tere liye to baahar itni bheed lagi hai... itni ladkiyaan... uff... pata hai main back door se andar aaya hoon?

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Part 1:A Life Worth To Live - An AR FS -

Sun has rise welcoming to a new day with people slowly waking up to live another day with the bless of god... Each and everyone were getting ready for their daily works as some still were trying to get some more sleep of their beautiful dreams while others hurried to built their dreams so they can lived in it...
Not far away from the seaside, there was a big bungalow, which was built with glasses and high security around it... Beautiful garden with a pool outside shows the richness of the owner who owed with big beautiful and royal bungalow...

Part 10:A Tale of two Strangers- AR


RECAP: gang’s shopping for abhi and nikki’s engagement. Armaan and riddhima’s fights and Armaan selected a dress for Riddhima.
Everyone was done with their shopping. The girls were having a satisfied smile on their faces as they have done the most important work of their life where as boys look lil annoyed as they were feeling worn out due to holding the bags for girls. When girls moved out of the mall Armaan stop all the boys and whispered to them

Part 9:Kuch Pal

Thankyou everybody for the appreciation! Heart you guys lots xx
And to everyone who missed the previous parts, I’m attaching the link here. I highly recommend you reading them because they are awesome :D 

Kuch Pal

Also a big thankyou to the admin team for giving me a space. You guys are the best!

Part 9

Ridhimma –

So I had no idea why my hand started bleeding in the car. It was supposed to be in my vision/dream only yeah? I sighed. Things just had to get more complicated than they already were.
We had reached school and my mind was blabbering all this in Chemistry class. I never liked Chem so I didn’t mind my brain blabbering. But it was making my temples hurt. See how confused I am? Even my English is madness right now.

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Freinds- one shot

This is the story of 2 frnds armaan and ridhima. They love each other but didnot confessed yet. They think that others care and love for each other is just frndshp vala love. Arman has fear that if ridhima does not love him, then it will affect thier frndshp and he doesnot want to lose her at any cost. Ridhima bcoz of her shy nature and having same fear of not losing her frnd didnot confess.
In college canteen, ridhima was sitting with muskaan and nikki. After few minutes, boys too came there. Arman sat with ridhima, then rahul and muski and then last nikki and abhi. Everyone except arman and ridhima had a clue that they like each other but not able to tell bcoz of thier. They were planing what to do in coming weekend. All then decided to go to arman farmhouse in lonavala. They all were excited.

Part 4:It's A Love Story-Entry 5


After some time she was standing with Rahul and Muskaan. Her eyes were only searching for Armaan when she heard her name being called loudly. She knew Armaan called her but she was confused in the way he took her name.

Part 4:Will Love You Till Eternity - Entry 4

When Person Came Down The Sight That Meet His Eyes Left Him With Broad Smile On His Face....
Person - Aur Phir Bhi Is Gadhe Armaan Ko Lagta Hain Riddhima Saach Mein Vo Sab Sochti Hain Jo Sab Usne Aapni Pagal Pan Mein Bola Hain.....

Part 4:A Deal-Entry 3

part 4

 Its been more than one year arman riddhima were married. Now riddhima was doing PG in sanjivani and arman had nothing to do. in last 1 year,riddhima was totally confused with arman’s  behavior. sometimes he behaved normally…sometimes very weird. He used to talk with riddhima very the past 1 year ,he always came late at home in a drunken state..riddhima kept waiting for him every day…and when he came in an unstable condition, riddhima used to give support him and made him to lie on the bed, took care of him..arman was kept mumbling…”tum itni achchi kyon ho riddhima?sab tumhe pyar karte,mujhe koi nahi….sab kehte maine mumma ko mara,phir papa ko bhi..mai bahut bura hun..i hate myself..i am a cheater..coward…’

Part 4:JEENE LAGA HOON -Entry 2

Part 4

Gang were smiling seeing Armaan expression knowing what he must be thinking of them... They know how cold it would be in that place but they thought it would be perfect to a romantic couple like Armaan and Riddhima... 

Part 4:Bepanaha Pyaar Hai -Entry 1



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Part 2:Hubby Sir

Hey guys
How r u all
I know maine maar khane wale kaam kiye hai n uske liye i m very sorry. Just that i was over worked at my job and did not get as much time. But still sorry once again. Now here is the part 2 of hubby sir.

part 1 - link

Part 2

As Aana and Hinal cont to laugh at Ridhima, she tries to get back at them n says
Ridzi: umm Aana main bhi jara Armaan SIR ko bula ke Varun ke baarein main poochun??
Aana: varun?? Woh kon hai?? Aur Armaan sir usse kaise jaante hai??
As expected Aana turns red n shuts up while Hinal is still rolling with laughter and then next bomb drops
Ridzi: Hinal ji jara aap wistaar se bolengi konsa radio aapka fav hai ;)

Part 35: You actually love me or ...

Ar:’’kyoon jhooth bol rahii ho?’’
Ri:’’armaan mai to’’

part 12:Life out of control(season 2)

Armaan was waiting for Riddhima in the locker room. When would she arrive? He had something important to tell her. Not that it would affect them in any way, but heck she was his girlfriend, and he wanted to tell her this. She finally walked in wearing a white and pink chooridar, saying bye to Anji as she looked back. He saw her and a smile split on his face immediately. She looked so beautiful in any clothing.

Riddhima, bumped into someone and almost got knocked back.
“Armaan! Hi…” she smiled up at him, and drew herself closer kissing his cheeks.
“Good Morning Basket” he replied, then added, “Abh toh poora din achcha hoga.”
“Armaan. You and your cheesy lines. Hato mujhe aaj bohot kaam hai.”
“Really? Abhi Dr Keerti ko report karna hai, then maybe you can say you have a lot of work. Especially if we get duty together.” He stressed on ‘then’.

Part 303 & 304:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 303:

Anjali: (crying out with relief) Ridzi!

She ran upto her and hugged her.

Anjali: Ridzi... are you OK?

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Part 62 :Beintehaan

Sun rays peeped inside z room n disturbing ridz who ws sleeping peacefully ...she opened her eyes slowly while rubbing zem n yawning ...she wanna sleep mre bt she luked at z clock which ws showing 9'o clock ....her eyes popped out n thought "omg mai abhi tak sorahi hun ...aaj dadi meko khajayegi ..."


Aayushi Creation

Part 301 & 302 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 301:

That night, at nearly 11:55 p.m. Armaan was lying in his bed, sleeping soundly, when someone shook him slightly. Armaan, still in a deep sleep, turned his head to the other side. He was shaken again, but to no avail. Ridhimaa, disappointed, looked at her watch. It was ten seconds to twelve. She brought her lips near Armaan's ear and whispered as the clock struck twelve.

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Happy Birthday Diksha (28 sep)

hi guys,again late....par kya karun tabiyat itni kharab hai ki dimag hi nahi chal raha aur kuch yaad nahi aata...upps!aapko batana bhul gayi ki kis barey me baat kar rahi hun. actually humare blog ki ek bahut hi pyari girl aur ek great writer "Diksha " ka happy birthday hai on 28/9...toh chalo jaldi se usey wish kar den...

Happy  Birthday dik...I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead.

Part 8:Kuch Pal

Hey guys! So before you all jump on me for disappearing for 8 months, I’d like to say that I was extremely busy with my studies plus I had some major projects in my life which needed immediate attention.
But still, there is no excuse for being negligent towards your job so I would like to apologize and also promise that I’ll be regular, as much as I can. 

So for those who haven’t read Kuch Pal before, here is the link of previous parts. Do check them out! I promise you’ll enjoy a lot and be eager to read more. 

Kuch Pal 1-7

Part 8

So it’s been 2 months and finally my sucky December 29th Birthday was here. 

Note - Nikkita

Hello my dear friends I am nikita I am here to say sorry for disappeared in between ss competition like this but there are some personal reasons can't avoid so sorry about it and don't worry from now on posting will be on time 

Next is the entry6 entry7 and entry 8 ss is now not going to be posted further as per writer's personal request sorry about it so there is now just 5 entries

Part 3:It's A Love Story-Entry 5


The days went by, Riddhima was coming back to her normal self but her behavior was changing a little bit towards Armaan, which was very much awkward for Armaan.  But Armaan’s mind was only clouded with Jiya’s thoughts. He didn’t know when she had become one of the most important people of his life. He started considering her as a very close friend.  He likes her simplicity and caring nature.

Part 3:Will Love You Till Eternity - Entry 4

Same Day...

The Gang Came To Know About Armaan Come Back And They All Came Back To Sanjeevni From Their Respective Places...
Anji Was In Chicago....
Muskaan In Patiyala....

Part 3:A Deal-Entry 3

part 3

1 week had passed but arman didn’t back home .sashank got cardiac arrest . He was admitted in the hospital. Riddhima was trying to contact with arman continuously but his mobile was switched off and his friends didn’t know where he was. Sashank’s health was getting down rapidly.dr. mohanti not gave any hope for him,he said riddhima to inform arman about it but no one knew where he was. One day when riddhima was sitting beside sashank with teary eyes,she heard sashank was calling her in a sank voice: “shona…
Riddhima  wiped her tears and uttered quickly : “ji uncle..aap kaise ho? Mai dr.mohanti ko bulati hun,aap bilkul thik ho jaoge.”

Part 3:JEENE LAGA HOON -Entry 2

Part 3

'Basket....' Armaan shouted not understanding what was going on her mind... 
Armaan run as fast as he could and just was on time to pull Riddhima to the side of the road to him hiding her in his arms... The truck past from them in full speed not even trying to stop... Armaan hearts were beating more them 1000speed faster seeing his Basket standing in front of the death as if she was welcoming it with open hands... 

Part 3:Bepanaha Pyaar Hai -Entry 1