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hi friends, mai punam,bas ek note rakhne aur sorry kahne aayi hun. sorry guys..mai kuch dino tak apne ffs ud nahi kar paungi .actually mere eyes problems phir se start ho gaye hain and dec me mere M.PHIlL ke exams bhi hai,usse pahle mujhe apne thesis bhi submit karna hai...uff!kaise sambhalun samajh nahi aa raha...anyways,i will be  back soon with my ffs...and i will read ur ffs and will  comments surely... plz mujhe bhul mat jana...again sorry my dear friends and u...


Part 15: You and Me

Armaan walked inside the Children ward he was on rounds he glanced around and saw Anjali but he couldn't see Shilpa he closed his eyes for a minute and thought why you are so unprofessional Shilpa, he walked towards Anajli
Armaan: Dr. Anjali where is Dr. Shilpa
Anjali: I don't know Dr. Armaan she had got break time from Dr. Kirti
Armaan: ok, he smiled and thought thank god she was out in her break time or else Dr. Kirti would have killed her, he walked out.

Part 10: May be someday

Armaan saw Riddhima and her gang standing in the school parking lot. He parked his bike and went to them. He could tell from the smile on Muskaan's lips and tension on Abhi's face that their prankster had planned yet another prank. He was curious as to what she had planned this time. The girl came up with ideas no one ever could even think about. he walked over to them. Abhi noticed Armaan walking towards them and waved at him. He was slightly relieved to see Armaan. Now he would not be the only one to suffer the consequences of Muskaan's prank.
Abhi: Hey Armaan..
Armaan: Kaisa hai be..
Muskaan: Hey Armaan, 




Sun raise starting the day, many people were waiting for this day and some were hoping everything goes well with new hopes in their heart... Armaan and Riddhima couldn't sleep whole night with the excitement but somehow the sleep took over their eyes late hours... So till 9 they were sleeping but their sleep were disturb with the bang when their friends make to their rooms...

Part 1:kuch paal

Its 10 in the morning...,it’s a nice sunny day but nothing is just the same as it was few months back

Armaan in anger and agony bangs the door with his left hand

Ridhima tries to stop him

Ridhima;”Armaan calm down…everything will be fine””

Armaan shouts;””nothing will be….u cannot understand this nothing will be the same “”

The story starts from where it got torned off, massacred blooded red….The Shooting which changed everything and effected everyone but the most Ridhima and her Armaan………..

Few hours after shooting,

Friday, 10 October 2014

Part 9: May be someday

Riddhima was stunned for a moment. She could not understand how to answer Armaan. She looked at him. She wanted to sit with him but he was a egoistic crackpot and would always find reasons to irritate her. She then looked at the other guy...hmm.. she could sit with him. He seemed to be nice caring and sweet. But then she thought of keerti. She was afraid that if dhe sat with him kreeti would scold him. She did not want to be the reason for his trouble. So the decision was made. She had to adjust with Armaan wether she liked it or not.
Armaan: Bolo na Riddhima, Tum mere saath baithogi na??.. He could see the indecision on her face. He was afraid that she would refuse to sit with him and may go and sit with Abhi. He could not stand the thought of seeing her with someone else...and this realisation shocked him. He could see her looking at Abhi and then her decision was made. Armaan prepared him for the rejection. Riddhima turned towards Abhi and said...
Riddhima: I'm sorry... 'what was his name?' she thought As though reading her thoughts he said...Abhimanyu
Riddhima: I'm sorry abhimanyu..Mujhe Armaan ke saath hi baithna hoga... hearing this Armaan's heart did somersaults in his chest. But her voice sounded that she was forced to say it... Riddhimaa continued: Tum keerti mam ko toh jaante hi ho na. Main nahi chaahati ki tumhe meri vajah se koi takleef ho.. I hope you understand She smiled at him..

Part 27:Dard E Dil

AR FF Dard E Dil By Anika

( Armaan riddhima ek doosre ki ankhon me khoye huye dance kar rhe hote armaan riddhima se kehta hai..)
Armaan- riddhima... Tumse kuch.. Kehna chahta hu...
Riddhima- kho na...

Part 3 :A Life Worth To Live - An AR FS -


 Armaan couldn't sleep whole night and he didn't leave Arohi side that night knowing Arohi would awake with her nightmare after the break down... Armaan was worried about his daughter thinking at the small age, how much she was suffering because of one decision her mother had taken by leaving them and choosing another her carrier over family... Armaan knows it was the worst path of Arohi life to live without a mother by her side who give the love and care a father cannot give how much he try... 

Part 1:Destiny Meets Love - An AR TS -

 Loud music was blasting in the crowded club, While boys and girls were mixed in the place... Disco light were around the dark room as people were dancing crazily to the fast beat... Some were enjoying their drinks with their lovers, sharing moments taking the advantage of the darkness and drunken people around them as alcohol was shamelessly being sell around  the place... 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Part 26:Dard E Dil


(armaan ke munh se yeh sunkar riddhima armaan se kehti hai..)

Part 65:Beintehaan

Commissioner dropped ridz at home .... ridz requested him nt to tell all party incident wiz her brother arnav bt commissioner said "nahi riddhima ....aaj tumney luckily mujhey call kiya aur time pey tumhey madat milli agar thodi aur der hojati toh kuch bhi hosakta tha ...uss ladki key saat saat tum bhi badi problem mey phas sakti thi .."

Part 8: May be someday

The smile on keerti's face did not go unnoticed by the other students too. Everyone was SHOCKED!!! gabbar could actually smile. and not the fake type a genuine one. Everyone was stunned, thats when their attention was diverted to the girl standing at the doorway.
Coach shubhankar was passing the hallway when he found the door to keerti's class open. First he thought' beechari student ! keerti ke class ko late aayi... ab toh voh gayi... Then he caught a glimpse of keerti smiling and his heart skipped a beat. He sang in his mind "ISsshhhqqqq hhhaaayyyeee"

while everyone's attention was on keerti's smile, Two pair of eyes were stuck on the girl since the time she entered. Keerti welcomed her inside ,her anger temporarily forgotten, thats when she heard Rahul coughing and then there were a series of coughing from others. She saw the direction in which the students were pointing and she saw Shubhankar standing like an idiot to himself. She knew what he was thinking about and blushed a deep red. this came as even a bigger shock to the others and all the students started hooting!!

Happy Birthday Dhwani (9th oct.)

hey guys aaj humare blog ki pyari member dhwani ka birthday hai ... toh chale usey wish karen...

happy birthday to you
many many happy returns of the day
may god bless u!
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear  billi 
Happy Birthday to You.
From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.

part 4 (a):The Right Choice

Came for one,got another.

Riddhima's POV
"Rahool!!kahaan tha be saale?bhul gaya apne dost ko?"Armaan yelled and hugged rahul again."Baskettt"Armaan shouted.Seriously,I had expected this reaction out of him.''What Armaan"I whined."Arre see na Basket.Rahul aaya hai!"he shouted."Armaan I know Rahul.I know him for the past six months now."Armaan pouted and looked at us in confusion and said"But"Seriously how could this guy be so adorable.We dragged him to the couch and started the story while Rahool had been grinning.I started"When I came here,I joined the Life Care hospital.Rahul vahaan apni treatment ke liye aata tha and then he told me ki he worked at Red

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Part 6:It's A Love Story-Entry 5


Armaan reached Mumbai and soon he reached his house where his parents were living but now as they are in Delhi for some work he has to live here alone. He entered his room and soon freshened up and decided to have a look at his house as it’s been 6 months he had gone from here. Armaan entered in his study room which was attached to his room by a sliding door. Seeing the room all his college memories returned in his mind as they were still fresh and he started to look for the pictures of his college time with his friends group, his so many ex- girlfriends, etc.

Part 6- Epilogue:Will Love You Till Eternity - Entry 4

 After 2 Yrs.... 

Lady - offoo jab dekho bus ek hi kaam mein laga rahata hain ye... meri koi parwah hi nahi hain... mera kya hain... aab toh sara pyaar hi khatam ho gaya mera liya... 

Part 6:A Deal-Entry 3

part 6

After one week
Arman was lying on the bed closing eyes .he was thinking that all staffs,his friends had come to see him,but for whom he was waiting,she didn’t come. He wanted to see his son too who gave him second life..he wanted to apologize to him.he wanted to see his little daughter .he knew that when riddhima left home,she was pregnant and later she gave birth of a daughter.arman had a boy and a girl,whom he had never meet.

Part 6:JEENE LAGA HOON -Entry 2

Part 6

Riddhima open her eyes to meet her gaze with Armaan orbs, Armaan was watching her sleeping and comforter covering their body... Armaan was laying on his one arm, Riddhima smile seeing him admiring with all love and remembering what happen the previous night, blush make its way to Riddhima cheeks... 

Part 6:Bepanaha Pyaar Hai -Entry 1



As today Armaan was not free during lunch break as he was having a surgery so he was buzy there. Riddhima was sitting alone in the cafĂ© as atul anjie and abhi nikki after having lunch went back to their duty. Riddhima was sitting and enjoying her coffe and smiling to herself remembering of the moments they shared in the morning and all other moments of their honeymoon and their first month wedding anniversary. She was so lost that she din’t realize that someone was sitting their and eyeing her. It was none other than sid who was sitting their. He cleared his throat to gain her attention and when riddhima heard someone’s voice near her ears she looked up to find sid their and seeing him all the bad memories and all other things he did with

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Part 7: May be someday

Riddhima was awakened by a very soothing sound. She realised that someone was singing so early in the morning.The voice was so smooth that it touched her heart. It was a voice of a true singer. She couldnt understand the words but the song was a happy one. A love song maybe. "great song to start the day" she thought. the song had the power to soothe a breaking heart. She went to the window and looked around. She was refreshed by the scenery she could see from her window and was once again happy that she had chosen that room to sleep. It was sooo quite there. Wait!! quite??? and she realised that the singer had stopped singing. She was upset that the song had stopped. Hopefully she could someday find HIM. She then went to find her mama. They had sucessfully unpacked and today she was starting the first Day of college. Luckily she was able to get admission at at such short notice. She found her mama in the kitchen. Her mama was making breakfast. She went to her mama and hugged her from behind

part 2:A Life Worth To Live - An AR FS -

Armaan blink his eyes which make Arohi look towards Riddhima, Ryhan and Armaan keep staring at Riddhima and Arohi who stared at each other... Arohi move towards Riddhima taking her small steps and Riddhima smile keeps getting wider with Arohi each steps towards her...
Armaan knows how much Arohi miss her mother but never mention it to him but seeing Riddhima welcoming her with a motherly hug, don't know why but Armaan felt Arohi will slowly forget the missing place of her mother in her life...

Part 309 & 310 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 309:

The woman and the man came inside. All stood up in shock. Armaan staggered towards the woman and pulled her into a deep, long embrace.

Armaan: (his eyes glistening with unshed tears) Tammy!!

part 3:The Right Choice

The Right Choice part 1-2

Back To Basket.

Riddhima came home after a whole day of work.She was missing Armaan very much today.She decided to go to the basketball court today.She went and sat on her usual spot and tears started flowing on their own.She remembered the conversation she had with Lovely a month back.She could not believe Armaan accepted Shilpa's love.
"You forgot me Armaan.I can't believe you moved on in life.I can't believe you accepted Shilpa's love.I miss you Armaan"cried Riddhima.She felt a hand on her shoulder.She shrugged the hand away and yelled,"Go away Rahul.I don't want to go home.I can't believe he moved on!"she cried more.She got up and dusted her clothes and started walking ahead.
"Basket"Armaan said.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Part 64 :Beintehaan

 Armaan told ridz ridz zat he ll be at home by 7'o clock bt he did nt cme home ...ridz luked at z wall clock n it ws showing 8'o clock .....she ws about to mke a call to him wen she heard armaan''s voice "r u ready..."

part 9:Fought for ur soul

anji   : rids kya hua bacha tu aise bhagi kyu.. this was ur dream since child hood...!!!
R : i know di.. Bt kb main perform kr rahi thi.. Aisa fel hua jaise saps is caling me..
Vahi dark rum vo ek vhair pr.. Mera dream jo pichle 2-3 dqys se araha tha mere eyes ke age flash hone lggya n i could not.concentrate on my song.. Islie main vahan se chali gyi.. Main bilkul blank hogi thi us waqt thi di..
By saying this ridhima had tears in her eyes..

part 5:Ye ishq nahi aasan

Armaan quickly asks the nurse to do some blood tests and is in a fix as to what anti allergic to give to the patient. He hopes that the situation does not complicate further. Just then Ridhima reaches the ICU and is surprised to see Armaan there. Ridhima: God ab tum yahan kya kar rahe ho, who allowed you here. Is patient ko kuch medicine react kar gayi hai and I need to quickly get some tests done, please move away. Armaan protests: Yes, but woh Dr. Keerti.... Ridhima interrupts him in between: Dekho I know ki tum Dr. ho and Dr. Keerti se tum milne bhi aaye but yeh mera patient hai and I would appreciate agar tum hume akela chod do. Armaan steps away but now he starts accusing Ridhima of being negligent: Hey hang on...kis tarah ki doctor ho tum? Jo medicine tumne use de hai woh bahut strong hai and kuch hee extreme cases

Sunday, 5 October 2014



Week past after Nikki arrived, in the past week Nikki had meet others and spend times enjoying her holidays to the fullest... Armaan and Riddhima had took two days off from work but return to work as they had been working on a project which they would be presenting in another two week times...
Mallik Enterprize has been achiving new records as the days past to months, with Armaan and Riddhima hard work... Everyone praise them for giving their best and all the time they had to give to their work... Their team was the best from all with other employee to support and follow their orders...

Happy Birthday Ruqaiya (5th oct.)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki ek choti si pyari si member ,ek bahut hi achchi writer Ruqaiya ka happy birthday hai. toh chale usey wish karen...

On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!!

Part 5:It's A Love Story-Entry 5


And she cried for the whole night. Next day in Sanjeevani everyone congratulated Sid and Riddhima. Sid was called to Shashank’s cabin. He entered in his cabin as soon he heard “come in”.

Part 5:Will Love You Till Eternity - Entry 4

Next Day...
Atul Came And Was Roaming Around In Search Of Armaan His Bhai.... But Found Him No Where But The Got Jerk When He Bumbed Into Someone.... And When He Saw Up... He Was Shocked...
Atul - Rahul... Tu... Tu Kab Aaya.....

Part 5:A Deal-Entry 3

Part 5

Now in hospital(after 10 years of leaving home of riddhima)

Part 5:JEENE LAGA HOON -Entry 2

Part 5

Armaan turn in his sleep moving his hand on Riddhima side, not feeling Riddhima next to him, with difficulty Armaan open his sleepy eyes looking around wondering where Riddhima was... 

Part 5:Bepanaha Pyaar Hai -Entry 1